The Dead Ages

By WolfShot

10 years ago..

This land, this world, was thriving. Kingdoms existed and people thrived, traveled, explored and lived. Technology and Arcane alike was progressing and evolving with potential for everyone to benefit, and then it all went so wrong. What happened, nobody knows; Perhaps God was angry that he was being left behind? Perhaps one of the vile Necromancers played too much with life and death and this was the result. Perhaps this is a plague never seen before that even the medicines aided by knowledge and evolving technology could not compete against? There are too many questions and not enough answers to go about but one thing is for certain; this plague may be the doom of us all.

This plague, what does it do, you ask? Simple; the dead have arisen, all of this beginning in the far East of the realm. The dead reanimate to walk amongst the living, and those infected while alive succumb to the infection and join the ranks of the abominations. But it's not so simple; as of 5 years ago it was discovered that the plague has been changing... Evolving.. Becoming more fearsome than before. Even great creatures of magic and might have been observed succumbing to this plague, only furthering to corner our backs against the wall. Humanity is holed up in the West, using the ocean as a bastion and minding the main chain of islands for defense.

Many parties have attempted to help curb the invading infected, to fully purge the West and then move onwards through the islands to the East to put an end to the plague; to find the cause and solve it through technology, arcana or old fashioned violence. So tell me, what makes any of you different? Do you think you won't end up the same as countless others? It's not my place to stop you, but be mindful that Humanity is cornered and our odds are low. Every sword strike, every arrow let loose, every spell incantation; all of it could be your last, so be mindful of your steps and your strikes. Good luck.

Setting Information
Mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Technology is relegated up to 16th Century in terms of arms, armor and other technological factoids.
Arcana/Magic is also relegated to similar timely archetype.

Basic Infected/Afflicted Information
Think L4D/B4B in terms of overall capabilities.

Typical ES ruleset applies.
If you have a question, feel free to PM me.
I will make adjustments to the description as needed, so be mindful to check the description every few days.

I don't expect this to be a fast-posting RP. I imagine many folks other than myself have plenty of obligations outside of ES. If you don't, that's cool, but ideally there will be a full order rotation before anyone posts again to prevent ball-dropping and losing track. Thanks in advance for your patience.
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WolfShotJarod Fenix   203d ago
Carcharodons Astra

The " Kingdom " of Haven; basically the last large settlement of what remained of all the sentient races of realm that managed to hold it's ground in the far north of the western continent. A cultural, aesthetical and behavioral mix-mash that otherwise would not have happened in such an intimate manner, all due to the impending extinction that had come for them all. Though it's been 10 years since life itself as known ended and nearly the end of everything that existed, life still found a way to survive and bounce back from the brink, even if only temporarily. All the temporary victories and respites and sacrifices had continued to buy time, only if borrowed and fleeting, always standing on edges both proverbial and physical.

Jarod coughed once to clear his throat of the morning grogginess that remained, his breath appearing as a fog and dissipating as a reminder that spring was beginning to force winter into memory until it's time came again to rule the realm. His hands clapping together and rubbing vigorously to generate heat and to spur his personal psyche into activity. Today it was time for him to exit Haven with a team and begin a campaign south, purging the plagued and beast alike, reaching what remained of the armored outposts to restock and rest and continue down through the southern chain with intention to reach the Eastern continent. That was all theory anyways, for the primary idea was to go for as long as possible before crippling injury, death or fatigue stopped them. It was a bleak outlook, but the realism helped to keep himself grounded from ludicrous ambitions and ideas.

Twenty-eight years old, and for being an adventurer by trade, this was not the outcome he was ever expecting out of it. He clapped his hands together and vigorously rubbed once more before going through the motions of fitting his gloves back on, running a final mental inventory check as his patience continued to exist. Party-gathering either went smoothly or roughly in these times, but nobody was ever permitted to go out alone, and since the bell had been rung as a notice that it was time, everyone willing to go was already made aware. It was simply a waiting game now for those to gather before setting out into this dead age in time.

