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Opposites Attract (BMHA, 1x1, Closed.)

By ALonelyOtaku
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It was a slow day outside, drizzling and grey. It was cold and windy as well, it made Xaine's window whistle loudly. He slowly woke up, sitting up and slamming it shut. He yawned and leaned back, cracking his back and stretching. He wanted to rub his eyes but he had avoided doing that for a while, it might make everything worse...His doctor told him to cover his good eye and look ahead of him every day with his bad eye, try to fix it before he went blind...He sat on his bed and did this...He sighed and put his hand down, it was the same thing every day...It was a hazy, grey tint to a very fuzzy room. He went to his closet, his cat now brushing against his legs and mewing quietly. He changed into his school uniform and grabbed his courier bag, full to the brim with books. He then bent down and scratched behind Konhai's ears. She purred lowly and he smiled, then gently pushing her away as he stood upright, yawning again. Xaine went to the fridge and grabbed a piece of French Toast they had made the day before and wrapped it in a paper towel, beginning to bite down on it as he left.

Once he made it to U.A he threw the remains of his food away, going inside and up to his class...The school was empty except for a few Pros and early risers. I grab my Quirk Weapon, a pole that extends and retracts...I smile as I wrap my fingers around the case, its somewhat heavy feel. I go out to the back of U.A, near a training ground and the gym area. I take off my coat and place it down on a bench, opening the case and taking out my weapon. I retract it to a mere two feet, then extend it to its full length. He takes a breath and runs a few feet, retracting it to a five-foot range, then shoving it into the ground and forcing it to the eight-foot range again, propelling myself into the air. I swing my legs around the pole and grip it tightly, nearly dropping a full foot as I lock my eyes to the ground. I retract the pole to a four-foot range now, bringing it behind my shoulder and slamming it hard against the ground, holding me in the air for a few seconds. I drop silently to the ground, wincing from the shock through my legs. It was my special move, it was also one of my best moves...I was very proud of it, but it hurt to walk for about a minute afterward. I take a breath and prepare myself to do it again, probably until more people flooded into the school about an hour or two from now.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara’s fourth alarm went off that morning and she rolled over and turned off the alarm this time. She sat up and stretched her hair looking like a mess. She sat trying to let herself wake up when there was a knock on her door.

“Val! It’s time to get up.”

“Alright Kendo I’m coming!” Nara stretched once more before hopping out of bed and heading over to her closet. Kendo was basically an older sister to their whole class considering she made sure everyone was awake and no one was late for class. When she finally made her way out of her room someone jumped out from behind a wall and scared her. “Bloody hell! What the hell Monoma!”

“Sorry I just had too because you are never fully awake.” Monoma laughed wickedly.

Nara ignored him before heading down to the common area to walk with the other girls on their way to UA. When they got closer to campus Nara looked out the window and saw someone training before classes. “Must be an early riser.” She yawned before trotting to catch up with Kendo again.

I saw a few girls about 40 or so feet away...I was mid-air now, swinging my legs hard against the pole and throwing myself to the ground, slamming the pole to the ground and causing my body to tremble from the shock. I hesitate for a few moments and rub my arms, before shrinking the pole to the two-foot minimum it could do. I take a few breaths and shake my head, extending it to four feet and practicing my mid-range attacks. Sweat rolled down my forehead as I grunt softly, swinging hard near what would be someone's side. I back up a few paces, now imagining myself in a fight with someone. I go on the defensive for a moment, then roll to what would be their left flank, slamming the pole against the back of their leg. They buckle then jump back up, using a regenerative quirk I imagined they had. I panted softly, going for another attack as I hear soft laughter behind me. It was Katsuki Bakugo. "Hey, Color Head! Why are you still training? You do know quirkless idiots like you can't be heroes...they just let you in out of pity!" My chest tightens and I began to feel my breathing quicken. I retract my weapon and grab my coat, shoving it over my shoulders. I run to class, my head low as I cram my weapon into my side bag, one of the pages in a book tearing as I do this.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara heard the familiar yelling of a loudmouth from class 1-A she peered out the window again and saw that he was yelling something at the student who was training.

She noticed that the student had instantly put his weapon away and ran. She frowned slightly and looked at Bakugo. “What a jerk…”

When she finally got to class she sat in the front row near the window. Monoma was trying to get on her nerves again but she was lost in thought. “Poor guy I wonder what class he’s in.”


