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PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

The alarm went off and with one quick motion it was silenced. Kimi stretched in her bed before looking at the mirror on the wall seeing her hair a mess. "Best start getting ready now. First day of classes for this semester. I can't wait to see what my new students will be like." She smiled happily before quickly getting dressed.

As she made her way to campus she passed a few students who had her in previous semesters or asked her for advice.

"Good morning Miss Akemi."

"Good morning!" She greeted cheerfully with a wave. She was always one to stay positive and rarely complained. She made her way into the faculty lounge and smiled when she saw a familiar face. "Ah! Good morning Franky!"

"Kimi! Long time no see. How was your break?"

"Lovely! Did you and Robin do anything special?"

"Nah nothing too special." He leaned in close to her ear with a grin. "I have been looking for rings though."

Kimi gasped and lightly punched his arm. "That's great Franky!"

"Always so cheerful in the morning Miss Akemi." Robin chuckled as she entered the room.

"Ah good morning Robin!"


Sanji sighed softly as he got on campus and already heard a familiar voice.


"Hello Gwen." He responded already feeling tired even though it was the beginning of the day.

"Aren't you excited?! Another semester begins! We'll get to see each other every day!"

"Yay..." Sanji responded with very little enthusiasm.


After Kimi said her goodbyes to her fellow professors she headed to where she would be teaching her first class with a bright smile on her face. "First impressions are important! I don't want my students to think I'm a grump. So I need to keep smiling like always."
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Though it was technically Ren's first day after transferring schools, she had moved into the dorms during the break and spent her time familiarizing herself with the campus. This made it easier for her to be up earlier so she could get a few laps in at the pool before classes. By the time her secondary alarm had gone off, alerting her it was time to get ready for classes, she had just finished showering form her morning swim. "Lets see," she started reciting her schedule and which buildings they were in while she got dressed.

"Shouldn't you be getting to class," the swim coach asked when she noticed Ren in the locker room.

"I uh," Ren shrugged, "Yeah, just running a little behind this morning."

"Don't be late."

"Right. I'll see you at practice," she replied before running out of the room and out of the building. Looking around she frowned, "Where is building C again?"


"Guys," Usopp tried waking up Luffy and Zoro, "Come on get up!"

"Five more minutes," Zoro groaned.

"Is breakfast ready," Luffy mumbled in his sleep.

"No," Usopp said as he shoved Zoro out of bed. "You have to go to the café if you want breakfast."

"But whyyyy," Luffy asked as he sat up.

"Because class is in fifteen minutes." Usopp left the two there, making his way towards his first class which was a mechanical engineering class. This was the class he had been looking forward to since he enrolled a few years ago.


Ren ran around for a few minutes until she saw a few students walking. [I I could ask them,] she thought as she slowed her pace and approached them. "Excuse me?"

"You have hair stuck to your face," Gwen pointed out.

"Occupational hazard, I just came from the pool." She quickly moved her hair, "Can either of you tell me where building C is?"

Gwen raised a brow, unenthused, "Are you new here? You don't look familiar."

"Transferred for the semester. Building C? Please." Ren adjusted the bag on her shoulder and the chemistry book in her hand. It was clear she was nervous to some degree and the possibility of being late had her stressed. When it was clear that the girl with black and white hair would be no help, she turned her attention to the tall blond man standing next to her. "Please," she sighed, "I really can't be late to this class."

Gwen frowned when the woman in front of her focused her attention on Sanji. Not wanting to give him a chance to respond, she spoke up again. "Is that your real hair color?"

"I'm sorry what?"

"White I mean. Is it real?"

Ren's eye twitched in irritation, "Yes its real. Look, are you going to help or not?"

"Building C is over by building F which is next to the infirmary and just a bit passed the track field," Gwen replied with a smile hoping her directions would confuse the girl enough to get her lost and she wouldn't have to deal with her again. Truth was, building C was next to the student cafe and gardens, that was the easier way to find it.
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Sanji heard footsteps behind him and noticed a woman with a smaller frame running up to the two. He tried to greet her kindly but Gwen’s first impression was rude. Whenthe white haired woman had eventually turned her attention to him he was about to speak when Gwen cut him off. At this point he grew irritated. He put his hand in front of Gwen telling her to stop. “Iiiif you take that way you will be late. Do you have the map from orientation?” He asked. Once she had pulled it out he moved and stood beside her pointing. “If you head this way and go through the gardens behind the cafe. Building C is right by the exit.” He gave a small smile. But then he noticed the book in her hands. “Wait, is your first class Chemistry? With Professor Gaspar?” He gave a kind smile. “If thats the case. I can walk you. That’s my first class as well.”

Gwen was at this point showing signs of irritation. “Sanji—“

“Gwen, your first class is in Building A. You don’t want to be late the first day of classes. It leaves a bad impression on professors.” He glanced at her with a stern expression.

The expression made her even more angry before she scoffed then turned and walked to class.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Oh uh, thanks." Ren looked behind her to see Gwen walking off, clearly irritated. She made a face then shoved the map back in her bag and held her hand out to Sanji. "Eirena, most people call me Ren, nice to meet you." Though her first impression of the couple left a bitter taste in her mouth, she figured that could entirely be because of Gwen. However the man seemed a bit kinder and more than willing to help. "I've spent the last few weeks trying to familiarize myself with the campus but as you can see, that didn't really work out well."