[i Folks taking their sweet time this morning, it seems. I guess last night's dinner was quite the haul, then. Sleeping it all off, the lazy slobs.]
NullificationVira   198d ago
Resident Fey

Dawn was a nice time, it was always so settled, washed in the hazy colours of a new day. Pale eyes drank in the light as pale skin was warmed by the new sun. Another day, one more day of survival. She had been telling herself that for a long time and she heard the bell ring out somewhere, they were to go out and find supplies. She pushed herself up with some effort. Her limbs were getting stiffer more often, constantly exerting muscles to just to stay alive, it took its toll no matter who it was and every thing around here wanted its pound of flesh. She grunted with the exertion and hopped down to the main pathway and moved along the makeshift paths towards the gates they would exit through and enter another field of moving targets.

Still, no one ever said they had to be miserable as she made her way down and followed her own shortcuts and chuckled. Her long black tresses were tied up and she moved with the fluidity of a feline, light on her feet and ducking under those who were scurrying round to get ready for the day, they tutted at her merry demeanour and she only cast them smiles. She was twenty five, an avid dancer and a rather renowned bard before all of this happened and she had never once lost her music despite it all. She had been brought up that way, raised among the fey and born to a fey mother and a warlock father. Fun loving and warm, the dead rising wouldn't dampen her spirits all that much and it could become grating for most people. Vira didn't care.

She hopped down beside Jarod and outstretched her arms and gave a rather flamboyant bow to him and laughed, eyeing the area. They were the only ones here, surely there was more coming and she figured they were running late, easily forgiven and she would rather they were well rested as opposed to exhausted and it would no doubt cause them some nastiness if they were tired. Her mind never stopped, neither did her body. She seemed unable to stand still, humming to herself and eyeing the other, she looked as though she was waiting for the next song to skip to the beat to and anyone who looked at her would hardly believe she was working through a literal death scenario.

[+blue "They're late, huh? Well, at least we can enjoy the sunshine for a little before... you know, heading into the unknown and all the danger."] She said it as though it were the weather or just another regular day. It didn't seem to worry her, not did it seem to frighten her.
Kitiki_AnemaraKurayami   198d ago

Before daybreak, even before the outbreak, Kurayami always snuck out for a night to early morning run. And fly. Though she kept her hybrid nature secret. She got up as the moon hit its peak, the fullness of it's light shining down and illuminating the nightly world with beauty as she had gone out for her run wearing her usual combat gear- though without her shoes- and her tattered and worn out red hood. She kept her wings pressed tightly against her back, not extending them until she was at least five miles away from the fields as her calloused feet ran along over the rocks and branches, swiftly so as to almost glide over the land near soundlessly before reaching the cliffs edge and bolting off it. She snapped her wings open and would fly for a few hours; letting the golden, red, and white feathers bathe in the moonlight as she rose into the chill night air. Her hood blown off her head to reveal her elven ears and two small demon horns as she spun in the air, breathing in the exhilerating feel of freedom in the air. She knew it couldn't last forever though she enjoyed the view. She looked down and watched the infected creatures roaming the ground though also admired the beauty of the land as it shone in the silvery white hues of the moon's light.

A long while went by and as she saw the moon making it's decent she landed. Pausing as she breathed heavily, forcing herself to calm as she folded her wings in once again, pressing them tightly against her back before taking a ribbon and tying it around her waist, pinning her wings before hiding the ribbon underneath a plate of gold belt which went with her clothes. She then began her run back, focusing her breathing as she practically glided across the ground swiftly making the five mile run within twenty minutes as she saw the first rays of sun and heard the bells ringing. [+crimson "Shit..."] She hissed under her breath, knowing she would be reprimanded for leaving to an undisclosed location, for undisclosed amount of time, without telling anyone. She slowed to a walk as she approached the gates of the compound with a slight sigh, bracing herself for the repremand as she approached. [+crimson "I see everyone's up earlier than normal... guess I missed the daylight savings time memo"] She sighed again and leaned against a post.
Mr-XDirk   197d ago