Kaminari was walking not to far behind Bakugo and had saw what he said to Xaine. “Dude… why are you always a dick…”

Bakugo turned to Kaminari and yelled, "Shut up, Pikachu!" He stops for a moment then says, "Like...The Pokemon?" Bakugo then runs at Kaminari with his hand out, probably planning on exploding him, causing him to scream and run away.
(RIP Kaminari)
~Xaine POV~
I was leaning my head on my desk, breathing quietly as my arms were around my chest...I wanted to cry but I knew people would be coming soon... I look up and breathe out silently, staring up at the board as Tenya Iida walks in, talking to Yayorozu. I groan softly and lay my head back on the desk, more students flooding in. I begin to fiddle with my bags, trying to fix my jacket now...it was an anxious habit to try to fix things that don't need fixing, so I was now brushing the coat for dirt and trying to button it up and pull loose threads. I was then reaching for my books to press the pages to make sure they weren't creased. I hated doing this, but it took my mind off things, and it calmed me down once everything was fixed...
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Aizawa walked into the class and noticed Xaine was fiddling with all of his belongings again he sighed softly. [i He’s going to need to gain some self confidence if he wants to be a pro… he has potential. But he needs to get over his fears…] “Let’s begin.”


Vlad King walked into the room and noticed Monoma had been knocked out again and thrown into his desk. “Kendo.”

“Yes sir?”

“I’m not going to wait for Monoma to wake up again you’ll have to brief him on todays lesson.”

Kendo nodded. “Yes sir. I understand.”

I don't notice Mr. Aizawa walk in, let alone announce the day to begin. I continue to press down perfectly fine pages, checking the corners and then re-buttoning my vest. I finally shove the book back into my bag, scratching at my arms as I stare down at the desk, spacing out and calming down...I could feel Bakugo's stare on the back of my neck, making the calm feeling begin to crumble down to nothing again...I look up and see Mr. Aizawa, causing me to yelp softly. I cover my mouth in embarrassment and mutter an apology, looking down at my desk again as I listen to Mr. Aizawa contiue. Bakugo chuckles softly as he stares at me, I was trembling now...
[i You're fine You're fine You're fine...He can't touch you from here, he can't hurt you if you're over here...calm down calm down- Books! The pages, oh my god...pages...] I reach for my bag again, opening it and grabbing a book, putting it on the desk and opening it.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

After class was dismissed Nara stretched again and smiled at Kendo. “Kendo, I’m going to go get lunch.”

“Oh okay. I’ll probably eat up here because I have to catch Monoma up.”

Nara nodded with a smile before giving Kendo a peace sign. “Okie dokie. See you after lunch then.” She put her hands in her pockets and headed down to the lunch room.


Ieda glanced at Xaine and sighed softly. As class rep he felt it was his duty to make the student feel like he belonged in this class but he was definitely the student Ieda had the hardest time talking to. Mainly because anytime he’s approached him Xaine has run away.

After classes ended and lunch began Ieda walked over to Xaine with a kind smile. “Xaine would you like to come with us to lunch?”

I look up at him, my chest tightening and my hands beginning to tremble. I grab my bag and stutter, "N-No thanks, Iida...T-Thanks anyways!" I then turn quickly and run out of the room, and into Lunch Rush...I grab my room and then go into the Teachers Lounge...I had been given special permission from Principal Nezu to eat in here...I sit down and bow my head, then begin to eat. I finish quickly and go into Lunch Rush again, not paying attention as I run full speed into somebody. I yell out and collapse onto the floor, the bowl smashing onto the ground. I look up, my nose beginning to bleed from impact as I make direct eye contact...My eyes go wide and I freeze, everything going silent around me as I begin to take quiet, fast paced breaths...
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara had saw a kid running down the hall. He was pretty fast so she didn’t get a good look at him.

She took her time getting down there since it was usually crowded at this time and since she had no one to talk to in the line it would just drag on.

By the time she got down there most of the 1-A students she noticed were already eating. She saw Bakugo and rolled her eyes. “He really needs an attitude check.” She mumbled before getting in line.

