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By ALonelyOtaku
Plot 1 and 4 are mixed together. Go check it out.
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((Where is it?))
ALonelyOtaku     334d ago

((Where is what?))

((you said plot 1 and 4 are mixed together. Where do I find it. is it in pms?))
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

((Oh no, its here, lol. I mean if a random person were to look at this they would wonder; Hm, where is the description of this roleplay? Thats just sending them to where the plots are. Sorry thats confusing))

((Oh okay. i got slightly confused lol XD))
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

(Lol. Well, Would you like to start or should I? If it's me then I need to go make a character lol.)

((i mean you could just use the person you are showing right now but can you star please.))
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

(Early Grade School)
I was in class, head low as I eagerly scribble down my story ideas while I still had the ideas fresh in my head. I jot them down onto my papers, not even thinking about doing my test. I then look up to Elizabeth, smiling and shoving them onto her desk with a simple note: "Look at these, Lizzie!" I then grab a new handful of papers and begin to jot down more notes when I feel a warm hand on my shoulder, "Lukas...Class is almost over and you've done nothing but..." She hesitates then waves her hand over my stack of papers and says, "Luke, you cant keep doing this...Your failing all your subjects, you're barely even paying attention anymore, just jotting notes."

I sighed. "Luke please do your test. you need to pass if you want to go to older school." I put the papers on my desk. I went back to do my test without looking at the papers. i was planning on doing it later.

I roll my eyes, ignoring you both. I shake my head and finish jotting ideas just as class ends. I hear the bell and run out to my locker, shoving all the papers into a crammed spot full of other ideas. I grab a book and run to my next class, my eyes full of eagerness and happiness as I bump into an older boy. He wore dark clothing and had black hair, "Watch where your running, punk!" he yells and I easily come back with, "Actually, I am a punk. Thank you for the compliment, sir!" I say with a smile, then attempt to continue, "Punks are people that li-" he cuts me off and says, "Oh, Wow okay...You are not like the others, are you? Now...Well, How d'you feel about hanging out before class?" I glance around, "Well...Okay, I guess..." I relax a bit and lean back, "So...Who are you? I'm Lukas! Just call me Luke."

I sighed and put my stuff away. I knew Luke had been ignoring me and I didn't like it. I went to my locker and put my stuff away. I grabbed a few things I needed and headed to my next class. I saw Luke and an older boy. I tilted my head confused wondering why Luke was hanging around someone like him. I went over. "Hey Luke, you left me behind." I let out a small pout.

I hesitate then hold my hand up to the boy, walking over to Lizzie. "Heya Lizzie! I'm sorry, I had to jot down my thoughts and put them in my locker...I made a new friend! We're going to hang out! I will talk to you later, okay Lizzie?" I say, holding my hand out to you, gently punching your shoulder. I then run back to the boy. He forcefully grabbed my hand and we began to walk down the hall. "I am Sebastian, and I will show you to my friends...Y'Know, I like you, Lukas. How'd you like to make a few...beneficial friends?" I smile a wide grin, then nod.

I looked down and nodded. "Okay, Luke." I walked to my next class going there early. I and Lukas usually went together and hung out. "Oh stop being a downer. just because your only friend is Luke doesn't mean you should stop him from being friends with others." I sat down and sighed getting my stuff out.

I was in a locked room, it had at least 4 other 6th years... I was only a fifth-year so I was eager and excited to meet them. "Hey everybody...This is Lukas, he's a part of us now..." I notice each and every boy had dark hair, dark clothes, and at least one piercing. I smile and wave, feeling out of place. They all wave silently, whispering to each other before saying, "Why'd you bring the ray of sunshine in here, Sebastian?" He only smirks and shrugs for a response, making them all laugh. Finally, one of the boys gets up, walking over to me and looking down at me, "Seems small. Not very intimidating." Sebastian laughs aloud at this, "Not yet, anyways... Not yet."

Elizabeth was bored and started drawing in her notebook. she hoped that Lukas would be safe.

(After Class)
I step outside, a warm feeling in my chest... [i Those boys, so weird and dark, yet kind and friendly... They offered me a jacket and a place in their group. It sounds so cool! I need to get my ears pierced though, that's a requirement... Mom will never let me do it and Dad would kill me if he saw them, so maybe a pencil would work if I cleaned the wound afterward...] I smile and go to my locker, shoving my stuff away and heading to lunch. I go and sit down at an empty table, the other boys coming over and filling the seats. I smile nervously but don't say anything, allowing them to sit. The biggest of the boys brings us all our food, which was a surprise. I eat slowly and silently as they speak. "Lukas, What do you think? Think you could dye your hair?" I hesitate then mumble, "I dunno, maybe... I know my mom dyes her hair black to look young, I could-" They all cheer and punch my shoulders, clearly happy by that answer.