Harden hands brushed against ancient text, as the male carefully wrapped his scrolls together and binded them with twine. Dusk had come earlier than expected and still the male hadn’t finished prepping for heading out into the wasteland. With humanity on the brink of extinction due to the dead-ones rising, the macabre male had become even more solemn and took all necessary precautions which were needed. Hazelnut orbs scanned the parchment and paper of spells and summons which were prepped per Jarod’s instructions and once all was ready the male stood to his feet and headed to meet the others at the appointed meeting grounds.

In a past life, Dirk’s family had been dark magicians. His father, an abusive sadist, took great pleasure in making sure that his children came to understand the cruelty of mankind to its fully extent at an early age. In rebellion, the man chose to become a defensive mage and a healer. Though he'd made a name for himself as one who was striving to combine dark magic with light magic but all of his achievements went to shit the moment when the undead came alive. Not here he was, emotionless, cold, and tactfully fighting for another day in hopes that one day Humanity would triumph.

As soon as he headed towards the meeting ground the male looked at his group of people. They were all skilled in their own right, and all had uniqueness and quirks to them. Yet, despite how much he’d wanted to enjoy the beauty of the rising sun, he couldn’t. [i “Sorry I’m late, it took longer to gather what you requested. But I got them.”] Dirk spoke

[i “Here you are Jared, This black scroll is for summoning Ravens to scout ahead for us. It only works three times, so be careful. This blue scroll summons fresh water. It currently contains 100 gallons. Once it’s out its out.. And this green scroll is a one-time use teleportation scroll. It works be imagining where you’d want to go and it’ll take us there.. Jared, I can’t express this enough, this Green scroll is only a one-way trip. It took me over a month to prepare it please don’t waste it.”] Dirk pleaded with him before he turned and looked at the others.

[i “I’m Dirk.. Jared Ask me to join you all because I’ve studied to become a user of light magic… I can cast five healing spells a day. And I specialize in defensive magic.. So I can cast a barrier spell that puts up a shield around us.. But depending on how big it is.. I can only cast it one to twice a day.. And… my last spell.. Is a decay incantation which causes things to decay.. I can only cast that spell once every three days since it takes a lot out of me.. I’m not that powerful a magician, but I manage..”] Dirk explained before he went silent again.
WolfShotJarod Fenix   192d ago
Carcharodons Astra

Jarod heard the dancing footsteps approaching from an overhead position well before the person they belonged to appeared in his view as he turned to see who they belonged to, and as he guessed it was the resident Jester herself that had appeared with the intent to join the party. Whilst others considered the lass as a jester in a negative manner, he himself considered her presence a boon; positive morale was necessary for maintaining mental performance, especially once they were out in the field. She was a good comrade to have indeed, thus as she bowed to him he lowered his head in an exaggerated nod of sorts, a light smirk gracing his features in response to her words.

[b " Enjoy it we shall, and then some once we're out there. "]

His attention was quickly shifted as he heard shouting from the very guardtower that was connected to the main gate, the usual commotion from what he could hear over a returning adventurer that had slipped out at an odd hour without notifying anyone. He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for the gate to open up, waiting to see who it was this time that wanted to play brave and shaking his head in response upon the discovery; it was the usual culprit. This lass in particular while a very peculiar girl in her own right, was also a blatant repeat offender and she was lucky that she wasn't ever thrown into the jailhouse for the offenses. Her attempt at a wry joke was something Jarod didn't find amusing or timely, so when he spoke his tone took on more of an authoritative tone than a casual one.