Once she got her food she turned around and was heading to an empty table when she felt something impact with her. She hit her head off the floor and winced. “Ack!” She felt a weight on top of her but when she opened her eyes she saw purple eyes. “Urg… hey are you okay? You’re bleeding.” She sat up and she realized it was the boy from earlier that morning. She noticed instantly his body language and grew worried. “H-Hey can you hear me? Are you okay?” She took one of the napkins she had grabbed and carefully put it to his nose. “Hey, I can bring you to Recovery girl if you want.”

He didnt react for a moment, but the moment you touched him he yelped and backed up, his chest heaving as he was now losing his ability to breathe. His eyes were wide and he was trembling. He struggled to his feet, looking down at you. Before I could say anything I take a step back, then another...I then turn and run, hearing laughter slowly fade in...I press my hands to my ears, the sound coming back to me. I open my eyes and run into something, it was on the right side...I back up and notice it fully with my left eye now...I wipe the blood from my face with the back of my hand, my black glove now stained with blood. I go into my next class, sitting in silence as I wait for the next class to start...the moment school ended he planned on going to the back of the school to train again...He always stayed late to train and came early to train... I sniffle softly, my eyes burning as I wipe more blood from my nose.. [i I should have helped that girl...She was so nice even after I ran into her...but I was too scared...How will I become a hero like this?! Maybe I should transfer to general studies...] I lower my head and whimper softly.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara jumped slightly when the student jumped up and ran out. [i He looked terrified.] When she heard students laughing she stood up and brushed herself off. “Funny. I didn’t know that heroes laughed at people who are hurt.” Her voice harsh as she glared at a specific table who had been laughing. A few of them went quiet while others whispered.

Then another student approached her. “Are you okay miss? I’m sorry about my classmate.”

Nara looked up at the student and sighed. “It’s nothing you need to apologize for. Ieda right?”

“Ah yes. I’m the class rep for 1-A. Xaine is a quiet student he gets nervous around people.”

“Hmm… well that won’t keep me away. Anyway thanks for apologizing even though you didnt have to.” She waved her hand before heading out of Lunch rush back towards her classroom.

I was in a much calmer state now, my eyes half-closed as I felt like sleeping. I suddenly jerk back to full awareness as students come into the room. Bakugo walks past me to get to his seat and I tense up, closing my eyes tightly. He chuckles under his breath and goes to his seat, kicking his feet up on his desk as he looks at me, I know he's looking at me...My hand goes into my bag as I grip my weapon, taking small breaths as the teacher walks in, it was a substitute...All Might. He comes in, laughing and waving as he announces the class. Some kids cheer, others stay quiet. He then says, "Hello Class! I want to know all of your quirks before we learn Quirk History!" Each kid yells out their quirk and explains it...then it comes to me...A few kids snicker and I hear Bakugo struggle to keep from laughing...I say in a whisper, "I-I'm Quirkless..." The class erupts into laughter, each and every kid...Even All Might let out a nervous laugh...I clench the weapon tighter, starring down at the desk as he then calls the last few students, then started the lesson.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara had made her way back to class but her mind never stopped thinking about that boy. “I’ve got to see him again. Maybe he trains at night. I’ll see if I can catch him.”

“Nara you’re talking to yourself again.”

“I know Tetsutetsu. I’m just making a plan.”

“A plan for what?”

“Forcing someone to talk to me.”

[i The school bell rung out loudly but most kids were already at the doors, they were then gone out of the class the second the teacher dismissed them.]
I look up, watching kids eagerly leave...Mr. Aizawa was gone too...I stand up and feel a hand on my shoulder. I yelp and shove the person away, "Don't touch me! S-" I freeze, my eyes meeting Katsuki Bakugo's. I tremble and back up, tripping on my chair and collapsing to the floor, my eyes wide. "I-Im sorry! G-G-Go away...!" He gets closer, I try to back away until I am against a wall...I was trembling now, terrified as he smirks and reaches out to me, his hand was damp with sweat as I whimper softly and get tense, my arms in front of my face I brace for impact.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara had made her way to class 1-A once classes let out. Most of the students were gone but then she heard someone say go away. She popped her head in the door and narrowed her eyes. “Hey!” She ran over to the two and tapped Bakugo’s shoulder activating her quirk ‘switch’. Once her quirk activates she switches places with whoever she touches. In using her quirk she was now between Bakugo and the student from earlier. “Stop being a bully you prick. Everyone here wants to be heroes. Start acting like one!” She shouted as she stood between the two.

