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IzzySanders and Sploosh's roleplay!

By Sploosh

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d i d i d o i t ? -
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Sploosh     1y ago

yay i think i did it! :D
IzzySanders     1y ago

yeah, I think you did. oof I have to make sure there are 10 words
Sploosh     1y ago

yeah its weird like that :/
but it's fine!
k, do u wanna tell me about your oc while i take a shower?
IzzySanders     1y ago

yeah, I can. it will be kinda long.

Name: Elizabeth MorningStar/Sanders (Memory)
Age: 18
Sexuality: Pansexual and poly
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, pole dancing, silks, painting, reading, writing more will be learned.
personality: shy, kind, nervous, honest, nerd. more will be learned
side: Darkside
backstory: right when she became a side she was only a baby. Patton instantly threw her to the Darkside's. Remus found her a few hours later and took her in raising her. her brother is Logan but he never found out she was his sister. Remus and the other darks made sure to never let the lights know about her. the light sides only know about Remus, Janus, Virgil, and Ash(Wrath). she was around 5 when they found out she was Memory. she also got her animal forms. she had a lot of them.
Extra to know: she has depression and anxiety and goes to therapy with Emile. she has ADHD, sensory disorder. she is cold-blooded and can get cold really easily. she can take over another side's role if she wants to or if she gets overwhelmed she flips between them. she loves to play and fight with her family. she regresses.
Mom: Remus
Older siblings: Virgil, Janus, Logan, Ash(Wrath), Jay(Depression), Felix(lust), Emile(Mental health), Remy(sleep)
looks: she has long black hair. one big strand is rainbow but will change colors depending on who's role she is taking over. she is 5'2 the shortest side. her eyes are a natural red but will change colors if she gets mad.
non-human traits: Neko, snake, spider, octopus, angel, demon, elf, vampire, dragon.

i can't think of anything else but I do know there are more
Sploosh     1y ago

oooooh! i rlly rlly like her!
would you like to know mine? :0
IzzySanders     1y ago

yes! if your oc has one of my oc's role then we can switch them out unless yours is a lightside or neutral like Emile and Remy
Sploosh     1y ago

well, sort of
she started as a darkside but, after spending time with the lightsides, she became one of them
kinda like virgil

Name: Lilith Sanders -- her original name is Rue and Remus and Janus often call her that to mess with her (Hatred)

Age: idfk

Sexuality: Biquestioning

Hobbies: Being alone (but she does enjoy spending time with the other sides, though she'll never admit that)

Personality: Edgy, can come up with comebacks like THAT, easily ticked off-
Backstory: Basically just grew up at a darkside until she was like "you know what? fuck you guys imma hang with these people for a while" and was like "eyo whaddup lightsides" and then they were like "aa scary female"
She hated the lightsides at first but knew she couldn't go back to the darksides cuz they'd fucking HATE her for just betraying them ig so she stayed and eventually ended up just deciding to live with it
She was also pretty nervous when meeting them, so she was more rude than normally, as she does when she gets nervous or anxious
Patton became like a father to her, being the only one to actually be like "hey let's give her a chance!" and helped her become a better person

Extra stuffz: Depression, ADHD, sensory issues, trust issues. Because of bottled up t r a u m a, she has a small tic disorder because that is poggers

Looks: She has mid-back length black hair with bangs that cover her right eye a bit (you can still see some of it)
5'0", underweight
Pale complexion
Light blue eyes
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay nice, can we change some things with each other's oc so that it works with each other? like the backstory.
Sploosh     1y ago

yea yea obviously :3
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay. so i know you said that the darks hated your oc. but I feel like the darks wouldn't hate her because they are family in a way. Remus might act insane and the lights think he is the least likely to be the parent of the darks but Virgil and Lilith know that Remus is the best person. hear me out most people don't think that but let me tell you why I think he is.

most people will think Janus would be because he is all about self-care but it's self-care for Thomas. I feel like he would not take care of himself and forcing Remus to take over. Virgil is an anxious boy and have panic attacks also forcing Remus to calm him down
Sploosh     1y ago

omg wait finally someone who agrees with me-
y e s
i agree with everything you just said-

also, true -- betrayal or not, they are family-
IzzySanders     1y ago

i am so glad no one is home. i just squealed loudly. I'm so glad we have so much in common. okay so how do you want to start? or is there anything you want to change also
Sploosh     1y ago

omg yess!
like remus is honestly the best you can not change my mind-

anyways, uhhh
not really theres not anything i want to change, per se
what's your literacy?
idk ill try and think of like a plot-
IzzySanders     1y ago

He is my favorite. can I ask a favor? can you be Remus? I will be playing a lot of other characters also I'm not that good at being Remus. you don't have to be. I can figure it out.

it depends on what I'm given and what I do. I can do up to a paragraph but that is the highest I can go. we can just start randomly. also did you say if you were going to be Thomas or not?
Sploosh     1y ago

yeah! sure! i can try
i've never played him so it might be kinda sucky, but i'll try-
also, i can try to be thomas as well :3
IzzySanders     1y ago

to be fair it would have been sucky either way. Yay for the thomas. do you have a plot or are we just going to wing this?
Sploosh     1y ago

i dont have one :c
i suck at coming up with plots :/

is your character shipped w/ anyone or nah?
IzzySanders     1y ago

no not really but she has a crush on Roman. her siblings like to tease her about it. that's why Remus likes to attack roman with is mace. what about yours?
Sploosh     1y ago

ooooh, okay!
crush on virgil because the comfort that can come from that is *chefs kiss*
Sploosh     1y ago

we also don't have to because yeah! :D
he was just the first person she got along w/
IzzySanders     1y ago

i mean they both were darksides so I hope they would get along. that is fine
Sploosh     1y ago

okii :3
uhh yeah ig just wing it until we have a plot?
IzzySanders     1y ago

alright do you want to start first or do you want me to? should this be after the newest episode?
Sploosh     1y ago

i havent seen the newest episodee T-T
im rlly far behind actually ngl-
IzzySanders     1y ago

have you seen the wedding one?
Sploosh     1y ago

last i watched: dealing with intrusive thoughts
Sploosh     1y ago

i cant watch them because im on my school computer and they're marked in the category "comedy", so my school doesnt allow it and it blocks the video :c
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay what was the lastest sanders sides video you have watched? also your school sucks just like mine
Sploosh     1y ago