[b " You know someday you're gonna pull this shit and you won't live long enough to regret it. If you're joining the party going out today you can't pull that shit, understand? It could get us all killed. Just keep that in mind. "]

Jarod let it drop from there, finding no further point in attempting to chastise her and he hoped that once they deployed she'd be a proper team player and not jeopardize all their lives with her little games and hobbies. His eyes shifted between the two lasses that had appeared so far and whilst he was expecting one more, they may be no more than four leaving Haven for the time being; which was acceptable at minimum. They could always pick up additional members from the outposts, or bump into other parties while outside. His train of thought was distracted from an all too familiar voice and he turned to match the voice to the body it belonged to; Dirk, a friend of his and a skilled mage with peculiar but effective magicka. He gently clapped his friend on the shoulder once he was within physical distance, listening carefully as Dirk handed him 3 scrolls and explained what they were and their limitations, nodding once he was finished and he carefully tucked the scrolls away while Dirk introduced himself; only speaking again once he was finished.

[b " Thank you, my friend. I'll be careful with these. As always, I appreciate your efforts and thanks for coming. It looks like this will be the team for now, but we could always encounter more folks while we're out there at the outposts, so keep that in mind. Anyways, for those who might not know my name; I'm Jarod Fenix. It's a pleasure. Now, other than introductions if there's anything anyone is missing from their gear, now's the time to grab it before we head out. If everyone's ready, then we can do introductions and then hit the road. "]
NullificationVira   192d ago
Resident Fey

Vira watched the other two show up, a klutz of a woman who seemed to always be late and she received a scolding from Jarod for the offence and then a man who prattled on about spells and liked to talk about himself. Well, it hardly seemed like a fun group but she figured it was all the more reason to get this over with as quickly as possible and she eyed them all. Introductions? She rolled her eyes dramatically and smirked,
"Vira, local fey mongrel." She remarked and shrugged, they didn't need to know much else really, given she was well known for her antics and pulling stupid little pranks to amuse herself and these people were not above being her targets if she got bored.

She stretched some and eyed the others. Jarod seemed to be the one in charge but he hadn't given her a row for anything, Karayumi seemed to be a klutz and unbothered by being late which meant that Vira couldn't trust her to have her back in a situation and Dirk who used spells and liked to talk about himself it seemed and big himself up. She hummed a little, interesting group but she wasn't sure how well they would really mesh together on the road but she was always up for some mischief and she was almost sure she could exploit their weaknesses and feed their strengths. Vira wasn't worried.

"Whilst I would love to listen to each of you tell me your names and prattle on and on about how many spells you know and why you were late." She shot each offender a look with a massive smile on her face, amused at her own antics, "Perhaps we could walk and talk, we're burning daylight and I would rather enjoy the view before we get eaten alive." She remarked casually with a laugh to match. Nothing seemed to really phase the dark haired fey, she had a joke for every occasion and her laugh was like music being carried on the wind. She knew fine well any of them could just die on this mission so why not have some fun before, better than dying a miserable bastard.

Vira wasn't one for standing still as she practically skipped down the path and out of the gates, giving a mock salute to those who guarded the fencing and gates. A couple chuckled and a couple scoffed at her behaviour, it seemed an even match. Vira didn't seem to care either way frankly, she had already lost everything so what else could a poor, roaming undead take from her? Nothing, just her life and that was nothing really. As long as it was a quick death she would be fine with it.

"Keep up, good grief, you people are slower than my grandmother and she's been dead for one hundred years." Vira called.
Mr-XDirk   179d ago

If her comments were meant to lighten the mood then the solemn male found it to fail miserably. Oftentimes, he’d tried to steer clear of those who were of a happier mood than he. For their personalities would surely crash-or so he always thought. And the way Vira spoke proved that it was to be true.. Dirk wasn’t talking just to talk, no, his little “exposition” had meaning to it and the male wouldn’t explain said things again. Hands in pocket he headed past the gate and followed the lead of Vira awaiting the other girl and his long time friend as well. Once all were out he started to tread out towards the well worn and beaten path.