I was trembling as I watch this girl yell at Bakugo...She was so confident...Bakugo growls and faces her, "Oi! Why'd you come in here, Extra?! This isn't your class! Mind your own business!" I take this as my chance to run, I grip my bag and get up to run for the door but Bakugo grabs the back of my shirt, temporarily choking me. I gasp then cough, inching back so I could breathe. He yells, "Your just a quirkless wannabe hero! You need a girl from a lower hero class to help you!" My eyes stung and I tore myself out of his grip, running for the door but slamming into a wall. I was crying now, and I was bleeding again. I ran outside to the training grounds, dripping blood and tears. I grab my weapon and extend it, using it to stand as I cried out, trembling. I calm myself down after about ten minutes, I then take a breath and take my coat off, and since the school day was over I slid my shirt off as well...Cold air nipped at my skin and I shivered, then gave a small smile and began to work on my Special Move...it needed to be perfect and I needed to be able to do it without feeling shocked. I was mid-air within seconds and I felt a calm feeling go through me as I tightened my grip, causing it to retract. I then retighten my grip and slam it down, my arms vibrating from impact. I then hit the ground and stumble...I wipe the blood from my nose....it wasn't as bad as earlier. I then slam the pole into the ground and shoot myself into the air, spinning on it gracefully and throwing myself out again, going for a hard attack to the ground...Every time I did this, the ground would tremble for at least 3 feet, and it would make any normal person stumble...
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara wasn’t afraid of Bakugo’s bark but when he grabbed the other student again calling him a quirkless wannabe her eyes widened. [i He’s quirkless?] She watched as the student ran out heading towards the training ground. She wanted to scream at Bakugo because he was pissing her off but it didn’t seem like he was persuing the student anymore. She waited until he left then headed down to the training ground. She watched from a distance at first but then she sat down leaning against the wall watching him. “Even if he doesn’t have a quirk… he’s impressive… just needs to work on his people skills.” She smiled softly as she shivered feeling the cold breeze blow.

After a near half-hour of this, Xaine finally sat down, panting and hot. Sweat dripped from his body and steam escaped his mouth when he breathed. He looked back and saw you, but didn't react much...He grabbed his pole again and gave a few half-hearted swings at the air, breathing hard again. He sat down on the ground, deciding to take a break. He laid back and stared up at the sky, it seemed to be threatening to snow at any moment... He closed his eyes and allowed his body to cool down, and then he was going to get back to training, and train until Hound Dog chased him off the property...which happened every single night...He chuckled softly as he thought about this, wondering if Hound Dog might just report him to Principal Nezu and force him to stop training late at night.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Since it looked like the student was taking a break Nara pushed herself up off the ground and slowly walked over to him. She stopped a few feet away from him and smiled. “I won’t get too close. Considering I’ve noticed you run. But I’m hoping you’ll try to talk to me if I’m this far away. I have a bottle of water if you’d like it. You’ve been training really hard.” She kept her eyes on the student hoping he wouldn’t run from her again.

I tense up as I hear a voice and sit upright, turning quickly and seeing you...I hesitate and count the feet away you were...[i four feet, maybe five...] I swallow hard and then nod silently, looking at you. "O-Okay...Thank y-y-you..." He took a small breath and sat down on his knees, trying to relax...I wanted to run and everything in my body told me to run away, yet I stayed on the ground a few feet away from the girl...I finally mutter, "I-I'm sorry for running into you earlier..." my head was low and I made a point to speak a bit louder than a whisper. I seemed scared to look up at you, but whenever you moved I immediately looked up and would flinch a bit.
(Sorry for my short part)
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

“You don’t have to apologize. It was an accident. I’m glad you seem to be okay though.” Nara smiled before gently tossing the water bottle over to him. “What’s your name? I never caught it before. Well Iida told me it was Xaine but I’d like to hear it from you. My name is Nara Valentine.”

She watched the student in front of her and couldn’t help but smile softly. She sat down in the spot she had been standing in and kept her eyes on him. “I could feel the ground vibrate from where I was sitting before. You’re strong. I know it wasn’t my place to step in earlier but… I can’t stand people like Bakugo. Even if you don’t have a quirk it doesn’t mean you can’t be a hero. You might just have to put in a little more legwork. But I can see you already do that.”