Nami walked into class with a to go cup of coffee from the student cafe. "Morning Professor," she said as she waved a little at Kimi. She took her usual seat and looked at the clock. There was probably five minutes until class started and most of the students weren't there. The ones that were looked to be barely staying awake. [I Zoro and Luffy are going to be late.]

"We're here," Zoro and Luffy said in unison as they forced themselves through the door and into whatever available seat there was.
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Sanji smiled and nodded. “Nice to meet you Ren. My name is Sanji.” He began leading Ren to building C and when she spoke he couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t worry. The campus buildings are a little strange since they don’t really go in order. They almost do a zigzag pattern if you look on the map. So it can get confusing. Not to mention that we don’t get notice on where the rooms for our classes will actually be until a little less than a week before classes start so you don’t have much time to figure out the quickest route to your classes.” He scratched the back of his head as he walked beside the white haired woman. “I’m glad I was able to help you at least though. It’s nerve wracking being late on your first day.”


Nami had been the first one to class and Kimi smiled when she was greeted. “Good morning Nami.” She watched as a few minutes later most of the other students filtered in except for two. Within the last few seconds of the final minute two boys shoved their way through the door. One looking exhausted but familiar and the other with a sandwich sticking out of his mouth. She couldn’t help but chuckle as they made their way to the only seats still available which were in the front of the room.

When the bell finally rang she smiled and clasped her hands together. “Yay! Everyone is here from the looks of it! What a great way to start off the semester!” She looked over all of her students and nodded. “I don’t know some of your names so I will have to do role call so I can learn your faces. Please bare with me.” She began doing role call and jotting down who responded. She had Nami in a class last semester so she already knew her. But then she saw a name she recognized. “Roronoa Zoro?” She looked up and realized that the student who was almost late who looked exhausted was the same boy who she would babysit back when she was in high school.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Who designed this place," Ren laughed, "because this setup is questionable." When he mentioned being glad to help out she nodded. "Your friend seemed a little less than willing to help. I'd ask what her problem was but I'm not so sure I want to know." She shifted her bag and book again as they grew closer to building C. Looking around she noticed the cafe and a short ways away, the garden as well as the commons area. "So, her route would've made me roughly ten or so minutes late, right?"


Zoro let out a yawn and nodded, "Yeah that's me." He was still half asleep so it didn't really process who his professor was or that they knew each other.
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Sanji sighed softly. “Yeah… I’m sorry about her. I don’t understand what her issue is either. She’s fine one second then bitter the next. It’s exhausting…” He scratched the back of his head in frustration. When she asked about how late she would have been he nodded. “Give or take yeah. I didn’t want you to end up late your first day though. I was late my first day. And it leaves a horrible impression on some Professors.” He opened the door for her and let her walk in first. “I’ve heard Gaspar isn’t a Professor like that because he’s kind of eccentric. But this will be the first time I have him as well.”


Kimi smiled as she saw him yawn. [i He must not remember me. That’s fine though.] After she finished roll call she clasped her hands together once again. “Try not to hate me too much students. But we are going to be doing a quick assessment so I can see where everyone is at before I begin lessons.” A few students grumbled while others just nodded. Kimi loved assessments because they tracked the growth of her students progress. She loved seeing how far they’ve come in their time being in her class.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"You ever ask her why she's like that?" Ren hesitated before walking in and looked at Sanji for a moment. She didn't say anything, just noted a few things about his features and overall appearance. "Can't imagine what could've made you late," she teased, though her mind thought it could be Gwen. She stepped inside and took a seat at the only open table, leaving the empty space next to her for Sanji.


Zoro let out a displeased groan and sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He noticed Luffy scarfing down the remainder of his sandwich and Nami had set her books aside. [I Teachers pet,] he thought. The more he looked around though, his gaze focused on Kimi. After blinking a few times he frowned, "Don't I know you?"

"That's rude," Nami scolded.
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Sanji sighed. “I have… it’s honestly easier to just tolerate her at this rate since she does whatever she wants anyways.” He shrugged with a smile. Since there was an empty seat next to Ren he decided to take it since they were getting acquainted anyways. When she was curious what made him late he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Remember how I said the buildings were named out of order of sorts? I thought I knew where the buildings would be since I knew where building A was because of orientation.” He scratched the back of his head and sighed slightly embarrassed. “So I entered building D instead of building B because I didn’t bother looking at my map. Which is why I always try to push people to use the map from orientation. Save yourself from embarrassment.”


Kimi began passing out the assessment and when she got closer to Zoro she heard what he said and chuckled softly. “You do. But I’ll let you figure that out, Zoro.” She smiled then handed Nami her assessment since she was behind Zoro. Once all of the assessments were handed out she went back to the front of the room and smiled. “The Assessment is all I had planned for today. So once you finish that you are free to go.”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren bit her lip in an attempt not to laugh and ended up snorting as a result. This unfortunately made her laugh more and she was now covering her face with one hand and holding her side at the other. "I'm," she took a breath, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh."

"What is she laughing at," a student behind them whispered to their tablemate.

"I don't know," the tablemate whispered, "Maybe she's on drugs or something. Kinda weird if you ask me."

