Raistlin took his time walking along the side of the road. He was not a man if wealth, and so he did not have a horse. Saving what little money he had for supplies was better than having to pay for another animals care on top of his own needs. Though, as he stopped to take a short rest against a boulder, he thought that sometimes the shorter travel time might be worth it. He wasn't a hunter, and while he had no issues living on plants and dried meat it did get boring. Raistlin closed his eyes, shifting to rest the staff he carried against his shoulder. He'd been walking all day, and at this rate he really should find somewhere to set up camp. Opening his eyes, he looked up, above the treetops. He was at the Foo of a mountain range, perhaps he might be able to find a small cave to hole himself up in for the night. It would be bad to be caught out in the open by himself. Granted, most would be mad to challenge a mage. Magic users were known to be unpredictable. Still, he was alone. It was better not to push his luck. There was a safety in numbers he currently lacked. "I guess its decided, then." He spoke to himself, pushing off the large rock. Coming across a safe spot to sleep near the road was likely not going to be successful, so the first game trail he came across, he followed. It was only slightly easier than cutting thru the untraveled foliage. He hadn't been going more than twenty minutes, hunting for a halfway decent potential campsite, when the sound of a struggle reached his ears. He ignored it. Or, at least tried to. He finally found something, a large crack in a rock formation revealed a rather open cave floor. By the cold campfire he found, it was not unusual for people to use it. That made it convenient. He slipped outside again, hoping to find enough sticks for a small fire. He could still hear something in the forest making a ruckus. Perhaps it was some animal in a trap? The thought made him pause. Now, he wasn't normally a thief. While he was certainly capable of taking things, he had the talent of being unnoticeable, but he was too proud to go so low as to steal from others. Curiously bade him to investigate, though. He though he could at least put the animal out of its misery as opposed to letting it bleed out while awaiting the hunter to come collect his catch. Trying to ignore the rather tempting thought of taking the animal to fill his own belly. It wasn't like anyone would know, and soup made of wild carrots and cabbage were only satisfying for so long.
tinymushyJaikah   1y ago

Jaikah continued to struggle against the trap that held her as she winced at the pain of being held in it, sniffling softly at how much it hurt. She hated being snared in traps, as anyone would be, and she certainly hated it when she got snared in traps that held onto her arms or legs. Her eyes flicked around the forest again for any sign of someone who could help her, but she didn't initially notice him since she had focused back on the trap that she was held in. She struggled again against it, but let out a soft sigh as she felt a bit of blood drip from her arm. "Ow ow ow ow...SHIT..." She cursed softly. Her eyes drew up a bit and fell on him then, widening a bit before she swallowed heavily. "Uh...hey...little help?"

The mage, dressed in bright red robes, stared at the young lady who'd managed to get herself stuck in some large claw trap. His face was hidden by the hood pulled low over his eyes, and the wrap that covered his face- the clear sign of someone dedicating their lives to the study of the mysterious Arcane Art. He was so baffled that someone with some form of intelligence could get themselves stuck in such a trap, he didn't move until she spoke to him. He inclined his head, turning his gaze to the trap she was stuck in. Observing it a moment before locating the latch that would release the tension. He might not be a hunter, but that hadn't stopped his father from trying to teach him alongside his brother. He had learned a thing or two. With a click, the jaws of the trap fell loose. Ready to be reset for the next unfortunate creature to come across. He stood, shifting the staff he carried from one pale hand to the other. "How is the wound?" He asked softly, studying the woman from the shadows of his red hood.
tinymushyJaikah   1y ago

Jaikah sighed in relief as she dropped from the trap, stumbling a bit as she stood up before letting all of her arms come out. "Oh...ouch, geez that thing got me good.." She hissed softly, all of her eyes open before she glanced up at him while rubbing her wound. "Thanks for helping me, I appreciate it. I didn't see the trap at first..." She laughed nervously before noticing the wrap on his face, seeming intrigued but managing to rip a bit off her shirt to bandage up the wound and keep it from bleeding more. She put her extra arms away, letting them melt into her body and feeling the correct bones settle back into place as she put her main set of arms behind her back. "It's nice to meetcha, mister mage. I'm Jaikah." She hummed, putting a hand on her chest for a moment before clearing her throat and holding her hand out as if offering it for him to shake. She seemed kind enough, not a threat.

Raistlin hummed, looking from her face, to the outstretched hand. "Raistlin." He said, "follow me. You'll only end up with an infection if you leave it like that." He said. She didn't seem a threat, but he didn't shake her hand. Instead, he turned and disappeared into the undergrowth he'd appeared out of. Pausing only to pick up the pile of sticks he'd collected for a source of heat. Lucky for her, he was something of a healer. He'd studied herbs in an attempt to boost his naturally poor health, and had something of a knack for it. He led her, not actually caring one way or another of she followed or not, back to the cave he'd found. Inside the cave, he arranged the sticks neatly. Whispering a soft word of magic that made the sticks light up in an instant. No fighting with flint and steel needed, and light filled the area, smoke drifting up just to slowly drift out to top of the cracked rock face.
tinymushyJaikah   1y ago

She put her hand down and sighed as she followed him, humming a song to herself and casually walking behind her. "Sooo...what're you doing out here? There are plenty of kingdoms and stuff for you to live in, if you want to live more comfortably than just...wandering." She hummed as she sat in front of the fire, gently watching him with a couple of her eyes while allowing the other ones to wander. She knew basic medicine, but it probably would get infected since she didn't exactly have a [i good] knowledge of herbs and other such that could help her. Despite living in the forest, she mostly kept to herself and made sure that others wouldn't get hurt so that she could inject them with toxins.

Raistlin began pulling things out of his pack. "I have heard rumors of your kind going around seducing men for your meals. You have my thanks for not not attacking your savior, however do no think I will be so forthcoming as to explain my reason for being here to a would be predator." Of course, like in anything, there were many individual races within. He did not know of she was actually the sort to do as he just said, but he wasn't about to go telling anyone he just met his life story. "Let's see your wound." He ordered, it was hardly an offer at this point. More of simple expectation for his patient to obey.


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