I open the water bottle and sip the water...I then said softly, "I'm Xaine Stone...Y-Yes, The Xaine Stone that had a villain for a father a-and no I don't want to talk about it..." I say in a way that made it sound like I was asked that question a lot. I then smile a small smile and say, "Y-You did...?" I look up at you and chuckle softly, "Quirks...? I don't need a quirk...I like being like this, q-quirkless I mean...Uhm..." I go quiet, fiddling with my pole quietly. I then say quietly, "D-Do you want to see me do my special move again...? The ground m-might vibrate a bit more since your cl-closer." I give a small smile as I look at you, standing up slowly.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

“Only talk about what you want to talk about. I just didn’t want to keep calling you ‘Hey’ or ‘that male student’.” Nara chuckled softly. When he mentioned he liked being quirkless she smiled softly. “There’s nothing wrong with being quirkless. My mom is quirkless.” Her eyes widened a bit when he asked if she wanted to see a special move. She grinned then nodded. “Yeah! Don’t let me distract you anymore if you want to train. I’ll just watch.” She stuck out her tongue teasingly before shivering slightly as another chill of cold air went by.

I smile and back up and extend the pole to a six-foot range. I then run towards you and slam the pole into the ground, maybe an inch deep. I was at the top of the pole within seconds and I was gracefully spinning my body around the top, my legs not touching it as I spun around for a few seconds longer than I normally would, my hair blowing in the wind as I lock my eyes on a spot in the ground. I propelled my body towards it and retract the pole to a mere two feet...I was almost eight feet in the air when I then move it over my shoulder and extend it to eight feet, slamming it down hard on the ground...I was stuck mid-air for a good few seconds before I drop and land hard, though I hardly reacted to it. I then smile and turn to you...I was about two feet from you now, so I move back a few paces, now back to the five-foot distance.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara watched in awe and couldn't help but chuckle when he took a few steps back after realizing he had gotten closer to her. She clapped and grinned. "That's amazing! If I was standing that would have made me lose my balance! And it doesn't look like you have much recoil from it!" She stood back up dusting off her skirt. "If you want someone to train with I wouldn't mind being your partner. It could help you try out evasive maneuvers too with my quirk." She stretched slightly then put her hands behind her back. "That's all up to you of course though. I've picked up that social situations make you uncomfortable but I wanted to put the offer out there anyways."

I hesitate and look down at the ground and then mumble, "uh...Y-Yeah sure..." I was fiddling with my pole now, and even though I was gripping it, there was a gentleness to it. I held it in front of me at an angle so I could grip it and make it extend and then let it go to make it retract to two feet. I sit down, crossing my arms against my bare chest. I reach over and grab my coat, buttoning two of the buttons near the middle and then re-crossing my arms on my chest. I lowered my head and say softly, "What class are you in...U-Uhm...Are you a h-hero too...? You stood up to B-Bakugo...A-And not only that, y-your really c-confident and caring..."
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara smiled softly. "I'm in 1-B. Training to become a hero too. It's why I get so irritated at that stupid Bakugo. He's a smart student but with his attitude he acts more like a villain than a hero." She sighed as a piece of her hair fell in her face. She sighed once more before pushing it behind her ear. "Anyone can be a hero. They just have to train hard." She put her hand on her hip and sighed. "However I will be helping you train on more than just fighting if you agree. We'll be working on your people skills a bit too. Because it means you aren't allowed to run away from me. And if you do. I'll still come looking for you." She grinned.

His shoulders tensed a little bit and he hesitated, "O-O-Okay..." I inch back a bit from you out of instinct as I mutter, "W-What is the s-social t-training going to look like..." I stare up at you now as I wipe a small bead of sweat off my forehead...I look up as the sky went a soft pinkish color, but I still had almost three hours until Hound Dog would come and yell at me. I swallow hard and inch back again. "W-We have three hours u-until we have t-to leave by the w-way..." I then slightly regretted telling you this, because we now had three hours to do training I did and did not want to do... "A-Also, What is your q-quirk...I want to know about it b-before we do anything." I seemed increasingly more nervous and I was continuously inching back.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   340d ago

Nara smiled softly. "Jeez don't look so scared. I just meant that you'll have to get used to me being around is all. So you can't run away from me like you did earlier today." When he asked about her quirk she sighed for a moment. "Well the best way to learn is to see it. But I know you probably feel uneasy if I step closer to you. My quirk is called switch. I switch places with anything I touch. So if you think back to earlier with Bakugo. I tapped his shoulder while my quirk was activated and it put me where he was and him where I was. My hero name is Switcheroo if you're curious." She grinned. "But yeah, I basically just switch spots with whoever I touch. It doesn't necessarily come in handy in fights unless I'm being pinned to the ground. Because if I can touch the person who's pinning me then I can switch places with them and then I'll be pinning them if that makes sense." She smiled softly.

