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Unholy Love. (M4A, Closed)

By ALonelyOtaku

The year was 2942, the world was in a long reign of peace. But, Peace never lingers... General Haidou had been getting overconfident and started taunting the Universe. He would do this publicly and almost constantly. In 2943, his taunts were answered. A new race came to take over earth, they were The Hellbound, The Blessed, and The Fallen...or at least, that's what the humans would call them.

The humans fought hard and took control over all Hellbound, forcing them into temporary slavery until they could be fully understood and tamed. The Blessed signed a peace treaty and left earth, permanently... The Fallen, however, continued to fight against the humans. Most Fallen died from battle or natural causes and eventually went into hiding. That was 15 years ago...

It was 2958, most Hellbound were still servants to the humans because of their unwillingness to obey them, whilst others accepted this life and merged into society successfully. There were laws put in place once the Hellbound merged, some being very brutal like these; Hellbound must not reproduce with humans or humans the child and the human will be killed. Hellbound is not allowed to own weapons, if found with a weapon they will be killed. There were many others that seemed almost stupid to have, but the government deemed it necasary.

You could 'Adopt' a demon at any local pet store, which was rather cruel...Either way, you could buy a demon for a large price and most people couldn't even dream of affording one, except, of course, Y/C. Y/C had gained a vast amount of wealth in the course of a few years, most of the society never even knew how either. Y/C decides to go adopt one of these 'Un-Tameable Beasts' to see for themself if it was possible. Little did they know, it was going to turn into so much more than just taming a beast.

Lutrah Viryon had been dragged to earth by his elders and was forced to sniff out humans...He was interested in them and grew up secluded from them, watching from a distance. He thought humans were kind creatures...He was wrong. Within days of trying to 'merge' he was deemed a safety hazard and was forced into a cage, put in a shop, and up for sale. He was one of the cheaper pets due to the fact he would be hard to tame, let alone control. He hated humans for a passion, but will that change when he meets Y/C?

This roleplay is 15+ for Romance, Cursing, Blood & Gore, Abuse, and Slavery.
There is a 500 Character minimum.
Keep things SFW on site.
I would ask you at least be 16 to join the roleplay, but I can make exceptions.
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ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   340d ago

I was leaning back against the wall of my cage, eyes closed. I breathe out slowly, feeling the hard stares of humans on me. I finally spot a young child, her hand deep in the cage, trying to touch me. I hiss loudly and growl, jolting forward and grabbing her arm. She shrieks and pulls away, jerking hard in my grip before I give up and let go...My collar got warm and gave a loud warning beep before a small shock went through me, causing me to get tense and wince. I then shake my head and lean back again, breathing deeply and closing my eyes again. "Damn humans." I roll my eyes and smirk, my large canines sending the girl over the edge. She sobs and points at me, "H-He's a scary beast, momma! I don't want him!" The mother pets her face, "Alright, Darling...Let's find a more well-behaved demon...Shop Keeper! We don't want him!" I watch as they were moved to a different room, and I roll my eyes, "Does anybody? No...And I wouldn't want you all anyways."
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   340d ago

Nivie gently rubbed her arm as she walked down the busy street. She kept her head down trying to not draw attention to herself. A habit she picked up not long after her parents passing. She saw people smiling walking together some were walking with demons whom had on collars. The ones she saw were smiling but in their eyes it seemed like there was a different emotion. Maybe anger? Or sadness?

She made her way down the street trying to not let her talk herself out of it again. She was on a mission. She was going to buy a demon. It seemed to be the easier route to have someone to talk to than actually trying to talk to people she knew nothing about. [i You can do this Viv... just walk in. Say you want to buy one and then bring one home... easy peasy... right?] She thought to herself as she opened the door to the 'pet shop'.

"Welcome!~" One of the workers greeted her.

"Ah... hello. I'm looking... t-to get a demon."

The worker looked her over and made a 'tch' sound. "Ma'am you do understand demons are [i very] expensive."

Nivie nodded. "I am aware. I'd appreciate if you didn't look down on a potential customer."

The worker rolled their eyes. [i Damn bitch is going to waste my time...] "Suuure... right this way." The worker led Nivie to the same room that the mother and child had just left. "Sorry all the other rooms are occupied you can see this demon and only this demon."

Nivie sighed. [i They always look down on me...] "Alright, thank you." She looked at the demon in the cage. She instantly noticed he looked irritated. "H-Hello..."
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   340d ago

I was just getting the rhythm back in my breathing, calming down...As a Hellbound, I had very sensitive emotions, but not in a weak way...My anger would spike and refuse to come down, my happiness could turn into deadly excitement, my sadness into murder. I had focused on my breathing when I heard a small voice whimper out, "H-Hello." I open my blood-red eyes, locking them on the girl in front of me. A growl escapes my throat and I close my eyes again, crossing my arms over my chest as I could feel my heartbeat quickening in my chest, thudding hard against my ribs. My claw-like fingernails scraped the bottom of the cage and I re-open my eyes, inching towards the human, snarling and trying to look vicious. [i If you look scary and mean, she should cower to some human male and cry...That's how these female humans work, correct? Very timid, very weak emotionally...Quite scared of me, if I do say so myself.] I wrap my hands around the bars, my collar giving a few warning beeps, threatening to shock me if I don't calm down.
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   339d ago

Nivie jumped slightly when he started to snarl at her. She took notice of his features and tapped her chin slightly as she thought. [i Getting shocked constantly… stuck in a cramped cage… the other rooms look larger than this one…] She thought to herself for a moment then turned to the worker. “I’ll take him.”

