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Byakuya stood in the shop he owned, messing with the arrangements of flowers in the window. He ran his delicate hands over the petals and leaves, taking a deep breath in as he trimmed the stems of the flowers away. The bell over the door jingled, and he looked up.
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

Kokichi walked in after a moment, looking around the shop for a second before glancing over at Byakuya and noticing him. "Ah, there you are." He spoke after a moment, moving close and slightly smiling at him before humming slightly. "How are you, Togami?" He asked semi-gently, crossing his arms lightly and closing his eyes in his slight happiness at seeing him.

Togami shrugged at the singer, taking out a rose and trimming off the thorns. "I am as well as I can be, Ouma." He said dryly, placing the rose back into it's vase and putting the vase on the middle shelf of the display window.
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

"Awww...what's with your rotten attitude today?" The singer whined at the florist, frowning at him and crossing his arms. "I'm trying to be nice todayyyy!" He whined gently, then moved closer to him as he huffed gently. "Who plucked your sunflowers today, geez!"

He rolled his eyes. "That was a horrible joke, Kokichi." He noted, barely any emotion in his voice. "What do you need?"
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

"Attention. From you." He demanded lightly, moving closer before hugging him gently, huffing softly as he closed his eyes. "I want attention."

"Why am I not surprised." He said, shaking his head. "Why attention from me specifically?"
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

"Because you give it better." He hummed lightly as he nuzzled him gently, purring happily while cuddling into him with happiness. Kokichi didn't care that he usually didn't like being this close with people.

Byakuya muttered protests and stepped away. "Kokichi, what has gotten into you?"
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

He shrugged a bit and stared at him, huffing lightly. "I just want attention from you."

"That's not really a good answer, but I'll drop it." He said, turning back to the flowers. "Can't you see I'm busy?"
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

"Can't it wait? I'm more important than some flowers, Togami!" He huffed out as he stared down at him, crossing his arms.

Togami rolled his eyes. "Sure you are." He said sarcastically.
tinymushyKokichi Ouma   1y ago

Kokichi huffed softly as he crossed his arms. "I can't believe you..."

Togami grinned a bit, sauntering to him, placing the tools he was using on the table. "What kind of attention are you looking for, Ouma?"


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