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Guardian Demon ((CLOSED TO -w))

By Kitiki_Anemara
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>> PAST <<

Age 9- M/C is laying inda bed, eyes closed as if sleeping while a shadowy-monsterous creature(Y/C) slips into her room from the open third-story window and slips under her bed. M/C opens her eyes and speaks in a small, sad voice
"I'm not afriad of you, monster."
Y/C stops mid-assent of the intent to terrorize her like Y/C had terrorized and vanished hundreds of children before and, in confusion, silently return under the bed just as heavy footsteps could be heard banging throughout the house towards the room.

This child was different from the others.

She sits up and slides the blanket off of her to reveal a variety of scars and fresh cuts, bruises, and burns.

The difference was beyond the scars of abuse.

She then slid off her bed, laying on the floor as she looks right at Y/C. Visibly afraid of something else as they sat face-to-face.

She goes to crawl under the bed, telling Y/C
"Move. Over!"

She crawled under quickly just as her father entered the room- but not fast enough for him to miss where she had gone.
"Well, well. Wanna play hide n seek?"
His voice cracked as his hangover subsided and the fresh dose of drugs settled. He kneeled down and reached under the bed. He nearly grabs M/C, but Y/C puts their own hand forward as her father grabs it roughly.
"Come to daddy!"
He grinned darkly, a maddening look in his eyes as he pulled Y/C out from under the bed. One look at the hand he had grabbed and a sense of dread set in as he looked up and was face-to-face with Y/C.

A dark, terrifying smile came across Y/C face as Y/C looked down at M/C father. "Yes... I would like to play...

The last thing M/C had seen of her father was that terrified expression before Y/C covered her view. This day, her father was declared missing and was never seen nor heard from again. Even years later, M/C searches for the truth, wanting to know what Y/C does to vanish people and why they did it before deciding to become her "protector"


M/C has been bounced around the foster care system. Moving schools yet again and as she enters her second year of high school Y/C continues to vanish anyone who is mean to, harms, or upsets M/C. Y/C has also since gained a human form in order to keep watch over her while Y/C and M/C search to find what is special about M/C and why. Only M/C has been able to see Y/C in their true, monsterous form wether or not Y/C wanted to be seen. On top of this, M/C has odd abilities and heightened senses that allow her to not only view, but also interact with the other side. Another world, so to speak, that lives within the human world. The world in which Y/C resides alongside various "mythical" creatures.

Question is, how will their search for answers and a normal life affect their relationship as they had grown to be rather close over the years?


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Belil shut her alarm off after the first beep. Tense as she listened to be sure no one was awake, she stood up from the thin blanket she slept on and grabbed her napsack which held her school books. She snuk out of the house four hours earlier than necessary and she began making her way to school on the 10 mile walk. Halfway to school she began stopping and knocking on doors to ask people for food until she managed to scroung together a meager meal for lunch. She conti ued her trek to school in silence, wondering where her demon companion had been in the last two weeks since she'd transfered foster homes.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The creature watched Belil from a far distance, whilst eliminating any threats in the process. Someone planned to kidnap the child, anyone could assume how they met their fate. Let's hope nothing goes wrong and it's a peaceful day..

Belil walked along as she saw the school come into view. She took a deep breath and hesitated before walking through the gates and making her way to her first class.

She went along the edge of the crowd and followed the flow of students towards her class as someone slammed into her. She clutched the meager meal shed gathered and shut her eyes tightly as she was knocked off balance. She braced for impact against the brick wall and concrete ground where students would most likely stomp over her instead of walk around or stop to help. As she fell she let out a silent whimper.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

This is what the creature was sick of, it nearly made him gag at the sight of it.. Sadly, it would arouse too much suspicion to eliminate them all at once, so he needs to pluck the feathers from the turkey, one by one.

She curled around her gathered food and hit the wall with a hard thud. Blood trickled down her head as she barely managed to stand back up and stop from being stomped on. Though her hand and leg already began bruising. She slowly managed to make her way to class and took her seat in the back of the room silently.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

This made his fur frill, Guardian was at his breaking point.
His eyes flared, the smell of blood made him go mad, rarely could he ever hold the feeling back.

She awaited the bell to ring. A part of her suddenly felt like she wouldnt survive the day as a grouo of students entered the classroom. One girl smirked and looked at Belil, whispering to her click of friends [b [+red "Watch this-"]]

The girl walked up to Belil, pen in hand as she approached, twirled the pen around, clicked it open and stabbed it into Belils hand just as she had begun to draw. The girl then snatched up Belils sketch book and sneered [b [+red "You call this shit art?!"]] she laughed and began tearing them apart, dropping the peices to the floor as she laughed.

