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Visitors from the Stars

By Catlover33

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It had been several years without sightings of aliens on Earth. Everything was peaceful and people were blissfully unaware that there truly was life beyond Earth and beyond the solar system. However, several scientists in a secret lab were preparing to go on a search for aliens. They didn’t know how to spot them but their superiors and colleagues had broken away from another project to study aliens. They had also discussed beforehand that they were to treat any aliens they found ethically and see them as fellow sentient creatures rather than animals. Some of them were even talking about the excitement of actually being able to find an alien and what they would do with the knowledge that aliens exist.

Soon enough, a ship containing two unknown aliens crash landed near the lab and those who were stationed near the grounds of the lab building were alerted to the crash immediately. They quickly ran towards the wreckage and had immediately noticed the two aliens in the middle of it. Both of them had been knocked unconscious from the impact of the landing and were later identified as Mythalians once they were brought into the lab on stretchers. There, the wounds they had received from the crash were treated and they were both put in a room that was decorated much like how a teenager’s room would be decorated.

【Several Days Later】

A scientist new to the facility had been designated to research the two Mythalians that were brought in that had been identified as having the names Vaan and Tidus. They were nervous for their first encounter with the two as they had never encountered any alien life forms before and they weren’t sure if the two they were going to meet would be hostile despite the numerous notifications that the two alien beings would not be hostile. With every step closer they took to the room, they felt a looming sense of dread creeping up on them relating to the unknown. When they finally entered the room, they were greeted by the sight of Tidus and Vaan sitting together with a few bandages on both of them from when their wounds were treated. They both were rather docile and didn’t attack the scientist when they spotted them. Rather, they just waved at them and remained where they were.

I need someone to play a character that’s a scientist. Scientists at the facility are invested in researching about aliens and some of them even double as doctors (yes, they are qualified)

2. Please write more than one line if possible
3. Please don’t change the setting without permission
4. Blood and minimal gore is allowed
5. Please try to reply at least once per two days to keep the roleplay going
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IzzySanders     1y ago

I am interested.
Catlover33     1y ago

((I’ll get the starter up in a bit then! I’m glad you’re interested!))
IzzySanders     1y ago

no problem. it seems like it would be fun.
Catlover33     1y ago

((It’s going to definitely be a fun roleplay.))
IzzySanders     1y ago

will it just be us in the rp or other people too?))
Catlover33     1y ago

((I think that it might be just us for now but other people can join if they want.))

((okay that's fine. can i use this oc? I know somethings will be different))
Catlover33     1y ago

((You can use whatever OC you want.))

((alright nice))
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus ended up letting out a playful growl as he looked at Vaan. He wanted to play with the young Mythalian badly but Vaan wasn’t interested in playing with him. He also wanted to run around the room that the scientists put him and Vaan in.

“I don’t want to play with you, Tidus…” Vaan muttered softly. He looked at Tidus before he shifted to the corner of the room they shared together to prevent the energetic young male to notice him.

((Sorry about it being a bit lengthy. I also hope that you don’t mind the fact that both Vaan and Tidus are from the Final Fantasy series.))

((i have never seen Final Fantasy so don't worry. so for that reason how old are the 2 or is that something I will learn? also just FYI. my H key is acting up. i have been catching it but if something is spelled wrong or is missing an H then that's the reason.))

Elizabeth just got the files for the two aliens. she looked over them while walking to the room where the two were. She opened the door and went in. Her eyes widen in shock. she didn't think that the others were telling the truth.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

((Vaan and Tidus are both 17 and I’ve had computer keys screw up for me as well))

“Tidus, didn’t the doctors say that we’re both still supposed to be resting? Stop being hyper and settle down unless you want your closed wounds to open up again…” Vaan muttered softly as he looked at Tidus. When he finished talking, he noticed Elizabeth and remained motionless.

Tidus ended up growling as he walked back over to his bed and sat down on it. He folded his arms across his chest and let out a frustrated growl.

((oof and thanks))

Elizabeth took a deep breath. She always had a hard time talking to people. "um. hello. I'm Elizabeth and I will be your new scientist or doctor. whichever you prefer. how are you guys feeling?"
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“I’m feeling alright. I don’t really have a choice about not moving around since the people who visited me and V in the past didn’t want the two of us to move around too much because our wounds are still healing.” Tidus said softly. He was slightly upset about not being able to move around like he wanted.

“And that is the fifth time I caught him not resting. He’s rather playful but aside from that, I’m doing fine.” Vaan said.

"Of course. may i check your wounds?" Elizabeth shifted slightly. She was only working here because her father was the owner of this lab. she loved learning but felt like they shouldn't keep things or people contained.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“You are allowed to check my wounds but be mindful of Tidus. He might try to run away from you so be very careful when checking the wounds he has.” Vaan said. He looked at Tidus who still had his arms folded across his chest as he spoke.

“I guess that you can check my wounds as well but please be gentle…” Tidus muttered softly.

