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Guardian Demon ((CLOSED TO IzzySanders

By Kitiki_Anemara

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>> PAST <<

Age 9- M/C is laying inda bed, eyes closed as if sleeping while a shadowy-monsterous creature(Y/C) slips into her room from the open third-story window and slips under her bed. M/C opens her eyes and speaks in a small, sad voice
"I'm not afriad of you, monster."
Y/C stops mid-assent of the intent to terrorize her like Y/C had terrorized and vanished hundreds of children before and, in confusion, silently return under the bed just as heavy footsteps could be heard banging throughout the house towards the room.

This child was different from the others.

She sits up and slides the blanket off of her to reveal a variety of scars and fresh cuts, bruises, and burns.

The difference was beyond the scars of abuse.

She then slid off her bed, laying on the floor as she looks right at Y/C. Visibly afraid of something else as they sat face-to-face.

She goes to crawl under the bed, telling Y/C
"Move. Over!"

She crawled under quickly just as her father entered the room- but not fast enough for him to miss where she had gone.
"Well, well. Wanna play hide n seek?"
His voice cracked as his hangover subsided and the fresh dose of drugs settled. He kneeled down and reached under the bed. He nearly grabs M/C, but Y/C puts their own hand forward as her father grabs it roughly.
"Come to daddy!"
He grinned darkly, a maddening look in his eyes as he pulled Y/C out from under the bed. One look at the hand he had grabbed and a sense of dread set in as he looked up and was face-to-face with Y/C.

A dark, terrifying smile came across Y/C face as Y/C looked down at M/C father. "Yes... I would like to play...

The last thing M/C had seen of her father was that terrified expression before Y/C covered her view. This day, her father was declared missing and was never seen nor heard from again. Even years later, M/C searches for the truth, wanting to know what Y/C does to vanish people and why they did it before deciding to become her "protector"


M/C has been bounced around the foster care system. Moving schools yet again and as she enters her second year of high school Y/C continues to vanish anyone who is mean to, harms, or upsets M/C. Y/C has also since gained a human form in order to keep watch over her while Y/C and M/C search to find what is special about M/C and why. Only M/C has been able to see Y/C in their true, monsterous form wether or not Y/C wanted to be seen. On top of this, M/C has odd abilities and heightened senses that allow her to not only view, but also interact with the other side. Another world, so to speak, that lives within the human world. The world in which Y/C resides alongside various "mythical" creatures.

Question is, how will their search for answers and a normal life affect their relationship as they had grown to be rather close over the years?


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Belil woke up instantly at the first beep of her alarm, tensly shutting it off as she took a sharp breath. For a few moments she listened tensely before climbing out of bed. She had woken up 5 hours earlier than necessary and got dressed for school, taking the rucksack which was her school bag that held a mere 3 old and beat-up composition notebooks, and a small dull pencil, she left the house and walked the ten miles to school. She stopped periodically at a few houses to ask for food, having given herself plenty of time as she made her way to campus.

She would force herself not to think of her newest foster home. These people wouldnt feed her and would make her vomit everything at the end of a day. Then they would treat her as a slave and beat her as she cleaned the house spotless before making her go to the garage to sleep on the thin sheet on the concrete floor which served as her bed.

But for now she focused on making it to school and gathering together bits of food from strangers to form her lunch. She wondered where her 'Guardian Demon' was as she liked to call them sometimes.

Elizabeth came running up to Belil carrying her backpack and two lunchboxes. "Hey Belil wait up." She frowned when she saw what Belil had. "They are not taking care of you?" She already knew the answer, but she wanted Belil to confirm it. "I had to stop by the store to get us some lunch. I finally got permission from my father to do it and help you more. It's not like he was going to say no to his youngest and only daughter." Elizabeth's father was Lucifer MorningStar, the Devil himself. Her mother was an angel. She didn't really know her mother because she was forced out of heaven when she was born because she was part demon.