I swallow hard and then stare at you and say softly, "O-Okay..." I don't say anything about you coming closer and I felt childish moving away from you. I try to inch closer and then say softly, "S-So, do I just have to stand n-near you or something...?" I flushed red at the thought and laugh softly, "T-That sounds kind of funny...Hah..." I stare down at my feet, I then grip my pole and shove it into the ground, gracefully shooting myself into the air. I then slide down it with a gracefullness. I then hit the ground gently and mumble, "S-Sorry, I didn't mean to d-do that, I-I-" I stop and stare down at the ground and look guilty. I then mumbled softly, "I-I'm sorry if I distracted you..."
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   339d ago

Nara couldn't help but chuckle. "Just breathe. Deep breaths. In... and out..." She noticed he apologized a lot. "First thing. You apologize too much. You haven't done anything wrong. So there's nothing to apologize for." When he was distracted she smiled and gently tapped him proceeding to change places with him. "See. That's my quirk." She shrugged. "The way to subdue me would be to immobilize me where my hands can't touch you." She smiled softly. "I don't usually tell people the weakness to my quirk but I'm want you to be able to trust me okay?"

I yelp softly when I suddenly change places with you. My chest was heaving and I rubbed the spot where you touched me. I shiver and then before I say in a higher-pitched tone, "What j- Huh?! Oh my..."My hands gently just touched my face and then I look up at you and whisper, "Apologizing? W-Why is that a problem?!" I inch back from you again and I attempted to apologize for that, then I bite my lip and stay silent. I stare down at the ground as I then look up at you again, wanting to move back to our five-foot distance again... I would even go as far as being three feet away, I just needed distance...
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   339d ago

Nara smiled softly then took several large steps backwards. "Just breathe. Don't worry we don't have to train together today. I don't mind waiting until you're used to my presence. And apologizing in itself isn't a bad thing. But what I mean is you shouldn't apologize when you haven't done anything wrong. We're going to work on your confidence too." She tapped her chin as she took another step backwards hoping it would help him calm down a bit more. "Well regardless. You'll be seeing more of me. Whether you like it or not." She grinned.

I walk over to you, though I hesitate for a moment then say, "I don't know...I am adjusting to you, I guess..." I try to inch closer, then I inch back again...I was hesitating as I held my pole...I attempted to speak and then I bite my lip again, shaking my head and giving a small smile..."S-So...Social Training...Tell me what I should do...I-I want to practice."

(I'm sorry it is super short, I am just falling asleep but I am not entirely dead yet.)
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   339d ago

Nara saw how tense Xaine was and smiled softly. "I know I can be a bit of a handful to adjust to." She laughed but then she heard his next statement and her eyes widened. "Eager. Good!" She tapped her chin for a moment pacing back and forth thinking about what would be a good first test. But then she thought of a little tease that hopefully would lighten the mood a bit. "Hmm, how abouuuut... you kiss me." She grinned.

I hesitate, but assuming you were serious I take a step forward...I take a breath and lock my eyes with yours, half-confidently walking towards you and once I then put my hand on your shoulder...my hand was trembling. I was staring at my feet for a few seconds, then I meet your eyes and tilt your head back slightly. I then force my eyes close and press my lips to yours, holding us together for a few seconds...I then pull away, my face a dark red. I had my arms crossed on my chest tightly and I was taking some calming breaths. I was at a three-foot distance now, but I did have a very small smile tugging at my lips as I looked at you.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   339d ago

Nara noticed the hesitation and was about to say something when he took a step forward. [i Wait is he actually?] She felt his hand on her shoulder then he tilted her chin up before she could completely process that this was actually happening she felt his lips on hers. She had instinctively closed her eyes as well before feeling him break the kiss. Her face was now completely flushed red. "W-Wow... okay. You have way more confidence than I thought you did. Good... Seems I won't have too much trouble breaking you out of your shell." She smiled. "I was only teasing you. But I'm glad you took it as a real test. They say the best deals are sealed with a kiss." She winked.

