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Fading Out (closed!)

By MourningGlory

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For my Cherry. We got this shit handled, so toodles
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MourningGlory     1y ago
Lady of the Night

Another night, another show. It wasn't like he hated it, just it was more of going through the motions. It was like something in him had died along the way but he couldn't let the people down. Couldn't bring himself to quit what had been his life for only God knew how long now. Or that was what he told himself. The truth, he was a damned coward and would have done something by now if he weren't.

A slap to the shoulder got his attention as his bandmate hit him. Apparently he was supposed to be at an after party and making nice with the people there. [b "Joey, what the fuck?"] "Carter" muttered as he looked to the man at his side who had already turned his gaze away and seemed to be eyeing a beautiful brunette who was in the room. [i "Dare you to go talk to her. She's been turning everyone away and want to see if the 'master' can catch her attention"] Joey said as he looked back at Randy. [i "That is unless you're chicken."]

The man finally removed his sunglasses that he had been wearing and gave his bandmate a glare. [b "Know damn well not a chicken. Just not a pig like y'all."] He muttered and put the glasses in the pocket of the black button up he had changed into after the show. [b "For the record, going to talk to her because it's what I want and not your fucked up dare "]

With his last words, Randy moved through the crowd and had to dodge the dancers as some tried to catch him. When he got to the woman, a faint smile came to his lips. [b "been enjoying the party?"] He asked, making a motion with his hand. Though something gave away he would rather be anywhere else himself. Now the ball was in her court, the man only hoped she would give him at LEAST a minute of her time.
BeautyFromPain-     1y ago

It was another night. Another night working a pointless job. Another night not wanting to do what she is actually good at. Another night just wasted. The pale female shook her head as she continue to waitress tables. That was until her gay best friend came busting through the doors to her job. "Roxanne! What the hell are you doing here?! We should be at the party looking at hot males." Roxy headed turned very quickly. No one ever calls her Roxanne. She don't even remember the last time someone called her that. She smirked, and then shook her head. [b "I can't exactly go anywhere SINCE I'm working."] Her comment was very dry, and then she looked around. Her friend, Paul, was right. She shouldn't be here right now. She could be having the time of her life.

She giggled. Then looked at her manager, and gave him a peace sign. [b "I'm out of here. I could be doing better with my life, and this ain't it."] She smirked as she threw her apron at him, wrapped her arm around Paul's and basically skipped out of the restaurant.

[b "Well thanks for getting me out there. I can go home now."] Roxy was a little concerned when Paul was just glaring at her. "Did you think I just did that just because?" He cocked an eyebrow at her, and then she blinked. She was quite surprised. She didn't really think that he would want to go, but she can tell from the look her was giving her, that he actually did want to go. [b "Fine. But I do have to go back and change."]

Roxy arrived at her house, and then she ran up to her room. [b "I'll be back!"] She went to her closet and was pushing through each outfit, rather fast at that. She didn't know what she was going to wear. She knew it was a party, but she loved all eyes on her when it comes to this party. She finally decided that she would wear some jean shorts, a polka dot bra, and put a jacket over her outfit. Roxy looked at herself, and smiled. [I Perfect!]

She walked back downstairs, and Paul whistled at her. Roxy laughed and just rolled her eyes. [b "Oh shut up and lets go!"] Once they got to the party, Roxy realized there were going to be a lot of people here. After all, there was a band that just got done preforming. Roxy smiled and was rejecting every guy that tried to get with her. Paul told Roxy he was going to go socialize. Roxy nodded her head, and then she sat at the counter, and ordered a drink. While she was sipping, she heard a voice. Her bright blue eyes flickered over, and saw a male that was talking to her. But it wasn't just any male. It was one of the males from the band. Roxy could feel her heart beating against her chest really hard. But she needed to act cool, and not blow this.