Belil looked at Elizabeth for a moment then shifted her gaze away quietly, she looked down and didn't answer the question. Her gaze shifted back up to look at her, holding her knapsack and a small bag of gathered food. She smiled softly at Elizabeth [b "Hey... glad to see you again"] she said softly and tilted her head then looked ahead again to see the school coming into view. Her mother was dead- that much was obvious and Elizabeth had killed her abusive father. Or "disappeared him" rather. The fae that resided within her ring would never tell her a thing about her mother since the Queen's last order to them before her mysterious death was to never speak the truth to the princess. It would be up to one of the demons to tell her the truth once she came of age. Belil doesn't know she's the princess of the other world, the unseen world which was seperate from the humans. She didn't know how much power she really had. She didn't even know a thing about her mother except for a vivid memory of what she looked like and nothing more. One image from the day she was born which is engrained in her memory, but nothing else. She wanted answers to questions she couldn't ask.

"I'm going to take that as a yes." Elizabeth sighed. "I wish I could protect you more. I might have to ask that I live with you from now on. Here this Is for you." Elizabeth handed her one of the lunchboxes. "I made sure to get the food you like." Elizabeth hated that she couldn't tell Belil anything about her past. she hated following the rules and had been tempted multiple times to tell her but she had learned what happened to people who tried to break the rules. she still had the scars on her back from it. her father had been so pissed at the people who hurt her. she shook her head at the memory and forced a smile "So what shall we learn today at school?"

Belil was quiet as she accepted the lunchbox and mumbled her thanks as they entered the school gates and she looked at the crowd of students walking through [b "I'm not sure..."] She said softly and began weaving her way through the crowd, staying along the edge silently on the way to class. It was alright until someone slammed into her, though instead of covering her head, she clutched the bag of food she held and shut her eyes tightly as she braced for impact against a hard brick wall and concrete floors.

Elizabeth grabbed Belil and pulled her to her chest. "You okay Bell?" She glared at the person who slammed into Belil. "Watch where you are going bitch." Elizabeth was already planning on what she was going to do with the person. (Sorry it's short but I have to act like I'm doing my homework or my mother will be pissed at me.)

Belil bit her tongue and nodded as she stood upright and looked down [b "I'm alright..."] She mumbled and picked up her fallen schoolbooks before continuing the walk to class. She entered and took a seat in the back corner of the classroom silently, setting her books on the table, taking one to draw in.

((perfectly understandable- I'm about to head offline since my parents are almost home so I hope you do have a good day and Happy Halloween ^w^))

Elizabeth nodded and followed. she sat down next to Belil. "I will be needing to get you new notebooks soon." Elizabeth gave a small smile.

(Alright. have a nice day and happy Halloween too.)

Belil didnt comment as she continued to draw silently and the bell rang for class. A girl walked in with a group of kids which sat down huddled together in a corner and chatting. The girl smirked at her friends. [B [+red "heh- watch this."]] She immediately walked over to Belil, pen in hand as she twirled it and stabbed it into Belil's hand. [B [+red "Hey ya worthless peice of shit."]] The girl chirped with a smirk, grabbing Belil's sketch book. [B [+red "Whatcha got there? More ugly shit like you?"]] She laughed and started tearing the drawings apart and dropping them to the floor.

Belil grabbed her hand, gritting her teeth from the pain as she lifted her head and looked up at the girl with a smile. [B "Y-yeah you're right... I need to work on making them beter, thank you for being honest and letting me know."] She winced. She girl sneered at Belil and threw down the book, taking Belil's head and slamming it on the table.

A bone chilling crunch could be heard as she broke Belil's nose. [B [+Red Do not address me again you peasant"]] The girl sneered, spinning on her heal and stalking back to her click of "friends"

Belil lifted her head as blood covered her cloak and desk, she became pale and cradled her injured hand to her chest as she sat there in silence.

Elizabeth stood up eyes glowing red. "Hey, bitch. don't you know what goes around comes around but worse?" Elizabeth walked over to the girl grabbing a pencil and stabbing her arm. She grabbed her head and smashed it against the wall causing a crack of bone-breaking. she had broken the girl's nose. She continues causing the skull to break. she dropped the girl's lifeless body to the ground. "Oops.. she's dead." Elizabeth licked the blood off her hand and walked back to Belil. She picked up the papers and put them in her backpack. she picked up Belil. "Hey, Bell I have you." she headed out of the school. "Let's get you to the Hospital."

Students screamed in a panic, looking at Elizabeth in fear and at Belil. They spewed obscenities and called them insane as they fled.

