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lildiamond     1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

aka chaotic pumpkin mans

- Wears a pumpkin over his head cause his peoples usually wear something covering their face from sight cause seeing their faces is a high sign of respect and trust
- Pumpkin head has facial expressions too! Thank his light magic for that
- Halloween s u p r e m a c y
- His eyes are candy-corn coloured (but they're actually contacts to try and mimick the look of having flames inside his pumpkin head- his eyes are naturally blue)
- Chaotic fellow who WILL burn something if left alone with fire- he's fascinated with the stuff, and he has a plethera of burn marks as a result from his fascination
- His pumpkin head can't live forever even if it lasts for numerous months doing just fine, and it rots just like a regular pumpkin would, so he has to get a replacement every so often
- Wears Victorian-style clothing because, one, more spooky effect, and two, it's the era he's most familiar with cause mans had a weird family growing up- he's pretty sure they're like vampires or something but that'd make him a vampire too which makes no sense because he doesn't have fangs and doesn't mind garlic and can stay out in the sun
- Secretly really likes Easter funnily enough
tinymushy     1y ago

Harlen typically wears his mask, because his world makes it a taboo to see people's faces


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