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Welcome to London (2)

By Connor_Hickman
This is just what I want the plot to be but I'm open for some idea s to add and change a bit.

( photo of university)

- be at lest 15 or older I will not buge on this
- be okay with cursing, dark themes( eg depression, mental illness, self harm, ect)
- be Simi-lit to lit( write at lest a paragraph if I have to I will add a min)
- no homophobia
- this will have some romance in this roleplay Asher is a trans male and guy (only male character please )
-I have a right to say no.
-have plot twist please or other ideas. Just message me
- we do have lives outside so keep that in mind
Fill this out for your characters
Age (16 or 17 at the start as this goes on both of our characters will get older again over time)
Gender( sorry for being controlling but male or demiboy sorry)
From London or transfer student
Anything else you would like to

- you can have some side characters if you would like. Heads up I will have side characters

Also have fun
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