Belil stood up on two shaky feet, looking at Elizabeth as that was the first time she'd seen her blatantly kill someone in front of her. Tears stung her eyes in disbelief as she stared at the girls corpse [b "Y-you didnt have to kill her..."] Belil spoke in barely a whisper as she looked at her in numb shock then at the girls body again. She fell silent and stumbled back from a mix of shock and bloodloss before falling unconscious.

Elizabeth grabbed her before she could fall. "Didn't fully mean to kill her. I snapped again." Elizabeth felt guilty that Belil had to see that. "Sorry Bell." her voice was quiet. Bell was the only person she cared about other than her father. She didn't know the emotions that were going through her. Elizabeth ran out of the school carrying Belil. she ran to the hospital. "HELP."

The ring around Belils finger glowed as three fae shot out in front of Elizabeth, stopping her before she reached the hospital. [+teal [b you cant take her to a human healer!"]] one of them warned quickly

[B [+green "They wont be able to help. You know what she is, human medicines wont work for her"]] another stated

[B [+blue "Let us lead you to one of our healers. She always tended the Queen when she was injured. We are sure she'll do the same for the Princess"]]

Elizabeth hissed at them when they first appeared in front of her. Her wings came out and wrapped around her and Belil. "I'm not that dumb you little shits. i know someone who is a witch. she works in the hospital and knows how to heal her. i have done it before. You know it's too fucking soon for her to even go there. it's my job to keep her fucking safe and that is what I'm doing." Elizabeth hated when the fae tries to intervene with her job.

Belil groaned quietly, as if she were fighting to return to consciousness. The fae hissed at Elizabeth. [B [+teal "You shouldnt even be intervening! It is our job by the Queens final order to make sure the Princess lives and is safe until she comes of age!"]]

The other fae hit them on the head with a stick. [B [+blue "You will mind your tongue!"]] they looked at Elizabeth. [B [+blue "we understand what you are trying to do but it is risky to take her to a hospital open to the public and more specifically humans. It would be more logical to take her to a healer that is not obly closer but also more protected."]] the eldest of the three fae spoke calmly.

Elizabeth hissed at the first Fae. "yeah well you are doing a shit job at protecting her. I'm doing ten times a better job and I'm a fucking demon." Elizabeth nodded at the eldest. "You are explaining it to her when she wakes up then. I'm also going to stay by her side. i still don't trust you guys." Elizabeth held Belil close and looked down at her. "you are safe Bell." Elizabeth's voice was soft and kind.

(will this become a relationship between Elizabeth and Belil? also bonk)

The eldest nodded. [B [+blue "Belil is already well aware of our world and our people. All she does not know is of her mother and her own abilities. The Queen forbade us from speaking to her of such matters. We are also forbidden from interfering too much with Belil's human life... Which is unfortunately why we have not been able to stoo those humans who have done her harm"]] They explained gently, hoping not to make Elizabeth agressive as the two younger fae huffed their disapproval of cooperating and working with a demon. [B [+blue "As a demon you have not been given such orders from the Queen. Which is why I ask that you work with us so as not to upset the Queens resting spirit"]]

"Now that is where you are wrong. Me and the Queen were good friends. I know her, I know her wishes. i also know what happens if I try and tell Belil what her powers are or that she is the next ruler. i got the scars on my back to prove it." Elizabeth let out a slight hiss. Some of the wounds were still not healing no matter what she does. "I already said let's go. I'm waiting for you to open the portal."

The fae sighed and shook their head [b [+green "Thats because she isnt supposed to really be told until she comes of age, or until her powers awaken and she becomes aware of her abilities"]] The middle fae piped up with a hiss as she elder hit them on the head again

[B [+blue "Follows us then. She resides in the forests of this world"]] The elder grumbled and flew towards the woods, leading the way

"And you guys at like children who think they know everything." Elizabeth hissed back and started flying. "I know but she is already ready to know. I have known her since she was a kid. she is ready. it's not coming of age that you need to worry about it's how she is going to be once she finds out we have been hiding it."

