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By IzzySanders

if you have seen sander's sides then you know the rp. I don't mind rping more than one character but I don't like to be all of them. I have my oc that I like to play too. pm if you want to rp.
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SplooshTubbo   215d ago

eyo im down 4 playing pretty much anyone!
i play all but virgil + deceit (who i just found out by google was named janus if that tells you how far back i am -- i pretty much remember up to remus and that's it) and remus well
so patton, logan, or roman! :D
Sploosh     215d ago

sorry, didn't mean to reply in/as a character
IzzySanders     214d ago

@sploosh it's fine
Sploosh     214d ago

okii :3
anyways, yeah! i can play patton, logan, or roman! :D
IzzySanders     214d ago

do you want to go to private messages? also you can play all 3 if you want. i will play the other 3 and my oc.
Sploosh     214d ago

i aslo have an oc but i havent used her in, like, forever-
i prefer to have a thread since pms are kinda hard for me to navigate on here, so i can make one if you want!
but it'll be a little bit because i'm about to get in the shower
IzzySanders     214d ago

yeah that's fine. you can make a thread. you don't have to use your oc if you don't want to
Sploosh     214d ago

i will because i dont want the amout of characters to be uneven-
i'll make the thread then go into the shower!
. . .
IzzySanders     214d ago

i don't know how to make a thread either. i don't mind if the character are uneven. you can try and be thomas if you are that eager. i might add other ocs but I don't know
Sploosh     214d ago

honestly i can barely play thomas, which is weird considering his personality is broken down FOR us to know how to pay him
but, really, it's fine! i don't mind :3
Sploosh     214d ago

here, i think i made it
go to latest posts and it should be there! :D
Virtual_Insanity     209d ago

Hey all. How're things?
IzzySanders     209d ago

it's okay. my feet are killing me
Virtual_Insanity     209d ago

Ah. Okie dokie then. Why's that?
IzzySanders     209d ago

i'm wearing heels
Virtual_Insanity     209d ago

Oh. Special occasion or something?
IzzySanders     209d ago

no Halloween costume for school
Virtual_Insanity     209d ago

Oh? What are you?
IzzySanders     209d ago

a fallen angel
Virtual_Insanity     209d ago

Nice. That sounds cute. XD
IzzySanders     209d ago

thanks my friend did my makeup and hair
Virtual_Insanity     209d ago

Nice. Wish I could see it. :D
IzzySanders     209d ago

yeah. he did i really good job on it
cayde6diedonceCayde (-6)   208d ago

Hello Izzy
IzzySanders     208d ago

Hello cayde
cayde6diedonceCayde (-6)   208d ago

wats upp :D
IzzySanders     208d ago

nothing much.
WinnieInTheCloset     204d ago

Hi can I use Janussss
IzzySanders     204d ago

yeah you can

Good to know~
IzzySanders     203d ago

do you want me to start a thread?
WinnieInTheCloset     203d ago

yeah! what characters do you play, and do you ship anyone?

i can play anyone but Patton and I'm not very good a logan or remus. can I be my oc?
WinnieInTheCloset     203d ago

sure, can you tell me about them?

just clicked my name thing at the bottom.

but just in case here

Name: Elizabeth Sanders
Age: 18
Sexuality: Pansexual and poly
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, pole dancing, silks, painting, reading, writing more will be learned.
personality: shy, kind, nervous, honest, nerd. more will be learned
side: Darkside
backstory: right when she became a side she was only a baby. Patton instantly threw her to the Darkside's. Remus found her a few hours later and took her in raising her. her brother is Logan but he never found out she was his sister. Remus and the other darks made sure to never let the lights know about her. the light sides only know about Remus, Janus, Virgil, and Ash(Wrath). she was around 5 when they found out she was Memory. she also got her animal forms. she had a lot of them.
Extra to know: she has depression and anxiety and goes to therapy with Emile. she has ADHD, sensory disorder. she is cold-blooded and can get cold really easily. she can take over another side's role if she wants to or if she gets overwhelmed she flips between them. she loves to play and fight with her family. she regresses. she can also travel dimensions.
Mom: Remus
Older siblings: Virgil, Janus, Logan, Ash(Wrath), Jay(Depression), Felix(lust), Emile(Mental health), Remy(sleep)
looks: she has long black hair. one big strand is rainbow but will change colors depending on who's role she is taking over. she is 5'2 the shortest side. her eyes are a natural red but will change colors if she gets mad.
non-human traits: Neko, snake, spider, octopus, angel, demon, elf, vampire, dragon.
WinnieInTheCloset     188d ago

Did you watch the special?

the 5 year one?
WinnieInTheCloset     188d ago

Yeah, did you watch it?

yeah i have


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