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Reddit x Twitter, probably angst
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⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

- Yet another excuse for me to play Mr Delusional, bUt- Mr Flamboyant narcissist France gets into some troubles again, no surprise to anyone, and yEt aGaIn has to ask for help cause why the hell not ask your life-long rival?? - We're going on a trip from Europe over to Asia, whoop whoop- China and Japan being frenemies is always so fun, don't you agree? Then again, so is China and Russia-- really depends on who you'd wanna play for this one hahah- - Goin' down to oceana cause one of my personal favourite countries is down there and i wonna play him but- New Zealand- just New Zealand- not entirely sure who he'd talk to or even interact with aside from Aussie, but c'mon- shEEp boYe- - Finland and Sealand friend pog?? Finland dresses up as Santa every year, why not go surprise his micro-country friend and see what he wants for Christmas? - Spain and Romano aren't the best brothers, considering how badly Romano is a tsundere to all types of love, platonic included, but Spain definitely tries his hardest to make sure Romano knows he's at least loved by his brother! Also, tomatos- it's impossible to let him know that without tomatos. - Uh-oh, looks like Italy and Romano swapped places for the day! Will Germany and Spain notice before they do some serious snooping? - Hong Kong was once reluctantly given away by China to England while the little country was still a child, fun fact. Perhaps that's the reason why when China got him back, Hong Kong wanted/still wants nothing to do with him, because of all the emotional scars he got while under England's control. - We're going on a trip to the past, specifically the Sino-Soviet era. Russia got himself involved in East Asia, and China's gonna make sure he understands what he got himself into by yeeting some of his responsibilities to look over the other countries onto him. - North and South Korea really never got along in the first place, even more so when China and America step in to try and help. Will the Koreans ever see eye-to-eye, or will they forever be stuck in tense demilitarization? - China and Japan weren't the best of pals to begin with, and they've had their overwhelming share of battles with each other. Though, now they're on the same team: the Allies! That [i should] fix everything, right?... - Sealand, Ladonia, and the other micro-countries all grew older! I wonder if their influence has grown any. - Ayo, magic-boye Iceland and wannabe rebel Hong Kong? Pog? - *quiet sighs in angst* Y'know, if only Norway could properly express his own love for Denmark before it was too late... [b Random ideas that don't have characters to fill in for yet!!] - *aggressive pointing to a theoretical war that causes a shit tonne of angst and probably breaks up families and allies alike* - Halloween & Christmas episode!! Why not sprinkle in a little holiday fun while we're at it? - n y o c o u n t r i e s
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That was someone trying to reach me, sorry


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