[B [+green "You dont seem to understand that she isnt ready for that. Belil doesnt have proper control over her emotions. If she were to learn everything now there is no telling how she will react. And her powers will go out of control."]] The fae hissed back. [B [+green "There is a reason we've been here. You on the other hand hardly knew the true Queen. Her twin sister perhaps. But not the true Queen. Youve been in Belils life for a mere 10 years while we've exsisted for centuries. You are still as much of a child as she is and have yet to fully comprehend the gravity of such matters!-"]] Before they could continue on, the elder smacked them on the back of the head, pulling the other two fae by the ears.

[B [+blue "That is enough! They will both learn in due time. Talking is of no use to the hard of hearing"]] they spoke in an irritated tone, glowing as they forced the other two fae to return within the ring before flying on ahead towards their healer.

((I totally appologize for not answering your question earlier about the roleplay- I was half asleep and had forgotten about it while I was writing my post up. So to answer that I will say: romance between the two is entirely up to you, though it will affect future outcomes of the story it would not be the main focus of the story if romance were made involved- obviously- but I dont mind it. Up to you.
Also- why bonk?))

"She never learned to control her emotions and you really think she would be able to control her powers when she fucking learns everything. she will be pissed. also, I knew both. you don't know anything about me. I'm older than you think." Elizabeth hummed in thought. "I miss both of them. we saw each other as siblings but fae and demons couldn't be seen together so we hid. also, I am no child. I was alive before there was an Earth. I stop aging at 18." Elizabeth followed and looked around with a hum. her wings glowed slightly showing that she had the Queen's acceptance of being in the fae world.

(I think it would be kinda cute for a romance but it will probably be best friends to lovers type romance.)

The elder fae grumbled in irritation [+blue [b "Yet you're still a fool"]] They said plainly as they approached a stranger in the woods. [+blue [b "Now you mind your manners with this one"]] The fae hissed quietly.

The woman's back was turned to them as she stirred a stew in a grand pot in an almost witch-like mannor. [+purple [b "Greetings Ari."]] She greets the fae then turns her head curiously [+purple [b "Hello there Elizabeth"]] Gia said as she turned her back to them again and continued brewing [+purple [b "You may lay her down on a cot, I'm almost done here"]] She said simply with a mild gesture to one of three beds alining a corner.

((of course- no reason to rush it for anything, gotta make the romance realistic at the least))

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at the eldest fae. "Hello Gia it's been a while hasn't it." Elizabeth set Belil down on the cot. "So you are now the healer. I remember you were training to be one the last time we met. I'm so happy that you achieved your dream." Elizabeth smiled and went over. "I am glad to see a face that I know and won't judge me just because I'm a demon." Elizabeth turned her head and glared at the three other faes. She sat down next to the stew. "It smells lovely like always. may I have a bowl after you are finished with it? it has been a while since I have been blessed with your cooking."
Kitiki_AnemaraGaia   1y ago

(sorry- my dumbass mispelled x.x)

The Goddess turned to Elizabeth with a silent glare and smiled coldly [+magenta [b "You've forgotten who I truly am?"]] She tilted her head at Elizabeth for a moment. She then shook her head and smiled kindly [+magenta [b "Of course I didn't expect you to remember that little tidbit"]] She let out a small laugh as the elder fae- Ari- who had not et returned into the ring unlike the other two- barely relaxed as they looked back at Elizabeth with an irritated stare.

[+magenta [b "I expect the fae and demons should be getting along nicely"]] Gaia hinted the silent warning within her tone as she finished brewing the stew, grabbing a bowl and serving Elizabeth then Ari. She smiled a bit coldly at the two before turning away to brew a healing spell for Belil.

"Oh, mother how could I forget someone who helped me when I needed it the most." Elizabeth rolled her eyes smiling. She started eating. she had started calling her mother when she figured out she was mother nature. Elizabeth looked around. she had been teasing when she said those lies. She can't have the other faes knowing too much about her. "it is okay mother I don't mind. I'm used to it by now. Everyone hates Demons and I understand." Elizabeth sadden. "Mother, can I ask a question? Why do people hate demons?" Elizabeth had viewed Gaia as a mother for a while. she never had a mother. she couldn't remember her's.
Kitiki_AnemaraGaia   1y ago

Gaia smiled softly and shook her head as she made the potion in a small bowl. Used to Elizabeth calling her mother as she sighed and turned around while mixing the ingredients together. [+magenta [b "Everyone hates each other, you shouldn't be butthurt by it."]] She grumbled and looked at Belil. [+magenta [b "But there is proof enough that in some way every species becomes united and when Belil takes the thrown of all of your people then the day of unity will be upon you all... though the humans are questionable they will be involved as well."]] She spoke softly as she walked over to belil and poured the brew over her. The liquid and powders turned to smoke over her as it healed whatever injuries Belil had. No scars left behind. [+magenta [b You'll all be united as it once was back in the beginning of time"]] She whispered.