"Definitely weird."


Zoro's frown deepened but he didn't say anything else to her. He looked at the assessment and furrowed his brow. For at least the first few minutes he just stared at it before he began answering the questions. [I This is dumb.]
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Sanji couldn’t help but smirked when she snorted. He could tell she was slightly embarrassed so he tried not to laugh. But when he heard the students behind them talking he glanced back and gave them a cold stare. “Have you boys never thought of something as being funny before?”

The two students saw Sanji’s eyes and quickly looked down minding their own business.

Sanji sighed then smiled once more at Ren. “Nothing to apologize for. My friends also found it hilarious and held it over my head for weeks. Especially since Mosshead wasn’t even late to his first class and he’s directionally challenged.”

The bell had rung to indicate that classes could begin however Professor Gaspar still wasn’t there.

Sanji chuckled lightly gently nudging Ren. “Looks like you probably would have been okay with taking the scenic route today. Looks like the Professor is late.”


*Testing testing testing*
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

After Ren finally composed herself she looked at the front of the room. Sanji was right, the professor was still absent which was a little surprising. "I'll probably take that route after class then since I don't have anything going on until this afternoon. History in building A then swim practice."

"You can't have swim practice yet," the male student behind her piped up.

"Yeah! Tryouts haven't even started yet," his tablemate added.

Ren sighed and turned around, "Clearly you haven't heard of [I private] practice. And stop eavesdropping."

"Or what?"

"What're you going to do about it? Have Sanji defend you again?"

"For the love of," Ren sighed again, reached over, and flicked them both in the nose really hard.

"Ouch," they yelled in unison.

"Mind your business."


*More testing*
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Sanji smirked when Ren stood up for herself. Then added. “Swim team huh? That’s impressive. Gotta keep your grades top notch if you wanna stay on a sports team. It’s a miracle Zoro hasn’t been kicked out of the Martial arts team yet.”

“Are you kidding?” One of the students whimpered.

“Yeah Zoro fights like a demon. The coaches are probably too afraid to kick him off the team.”

Sanji was about to say something when the door swung open and a very nervous looking Professor stood at the front of the class. “Wowza look at all my students being here so early before class starts.”

“Professor Gaspar? Class was supposed to start almost ten minutes ago.”

“All your watches must be fast!” Gaspar defended before grinning. “I don’t care who any of you are. Impress me with science!” He laughed maniacally before pulling out several text books. “These book? JUNK!” He knocked them off the desk onto the floor. “You can read them on your own time. In my class we learn from failures. We learn through SCIENCE!”


Nami was the first one to finish her test and brought it up to the front. “Here Professor Akemi.”

Kimi smiled and nodded. “Thank you Nami.”

As Nami headed out of the class room she looked back at Zoro and Luffy and stuck out her tongue. Before closing the door behind her.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Why do I get the feeling I'm going to have to meet him? He sounds like an interesting person." Ren's eyes widened and she blinked in shock as the professor walked in. The moment the textbooks were in the floor she quickly stuffed hers in her bag. [I Is this guy for real?]

"You there," Gaspar pointed to Ren, "What's your name?"


"Put your hair up Ren or you'll burn it off!"

[I Definitely intense,] she thought as she quickly pulled her hair into a messy bun. "Are we actually doing something today?"

"Oh yes yes! But first," he looked around, "lab partners."


*More testing cause I'm lazy and tired*
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Sanji couldn't help but feel sweat roll down his face as he watched the eccentric Professor target Ren out and tell her to tie back her hair.

Gaspar grinned as he looked around the room. "I hope you like who you're sitting next to. Because that's who your lab partner will be. I hate doing anything that doesn't involve science so seating assignments are assigned wherever you first sit. Understand? Good! Even if you don't I don't care! Continuing on!" He rummaged through his desk and frowned. "Hmm not here."

Sanji leaned over to Ren and said in a low tone. "I apologize... I said I heard he was eccentric... I think that word may be a bit tame for him."

Gaspar looked in the cupboards and finally found something. "I hope you're all ready for SCIENCE!" He laughed maniacally.


Several more students had finished their assessment and handed it in. There were only about five more students left to turn in the assessment. Kimi had already begun grading the assessments that were turned in and as usual there were quite a few students who purposefully botched the assessment to look more impressive later. Meaning... they circled every answer for multiple choice and doodled on the written questions. She sighed softly. [i If only they would take these seriously...]
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"I think he might be a bit unhinged," Ren whispered to Sanji. She watched Gaspar as he searched for whatever it was he was looking for and jumped when he shouted again. Hesitantly she raised her hand, "Professor, shouldn't you go over safety or something before we actually do anything?"


Luffy finished his assessment and brought it up to Kimi. It was a bit messy but the work was there and all the questions were answered. He didn't say anything as he bolted out of the room hoping to catch up to Nami and get her to buy him more food. "Nami," he shouted when he found her.

"Done already," Nami asked when she spotted Luffy.

"Yeah. Could you buy me some snacks?"


Zoro had skipped over some questions, unsure of how to answer them. He'd scribble the problem on the side to try and work it out then scribbled it out when it didn't make sense. Every so often he would go back and do it again. Eventually he just gave up and picked a random answer. Some of them he left blank entirely. When he was finished he looked it over then looked around and noticed there was only him and Kimi left in the room. Silently he got up and put the assessment on her desk.
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Gaspar blinked a couple times then laughed wildly. “If you have long hair tie it back. And wear goggles at all times. Oh! Oh! And lab coats because they look cool!”