Belil let out the smallest whimper as she pulled the pen out of her hand and smiled painfully up at the girl. [B "T-Thats okay. Th-Thank you. I needed someone to let me know I need to do better at it."] The girl finished tearing up the book then glared at Belil.

[B [+red "Did you just talk to me?"]] She growled, tossing the cover down then moving and slamming Belils head down on the desk. A bone-chilling crunch could be heard as she broke Belils nose and laughed harder. Her click of friends laughed with her as she returned to them.

Belil barely remained conscious as she sat there in silence, unable to stand from the concussions she had and from blood loss.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

This was the final draw, with an instant the lights shut off, and then back on, but the girl was gone, instead, a note took her place. The note read: Leave her alone.
This was yet another mysterious disappearance, Guardian hoped this action comforted Belil.

Belils eyes filled with tears as she looked down at the note, standing up on shaky legs she stepped forward, beginning to make her way to the clinic as she stumbled. She clutched the wall shakily moving along. Belil shut her eyes tightly for a few moments, pausing at the doorway before she proceeded into the hallway and as she went on she felt herself getting more and more lightheaded, getting ready to collapse as she shuffled along.

She looked deathly pale, so starved she looked boney. She was like a walking skeleton bleeding out from her head injuries. By the time she made it halfway down the hall from the classroom door, Belil collapsed and fell unconscious.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The guard watch,and thought to himself for a bit. After a while he thought, 'I'll take her to the nurse.. but how..' he decided to use his human manifestation.
(Can i use a different character for this?)

((You can- but lowkey I was hoping the guardian might interact with Belil at some point))

Blood slowly oozed from Belil's head as she layed in unconsciousness. The cloak she wore which had once been her mothers now soaked in blood as kids walked by her and murmered insults or ignored her completely. She almost looked like she was dying though she had suffured many deadly injuries and seemed to be found unable to die by mortal means as she layed there unmoving. If her body did die, she would most likely regenerate and be back on her feet within hours. But in such a public place, if that were to happen then authorities would be contacted and she may very well be taken in by the government to be experimented on and the mystical world would be put in danger.
-wDamai Mikaz   1y ago

The guardian found someone nearby to consume and take over their body, after searching, he found someone and did what he had to.. Once done, he ran to Belil, hoping she wasn't dead.
"Please, please..."

Belil remained unconscious as the bleeding from her head had begun to slow down. Hear heartbeat seemed slow as well as she lay there in silence, unmoving as the jewels she wore would glow a soft blue. Belil's breathing also slowed drastically and it seemed as though she layed at deaths door
-wDamai Mikaz   1y ago

Upon arriving to her, he said.
"Nurse quickly.."
He said this as he picked her up and ran to the office.
Once there guardian ran past everyone and set her down in the nurses quarters, leaving afterwords.

Belil remained in this death-like state.

The nurse gasped upon seeing her and immediately called for an ambulance as she ran out and talked to administration- asking seriously about the situation.

Nearly an hour later the paramedics arrived and took Belil away as police stayed behind to do an investigation. In the hospital they stripped her of her clothes and put her into a hospital gown. However, when her mothers clothes and jewels were taken off of her, her form changed. She had elven ears, fox ears, demon horns, a pair of black wings, nine tails of various types, and patches of scales appeared bodyon and around her body. The paramedics immediately froze and stared at her in horror as one made a phone call.

Another hour later, Belil was in a coma- and federal officers locked down the hospital and isolated Belil. They payed the witnesses for their silence then took Belil away out the back of the hospital.

She was being taken by the government.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

Guardian followed them, wondering where she would be taken. He did this knowing well what will happen, but praying that she wouldn't get hurt when they travel.
(Im gonna make everyone *poof*)

((TwT i dont wanna sound like [i that bitch] but can you please try to add a bit more to the response? Like... Maybe start getting guardian involved in Belils life or something?... Sorry- just feeling a bit odd without any interaction with your character-))
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

Your good, your not that bitch, one of them wouldn't make a request, instead tell me to do so.. but yeah, ill do so..

((Thank you QwQ
Ill post soon so we can keep going))

They drove for hours- keeping her under and unconscious with a steady stream of drugs and gases as they went to a remote facility in the mountains. Handing her off to other federal officers who continued the drive.

This went on for days until they reached a top secret facility and transported her within. It branched off for miles.

She was taken to a research lab and the scientists immediately got to work inspecting her and preparing their studies.