"Mother i know, i shouldn't be hurt. that's why I lash out so much and seem cold but it still hurts. i have been called everything. freak, monster, killer okay that's not a lie but I kill because I have to, insane that's not a full lie, evil, creep, villain, and more. all I want is people to accept me for me. i finally did with Belil... but I think I ruin it." Elizabeth finished the stew and set the bowl down. "She saw me kill for the first time. she knew I killed but has never seen me kill. i didn't mean to mother. i promise. i was only going to hurt her." Elizabeth had started crying in the middle of her talking. "I-I didn't mean to."
Kitiki_AnemaraGaia   1y ago

Gaia smiled softly as she set down the bowl and moved away to let Belil rest. She knelt down in front of Elizabeth [b [+magenta "My child... You dont need to fret. Belil has seen enough in her life that one little slip-up wont change her mind of you. You two have been through much together"]] She spoke softly and reassuringly, waving a hand and pulling the fae out if resudence in Belils ring again as she looked at them.

[B [+magenta "You all know the herbs to bring me. And dont worry about going against your Queens orders, she spoke to me privately about exatly what to do before her passing and you all should do nothing more but listen."]] She narrowed her eyes at the three of them, the tone in her voice laced with warning. [B [+magenta "Ari you lead Ori and Lee. Keep them out of trouble."]] She ordered and the fae fled.

She returned her gaze to Elizabeth. [B [+magenta "Belil will never really be ready for the full truth and its time she got it. No matter what her reaction is we will be able to tame her- or at least be able to keep the raw energy of her powers at bay."]]

Belil groaned a bit as she turned over on her side and woke up throwing up violently.

Elizabeth nodded "Okay mother. I knew she would never be ready... faes can be mean about it. they think i'm just a demon who knows nothing about faes. but that's a lie. i know so much about faes." Elizabeth sighed. "I hope Bell will be able to bring peace. i hate how mean people are to me." Elizabeth jumped up and held Belil's hair back. "Let it out. it's okay."
Kitiki_AnemaraGaia   1y ago

Gaia sighed [b [+magenta "Its not that hon... They just have certain orders and a certain way they wish to take care of those things is all..."]] she fell silent and looked at Belil who conti ued vomiting violenty and clutching her stomach for several moments before whimpering and sitting back. Gaia looked at the bloodied stomach acid shed puked up and narrowed her eyes in concern. She took an old wooden pan and a bowl, putting a sample of it into the bowl then setting it aside before waving her hand and overturning the earth so that the vomit would lay deep within the soil.

"I know but still. they don't have to be so mean." Elizabeth looked at Belil in concern. "Mother, what is going on? I thought she was going to be okay!? Is she going to be okay?" Elizabeth rubbed Belil's hair. "It's okay. I am right here." Elizabeth was filled with worry. She sat on the bed with Belil.

Belil coughed then looked up at Elizabeth silently for several moments

[B [+magenta "She will be fine"]] Gaia grumbled [b [+magenta "It just seems there were some toxins in her body which were trying to kill her. Most likely done by a human since her body was able to fight it off well until the potion detected it and made her body be rid of it completely. That is all."]] She sighed.

Belil glanced around in confusion for just a moment bofore returbing her gaxe to Elizabeth quietly. She smiled at her and hugged her suddenly; showing just as Gaia had said- that she had not changed how she felt or thought of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth hugged back. she started crying. "I-i thought you were scared of me and that you hated me. I didn't want to lose you." Elizabeth looked at Gaia. "I'm going to guess her foster parents. they are the only ones who could poison anything." Elizabeth buried her face in Belil's neck. she finally knew her own feelings but she would never tell Belil. she was in love with her best friend. "I'm glad you are okay Bell. there are some things you are going to need to learn now. and I'm sorry I kept them from you. i tried to tell you but I was whipped because I tried to."

