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bump in the night [supernatural m/m]

By wbx

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edit: bro why the formatting fuckt up... idk how to use es anymore

Only looking for RP partners over the age of 18.

(b plot)

This can totally be tweaked to suit our needs! It's just a rough plot to kick things up. I'm totally happy to work together to brainstorm and expand it.

(i Character A) is a monster hunter. He's hardened by the horror he sees day in, day out. Tackling werewolves, vampires, ghosts, any manner of supernatural being that might cause harm to humans.

At the moment, he's investigating a gruesome murder in the city, and he thinks he's got a suspect.

(i Character B) is... some manner of supernatural being. Totally up to whoever plays him! He's totally innocent, but the murder looks like something he's capable of, and he has no alibi to prove he didn't do it.

After a confrontation with (i character A), he convinces the hunter to give him a chance. While he's not totally in the clear, he has the opportunity to work with the other to find the real killer, earning justice and his freedom at the same time.

Basically some enemies-to-lovers bs.

(b Rules)
- Don't request access to the thread! PM me if you're interested.
- If you have to use reference images, I much prefer drawn ones over RL photos.
- This is a literate roleplay! No one liners. I'm not overly fussed about how you type OOC but please be able to write coherently while we roleplay.
- Uhh that's it I Guess.
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