I flushed a darker red and covered my face and mumbling something into my hands. I then look up at you and just stare at you for a few moments. Silence lingered in the air so I gripped my pole, retracting to a two-foot length. I then pull a hair tie off my wrist and place it on the pole, it stayed the same length as I place it on the ground a few feet away.

I take a few trembling breaths, then I look up at you and say, "W-Well...Let's start training, I want to begin...I-I never really train with anybody, just myself..." I couldn't help but look down at the ground again and smile a bit, then look up and then slowly move my hands down to my sides and into my pockets as I stare at you.
PotatoPirateNara Valentine   339d ago

Nara smiled and nodded. "Sure." She walked over to the side and put her bags down and took off her jacket and tie. As she was walking back over to Xaine she tied her hair back in a large loose bun. "I'm hoping sparring with me will help get some perspective of an evasive fighter. I'm not so much a brute force kind of fighter. I try to stay quick on my feet and strike when I'm out of the enemies line of sight." She stretched her arms before leaning down and stretching her legs. "Sorry we didn't have any physical training today so I don't want to injure myself without stretching." Once she finished she stood up and grinned before gently hopping from one foot to the other. "Ready when you are."

"Alright...Apologies if I h-hurt you." I go over to my pole, taking the band off and leaning back a little bit, popping my back. I then smile and held my grip on the pole...I then said calmly, "Let's go." I run towards you and shove the pole into the ground, letting it expand to a six-foot length and I swing around it, probably hoping to attack you from behind. I then slam into the ground and retract it to a 3-foot length and smirk, taking off my coat. "I don't want to attack you just yet, trying to see how you fight first..." I say, locking eyes with you and constantly watching your movement.

~ Bakugo POV ~
I watch the quirkless 'hero' sparring with the girl from 1-B...She had potential, she was strong...If he could get her into his group, they could be the strongest in school...She could break that quirkless boy's heart...His inspiration, his only friend... I laugh softly, looking from the trees...I back out of view and into the shadows silently, eyes locked on the girl.
PotatoSharkNara Valentine   339d ago

Nara chuckled. "Don't worry about me." She saw him grab his pole and watched his movements. She jumped back but saw him try to attack from behind so she flipped to the side using her hand as support as she sprung back to her feet. She rolled her shoulder and smiled. "Alright. I guess you are a gentleman. Ladies first ey?" She laughed before running back in but instead of running to hit him head on when she got about four feet away she jumped and twirled gracefully landing behind him. But again instead of attacking she kept changing her direction. She wasn't the quickest but she was pretty fast for not having a speed quirk. [i One day I'll have to bring my weapon to spar with him too.] She thought.

His eyes were constantly darting to try to keep up with her...He laughed and said, "Nice spring, but I can do better...[i M'Lady~"] He said with a smirk. He shoved the pole into the ground, gripping it and spinning at a high speed as he shot into the air...Instead of using it to attack you, he let go, lifting his boy almost another foot in the air before dropping again...He flipped himself backward and grabbed the pole again, swinging a bit harder than anticipated towards you. The pole tore out of the ground and I slammed it to the ground beside you, not wanting to hit you and possibly hurt you. He slammed into the ground and stumbled, then ran towards you, abandoning his pole. He clenched his hand into a fist and brought it behind him, locking eyes on you as he goes in for a hit, a sympathetic- no, pitiful smile on his face. [i I don't want to hurt you, Nara...I truly don't, but I can't keep this mindset...for this training, you are the villain in my eyes...I don't know you, I need to overpower y- Oh gods, that sounds terrible...I'm sorry Nara!
PotatoSharkNara Valentine   338d ago

Nara heard Xaine speak an heard the pet name and she clicked her tongue. "My, my. Pet names already? Guess I should start calling you honey." She teased back but when the pole came down Nara wasn't quick enough to jump back and the vibrations from the impact with the ground made her stumble. [i Shit my balance.] She tried to regain her balance but her legs were still wobbling. [i Why is it still effecting my legs?] When she looked up she saw him running at her and saw the look in his eyes and smiled softly. [i He's got drive... I just have to help him get courage.]

