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On The Edge of Sleep

By Connor_Hickman
"Stay awake.stay, awake. stay awake. Stay awake. Stay awake!" Y/C heard in there head as they tried to drift of to sleep it was in difrent voice including there own, it was male and female high pitch lower pitch. The voice was running over eachother. Some of them was whisperes other yelling. Soon Y/C eyes quickly flew open " Stay awake" Y/c yelled breathing deeply.
It's a beutfull day the sun is shining and..everyone is dead. It's not what I thought there's no blood or monsters guns, it's more like everyone fell asleep and never woke up again.

Y/C gose out to work and then late in the night when you get out it seemed to quite. You could almost hear the streets lights flickering it was so quite. You was supposed to go to<insert place> but when y/c gets there you see people. You go up and shake one of them. " Hey im here" you say. When you touch them they was ice cold. You become worried and fell for a pulse you wait. There's no pulse.

You go around to everyone that's asleep none of them have a pulse. One person passed out and felt for a pulse none. But you don't know why everyone is dying yer. So you go to try to find other people that's alive to try to figure why this is happing.

But what will happen when ypur in a group?
They are just like our time except maybe some better technology. Yes there's body's everywhere so that's a thing. Also it's a
Kind of apocalypse no zombies or anything just
What the rp is
Post must be longer than 200 charters at lest.

Semi-Lit to Lit roleplayers please I am
some where Between semi lit to lit
but I do make mistakes but I'm
Getting beter.

You must be okay with dark themes and cursing.

You can have more than one Character if you would like to.

Character has to be between 28-48 please.

Also Pm me if you would like to join
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Connor_HickmanDavid Grey   303d ago

Liam was at work with Dave they both was joking around like they normal do.
" so what do you want to drink?" He asked Daivd his British accent for some reason very strong. Liam was wearing a black tee shirt it had a pocket. He had blue jeans which anyone could tell they was old just like the boots.

Daivd he was wearing a over jacket with green outside and black inside. He was also wearing a blue scarf with white tee shirt. With blue jeans.and black tenashoe. After hearing the question he would turn to face Liam.
" a coke" Daivd had a Louisiana accent . as Liam turned to go out he would turn and say . " here" he tossed some money. Liam tossed it back almost as soon as he got it. He came back with the drinks. David laughed " well it's almost time to leave." The clock on the wall saud it was about 10 pm. Both yawned, they both took a nap but would never tell anyone that they did that. Before they left both would turn off the lights and David would look the place up and follow Liam.

It was so black, the outsides would flicker. As both of them walked out. They would have a unease about them as they would walk. It was quite almost to quite no cars or people it seemed like at lest. They would stop and wait they could hear some people about but not many. The cars that they saw was running but it looked as though no one was in them so they would keep walking to the party they was going to.


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