I walked into the lunchroom and saw luke. i went over and looked at the older boys. "Hey, Luke can I sit here?" I didn't like that I had to ask but I was feeling nervous about the older kids. "I like your new jacket." I smiled.

I smile and nod, scooting over and making room for you. "Hey, Um, This is Li- Elizabeth, a close friend of mine," I say in a cheerful tone. Each boy snickers softly and nods, whispering to each other. I adjust my jacket and I hear Sebastian say, "Hey, Luke...Can you come with me for a moment?" I nod, happy to follow him. We round a corner and he says darkly, "She can't sit with us, she is not good enough for you. Got it? Stop hanging out with her." I hesitate, rubbing the back of my neck, "But...I live so close to her, we grew up together...She's like a sister to me!" He grips my shoulder and repeats, "Stop hanging out with her, or give me the jacket and say goodbye to your new friends." I swallow hard and nod silently, going back to the table and sitting down. Sebastian sits down and smirks, looking at the others... I then muttered, "Lizzie, Can you go...? I'll talk to you later, or something." I stare down at my feet, not used to being rude like this.

I gave a fake smile knowing what's already going on. "You don't have to worry about dealing with me. have fun with your fake friends. i hope one day you realize where you actually belong." I looked at the older boys and my face darkened. "Hurt Luke and I swear I will hunt you guys and kill you one by one." I gave a fake innocent smile and turned around and left. i went home not even caring about school.

They all laugh aloud, all except Luke. He sat in silence, fear, and admiration. Before he could even react his 'friends' were telling him all these praises and compliments... [i I do belong, they like me...They want me. See, Lizzie? I belong here!]
The day ended with Luke walking home, his phone full of new numbers and new music to listen to. He went home, going inside and tearing all his bright clothing down. He now had a mix of few greys and minimal blacks. He then went into the bathroom, locking the door. He grabbed his mom's hair dye, making an attempt to dye his hair...It was successful. He then brought a pencil up to his ears, hesitating before shoving it deep into his ear, cutting through the back. It began to bleed and he started to cry from the sheer pain he felt. He clutched the sink, breathing in shallowly as he did the same to the other ear, biting his lip to keep from screaming. He then weakly grabbed for his mom's earrings, grabbing black studs. He put them in his ears, tears hitting the floor as he took out his phone and snapped a photo in a few seconds he forced himself to stop crying and smile. He sent it to Sebastian and then turned it off, falling to the floor. He sobbed into his hands, the pain was agonizing. He went to bed about 15 minutes later, skipping dinner. He sent Lizzie a message before going to sleep.
[i Hey Lizzie, It's Luke. I'm sorry about today. I'll ttyl. Goodnight.]

Elizabeth had gone home and locked herself in her room. Luke was the only person she had in her life and now he was gone. She grabbed the clothes she swore she would never wear unless she was going to prove to everyone to not mess with her. She looked at her phone and texted him back. -No you are not sorry. leave me alone and never talk to me again- she teared up not wanting to lose her best friend. she wiped the makeup off of her arms and took a shower before going to bed. If Luke was going to change then so was she but not like Luke did.
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

I walk into the school, my head low. I was getting weird looks and I knew I was giving off a mysterious vibe. I spot my friends but they were near me before I was near them. They were all patting my back, cheering and laughing. It was drowned out by footsteps and whispers, occasional yelps and whimpers. We all look up and turn around. My eyes go wide and my face pales...
[i "L-Lizzie...?" ]

I walked into school with my head held high. I was wearing a shirt that says 'fuck life, fuck friends, fuck satan' (I feel so proud of making that up on the spot), ripped jeans, and combat boots, and a black collar-like choker. i had my nails painted blood red and was wearing no makeup on my arms showing my bruises. I had an eyebrow piercing and my ears were pierced. I had a cold, harsh look on my face. I saw Luke and rolled my eyes. "Take a pic it might last longer."
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

I freeze, my heart stopping in my chest. Before I could even think about speaking I was being dragged off. My ears were dripping blood again, and I didn't even care... Sebastian spies a timid boy and says, "Luke, go beat him up...He owes us some money, so it would be for a good cause." I shiver then slowly nod, walking over and hesitating. I whisper an apology and shove my fist into his gut. He bends over, his hands on his stomach as his face pales. I winced as I then punched his jaw, throwing him against a locker. I look away, feeling guilty as the others join in...But, even though I felt guilty, I felt an odd sense of freedom. Maybe I could grow to enjoy this?

