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Countryhuman HCs

By lildiamond
Backup thread
because i was smart for one second of my life B)
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tinymushy     1y ago

Russia has issues with being extremely touchstarved
lildiamond     1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Finland because i said so - Probably easily one of the most naturally neutral people you'd ever meet - Mans got quite a good selection of scars from actively fighting in WWII, specifically fighting off the USSR, and from s/h- constantly keeps the s/h scars/wounds bandaged unless he has to clean them though - Never really gets much federal work to do, so he either hangs around with the Baltics, the fellow Nordics, or killing time being a sauna boye because sauna pog - Respects Geo's work to a T and almost always allows him to go on breaks given that they both get the same number of off-days, to be fair - H a t i s l i f e - Has a butterfly knife he likes doing tricks with cause he's swag like that - It's best not to bring up the USSR or the EU around him or else his otherwise neutral stance on basically everything turns sour with disgust (he really isn't the biggest fan of either of them) - Are you a European country that doesn't know Finnish? No worries! He taught himself to fluently speak every European language! That doesn't mean he'll willingly translate Finnish into your language though, so good luck understanding him! :] - Wears a guaze pad on one of his eyes cause...- r e a s o n s - Fluffy boye! tends to keep his hair pulled back by using his hat - Sometimes has mini panic attacks/stress episodes upon seeing Slavic/ex-Soviet countries for obvious reasons *cough cough* like the Winter War *cough cough*


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