Multiverse Angels vs Demons (V2)

By Catlover33
Angels and demons had been embroiled in conflict since the beginning of time. Though when this conflict began is unknown, the two sides have been fighting each other for as long as the bad blood between the two sides existed. The angels believed in light and purity while the demons were seen as corrupt, wild and impure. The two sides saw each other differently and this was part of the contributing factor of the war. Prisoners of war were taken from both sides yet they were mostly not harmed by the opposing side. However, there were those exceptions of angels or demons who were hurt by the other side. Throughout all of this, there were always two core sides fighting against each other. Light against darkness, purity against corruption, good against evil, order against chaos, and finally, Heaven vs Hell.

1. The Site Rules and Roleplay etiquette apply here
2. Nothing worse than sh*t is allowed however if your character does have a potty mouth, censor the bad words. And yes, fandom swears are allowed.
3. Any character from any fandom is allowed (Including Pokémon)
4. There is going to be blood and some slight gore in this.
5. For the love of everything holy in this world, keep this thread rated 16+.
6. There is no character limit!
7. OCs are allowed
8. No homophobia or s3xual content (N*dity is not allowed either)
9. Don’t be overpowered. It can be easy to get carried away with characters like Goku or DIO but please limit your character’s power.
10. Please don’t mention r*pe. It is a rather uncomfortable topic to deal with.
11. Please do not post more than 1200 characters. Long replies can be intimidating for some people and similarly, please post more than one line so that the roleplay doesn’t end up getting boring because someone can’t respond properly.

Character Form

Species/Race: (Angel, demon or hybrid? There are only angels, demons and hybrids)
OC or Canon?:
Fandom They’re from:
Powers and Abilities:
Backstory: (optional)
Royalty, Prisoner of War or Warrior?:
Alignment: (Not necessary but for fun)
Extra Info:

If you don’t want to do the Character form then just PM me your character’s name, what series they’re from (if applicable), If they’re a canon Character or OC, their role in the war (royalty, warrior, prisoner of war) and if they’re an Angel, demon or Nephalem.


Tidus (Catlover33, Dual Role, Originally from Final Fantasy X), Firion (Catlover33, Hybrid, Originally from Final Fantasy II), Vaan (Catlover33, Originally from Final Fantasy XII), Renata Perice (Lunaria_sorceress, OC)

Elizabeth MorningStar (IzzySanders, Hybrid, OC), Machina (Catlover33, Originally from Final Fantasy Type-0), Demondog(Den) (den, OC)



ANGEL PRISONERS OF WAR (Angels and hybrids held captive by the demons)
Tidus (Catlover33, Dual Role, Originally from Final Fantasy X)

DEMON PRISONERS OF WAR (Demons and hybrids held captive by the angels)
Thaddeus (CVM, Hybrid, Originally from After Ever After)
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