Elizabeth gave a gentle smile. She walked over to Vaan and started to check the wounds. "I will try my best but it will still hurt a little as all wounds do. I do have a few questions. you don't have to answer any of them but I'm being forced to ask."
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“What kind of questions do you want to ask me?” Vaan asked Elizabeth. He retained a calm composure that made him seem regal enough to be a prince from a faraway land.

((Someone else wanted to join so I allowed them to.))

"Let's start off with some random ones. What are your guy's favorite colors?" that was not one of the questions that she needed to ask but she didn't care.

((okay that's fine))
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“I prefer red, gold, orange, yellow and silver.” Vaan said softly. He looked at Tidus who didn’t talk until a little while later.

“My favorite colors are blue, purple, white, turquoise and other watery colors.” Tidus said.

Elizabeth gave a small smile as she finished with Vaan. She headed over to Tidus. "your guys turn to ask a question. Ask anything you want and I will answer to the best of my abilities."
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“What is this place and why is our room decorated like this? It’s somewhat confusing for both me and V.” Tidus said softly. He had calmed down enough to ask a question.

"This place is a lab. we study and learn about things. I can't tell you why exactly why your room looks like this but it's supposed to look like a teenager's room but they failed at that. they should have asked me. I'm still a teen. it says on your files that you both are 17. for humans that is a teen almost an adult." Elizabeth started checking Vaan's wounds
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Well, our kind isn’t considered to be adults until we stop aging and then reach our 20s as we currently are. It’s the reason why Bartz still isn’t considered an adult since he has to wait a few years since he stopped aging at 20 years of age.” Vaan said softly.

Elizabeth hummed. "fascinating. Okay, next question how did your ship fall to Earth?" Elizabeth finished up and went to grab her notebook. she wrote down what vaan told her.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“We honestly don’t know. We were both asleep when it happened and I THOUGHT I put it on autopilot. I think that’s how the ship crashed.” Tidus said. He seemed to be somewhat embarrassed about telling the story.

Elizabeth giggled slightly. "Don't worry. it happens to the best of us. Alrigt your turn." Elizabeth sat down on the floor getting into the game they were playing.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Wait… were we playing a game?” Vaan asked Elizabeth. He was still sitting on his bed and had stopped staring at Tidus for the time being.

"kinda. it's a game called 20 questions. it's a get to know the other person type game. we are not going to keep track on how many questions we ask." Elizabeth tilts her head. "Did you read my mind?"
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

“Couldn’t a simple check in have been easier…” Vaan muttered softly. He started to cover himself up with the blankets that were on his bed.

"As i said i'm forced to do this but I wanted this to be fun." Elizabeth shrugged. "It will be a good way to get to know me too."
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“V just doesn’t like games all that much. He’d just rather get to the point and he’s always been like that.” Tidus said.

"If that's what you really want." Elizabeth sighed and looked at the questions she had to ask. "I will ask the tame ones first. What do you guys eat?"

((I need help with questions?))
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“Well, V and I normally eat fruit and plants. We’ve both sworn off meat for quite a while now.” Tidus said softly.

"Okay that's good to know. so just meats or do you not eat eggs or drink milk?" Elizabeth wrote it down.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“V and I have also sworn off eggs but surprisingly, we’re both fine with milk.” Tidus said softly. He looked at Vaan who had completely buried himself underneath the blankets.

"Okay, so no eggs." Elizabeth took a deep breath. "Sorry for the next questions. What is your relationship with each other?"
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“V and I are just friends but our families are both royalty so they actually do live together. This means that me and V see each other rather often.” Tidus said softly.

"ok well, that answers another question too." Elizabeth smile.
Catlover33Vaan   1y ago

Vaan had fallen asleep underneath the covers and only ended up slightly moving when he was in an uncomfortable sleeping position.

“And I’m willing to bet that the lump underneath the blankets is in fact V.” Tidus said softly. He looked at the blankets as he spoke.

"It is. he is asleep. i should let you guys get some sleep." Elizabeth got up and headed for the door. "I will see you guys tomorrow. sleep well."
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“I’m not that sleepy, though…” Tidus muttered softly before he attempted to get up out of his bed again which he clearly wasn’t supposed to do.

"Tidus stay in bed." Elizabeth gave him a look.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“But I want to get up and move around! Staying in bed is absolutely boring!” Tidus said. He did not like the idea of staying in bed and was determined to get the point across that he would not be staying in bed.

"I know you don't. i hate it too but if you don't rest you could hurt yourself more and you will have to stay in bed longer." Elizabeth walked over.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“I don’t want to stay in bed at all! It’s boring…” Tidus grumbled softly. He wasn’t being unreasonable yet but he was still rather frustrated with the fact that he couldn’t move around.

Elizabeth sat on the bed. "Do you want help falling asleep?"
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

“I don’t need any help falling asleep! I’m way too active and energetic to fall asleep right now.” Tidus said. He tried to get out of bed again so that he could run around the room.

Elizabeth laid Tidus down. "Hunny you need to sleep." Elizabeth started softly singing a song her mother sang to her before she died.
Catlover33Tidus   1y ago

Tidus started to growl softly but he eventually started to fall asleep. After a few minutes had passed, he was completely asleep and didn’t move.


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