I try to bring up any anger I could for this fight but I had none, and I didn't want to take it out on Nara anyways... I wince as I slam my fist into your side, attempting to not hit you directly in the chest or gut...I then jump back, going back to grab my pole for an attempt at attacking her with it. I noticed how bad she was trembling from me bringing it to the ground and I couldn't help but laugh... [i She has hardly dealt with vibrations and shock waves like that! I can tell by the way she's moving and reacting. If she spent an hour or two just standing near me as I slam my pole to the ground she might gain resistance to it...maybe.] I began to think about that a bit deeper as I lock eyes with you again, realizing I had spaced out mid-battle.
PotatoSharkNara Valentine   338d ago

Nara felt the punch in her side and winced. [i Shit... he isn't just strong with his weapon... He's been working on his physical hand to hand combat abilities too. he was nice enough not to hit me in the stomach or chest somewhere that would effect my breathing.] She shook her head and patted her face. [i Get it together. This training isn't only for him. It's for you too.] She smiled softly. "I'm glad you don't only rely on your weapon. You'll be a strong hero one day." She stood back up and started running towards Xaine but instead of heading for him, she was aiming for the pole. [i If he does another ground smash like that I might not be able to recover quick enough. This isn't really a fight I can use my quirk to help me with either unless he pins me to the ground but leaves one of my hands free.] She thought as she ran. [i I'm definitely going to have to work on more ultimate moves... Maybe I should ask Cementoss or Vlad King for advice...]


Bakugo watched from the shadows the two sparring and clicked his tongue. "Stupid girl. She seemed capable at first. But she can't be strong if she can't even beat a quirkless wannabe."

I shake myself out of my trance and then run towards you, readying my fist again as I yell, "I don't want to hurt you in a way that will complicate your breathing or will bruise you, but that doesn't mean I am going easy on you, M'Lady!" I smirk as I say this, almost using this as a way to befriend you... [i She wants to be friends, right? Friends use nicknames...Uhm...I don't think friends hurt each other, though...I'll have to ask her about it later.] I then realize I was getting too close to you without enough room to attack. I jump into the air, maneuvering my body in a way that wouldn't touch you. I then overestimate my jump and slip, slamming into the ground. I let out a small noise of pain and struggle to find my breath. I blink for a few seconds then get to my feet, shaking my head hard and locking my eyes onto you, forgetting the pain almost instantly as I begin to run towards you again.
PotatoSharkNara Valentine   338d ago

Nara was getting close but then when she saw him jump back she pouted slightly. [i He's so fast to react... Does he really not have a quirk?] She thought to herself. She kept her pace and went after him. She had noticed him slip and when he began charging at her she took this as her chance. She slid to try and take out one of his legs to try and get him off balance. "I wouldn't dream of you going easy on me, hun."

((Sorry for the shorter posts Im not super good at fight scenes x'D))

(It's alright)
He was mid-step when he noticed you sliding towards him... [i Either tumble onto her and give her the advantage or throw yourself to the side, get hurt but avoid it. Ugh...Oh wa-] I was too busy thinking to decide, I slip forward and feel my face slam into the ground. Oddly enough, my nose didn't bleed this time, so I laughed aloud. I hardly ever reacted to pain, and if I did it would brush off within seconds. I laugh again and stumble, turning back to you, realizing I was wasting valuable time, getting up and turning around... [i Where is my pole? Wait a minute...Crap! I need to go get it before she trips me again...She's doing this on purpose.] "Hah, That was rather smart...M'Lady. But, No matter...I'll still beat you!"
PotatoSharkNara Valentine   338d ago

Nara had noticed one thing that was constant with Xaine the longer they fought the more he didn't seem to react to the pain. She smiled softly then when she went to run in again she winced feeling her ankle throbbing. "What?" She noticed there was a slight burn mark on her ankle and she looked around. [i How did I?] She didn't see anyone other than herself and Xaine. "Xaine wait..." She called out. "You win today." She looked up at him and smiled. "Sorry, seems I wasn't being cautious of my own movements... and I hurt my ankle a bit." She looked at the sky and noticed it was starting to get dark. "Besides we'll probably get kicked off of campus soon."

She put more pressure on her ankle and winced again. [i It's just a burn but why does it hurt so bad...] She smiled at Xaine. "You're incredibly strong... it's hard to believe you don't have a quirk. Looks like we just have to work on that confidence and courage."


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