Sanji sighed softly. [i Is this guy for real?]


Once Luffy turned in his test Kimi smiled and nodded watching the boy rush out of the room with a grin on his face. Shortly after him the second to last student brought up their assessment. She noticed that now it was only Zoro and herself in the room. She continued grading the assessments and then finally she heard him get up. As he approached She looked up and smiled softly. She picked up the assessment. “You’ve gotten a lot taller since the last time I saw you Zoro.”


Nami in response sighed softly and chopped the top of his head. “Moron, you still don’t understand common curtesy.” But after she spoke his stomach growled and he whimpered slightly. She sighed softly. “Fine…”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren glanced at Sanji when she heard him sigh. It seemed both of them were, at least somewhat, thinking the same thing about their professor. While Gaspar continued his ranting, or whatever you call it, she got up and grabbed two pairs of goggles and two lab coats. "Sorry, I'm not sure if the lab coat is too small. I kinda guessed your size," she whispered a she handed them to Sanji.

"Already working on the new girl huh, Mr Prince," a guy with orange hair snickered from across the room. "She's already doing things for you." He looked at Ren, "Get sweetie, w?hy don't you trade up for a real man? I can show you things you've never dreamed."


"Hit puberty since you babysat me," Zoro replied. He shoved his hands in his pockets. "Just the assessment yeah?"


Luffy beamed as he hugged Nami, "Let's get lots of meat!"
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Kimi chuckled softly with a kind smile. “So you do remember!” She clasped her hands together. “Thank goodness! And yes the assessment was all for today. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you again on Wednesday.”


Nami sighed in irritation but couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic boy. “Not a lot of meat. You may order one thing. That’s it.”


Sanji thanked Ren but as soon as he finished he sighed upon hearing Lyonel spouting nonsense from his mouth across the room. “I didn’t even see him because I was so focused on the professor…” He was about to retort when he noticed Gaspar walk over to the student.

“You. Unimportant student. What’s your name?”

Lyonel looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Lyonel, you crazy fool.”

“Well Lyonel. You know what your first mistake was?”

“Calling you crazy?”

“NOT TALKING ABOUT SCIENCE!” The man brought a textbook down on the red mans head and huffed angrily. “Let me make myself clear because it seems that I have preteens in my class this year and not adults. If you talk about anything to provoke and irritate another student and you don’t speak at all about science. There will be consiquences.”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren cringed at Lyonel's remarks however she didn't say anything. Not that she had a chance after Gaspar intervened. She glanced at Sanji and wondered what it was that Lyonel was referring to when he called him 'Mr Prince'. Maybe she would ask him about it after class or some other time. Silently she put on her lab coat and waited for further instruction. [I Guess there are guys like that at every school.]


Zoro nodded, not wanting to mention that she was a key part of his childhood. He had a lot of good memories with her, even if they were of her being his babysitter. "Yeah," he mumbled, "Wednesday." Then he shrugged and left.
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Gaspar was overly eccentric throughout the whole class to the point where almost everyone felt completely drained by the time class ended.

Sanji was putting his textbook away and sighed. “Another expensive paperweight…” He groaned already feeling exhausted. He glanced at Ren with a smile. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself. You must have a knack for this kind of thing.” He chuckled softly.


Nami was waving a piece of bacon in front of Luffy’s face as his mouth watered like a dog. She sighed with a soft smile. “You really are hopeless. I wonder what’s taking Zoro so long.”


Kimi watched as the green haired man left and chuckled softly. She had loved babysitting him as a child. He was always so full of energy and despite his persistence he would still be kind to her and bring her back handfuls of grass saying that they were wild flowers from a wild man like him. She brought her hand to mouth and snickered at the memory. [i He seems much quieter and more reserved compared to what he used to be.]
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"To be honest," Ren hung her lab coat up and grabbed her bag, "I'm terrible at chemistry. Failed it last time I took it before I transferred so this is my second go around. But I enjoy Gaspar's energy which might be why I looked like I was enjoying myself." Now that class was over she took hair out of the bun and key it fall over her shoulders.

"Hey," Lyonel shouted, "You just going to ignore me?"

Ren sighed, "I'll see you later Sanji. Don't much feel like dealing with creeps today." Sure didn't wait for a response before quickly leaving the room.

"Don't ignore me," Lyonel said as he ran after her.


Zoro caught the end of what Nami was saying and cleared his throat. "I took my time." He snatched the piece of bacon just as Luffy was going for it and ate it.

"That was mine," Luffy whined.
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Sanji nodded. “He definitely isn’t like any professor I’ve had before.” He heard Lyonel from the other end of the room and grew annoyed then saw Ren excusing herself from the situation. “Yeah, see you later Ren.”

When Lyonel tried going after her Sanji tripped him making him fall face first into the door.

“Gack!” Lyonel turned around and glared at Sanji. “Cocky bastard! I’ll show you!” He went to swing at Sanji when the door opened again hitting Lyonel once again.