Belil wasnt waking up and all she had merely had a bandaged up head and hand. Her breathing remained shallow, she was still bony thin from lack of food or drink, and she looked deathly pale. All the while the scientists payed no attention to that as they decided to cut one of her horns off and take it for testing.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The gaurdian dropped down from the ceiling and sat on the table that Belil was on, his heart beating, the third eye looking all around the room. He just waited patiently for someone to get close to him or Belil.

The scientists turned to look at the Guardian and marveled at the sight. As they determuned they wished to study 'it' and called upon some security to come capture it as they dissected Belil's horn using various machines, looking at every ounce of DNA within.

Eventually one dared to approach Belil despite the Guardian being there as they held up a scalpel with the intention of cutting into her arm

Belil would remain unconscious throughout the entire thing, having let out only a small whimper when they cut her before falling silent yet again.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Leave." The guardian growled as his third eye blinked and his heart pulsated. "You'll leave if you know what's good for you."
His voice filled with hostility. At sight of the scalpel his fur frilled and his heart churned.

The scientist had looked momentarily startled before taking Belils arm anyway and making an incision, gathering a sample of her blood quickly.

Belil made an odd sound as her body went cold and entered the first stage of regeneration. The death-like sleep.

The scientists looked at her and muttered among themselves
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Final warning.''
His heart had twisted into a pulp and fell on the floor, slowly oozing out what seemed like blood.
"You will destroy this facility along with everthing inside, or I can take matters into my own hands."
His extra eye went into the socket that the heart had left, now that very hole had done the same as the heart, oozing a strange liquid.

They stopped and stared at the Guardian in a mix of horror and facination as a few returned to studying belil's blood and the horn they'd broken off of her. As this happened, someone came up behind the Guardian and stabbed them with a needle, injecting the whole of the sedative within which they'd used to take down titans that they've captured and brought into their facility
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The guardian stayed quiet, before a chuckle rose from his body.
"As I said. That was you final warning." The hole that replaced his heart begun to sprout what looked like roots, the ominous liquid continued to leak.
"Ten more seconds.." He said with a bone chilling chuckle.
"Ten to leave.. nine.. eight.." He proceeded with this countdown, more roots were sprouting from his body, enclosing the two.

Belil's body slowly began to warm as her body finished its revival process.

The scientists stared at the Guardian still in shock as the one that had attempted to use the sedative stumbled back after a moment of being frozen in fear- finally prompting the other scientists to panic and run for the doors since this room had no exits out of the facility since they were underground.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

Once the were gone he stopped counting and relaxed.
"Enough of them for awhile.." The roots and liquids retreated back into their host as he breathed a sigh of relief.
"Belil, wake up.. if you can that is.."

Slowly but surley, Belil managed to open her eyes and look up at the Guardian. A weak smile graced her lips as she looked upon them, raiding a hand a bit shakily to pet them a bit. [B "I almost thought I'd never see you again"] she said softly, wincing as she stopped petting them and pushed herself up into a sittibg position painfully. She lifted a hand to her head, freezing as her eyes widened and she felt her missing horn. [B "W-what happened?"]
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Humans.. filthy, disgusting, vile humans.." He spat. "Well.. welcome back, I suppose." He purred even after Belil's hand grazed his fur. "Thanks for the pet.. how should we get out? Vents, or maybe just walk out the front?"

She flinched at the mean words and looked down, shaking as she quickly returned a cloak over herself- knowing she had some magic but not to what extent as she made herself look more human again. Though her elven ears stayed as usual she mumbled [b "can you tell me what happened.... where had you gone away to for so long...?"] She asked quietly and couldnt help look at the Guardian again
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Can't really say what happened.. but a horn of yours got dissected" He said with a hint of hostility. "I have been doing things of my own.. won't tell you, You should know that I don't like spoilers.." He said with a cackle.

Belil frowned a bit and looked down slightly [b "oh... right..."] she mumbled a bit sadly and looked at the Guardian's paws quietly. [b "Youre going to disappear again soon aren't you....?"] She asked in a small voice.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

He paused for awhile, before speaking up. "Y'know, considering the fact that you got the government on your ass, what do you think my answer will be?" He said with concern gleaming in his eyes.

She looked up again at him silently for several moments before looking away again with a shrug. [b "Isn't the first time remember..."] She mumbled quietly, slightly sulking as she slid her legs over and hung them off the side of the table they'd put her on before she slid off and hopped down, landing on the floor with a small [i thump]
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Wanna just leave out the front? since they may not be here anymore.."
His voice was tainted with worry, it was clear that guardian was still not certain of his answer.