[b "Well, I did just get here. But so far so good!"] Roxy smiled her white pearl teeth at her and then she smiled. [b "Now now. You are a famous guy, talking to me on normal me. Wouldn't want you to talk to someone else that is worth your time?"] Roxy looked at him, realizing that her eyes were glued to him. Roxy bit on her lip, as she looked him up and down. And just from her observing.. He looked really rough. If something was going on, Roxy was always the type of person to help out. She bit on her lip, as her eyes trailed back up to his eyes.
MourningGlory     1y ago
Lady of the Night

The young woman wasn't like the others. That was obvious from the moment he had walked up to her. She didn't squeal, fawn or swoon. No, she played it cool and acted like he was a normal person. That was something he had NOT had in a very long time. It was a breath of fresh air and reminded him that he was still a person just like everyone else out there. And he liked that feeling.

For a moment, Randy was silent and let his eyes drink her in. She was a beauty and a hell of a lot more so up close. He ALMOST had not taken her words in. So it took him a little longer than it should have to answer. Or maybe it was the drugs and the alcohol already in his system which fucked with his ability to hear and comprehend the words the young woman had said. Or it was the music. Hell if he knew anymore. Just knew from the way those bright eyes drank him in that he needed to open his mouth and say something.

[b "Most here don't seem that interesting. Or don't catch my eye in the same way you do. Just guess there's something about you. Can't put my finger on it though."] The man muttered, giving a faint smile as he motioned for two drinks to be sent there way. [b "Why not tell me why you haven't told me to get lost yet? Been watching and seein' how you sent others walkin' with their tails tucked."] His words proved just how amused he truly was.
BeautyFromPain-roхanne   219d ago

Roxy realized that the two kept just staring at one another. Roxy definitely wasn't used to this type of atmosphere, but she knew she needed to get used to it. Roxy could tell that this male was drunk. She didn't know if he was high or anything. But she figured. She wasn't trying to be that stereotype, but most males or females that are in bands were always doing drugs. But she wasn't the person to judge either.

Roxy laughed at his question. Not meaning to laugh, but she couldn't help herself. He wasn't wrong though. There has been multiple men that have come up to her trying to get with her. But she doesn't settle for less. She looked at him once again, and then she licked her lips. [b "I mean, have you looked at yourself? Your pretty pretty great looking. I'm not going to tell you to get stepping with how hot you are."] Roxy blinked realizing all the words that just came out of her mouth. She knew it was the alcohol in her system. 

Roxy was never to be the type to say stuff like that. But then again, she couldn't help herself. She was just being honest. This man was one hot man, and the fact that he was in a band made it all the better. All the things that Roxy was thinking right now. 

What Roxy didn't realize is that her eyes kept going up and down, looking him up and down. She didn't even know if he said anything more to her because she was so preoccupied with how he looks at the moment. Roxy bit on her lip once more, as her eyes met with his once more. Then she realized her eyes were jerked away when she saw a dude walking up to her. She rolled her eyes. [b "Ah more trouble, I see."] 

Of course, this guy wanted to get with Roxy, but she wasn't for it at all. Especially since she had her eyes on something else. [b "Can you just go away? I'm not interested."] Roxy thought he would be doing the same thing as the multiple other men. Roxy thought he would walk away, but no. This guy tried to hit, and she knew it. She instantly grabbed his hand and looked him dead in the eyes. [b "I would not even try to do that."] She grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him against the wall. [b "Because here's the thing,"] she looked him up and down. She could feel the burning sensation in her throat. She has been dying to feed on someone. But she didn't want this band male to know about her little secret. She leaned in and whispered, [b "I could have your soul for dessert. So, if you don't want to die right here right now, I would walk away now."] 

Roxy removed her hands from this dude, and watched him drop to the ground and watched him yell and run off. Roxy laughed, and then sat back down. Just wondering what kind of questions this guy was going to have now.
MourningGlory     87d ago
Lady of the Night

Was the man drunk? To a degree yes, but for the time being he was sober enough to know what he was doing. The high part would come later with a mini party and "guests" that were invited back to the hotel. Of course not something that Randy would be saying to the woman with whom he was sitting. The fact that the two of them just seemed to be staring and looking the other over for God only knew how long was enough to tell him that there was some kind of spark there for the both of them. Or at least he hoped there might be as he was getting too old for the usual shit of having girls throw themselves at him just because he was famous.