“Saaaaaaanjiiiiii~ Come on hurry up! We have time to go get breakfast!” Gwen smiled in an song song voice then noticed the guy holding his head on the ground. She raised an eyebrow then shrugged. “Come on.” She spoke in a more forceful tone as she grabbed his arm dragging him along.

“Gwen I can walk myself.” Sanji tried to retort but Gwen had the grip of a gorilla and Sanji sighed softly as he just let her drag him around.


Nami chuckled. “You know if you two have issues I’ll tutor you. For a price.” She grinned widely.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren had slowed her pace when she noticed that Lyonel wasn't following her. She couldn't put her finger on it but he didn't give her good vibes and she wasn't sure why. Though it could be his cocky attitude and how he treated women. "Definitely a red flag," she muttered.


"I'd rather fail," Zoro said as he sat down. "You're too expensive as a tutor. I'm surprised you haven't tried charging your roommate just for being your roommate."

Nami frowned at the comment. "I'm not going to charge her for being my roommate."

"How come we haven't met her yet," Luffy asked as he went for the sandwich Namu had left unguarded.

"If I'm right she just got out of chemistry." She swatter Luffy's hand away, "Don't touch." When she saw Ren she stood up and waved her over. "Hey Ren! Come sit with us. I want to introduce you to some friends."

Upon hearing her name being called, Ren looked around and saw Nami waving to her. She waved back and jogged over to the table. "Sorry I left before you woke up."

"No worries. You went to the pool right?"


"Anyway. This is Luffy, my boyfriend," she gestured to Luffy who had the sandwich in his mouth. "And the grump over here is Zoro. Over there is," she stopped when she spotted Gwen with Sanji, "Nevermind."

[I Where have I heard that name before?] Ren waved to both of them then looked at Zoro and leaned in. Without warning she poked his chest, "Are these real? They're almost as big as mine."
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Luffy grinned. “Hiya!” He went to reach for the sandwich again only to have Nami’s eye twitch as she grabbed a fork and stabbed it into his hand. “I told you not to touch!”


Lyonel was holding a tissue to his nose since his double door attack ended up giving him a bloody nose and a bruised ego. He grumbled under his breath about how stupid ‘Pretty boy’ always makes advances first. But then he saw her. He grinned slightly as he waited outside the door just out of sight. When the door opened she was looking in her bag and didn’t notice until she ran into the man leaning against the doorframe. “Looking beautiful as always Kimi.”

Kimi looked up slightly surprised but upon seeing the face she internally groaned. She loved all of the students at the college however this student was too much for her. “Good morning Lyonel. I’d appreciate if you’d call me Professor Akemi or just Professor. If you’ll excuse me I need to get going.”

“Where too Sweetcheeks. I’ll walk you.”

“I’ll be fine on my own.” She had to be careful with this boy because one wrong move and he could turn everything against her. Just the slightest touch could get her in trouble even if it was to push him away to get away from him.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Zoro swatted her hand away and got up. "I'm going to get something to eat, your want anything?"

Ren pointed to herself, "Me?"

"If you went swimming before class I'm guessing you didn't eat."


Zoro huffed, "Come on. It's on me this time."

Nami chuckled as the two walked away. "I'm glad they're getting along." She looked back to where Sanji and Gwen were. It appeared that Gwen was distracted talking to another student, so are quickly flagged him down to get him away from her. "Sanji," she called out quietly, not to get Gwen's attention.


While Zoro and Ren were talking in their way to order something for breakfast, Zoro heard Lyonel. It sounded like he was trying to pick up another girl and she just wasn't having it. The more he listen, he realized that it was Kimi. "Raincheck on that breakfast? I have to go do something."

"Switch it to lunch," Ren suggest which earned a nod before he ran off. She proceeded to order breakfast for herself and, out of pity, something for Luffy too because he looked hungry.


"Hey," Zoro called out to Lyonel, "Stop hitting on three professors."

"Or what," Lyonel challenged. This was a mistake on his part as Zoro quickly swung at him and knocked him out.

"That's what." Zoro looked at Kimi and rubbed the back of his neck. "You okay professor?"
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Lyonel kept trying to lean in closer to which Kimi had already taken a few steps back but Lyonel hadn’t given her much room to move. “Lyonel I really need to go. Please stop this behavior.”

“I’ll let you go professor if you stop ignoring my advances.” He sneered.

She was about to say something else when she heard a familiar voice. She watched as Lyonel’s focus was on the new voice and his response resulted in him getting knocked out. And even though she felt bad she let out a sigh of relief. She looked up and smiled at Zoro. “I shouldn’t be condoning violence but thank you… I’m afraid he’s growing more persistent than last semester.” She sighed softly before carefully stepping over Lyonel’s unconscious body. “I’m fine now. Thank you again.”


Sanji heard the faint whisper and saw Nami waving him over. He noticed Gwen was distracted and quickly escaped over and took Luffy’s hooding putting it on with the hood up before putting his head down.

Nami kept watch and when Gwen finally noticed he was gone she quickly looked around then started rushing off towards the culinary arts building. “All clear.” She tapped Sanji on the head and he let out a loud sigh.

“Thanks Nami…”
EmbreaZoro   1y ago

"Do you need someone to walk with you?" Zoro knew he shouldn't be asking but he was unsure of when Lyonel would wake up again. Even worse so, if he woke up and started praying on someone else. None of these situations were ideal but at least he could help in the moment.