The workers eyes widened before then sneered slightly. “Ma’am do you understand how expensive this demon is?”

“Yes I can read the sign.” Nivie retorted. She pulled out her card and the worker muttered something under their breath fully expecting the card to decline. But it didn’t. Nivie turned to the demon and gave a small smile. “Sorry. I can tell you don’t like me. But you’ll be living with me from now on.” She took her card back from the worker not paying much attention to them as her anxiety was beginning to grow once again. [i We need to head home soon… I can’t risk breaking down in public again…]
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   339d ago

I kept snarling, then froze for a moment. [i B-Buy me?! Oh god, No...!] My pulse spiked and my collar began to panic, beeping loudly before a soft noise came from it. My body got tense and I threw my head back, making a strained noise as I took in a Grade 3 shock... There were five levels, five intensities. I shake my head hard, hair covering my eyes as the shock stops. I breathe deeply, then tighten my grip on the cage, snarling. "You are not allowed! You cant take me, I won't live with you! I reject!" I then saw the worker get closer, pulling a leash off of their belt. I snarl and back up, forcing myself against the back of the cage. My eyes were full of terror and anger as they open the cage, holding a small remote. They warn lowly, "Try anything and it will be a Grade 5 shock, Demon." They move their hands close to me and I bared my teeth at them, "S-Stay back, human! I'll tear your limbs apart!" I try to jump at them, claws ready to tear the person apart when a low-grade shock began. I tensed up and lowered my head, trembling. the person clicks the leash to my collar and I didn't fight it this time, only growled lowly. They then hand the leash and the remote to the woman.

"Alight, Don't shock him for no reason, only shock him to punish him...Uhm, we don't do returns, don't set him into the wild and until he's tame he has to stay in your home. If he is out in public before he is officially deemed tame, he will be killed. Oh, and we have them strictly on a meat-based diet...Yeah. Now, get outta here, I have work to do." The person rolls their eyes and leaves the room. I snarl and look at the woman, pulling against the leash.
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   339d ago

Nivie watched as the demon got shocked and frowned. He looked even angrier than before... but also he had a look of fear as well. [i What happened to him...] She wondered as she listened to the workers instructions and nodded. "Oh, okay. Thank you." She held the leash in her hand and felt him pulling against it. "I'm not sure what happened to you... but I'm not going to make your life hell..." She spoke softly. "I know you reject me but can you please follow me home? I don't want to use the collar... Plus you're probably hungry." She smiled softly. "we can eat when we get home."
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   339d ago

I tried to ignore you, continuing to pull on the leash. I hesitated for a moment when you mentioned food. I then look up at you and say in a low growl, "Promise?" I swallow hard and slowly walked out of the cage...I hadn't stepped onto the floor out here for a while and I was hesitant to stand fully upright. I normally had to sit down all day so I was struggling for a moment. I stood upright, stumbling and then holding myself up. I was rather tall for my age and I knew it. I un-ruffled my shirt which was much too small for me now. I then look down at you, surprised by your shortness...I then realize something, [i She's small and weak...I can easily break away from her, she won't be able to do anything about it either...] I smirk and grab my leash, gripping it tight and tearing it out of your grip. My eyes then dart to the door and I bolt towards it, hand outreached to grab it and push through.
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   339d ago

Nivie nodded. "Promise." She saw him walk out of the cage but noticed how much taller he was than her. And it all happened so fast. The leash was pulled from her hand and he started to run. Her eyes widened remembering the words of the worker. "W-Wait, no!" [i I don't want him to die!] She panicked and looked down at the remote. [i I don't want to shock him but if he goes outside they'll kill him!] She mumbled an apology before rushing after him and pressing the button on the remote sending a shock to the collar.
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   339d ago

He was mid-step, his fingertips just barely touching the doorknob when a strong shock went through him. He collapsed to the ground, gasping and whimpering. He attempted to snarl as he felt his neck hurt badly...He finally yelled out, "I-I'm sorry! Turn it off!" I grip the collar, my own nails digging into my skin as I tear blindly at it...My eyes went wide and I snarled loudly, my fear and pain becoming overtaken by pure rage. I was on my knees now, but I was also giving a weak attempt to calm down...The shock became too much for my body to handle, especially with the adrenaline pumping through me. I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head and I passed out, hitting the floor almost silently.
(By the way, even though he is a pretty tall boyo, he's pretty lightweight. Sounds pretty odd, but yeah.)
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   339d ago

Nivie's eyes widened as she saw the reaction the demon had to the shock and her anxiety started setting in. [i W-What have I done...] She put the remote in her bag hoping she would never have to use it again. And she quickly wrapped his arm around her neck and put her hand around his waist. He was unconscious so it wasn't like he could walk on his own but she wasn't going to just leave him unconscious on the floor. She flagged a cab down and the driver didn't look all too pleased that there was a demon in his car. After convincing the driver to bring them to the manor by saying she'd give him a large tip for the ride, they were on their way.

