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It will come back, and be familiar and at the same time completely different.
This does not necessarily mean downtime, it means a blank slate.
All content will be deleted. Backup anything important.
--- Staff
I consider myself semi-lit writer and have roughly 9 years of roleplaying experience!

Im not picky about grammar but make it readable plz!
I usually roleplay MxM but am up for FxF as well, i rarely do MxF but might if u can convince me!

I enjoy fantasy, adventure, apocalyptical, romance, day to day life, or a combination of multiple.

currently Interested in the following topics:

1. Beastars MxM or FxF- Set in high school or collage, hybrids allowed, must have a basic understanding of the Beastars world. 16+ but prefer 18+ partner. 1x1!

Open to some others, if your able to convince me! Im open to try a lot of topics, just ask! However i prefer one of these right now.

Don't worry if I've already started one, im open to roleplay multiple topics at a time.

-Must be 16+ for those three topics!
-No one liners- they're annoying. Prefer at least a paragraph per response, with few exceptions.
-I consider myself semi-lit, so i prefer semi-lit or lit partner, but im open to new role-player's as well.
-Follow site rules (No sexual content :P if in the unlikely event that characters do get sexually intimate, IT WILL BE TIME SKIPPED

Pm if interested and which topic you're interested in!

That's pretty much it! I do hold the right to add more rules and requirements at any time.
I also hold the right to add or take away any topics of my choosing.
Have fun! and stay safe you wonderful beings!
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