Ren grabbed the two breakfasts and headed back to the table where Nami and Luffy were. She set the second plate down in front of Luffy. As she took a seat she noticed another body where Zoro had been sitting. "Hi." Just a she was about to take a sip of her juice she stopped and raised a brow. "Didn't take you for the hiding type Sanji."
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Kimi smiled softly. “I appreciate the offer. But you’re on a break right now. You should be getting something to eat. You still want to be the world’s strongest man right? You need to keep a healthy diet, no skipping meals.” She smiled softly remembering how often he’d remind her as a child that he would one day be the strongest man she’d ever seen.


Sanji heard the voice and lifted his head slightly and smiled. “Some battles are better left unfought…” He scratched the back of his head. He noticed the fork in Luffy’s hand and sighed softly. “Luffy tried to steal someones food again?”

Nami nodded. “Mine.” She huffed angrily before seeing Luffy scarf down the plate of food that was put in front of him.

“Nami your roommate is nice. She gives me food.”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Anything to do with the girl you were with this morning?" Ren took a bite of her food she smiled at Luffy's comment.

"Don't feed him," Nami sighed, "Now he'll see you as a source of food. He's already a bottomless pit."

"That's mean," Luffy pouted.


"I was going to but then I heard what was going on. Rainchecked my breakfast with a new friend." Zoro rolled his shoulders a bit, "Are you sure you don't want me to walk you to wherever you're going? Who knows when he'll wake up."
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Kimi thought for a moment then sighed softly with a nod. “Alright… if you insist.” She moved her bag up her shoulder a bit and smiled. “I’m heading to building E. Are you sure you want to walk me?” She asked cautiously. She felt bad that one of her students would be missing a meal because of her.


Sanji nodded. “Yeah, the one who tried making you ten minutes late to class.” When he heard what Nami said about Luffy then his retort he couldn’t help but snicker. “She isn’t lying though Luffy.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I made you a cake for your birthday… And after you blew out the candles you ate the whole cake including the candles.”

Luffy bursted out laughing. “Haha yeah! I was pretty impressed with myself!” This earned him a punch in the head from Nami who sighed.

“No one else got any cake because of you you idiot!” Nami sighed softly.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Is she like that with everyone?" At mention of eating the cake whole, she choked on her food. When she could breathe again she stared at Luffy. "The cake AND candles? What are you a human trashcan? That can't have been good for your stomach."

"It's not the worst thing he's eaten," Nami pointed out.

"Yeah I ate an entire fish once," Luffy said.

"Bones and all. Still don't know how he didn't end up hospitalized from that. The school has to call his grandfather though."


"It's fine." Zoro looked down at Lyonel one more time before walking next to Kimi. "Security will probably find him at some point."
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Sanji nodded. “Pretty much yeah.”

At the mention of his Grandfather Luffy frowned with a pout. “I got scolded that day a lot. It sucked.”

“We talking about my little bro’s insatiable appetite?”

Nami looked up and grinned. “Long time no see Ace.”

Ace grinned and bumped fists with Nami. “Likewise. Looks like an unfamiliar face here, hello new friend!”

Luffy grinned up at Ace. “Hey at least I don’t fall asleep on my feet.”

Ace shrugged. “Guilty as charged.” He grinned before ruffling Luffy’s hair.


Kimi knew how persistent Zoro could be but at least it wasn’t the type of persistent that Lyonel was. She nodded in agreement. “Alright. But please make sure you try to grab something to eat alright?” She walked beside him heading to building E when she looked up at him. “I know it’s been years but it’s still amazing to see how much you’ve grown since I used to watch you. You remember when you used to give me fist fulls of grass and tell me they were wild flowers because you were a wild man?”


Sanji glanced out the window and noticed familiar green hair walking beside a woman. “Huh? Is Zoro actually walking with a woman?”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Rem, nice to meet you," Ren smiled.

"Ace," Ace responded.

"Guessing your grandfather is strict?"

"Something like that."

Ren made a face, knowing all too well what it was like growing up with someone strict. That's why she started swimming. It was the only time she felt like she was in control and not someone else. When she heard Sanji mention Zoro she got up and stood next to him, looking out the window. "So that's why he rainchecked."


"I'll probably grab lunch with Nami and the others after my next class." Zoro knew that wasn't soon enough, at least by her standards, but he would just double up to compensate for the missed meal. When she brought up the 'wild flowers because he was a wild man' he groaned. "You remember that huh?"


"Sanjiiiii," Gwen called, still unable to find the blond man, "Where'd you go? What about breakfast?"

"Uh oh," Ren looked down at Sanji, "What're you going to do to hide now?"
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Kimi sighed but nodded. "Alright... just make sure you actually eat alright?" She couldn't help but laugh at his reaction to her remembering. "Of course I do. Was the first time anyone had ever given me 'flowers'." She smiled. "You've changed a lot since then though. You've definitely been training hard."


Sanji heard the familiar voice and sighed in annoyance. "I can't hide here... She'll just come in and cause a scene. Plus last time she and Nami got in an argument there was physical fighting."

Nami shrugged. "I still don't understand why you put up with her. She's a psycho."