Dealing with intrusive thoughts
i'll watch more on friday when i can actually have my phone lmaoo
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay. shit i forgot how far along that one is. i know the wedding one is after it. i will give you a summary if that is fine with you. i don't know if you have seen the courtroom one.
Sploosh     1y ago

i've seen the courtroom one! not the wedding, though, so a summary would be nice :3
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay so i won't be doing a good job. it will be everywhere

oh so this is right after the wedding. virgil is not seen at all during the time. patton at the beginning acted very off. no he was not janus. he tried to force thomas to be a good person. he ended up getting overwhelmed in a way and became a giant frog. it looked like a video game during the fight. logan tried to talk but because patton didn't like it he skipped logan causing logan to be silanced. janus stepped in and "fought" patton to protect thomas. after the fight janus talked to the sides and thomas about self care. logan came back but you could tell he was not happy he only gave his import then left again. roman started to panic slightly and tried to get thomas not to trust janus. janus told them his name so that they can start to trust him. roman was a dick and laughed at his name and making fun of it causing janus to say "thank god you don't have a mustache or between you and Remus I won't know who the evil twin is" it caused roman to be hurt and tried to look at the others. the others took Janus's side and roman left. after a little more talking patton put his trust in janus and left so that janus and thomas could talk. thomas accepted janus as one of his sides.

sorry it took so long. that was an hour long vid
Sploosh     1y ago

oh, no it's alright! thank you so much for the explanation, though! it really helps me
also burnnnnn-
IzzySanders     1y ago

yeah. that was only one vid. i will need to tell you the other 2 I think those are the only one's. i don't think he has made anymore.

so flirting with anxiety is virgil and roman with thomas at a mall. thomas finds a cute boy and doesn't know if he is gay or not. so virgil and roman tried to help thomas. thomas ends up panicking and goes to the bathroom. he calms down and goes to leave the mall when the cute boy comes up to him. the boy hands him his food and went to leave when thomas didn't say anything. roman looked sad and virgil made a huge risk and pushed thomas to the boy so he could talk. the boy's name is nico and they started talking and thomas told him everything that he did. it's kinda hard to explain the vid.

the next one I forgot the name for. anyway logan was feeling ignored and got mad at thomas kinda. logan kept trying to get thomas to do things and remus kept stopping it. logan snapped at remus is eyes glowing orange. it's also hard to explain
Sploosh     1y ago

i understand the first one and i think ive seen something about the orange somewhere b4 :0
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay. yeah it is quite famous. that is all I think you need to know. i was thinking we start after flirting with anxiety or the wedding one
Sploosh     1y ago

either one is fine with me -- i don't really have any ideas other than freestyle still lmao :/
IzzySanders     1y ago

that's fine. we can do it after flirting with anxiety.
Sploosh     1y ago

again, just winging it?
IzzySanders     1y ago

yep do you want me to start or do you?
Sploosh     1y ago

preferably you?
also, i tend to write a lot so just a warning
IzzySanders     1y ago

okay that's fine. oh i should tell you which of my ocs are together.

jay and Felix are dating. Ash is non binary. i have Remy and Emile together but they don't have to be. the rest is single so far
Sploosh     1y ago

i honestly dont care what pairings lmaoo
my only ship is logictivity (logan x roman) but i just remembered that like roman (or remus? i think it was roman) was ur ocs parent and logan was ur ocs brother s O O O - -

remus is my ocs mom in a way. Logan is her brother in a way. memory and logic work closely together so Elizabeth and logan are siblings. she also have a crush on roman but I can make it be patton instead. i think that would be better anyway since roman and remus are brothers
Sploosh     1y ago


it's fine. XD it would make more sense anyway for her to like patton then roman.
Sploosh     1y ago

so do u wanna change it to patton or keep it roman?

i'm going to change it to Patton if that's okay
Sploosh     1y ago

yeah, ofc! :D

okay. let's start.

Elizabeth was at her memory screen watching the light sides helping Thomas with his newest crush. she pulls up memories to help Thomas make a decision. she wished she could show herself but she knew that Thomas was not ready to meet someone new expectantly after Lilith showed herself. Elizabeth was sad that Lilith was a light side now. she looked at Patton. she wouldn't tell anyone but she had a huge crush on him not that he would like a dark side like her. she did wonder where Mom(Remus) was. she knew he would not help because he was not really wanted by the lights.

Virgil sighed. "Thomas it's too soon to ask him out. we just met him a week ago."

"Virgil is 'not' right." Janus leaned against the staircase to give Logan some room. he and the other sides knew that Logan was not listened to. they were planning on helping.

Jay(Depression) walks into Elizabeth's Memory room wearing Felix's(Lust) oversize hoodie. "hey sis you okay? Oh, that's why I can't find JJ."

Felix was taking a shower.

Ash was in his room taking a nap. they were sick.

Emile was in the imagination helping the people there.

Remy was at starbucks.


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