The dead were always roaming about-seldom where they found wandering alone. These soulless creatures haunted in packs, so it was common to find parties of four or more people traveling through the known safe spaces. Safety in numbers was a common sentiment shared between all and as part of Dirk wished he’d taken head of his father’s necromancy classes so that he’d at least be able to communicate with the undead.. Well, he didn’t even know necromancy would work on the undead.

Closing his eyes he reflected once more on his father’s lessons. But he couldn’t even recall whether necromancy worked upon the undead. It didn’t matter. That was more of his sister’s alley and he hadn’t seen her in over a year. Dahlia headed East a year ago and no one had seen her since; it wouldn’t surprise him if she became part of the army of the undead. Perhaps it was better that way.
Kitiki_AnemaraKurayami   176d ago

Kurayami silently listened to the scolding, after which she'd rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and bit her tongue. She may have been a bit late but it wasn't like she was the last one to show up, not to mention she's helped plenty of times when tagging along with other small groups who've left the compound. So she forgot about her shadow form a few times when coming back from her morning route and she got caught? It's not like she was completely useless. Or at least that's what she told herself. Ever since her brother had run off to who-knows-where, she'd believed he was dead. He'd left her behind when he'd been the only one there for her all her life, teaching her what she needed to know and training her to use what magic she could learn from the various branches. She could never figure out what had come over him on his birthday just last year. He was restless, agitated, easily angered and unusually aggressive that day and by morning he was gone- having snuck out of the compound and never returned. He didn't even leave so much as a note behind to Kurayami and she was forced to pretend not to care.

[b [+crimson "Understood"]] she muttered in a grumble as she fidgeted with her gloves. [b [+crimson "Well I'm Kurayami. I'm good in sword fighting and archery... and a bit of arcane, dark, blood, and some light magic... also know a few summoning spells among other things..."]] She wasn't much for talking as she glanced up and looked at the rest of them silently, pulling her hood down to cover the small horns upon her head. She didn't care enough to have an opinion about any of the people before her yet as she chewed on the inside of her cheek and shifted her gaze away once more, pushing herself off the pole she'd leaned on and moving forward to follow behind Vira and Dirk, she walked swiftly, seeming a tad aggitated and jumpy. She'd had the sudden urge to go for another fly as she did earlier- but more vigerous to attune her abilities for arial combat as well as rough flying. She had to shake her head and bite her tongue until it bled just to calm down to a semi-normal state. A part of her was tempted to charge blindly into a heard of the flesh-eating undead, slashing away with her sword- specially enchanted by who she assumed to be the gods of the heavens or some other mystical power beyond comprehension.
WolfShotJarod Fenix   169d ago
Carcharodons Astra

Jarod, himself.

[b " Name's Jarod. Been at this adventuring business, if you can call it that these days, for ten years. Seeing how in terms of experience I've got seniority here; I'll be taking role as group lead. If anyone has any issues or questions, feel free to speak up. "]

Seeing how Vira decided to set the pace off the bat, Jarod took the rearguard spot and followed behind the rest of the group. The worn-down pathway that had become a good enough road, and they would follow it all the way to the next outpost, hitting the next and the next as they made their way out of their controlled territory and into the enemy's. That said, Haven itself only held roughly a twenty-mile diameter of land that was secured from the undead threat, with 5 miles outside of that being sparsely populated by the undead and kept that way through training exercises with trainees, which meant that they would have a modicum of silence for the start of the mission.

It would take them the better part of half a day's travel on foot to reach the first outpost, and from there they could continue on or hold tight for an evening and set out again in the morning. However, that time depended entirely on the group's pacing and the group's vote once they got there as to what the next moves were, so for the time being Jarod would hang back on any immediate decision-making unless absolutely necessary. As they continued their path, his right hand reached up to the handle of the greatsword that was secured to his back and tested unsheathing and sheathing, stopping once he felt it was holding sufficiently.

They had quite some distance yet to travel, and he already felt bored; He was too used to combat after all this time.


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