I frowned and grabbed Sebastian and threw him away from the boy. I did it with the rest of the guys. "I guess I was right about you Lucas." My voice had no emotion in it. "Kid leave. you and your money are safe." I looked at the boy and watch him run. I turned back around. "you know what comes around goes around." I tilt my head. "You guys are pathetic. beating someone out just to feel like you are better than them. I'm going to guess you don't have mommy or daddy attention so you bully others or is it because you get beat up at home... no that can't be the reason." I sneered pissed off.
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

I was surprised by this 'New Lizzie'. I flinched when she said my name and when she called them out I could see one of them wince. Sebastian laughed but said nothing. I inched back a bit, noticing the others do the same. Sebastian waves at us and we all bolt in different directions. Sebastian stayed for a moment, then left calmly. I ran into the bathrooms, panting softly and catching my breath. I close my eyes, leaning against the wall. I finally calm down and step out into an empty hallway...It made me anxious, the silence was almost eerie.
LightScarXx     334d ago

You guys doing full paragraphs

((not to be rube lightscar but what the hell are you doing. you could easily pm us. we are having an 1 on 1 rp))
LightScarXx     334d ago

*Rude you mean
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

((I won't ask you again, LightScar, Send PM's, not comment on someone else's roleplay. I am giving you enough grace now as it is.))

I was waiting by the bathroom door. "you just lost a friend for what? to become a bully and hurt others. it doesn't fucking matter I will always be there to stop you and the others. you made me this way Lucas. i hope you remember that. actually, let me not tell lies. i have always been like this. i just hid it from you. just remember I can and will kill all of you. yes I'm adding you into the mix. pass a message to your 'leader' make one wrong move and you all will die." I headed to the classroom.
LightScarXx     334d ago

Alright, I am sorry just wanted to talk

((not on fucking rps that are for 2 people only.))
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

I swallow hard at this and think to myself, [i The chance he will listen is so low that I have a better chance explaining my new look to my step-dad.] I shake my head silently, going to my group's classroom. We all sat down and I mutter, "She's going to kill us, you all know this right?" They all laugh for a response. I lay my head on my desk, closing my eyes. "Micheal is going to kill me, your all going to die and I am next... Even if Micheal doesn't kill me, Lizzie will." I was muttering to myself now, Sebastian and the others laughed harder at this, grabbing my shoulders and taking us to the halls. Sebastian grabbed a young girl, maybe grade 3. I look away as they all attack her. I felt my chest get tight and I felt against this, but all for it as well. I slowly opened my eyes, but all the boys stopped, even the girl stopped crying. They all looked in one direction but I couldn't see what they were looking at.

I was holding a knife in my hand. "Well, well, well, what do we have here. Attacking someone weaker than you. oh, you are so strong." Elizabeth's voice was taunting at the end. "you know it's so much fun looking at your background info and about your families. Andrew, it would be so bad if something happened to your little sister now, wouldn't it? oh Jack you are being abused at home. you poor thing. that doesn't mean you should bully others." Elizabeth walked closer and helped the girl up. "It's okay sweetie. get the nurse to check those wounds for you."
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

Andrew clenched his fists, about to yell at you when Jack went pale, looking away. Sebastian stepped forward, his eyes dark as he mused, "What can a little girl like you do? Be scared?" He laughed and I whisper, "S-Sebastian...D-D-Don't..." I inch back, Liam at my side. I watched the girl run, dripping blood. I could see you get closer as I inch back more. "Well, What are you going to do, girlie?! Stab us?! We're not scared." Sebastian says, not bothering to look at our faces, just meekly assuming we were stronger at heart then he had previously assumed.

"Oh, darling I'm going to do more than just stab." I got a crazy look in my eye. "I know the best way to torture people. Do you want to know how? Well, that's easy I know because it has been done to me all my life." I stabbed Sebastian in the top part of his dominant arm causing it to go limp. "oops... I think I hit some nerves. Do you want to continue talking shit? i might be short but that just means I'm closer to hell and are friends with demons."
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

Sebastian goes tense then screams in agony, before slowly going into moans of pain, his right hand gripping his left arm, trembling. I go pale and gag, watching blood slowly spill down his arm. I stumble as I couldn't tear my eyes away. "Y-Your a bitch! An insane motherfucking bitch!" Sebastian yells at the top of his lungs, hoping to drag people out of their classes...he was failing. I trembled and collapsed to my knees, unable to move as I watch Sebastian...

