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Sploosh     1y ago

heyyyyyy! :D

ellooooo sploosh
Sploosh     1y ago

helloooo! hruuu? :0

goood hbu?
Sploosh     1y ago

im doing alright! just made a jackmanifold skin from scratch lmao-

Sploosh     1y ago

yeah! it took a lot of time lmao-

it probably looks good
Sploosh     1y ago

yeah! i hope so lmao-
anyways! about the roleplay!
fandom or nah?

it can be depending on if i need to know the fandom to do it or if i know the fandom
Sploosh     1y ago

oki! the fandoms im currently into are:
-DSMP (havent passed red banquet tho yet)
-Squid Game (only pairing i want to do is 067 x 240 -- me as 067)

will still 100% do:
harry potter
percy jackson
my hero academia
miraculous ladybug (oc x cc double up only :/)

we could do hp with oc or with cannon characters and dsmp and mha are all good with me
Sploosh     1y ago

i have 3 hp oc's (one is marauders era) and can rlly only play hermione + luna
i have 2 mha oc's (one is traitor bcuz thats pog)
i have 3 dsmp oc's (one i dont have a pairing w/ and prob wont play because she has extreme pantophobia)

just look at my characters to see which cc's i can play! :D
Sploosh     1y ago


ok im gonna be using ellis
Sploosh     1y ago

mk! shipped w/ anyone?

hmmmmmm well thats up to you
Sploosh     1y ago

um, well, isabella is a marauders era oc so
is yours as well or just like say fuck timeline?

well it depends do you want to make up a different timeline and base of hp events or stick to hps time boundaries and stuff
Sploosh     1y ago

is your oc also marauders or no?

not necessarily though i could make him into that era
Sploosh     1y ago

i could also make isabella in golden trio era but it'd mess with who her crush is (sirius)

ok so lets stay marauders era
Sploosh     1y ago

okii :3
uhhhh p l o t ?

hmmm ellis could have met them on the train or had went into the marauders cart
Sploosh     1y ago

train, maybe?
isabella is remus's younger sister btw (a year), i dont remember if i said that
she's a gryffindor ;0

aaah i see so my character will fit right in
Sploosh     1y ago


no offense though
Sploosh     1y ago

either im just like rlly dumb or-

nothing of concern
Sploosh     1y ago

o ok--
*c o n f u s i o n*

You wouldn't get it
Sploosh     1y ago

. . .
try? c:

no i mean its an inside joke with me and my friends
Sploosh     1y ago

oh oki c:
i just-

so wanna start
Sploosh     1y ago

sure! me or you?

could you?
Sploosh     1y ago

just on the train? what year?

well how about the good old fourth year
Sploosh     1y ago

mk :D
are your oc and mine the same age? mine is a year younger than the protags year

well apperently i didn't give a name like an idiot so sure
Sploosh     1y ago


The same as isabella
Sploosh     1y ago

oh okii-
ill start in a sec

oki dokiii
Sploosh     1y ago

It was just your normal day in September.
Okay, not THAT normal. It was their first day back to witch school-
Isabella wasn't nervous -- she'd done this before. Hell, she wasn't even nervous on the first time she got on this same train in her first year. And it wasn't even because of her brothers reassurance! It was all thanks to her own confidence and bravery and determination! >:D
And the same went for her getting sorted (she got into Gryffindor, obviously) and trying out for the quidditch team even though girls weren't allowed. She didn't make it, but still!
She had always been a brave kid ever since she was born. Just try and count the amount of times she's been suspended for cursing or talking back to authority in school.
She was... a bit of a trouble-maker.

Anyways, she got onto the train and ended up not being able to find her best friend, Lily, so... she sat alone in an empty car.
Remus was with his friends, Sirius, James, and Peter, already in one car and she was probably less than welcome to sit with them, being his annoying younger sister and all. Little did she know, that's where Lily was as well.
Oh well. This wouldn't be the first time she sat alone. She could easily entertain herself! Her ADHD helped with that q u i t e a bit.
Sploosh     1y ago

//sorry its kinda short i didnt know what to write :/

//all good theres nothing wrong with it


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