Her laugh at his question made a soft chuckle slip from him. It was more than obvious that she had not meant to laugh. The truth though, the male liked the sound of it. In fact, it was like music to his ears and he was hoping to hear it quite a bit more. But he did not say the words out loud. Because he found himself captivated by her words and even letting out another soft chuckle at her words that he was guessing were more the drinks than he saying. [b "Well thanks for that darlin'. You're pretty goddamned hot yourself. Much better lookin' than half the girls in here. Have more in that pretty little head too.."] His words were by no means meant to insult her. He was just saying how he liked that she could hold a conversation and keep his attention without being one to try and "jump his bones" or whatever the saying nowadays was.

Randy did reach for his drink as Roxy's eyes had once more locked with his. He was about to open his mouth to ask her if she wanted to dance (which was not his thing at all, but somehow he would for her) or something. But that was when trouble seemed to ensure. 

A male had come up and began to hit on her. His fist clenched around the glass and damn near broke it as he was having to fight his own "demon" and not go for the man. What was funny was he found he didn't have to do a thing as Roxy could handle herself. So he watched as she pinned him to the wall and whispered something that he couldn't hear. But obviously it had to be pretty badass as when Roxy had let the man go he took off screaming and running through the crowd.

Randy held up her drink to her when she had come back to sit with him. [b "Take it have that shit happen a lot? But gotta admit was hotter than hell seeing. Always liked a girl who had a fire in her."] There were questions he wanted to ask, but even he knew there was a time and place for questions. And in his mind, this was neither of those things.
MoonlightBeauty_roхanne   89d ago

One thing that Roxy was surprised about was that he really didn't ask any questions. But the only thing is Roxy has never done a thing like that before. Roxy can see the way he was looking at her. And she was very surprised he wasn't looking at her with disgust. It was more like he was surprised that she able to handle herself. And then it was his comment that clarified that she correct. 

[b "It happens so much. But I don't usually threaten someone like that."] And that part was the dead honest truth. Because the last thing she wanted people to know is that she was a succubus. She basically lured people to their death. That was something that she wanted to make sure that he didn't know right away. 

[b "Now, let's get back to you flirting with me."] She smirks. Roxanne loved all the compliments that she could get. But from him? It was different. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. She wanted to know more about this guy. Like so much more. And she didn't really understand why. 

She wasn't sure if it's because he wasn't all over her. Or if it was his aura. Something about him was alluring. She wanted a taste of him. And not in the succubus way either. She wanted this man all to herself. So when another female approached him, she can feel the pure jealousy raging inside her. But she stayed there. She wanted to see how he was going to handle this.
MourningGlory     40d ago
Lady of the Night

A soft chuckle slipped from the male as she wanted to get back to the flirting. But he couldn't say that he blamed her either. Randy wasn't usually a man who flirted or gave compliments unless he was truly taken by the woman. Not that his band or even the tabloids knew that. Everyone just seemed he was the addict and alcoholic playboy. Though he didn't do much to help himself when he decided to just disappear off the face of the Earth for months on end either.

Thoughts were beginning to run round and round in his head. They were even starting to give him one hell of a headache too. Probably why he drank so much. To try and silence his inner demons and to be able to not focus on the world of what was around him. One way just to let life pass you by. And it was the only way that one Randy Carter knew to cope with his shit.

[b "Never seen a girl so strong willed and fiery. Always liked girls with spirit. Though have to say hate to hear that you put up with that shit all the time."] Words were soft as dark orbs were upon the young woman and all but drinking her in. He didn't know what it was about Roxy but she enchanted him. Was almost like a drug to him. And he wanted more. No...not wanted...but needed it.

He was flipping through thoughts and trying to decide what next to say. But before he could open his mouth again, a little blonde with bright eyes had come up to him. A smile graced her lips and she began to flirt as if the woman he had been with was not there at all. Now, Randy had two options. One, he could flirt with the blonde to make Roxy jealous (well try to) OR two he could politely brush the female off.

A light smile was given and so was a shake of his head. [b "Nice to meet ya and all. But already spending time with someone. And darlin' don't take kindly to people who are rude and just push their way gonna have to ask you to kindly fuck off."] He was being as nice as he could be. Truth be told, Randy didn't have a taste for any in the place but the woman he had been sitting with and talking to this whole time. Roxy.


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