She led him up to the manor doors and unlocked the door before bringing him into the closest den. There was a couch in that room. She carefully laid him down and sighed softly taking off her jacket. "I-I didn't want to shock you... But if you had ran free the worker said you'd be killed... I don't want anyone else to die..." She mumbled into her hands.
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   339d ago

Lutrah woke up almost seconds after being laid down. He jerked upwards, falling off the couch and backing up a good four feet. He bumped into a table and hiss loudly. He snarled and backed up into a corner, eyes locked on you. "Where am I?! What did you do, you psychotic human!?" He inhaled deeply, smelling your overpowering scent here, making his sneeze. He then shook his head, snarling again. "Great...A rich snob. Just let me go already! I could easily kill you!" I yell at you, baring my teeth and gripping your carpet so tightly it tore up slightly.
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   339d ago

Nivie jumped slightly when he woke up and started yelling. "I-I shocked you because if you ran outside the worker said you'd get killed... I didn't want to shock you..." She sighed softly. "I'm not a rich snob, rich snobs have servants. it's only you and I here. If I let you go. You will die. Untamable... I know you don't like me... But I did promise you a meal didn't I?" She looked the demon over with a soft sigh. "You'll have your own room here as well... Your own space." She scratched the back of her head. "A-Also... your shirt is kinda short... Some of my dad's old clothes might fit you though. He was about your height."
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   339d ago

I flushed a small red and I snarl, "The shirt fits fine, and I don't care if I die... I can take care of myself." I glance away, then slowly stand upright again, clearly not used to it. I then mumble, "Where is this... um... room?" I inch towards you, not trusting you yet. I lick my canines, eyeing you. I remember Demon History I would take with my Elders... [i "Demons used to kill and devour humans, that's why pet demons eat heavy amounts of raw meat, though most pet demons have adapted to eating it cooked... Disgusting, isn't it Lutrah?" A young demon boy, innocent and pure responded, "Yes Grandma! I will never be a pet, that's disgusting!"] I scoff, laughing softly at the thought... "As if..." I mumble rolling my eyes.
PotatoSharkNivie Arkos   339d ago

Nivie smiled softly. "I'm sure you can. But regardless it set my anxiety off... So I'm sorry I shocked you." She bowed slightly before standing up. "I can show you to your room. And if you like your shirt that's fine too... I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually." She headed towards the archway then down the hall. She stopped in front of the kitchen and gestured inside. "I'll be in here if you get hungry." She continued walking until they reached his room. "This is your room." She opened the door showing him the inside. There was a king size bed as well as a dresser filled with her fathers old clothes. "You have a bathroom right next to your room but the bath is in the bathroom next to the kitchen." She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed softly. "Again. I know you don't trust me... But I didn't buy you to be my pet... I guess the best way to explain it is I bought you to be my house mate..."
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   332d ago

I growl under my breath, annoyed by the word 'Pet'. I then grumble, "Housemate? Sure~" I roll my eyes and follow you while keeping a few feet gap between us. I nibble at my lip as I look around, inhaling the scents around me and grumbling under my breath. I could sense that many people were here before now, but they were gone for a long time now. I shake my head slowly, offset by that thought. Once we make it to 'My' room, I look around, finding clothing in the wardrobe. I grab one of the shirts and then I breathe it in deeply, catching the heavy scent of a male, making me hiss. I throw it back into the closet and it crumbles on the floor, wrinkled now. I then stalked over to the bed, sniffing at it and catching the same scent. I gag and grumble, "Was this male in this room as well? He smells terrible." I sit down on the bed anyways, looking around and spotting many human things... [i Books, Paper and pens? What is that weird black box on the desk? There are blades on the ceiling, does the human know that?] I cross my arms over my chest, questioning almost everything in the room now.
PotatoPirateNivie Arkos   330d ago

Nivie watched as he smelt the shirt and flinched when he hissed before throwing the shirt back in the closet then walked over and sniffed the bed. "I-It shouldn't stink... I've rewashed everything recently... I was worried that because the room hadn't been used in a while it might smell musty... I can rewash them if you want." She gently rubbed her arm as she watched him look over the room. "Is there certain scents you don't like? Maybe I can try it with different detergent?"
ALonelyOtakuLutrah Viryon   330d ago

I turn and snarl, "It smells like a human! Like a dead male human! It's disgusting!" I stood up, tearing the sheets a bit as I stood, and then I went to the bookshelves, grabbing books and then throwing them violently in random directions. I grab the last one and unassumingly throw it at you before going to the black box on the desk and throwing it as well. It breaks against the wall and the wall cracks upon impact. Papers fly around the room and pencils hit the floor. I was in a blind rage and the remote sent you an alert. [i Your demon's heart rate is at an unstable high, you may be in critical danger if it raises any higher.]


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