Sanji didn't answer the question before getting up and quickly taking off the hoodie. "I'll see you guys later. I'm going to see if I can sneak out the back." He gave a small wave before sneaking past the counter area waving to the employees. Since he helped out there occasionally they let him come and go as he pleases. He quickly exited out the back in hopes that Gwen wouldn't catch him.

Nami sighed as she watched him leave. "I really wish he'd do something about her..." She muttered before she felt a weight on her shoulder. She looked over and saw Luffy and her eye twitched. "No you aren't getting anymore food."
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Who exactly is she," Ren asked as she watched Sanji leave.

"Who? Gwen?" Nami pushed Luffy off her and looked at Ren. "Just a culinary major that's obsessed with him. She hates when other females around around him, even Zoro."

"But he's a guy."

"I think she thinks there some unresolved sexual tension there or something."

"Is there?"

Nami chuckled, "It wouldn't surprise me at this point. Anyway, he's tried telling her to back off and whatnot but she won't."

"Which explains why she tried making me ten minutes late for class just for asking for directions."


"She sounds terrible."


"You'd never received flowers before that?" Zoro was a bit shocked at the information but did is best to hide it. Upon hearing that she'd noticed he grew stronger he raised a brow at her. "Were you secretly checking me out?"
PotatoPirateKimi Akemi   1y ago

Luffy nodded. "She is terrible. And her food sucks for her being a culinary major." He frowned trying to get Nami to let him get more food but she wasn't budging.

Ace took a chair from an empty table and sat on the end. "Man, she must be a really bad cook if even Luffy can't eat her food." He laughed. "That must be draining for Sanji. Poor dude."


Kimi shook her head. "Nope, you were the first boy to give me flowers." She chuckled softly. But the next thing he said made her face instantly heat up. "W-Wait what! No that's not what I meant at all! You're my student! I just meant that compared to when you were younger you've gotten buffer. I almost didn't recognize you!" She felt extremely flustered and saw the building was pretty close. "Ah, I think I can walk from here. Thank you for escorting me Zoro. See you Wednesday." She gave a small smile and a wave with blush still fresh on her cheeks before she jogged over to the steps walked into the building.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren took her seat again and finished her breakfast while the others talked about Gwen. Through all of it, she was under the impression that the two were dating. It would explain the jealously and why she was always hanging on him. "Is her cooking really that bad?"

Nami looked at Ren with a serious face. "Ren, I've had your cooking."

"This is going to be one of those times where its actually hurtful and nice at the same time, isn't it?"

"She makes your stuff taste gourmet. Yours is bad but it wont kill anyone."

"Ouch," Ren cringed, "So why is he with her if she's that bad at cooking?"


Zoro snickered at how flustered Kimi got from his comment. The more she talked the worse it seemed to get for her. "Later professor," he waved back. After waiting for her to enter the building he turned and headed back to the dorms until his next class.
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Nami looked at Ren and shook her head. “That’s the thing. They aren’t together. Sanji has a hard time telling women no due to how he was raised…” She sighed softly. “So he just deals with her even though its exhausting for him.”


Sanji sighed softly as he entered the Culinary Arts building. [i I don’t think she saw me…]


Sanji flinched and looked behind him seeing a hungry stare in Gwen’s eyes.

“Why do you always run from me.” She walked over and made him backup against the wall.

“Gwen knock it off…”

Gwen smiled as she looked up at him. “You know how upset I get when my Prince doesn’t answer my calls.”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren frowned, "Sounds rough. I can't imagine being in a situation like that. Have any of you tried saying something to her?"

"She and I got in a fight last time I said something to her," Nami replied.

"She starts yelling at us whenever we try to intervene." Ace gestured to himself and Luffy. "Even Sabo can't get through to her and he's pretty chill."

"And Zoro," Ren asked, "He seems intimidating enough."

"Nah," Nami laughed, "I mean he is but she hates him and thinks they have some unresolved sexual tension between them. Plus like you mentioned before, his chest is big and she hates anything with boobs."

Ace and Luffy exchanged a look before laughing. "You said that?! Wow I knew I liled you," Ace said.

"Not in those exact words." Ren looked at the empty chair where Sanji had been sitting and saw a phone. Picking it up the screen flashed with several missed calls and texts all from the same number. "Oh my. Is this his phone?"

"Yeah. He probably needs it. Why don't you take it to him? I'm sure a face like yours will energize him right up," Nami suggested.

"I don't like how you said that."

"He's in the culinary building. If you run you should be able to get it to him before his class starts."

Ren raised a brow but nodded. "It was nice meeting all of you." She stood up and left to deliver the phone. Upon arriving at the culinary building she looked around then popped her head into one if the kitchens. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I'm looking for Sanji."
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Gwen kept getting closer and Sanji heard a familiar voice down one of the halls. Gwen seemed to have heard it too because she distracted herself enough in that instance that he was able to slip out of her grip. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t force yourself on me.” He quickly walked to where he heard the voice.


“Sanji? He has this class next so he should be here soon.” As the woman spoke she saw the blonde man in question walk up behind the white haired woman looking more drained than usual. “Speak of the devil.”

