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Plot Storming.

By ALonelyOtaku
I have a ton of ideas and the laziness to not post them individually. PM if you are interested.

(Plot 1) Throughout Life - Friendship - Bullying - Slow Changes: M/C and Y/C had grown up together, they knew everything about each other and watched each change that ever happened...At least, Y/C did. Y/C watched M/C change from a bright and kind, young boy into a more dark and mean one. Y/C could see each day as M/C grew more distant and popular and became increasingly ruder and ruder towards Y/C and eventually, not even attempting to hang out at home. Now, In Highschool Y/C had a small yet close friend group along with a group of bullies... Yet, M/C wasn't a part of them for once. M/C seemed to have softened since Middle School and even seemed lonely now. Could Y/C become friends with M/C again, or let him blow away in the wind?

(Plot 2) High School - Coffee Cups and Tea Time - Calming - Friendship: M/C worked at a small Cafe at the school, he was the leader of the Literature club, head of Coffee and Tea Barista, and was top of his classes. Y/C was a common attendee at the small cafe and was used to seeing M/C behind the counter, making drinks, and conversing. One day, M/C didn't show up and Y/C was generally worried about his half-friend. Most people said he was feeling overworked and was taking a break, but when he came back he was just as bubbly and happy as before. He then makes a point to make conversation with Y/C and when Y/C asks why he was talking to him, all he said for a response was, "You wanted to know where I was, I thought that meant you were worried for me, friend." Will Y/C truly become his 'friend' or will M/C just be a friendly cafe worker making cheap conversation?

(Plot 3) Highschool - Romance - Suspense - Murder Mystery: Y/C had been very close friends to (Insert Name Here) for years, almost their whole life. Y/C had just become a senior when suddenly (Person) is killed, found dead in the park. Y/C came to the realization of how alone they were now, until M/C stumbled into their life, literally! You find M/C on the ground, books sprawled along the floor. After M/C fixes the mess and stands up, M/C apologizes and asks if Y/C is alright. and offers to hang out after school. Will a friendship bloom or will M/C just be a passing stranger in Y/C's life?

(Plot 4) College - Romance (?) - Dark - Heartwarming - Opposites Attract-: Y/C was pessimistic about life, cursing each and everything about it, Y/C believed there was no good in life... Y/C went to a college for Art and Literature, trying to find a passion in life that never came. Y/C was in an English class when he found M/C, a happy, spirited boy with a bundle of creativity but terrible grades. M/C was overly excited and eager to learn, normally with amazing ideas but never good output. M/C was given a deadline of two months to get his life back on track or he would be kicked out, then he met Y/C. Will M/C change Y/C's life and fix his own, or will they both plunge deeper into darkness?
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