She shrugged quietly and limped to the door. When she pulled it open- breaking the doorknob and locks- She was faced with several automatic weapons aimed at her. She lifted her gaze to see the officers that had been called to exterminate their failed experiment. She tilted her head [b "You act as though you've never seen a teen before"] she said quietly with an odd expression on her face as the men stared at her in stunned silence, having not known of the 'experiment's' appearance
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The guardian walked down beside her, waiting for something to happen. "Well.. Let's continue shall we?" He said as the third eye flew into one of the guns, piercing through as parts fell to the floor.

[b "no no... let them try to do what they came to do..."] She said darkly as her head tilted to the side creepily. They all attempted to open fire, shaking as they tried to no avail and a cruel smile spread across Belil's face. Her necklace turned crimson and her eyes blood red as she smiled darkly. The group suddenly began to scream in pain and writhe against Belil's power. Slowly torturing and killing them from the inside.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The guardian just sat and watched.. soon after the process begun a crude smile crept across his cat-like face. "That was a lovely preference!.. but if you could do that.. why didn't you
at-least throw a punch at that bitch who injured you?"

Red eyes turned to look at the Guardian before fading to normal as all the men dropped dead on the ground. Belil looked at him for a moment as her eyes rolled back in her head and Belil passed out. One of the spirits within her necklace had decided to take control this time, Belil wouldn't remember opening the door nor killing those men.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Just my luck, alrighty.. time to get comfortable."
The guardian curled up and laid down next to Belil, falling asleep within short time.

Almost a full day later, Belil finally woke up with a groan. They were in another room, the bodies were gone and it waas obvious they had been moved in their sleep. Belil frowned as the room was much more secure than the one they had been in before. [b "w-what happened? Wh-where are we??"]
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The guardian was heard, snoring next to Belil. Her voice did nothing to wake him, he looked peaceful.. Well, who wouldn't be if they was in their dreamland.

Belil let out an almost frightened whimper as she looked at a mirror angled on the wall. It couldn't be more obvious that they were being watched as she tried to shake the Guardian awake. She slowly began to panic, wanting to be out of the facility already
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

The guardian shot up, awake and aware now, his mouth frothing with anger. "⊬⍜⎍ ⌿⎍⌇⌇⟟⟒⌇! ☊⍜⎍⌰⎅⋏⏁ ⟒⎐⟒⋏ ⎎⟟☌⊑⏁ ⎍⌇ ⍙⟟⏁⊑ ⍙⊑⏃⏁ ⎅⟟☌⋏⟟⏁⊬ ⊬⍜⎍ ⊑⏃⎅ ⌰⟒⎎⏁?! ⊬⍜⎍⍀ ⏃⌰⌰ ⋏⍜⏁⟟⋏☌ ⏚⎍⏁ ☊⍜⍙⏃⍀⎅⌇ ⊑⟟⎅⟟⋏☌ ⏚⟒⊑⟟⋏⎅ ☌⌰⏃⌇⌇ ⏃⋏⎅ ⋔⟒⏁⏃⌰ ⊑⍜⌿⟟⋏☌ ⏁⊑⟒ ⏁⊑⟟⋏☌⌇ ⏁⊑⏃⏁ ☌⍜ ⏚⎍⋔⌿ ⟟⋏ ⏁⊑⟒ ⋏⟟☌⊑⏁ ⎅⍜⋏'⏁ ⏚⍀⟒⏃☍ ⎅⍜⍙⋏ ⊬⍜⎍⍀ ⎅⍜⍜⍀!"

Belil jumped back, shaking as she looked at the Guardian with wide eyes and an almost fearful look befire shaking her head and calming down. She was certain he wouldnt hurt her as she sat near him again quietly and waited to see what would happen as she looked through the one-way mirror and almost thought she stared into the eyes of the other person. Just ine second of her eyes flashing red and she said 'watch out' with an almlst evil look before returning to be just Belil.

Only now did Belil notice that the humans had seemed to put a collar on her- having been unable to put one on the Guardian for some reason. Belil let out a pained cry as 200,000 volts were suddenly shot into her.
-wThe Guardian.   1y ago

"Enough!.. I had warned your friends!.. you humans are are all the same, idiotic." He said with a cackle. "Leave her alone, this shall reside between me and everyone in this facility." His started to mat down his fur. "Now, stop being cowards and face me directly."

There was no response to the Guardians words other than the voltage being raised, causing Belil to go to the floor and cry as she tugged weakly at the shock collar. She looked up at the Guardian pleadingly as she squirmed, her eyes flashing different colors as she fought to stay in control of her emotions while the gem of her necklace flashed colors with her eyes. [B "H-help"] She choked out the word for the first time since shed met the Guardian, the pain more than shed felt before despite the high ass pain tolerance she had from the years of torture and bullying.


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