Sanji sighed softly from behind Ren. “Hey Ren… I heard you were looking for me.”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Okay thanks I'll w," Ren trailed off when she heard him. "Oh hey. You left your phone at the table. Figured you might need it and it looks like you missed a lot of phone calls." As she handed it over she spotted Gwen stalking towards them, clearly unhappy. [I Great.]

"You," Gwen began bitterly, "What are [I you] doing here?"

"Just returning Sanji's phone."

"And why would you possibly have his phone?"

"Because he dropped it and I was nice enough to return it," Ren said, questioning the stupidity.

"Why would you be anywhere near it or Tom for that matter?"

"Because he's my lab partner you psycho. Contrary to what you might believe, or want, he can be around other women. Or are you that threatened over a man that isn't even yours?"

At the word psycho, Gwen slammed the side of Ren's face into the wall and held it there. "You take that back! I'm not a psycho!"

Ren cringed and groaned on impact, immediately feeling the sting of torn flesh. "You sure about that," she coughed out.
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Sanji without thinking spun around and grabbed Gwen wrist forcing her off of Ren. “Gwen that is [i enough].” His eyes were different than he had ever looked at her before. He was furious. “Leave. Before I call campus police.”

“Sanji she called me a psycho! You can’t possibly think—!”

“Leave. Now.” His response was short. His eyes still cold. He helped Ren up completely ignoring Gwen and led her into the culinary room. “Yosuke, grab the first aid kit.”

“Of course!” The student quickly ran to the back of the room to grab their first aid kit while Sanji led Ren over to one of the chairs.

“I’m sorry Ren…” Sanji sighed softly. “I put up with her but I never thought she’d get violent…”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"You don't need to apologize for what she did." Ren couldn't see how bad the damage was but she could tell there was blood dripping down her face. So she cupped her hand under her head to catch it and keep it from getting in anything. "It's not that bad. I could probably clean it up at home."

"It's," Yosuke set the first aid kit down, "pretty bad. She drag your face across the wall or something? We heard the collision from in here."

"Or something." She looked at Sanji, "She's not going to get in here, is she?"
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Sanji looked over his shoulder and already saw the line of the three bulkiest people in class guarding the door. He pointed his thumb over his shoulder and smiled. “Nah, she won’t be getting in. The thing about the culinary arts class is that several students are also in sports and sparring competitions similiar to mosshead. And when someone disgraces fights without valid reason. They take it personally.”

“Let me in you morons!”

“Gwen your cooking isn’t even edible. You disgrace our class. First your cooking is borderline poison and now youre starting fights. Like hell we’ll let you through. And I dare you to try attacking one of us. We’ll make sure you aren’t able to cook ever again.” The mans tone was harsh but Gwen bit her lip then screamed before stomping away clearly pissed off. But the three stayed in front of the door just incase it was an act.

Sanji smiled softly. “Just let us take care of the wound here. She scuffed you up pretty bad.”

Yosuke nodded. “Yeah… you’re bleeding a lot. Like a lot a lot.”

“Thank you for the observation Yosuke.”

“Oh! No problem dude!” Yosuke grinned while Sanji sighed.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren glanced at Yosuke with a raised brow but said nothing before looking back at Sanji. She tried to keep her face as relaxed as possible while he worked. It was strange seeing him so serious and focused. From time to time are would look at the discarded gauze that was used to clean up the blood. [I Oh, okay, that's a lot of blood.] It wasn't until the disinfectant was applied that she hissed and jerked away from him. "Ow!"
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

When Ren jerked away he frowned. “Sorry. I don’t want it to het infected…”

Yosuke nodded. “Yeah, infections suck. My uncle had an infection in his arm when he was a teenager and it got so bad that they had to remove his whole arm.”

Sanji sighed once more. “Not helping Yosuke.”

“Oh right sorry.”

Sanji tried to hold her head still gently as not to be forceful with her while he cleaned the wound. Once he finished and applied the bandage he sighed softly. “There…”


Gwen stomped through the halls like a bratty teenager when she saw a familiar face leaning against a wall rubbing their head. “Lyonel. I need to talk to you.” A sick and twisted grin appeared on her face.
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

Ren tried not to laugh as Sanji scolded Yosuke for his story. "No he's got a point. The same thing happened to my Nana. Only they amputated the wrong leg."

"No," Yosuke gasped, "What happened after?"

"She died," she replied bluntly and watched his face fall. When Sanji finished she smiled then looked at her hands. "Oh uhm," her smile faded, "that is a lot of blood. Is there a sink nearby so I can wash this all off?"


"Not now Gwen," Lyonel groaned.
PotatoPirateSanji   1y ago

Yosuke seemed to have taken Ren’s story to heart and was tearing up. Sanji patted him on the back then turned to Ren. “Yeah the sink in the back.” He pointed then smiled.


Gwen groaned in unison as she put her hands on her hips then looked at the man before her. “The hell happened to you? You look worse than normal when you get rejected.”
EmbreaEirena (Ren)   1y ago

"Tried getting with Kimi and that angry tree bastard kicked my ass." Lyonel rubbed his head a little more before straightening up. "What do you want anyway? Aren't you usually with Prince Charming?"


"Thanks." Ren stood up and headed for the sink. Once there she rinsed the blood off then proceeded to scrub her hands to make sure she got rid of it all. "Guessing I won't be swimming until this is healed, huh?"


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