"Oh of course. i snapped a long time ago. also, I'm the queen of bitches. what goes around comes around." I Slit his throat and stood up. "I'm feeling nice and he was the only one being a complete dick. stop bullying and you guys are safe." I picked up the body. "I told him what comes around goes around. he killed his younger brother and sister. he got what was coming for him. i should have made his death worse but I don't want any kids to see that." I left the school and dispose of the body.
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   334d ago

Lukas made a weak attempt to hold his breath to keep himself from throwing up but he failed and threw up. Tears rolled down his face in fear as he looked up at Lizzie, watching her drag the body. Andrew passed out promptly and Liam and Jack both ran. I slowly crawl to Andrew, shaking his body weakly. I was sobbing as he woke up slowly. He then grabs for my throat, "Bitch! You killed him! Your friends with that psycho, it's your fault...!" His voice broke as he tightened his grip around my throat, lifting me into the air. I choke and cough, trying to breathe. My legs kicked slowly. tears rolling down his wrists. He finally let go, now crying as well. I fell back to my knees, coughing and gasping.

I came back in. "1 don't blame him. 2 he didn't know and 3 we are not friends. i thought we were at one point but I figured out that he cared more about being accepted than real friends." I cleaned up the blood and puck. "bye guys." Elizabeth went back to class.
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   333d ago

Andrew doesn't answer you, looking away and grumbling. I heard the last bit of what you said after trying hard to not choke again. Finally, Andrew gets up and leaves...I leaned against the wall, my eyes closed as I felt like just going home...I stand up, going to class silently. It ended the moment I sat down, making me aggitated.

I got up and headed to my next class. i knew the 'bully gang' was going to be scared of me for a while. i didn't really care if they did or not. I sat down in the back of the class and started drawing. i love to draw it always calms me down. I let my hand just do what it wants while I was lost in thought. i looked down at the sketch and saw that I drew Lukas. one half of him was his old self and the other half was his new self. my breath hitched. it had been a while since I had drawn him.

(Hey i'm just checking up)
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   318d ago

(Oh yes, sorry. I have forgotten to do my part, I apologize deeply.)

(It's okay. i was just worried)
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   317d ago

Lukas went to his next class, spacing out the moment he sat down. The teacher began the lesson five minutes after he sat down and it was something over Algebra. Lukas closed his eyes as the images of Yuki dying in front of him replayed in his mind, the feeling of Andrew's hands tightly around his neck still burned into his skin. When he opened his eyes again, most of the students were looking at him, the teacher had gone silent and stared at him as well. He mumbled an apology, not knowing what he had done until the students started giggling, getting back to the lesson.

I sighed and walked out of the class. i didn't need to do the class anyway. i had finished school early but still went through the motions of going to high school. I was getting bored of it though. I went into Lukas's classroom. "May I see Lukas, please. His mother is here to pick him up." I said lying. I gave a sweet fake smile.
ALonelyOtakuLukas Thomas   316d ago

The teacher nodded and smiled. "Lukas Thomas, please come up here." Lukas only glanced up and walked up with his head low. The Teacher kindly said, "Alright, Please follow this young lady please." Lukas nodded then saw who it was. He whimpered softly and stumbled back. The Teacher grabbed his wrist to keep him from falling, "Are you alright Lukas? Your mother is here to pick you up, can you make it to her car?" She asked kindly. Lukas only whimpered and slowly nodded, believing the lie. He stood upright, breathing out slowly and he followed you out of the class, silent with his head low.

I sighed. "I never wanted this to happen you know. i snapped and lost control." I grabbed his hand and went out of the school. "Yeah I lied about your mom being here but I did get you out of the school so your welcome." I headed to my hideout. i knew that the rest of my gang was either at work, school, or home. "Oh yeah this is for you." I took out the picture I had drawn. "I have no clue on why I drew it. haven't drawn you in a while." I sat down on one of the couches. "Sit where ever. I'm shocked you believed that. also I'm not going to hurt you." I still loved him. i was never going to tell him that though. i knew after what I did he would never love me.


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