Belil hugged her tightly, then pulled back and wiped Elizabeths tears with her thumb. [B "Why would I ever hate you? Youre my best friend... I could never hate the only friend I have."] she smiled at her.

Gaia nodded her understanding as she put the bowl of puke sample away. [B [+magenta "We will need to wait for the fairy boys to return however, before we tell you anything Belil"]] She spoke with enough warning in her tone as she turned and began preparing another brew.

Belil frowned in confusion and looked at Elizabet and Gaia. [B "Liz... I dont understand.."] she said quietly

Elizabeth gave a sad smile. "But you looked so scared of me when you saw me kill the girl. i thought you were gonna leave me." Elizabeth looked at Gaia. "Mother what are the boys doing anyway and why do we have to wait? i have waited for 10 years to tell her. i have been wanting to." Elizabeth huffed. "Stupid fairy rules." Elizabeth started mumbling about how much she hated fairies and their know-it-all behavior.

Belil frowned and hugged Elizabeth again. [B "Sh-she was being mean anyway... Y-you'd never hurt ne though..."] she said softly

Gaia glared at Elizabeth [+magenta [b "You'd do well to be mindful of your words. If you had payed any attention at all, I had sent them to retrieve some items for me for a reason. You have waited ten years and you can wait a few more hours"]] The goddess hissed, serving a bowl of stew to Belil who looked at it with painfully wide eyes brimming with tears at the site of real food.

"You can eat. Mother's food is really good." Elizabeth huffed and rolled her eyes. "I was more worried about Bell than what anyone else was doing. in all honestly unless fairies start to act nicer to me then I'm not going to be nice to me. What is the golden rule? oh yeah, treat people the way you want to be treated. So far all of them have treated me with hateful words and looks." Elizabeth got up trying not to get mad. "I'm fucking done with people treating me like trash. i did not ask to be a fucking demon. i did not ask to be born. I'm done listening to people who don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves." Elizabeth looked up with tears in her eyes.

Belil looked at Elizabeth in stunned silence before looking down. She said nothing and shook her head when Gaia tried to hand her the food.

Gaia sighed and turned away, stepping outside silently for a few minutes and leaving the two alone.

Belil drew her knees uo and hugged them to her chest silently. She avoided looking at Elizabeth and instead kept staring at her feet and figiting a bit.

Elizabeth sat down on another cot in defeat. "S-sorry Bell. I didn't mean to snap or break down. it's just hard... no one listens to demons. everyone thinks we are evil." Elizabeth got up and grabbed the bowl. "Bell you need to eat. let me feed you if you don't want to move." Elizabeth walked over kinda scared.

Belil hugged herself and pulled her mothers cloak down over her head, remaining curled up. She wished she knew how to make Elizabeth happier since she knew all the same feelings. Minus [i knowingly] hurting or killing people. She mumbled [b "Youre not evil... I dont think youre evil... Or anyone... And the fae dont hate you either... They just... Dont know how to communicate properly"] she sniffled, trying to hild back tears as she hugged herself amd wouldnt let herself be fed.

Elizabeth sighed and set the bowl down. She sat next to Belil and pulled her into her lap. "I wish I believe you. you were not there to see the hateful looks when they see me carrying you while you were bleeding out or how the three fae's acted like I was going to kill you when I was taking you to my healer. I'm a demon. you are a fae. we are supposed to be enemy's... that's what they want us to be. you remind me of your mother sometimes. she never cared that I was a demon. she treated me like I was a fae. Like I was normal. but besides that Bell, you need to eat."

Belil frowned and uncurled herself, crawling out if her lap quietly as she mumbled [b "You and I both know im not fae... Im not demon... Nor dwarf, shapeshifter, witch, hippocampus... Whatever..."] she sat back down next to Elizabeth and leaned her head on her shoulder instead as she shook. [B "I found an old journal of my moms... I read it... I know what I am.... I am a mixture of everything and nothing and the only survivng egg after a series of experiments that mom did on herself...."] tears streamed down Belils face. [B "Im just another experiment too precious to lose and a stupid princess no one really cares about other than to make me serve them as a dumb queen"] She cried as winds started to pick up in the room from her emotions. Belil shut her eyes tightly, spouting her insecurities and what she thought about the diary of her moms that she had found. The Earth began to move and bend and water rose from the ground as the hut caught flame. Belil was not in control as she pourtled out her heart and soul and all her frustrations out to Elizabeth.

((Sorry it kinda sucks...))

Elizabeth cupped her cheeks. "Everyone here cares about you. even if they don't I do. i care about you so much." Elizabeth put the fire out and tried to fix what Belil did. she was able to fix most of it. "You are not the only one who is an experiment. at least you are still kind. You are not dumb. you can do so much when you become Queen. you mean the world to me." Elizabeth took a deep breath and kissed her forehead. "You are still the Bell I know and that's all I care about."

Tears continued to stream down Belils face as her skin both became cold to the touch and hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns as she did not calm down in the slightest. Wind threw things around and began tearing the hut apart as Gaia reentered the room followed by the three fae who looked to Belil and Elizabeth with frightened looks.

Gaias eyes burned red as she approached Belil, by this point the hut was completely destroyed and the Earth around them had become a floating island in the sky with them atop it.

Gaia pulled Belil away from Elizabeth and carried her to a small pool of Water which boiled from Belils power. Gaia layed Belil in the water and lightly began chanting a small incantation, forcing Belil into sleep as she took over fixing the damage Belil caused to the forest.

[B [+magenta "Humans have been alerted so we must move now."]] Gaia said quietly when she finished and as she picked Belil up again. She looked at Elizabeth. [B [+Magenta "We will approach how to help Belil together. Differences aside. What you all are does not matter. Fae, Demon, Witch, Banshee, Unicorn- none of it matters. Is that understood?"]] she growled lowly ad her and more to the fae who looked down in shame. Gaia then opened a portal and walked through silently, expecting them to follow.

Elizabeth got up and followed. She reached for Belil her own powers acting up. "P-please. can I have her?." Elizabeth's powers were never fully in control but with Belil it was calmer. she never knew why her powers acted up but she had gotten used to it. It has never gotten this bad before. She tried to pull her powers to her. She let out a scream of pain as her powers started hurting her instead of others.

Gaia turned back once on the other side of the portal. She awaited Elizabeth and the fae to enter before shouts could be heard on the other side of humans going to investigate the forest. She closed the portal quickly before going towards Elizabeth. [+magenta [b "Its alright my child"]] She spoke softly, setting Belil in her arms as she pet her head a bit.

A waterfall roared near them, falling into a pond. They stood in a large area, almost like an arena with how unreal the mystical scene looked. Creatures of all kinds roamed and every possible biome could be seen from where they stood. From mountains to oceans, desserts, grassy planes, plateus, icy tundras, forests, jungles, savanas, and more as they stood atop the waterfall which was actually on of three and was marked one of the main landmarks of this realm.

The fae surrounded Elizabeth and Belil with concerned faces. [+teal [b "Are you two alright?"]] Lee asked quietly.

[+green [b "Neither of you are hurt right??"]] Ori looked scared as he looked at them.

[+blue [b "You may both meed help training your abilities... I apologize if we gave you grief Elizabeth. That was not our intention."]] Ari spoke gently.

Elizabeth held Belil to her chest. her powers calmed down slightly but were still hurting her. Elizabeth sat down and let her calm down. Elizabeth looked at the fae. "I'm fine. this is normal." Elizabeth closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts. she started meditating letting nature balance her. Elizabeth let her wings out. Water, fire, and air started moving around her and Belil.

The fae continued to look concerned. Gaia looked at Belil, whoes hood had slipped from her head. She sighed and watched as Belil was already begining to wake up, though something was off.

Belil looked up at Elizabeth and began to giggle. It was as if she were high or drunk as she reached up and put a hand to Elizabeths cheek. [B "Youre so prettyyy"] Belil smiled and nuzzled her with a giggle [b "I wish I was pretty"]

Elizabeth opened her eyes and smiled. "Thank you, Bell. you are gorgeous." Elizabeth wrapped her wings around Belil and nuzzled back. For the first time in a while, she let out her cat ears and tail purring loudly. Elizabeth started playing with Belil's hair. "did I ever tell you that your hair is really soft and pretty?"


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