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Harry Potter role play (Lillian×Ellis)

By Sorgan

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A Difficult Summer

"Mother, it'll be fine. I promise I revised like you said."

The summer was finally drawing to close but Lillian's frustration didn't come from the exams but rather as a result of the woman in front of her. She knew her mother wanted her to become an auror to join the fight against dark magic, but it just didn't appeal and this was going to just be another reflection of that. A cynical part of her wondered if it wasn't guilt for not being able to stop her sisters joining the death eaters and now she was going to fix her mistakes by having her daughter's put an end to their reign of terror. But in the same way that she disliked history of magic, Lillian didn't feel inclined to constantly fix the past and make up for things that happened decades ago. She wanted her own life.

Yet recent events seemed to be bringing out the worst in everyone, even herself.

For the first time she wasn't looking forward to going back to Hogwarts; she had no doubt everyone would be taking sides and was worried about Ellis, who never spoke much about his home life. But she certainly didn't want to stay here, where everyone could feel her relationship with her mother getting taunter by the day. On a couple of storm addled nights she'd had flashes of packing her bags, emptying her half of the vault and running off into the wilderness with nothing but their wands in their pockets and each other to see the world, but then reality snapped back into place and she remembered she couldn't so much as talk to her neighbour without her mother freaking out. Also, she doubted Ellis had ever gone a day in his life without access to dry cleaning and probably wouldn't appreciate living on a moss covered rock in some swamp.

Her thoughts were somewhat at odds with the sunny and spacious conservatory they were currently sitting in, watching the owl get closer. Her father didn't seem remotely bothered; he'd merely greeted her for breakfast and then sat down to read the paper like always. Then again, he'd always had quite a hands off approach, happier to to sit back and deal with the practical issues rather than anything personal.

"You shouldn't take such a casual attitude about things like this Lillian. Especially with everything going on." Worry strained her mother's otherwise pretty face as she looked fully at her daughter. Her lack of interest in fighting the death eaters worried her that she might be sympathetic to their cause, but she seemed infuriatingly neutral about the whole situation. This was exasperated by her friendship with that Slytherin boy - Ellis - whom she seemed to like more than any of her other, safer friends. Despite Lillian's protests that he wasn't a "stuck up princeling" like Draco, Snape had mentioned how the boy liked to dabble in the dark arts and was generally quite secretive, a trait she did not want Lillian picking up. She also noticed how she'd stopped mentioning him by name in her presence and was careful to always shrug the conversation off if she bought up a different boy.

"Mother, I haven't been let out of the house in two months. Or even spoke to anyone on the outside." Lillian repeated with more than a hint of exasperation, becoming ever more frustrated with this situation. Now she was going to be seventeen her mother had scarcely given her a break from mentioning how she was going to be an adult and had to take certain precautions to keep the family safe. Which apparently meant pretending not to exist for two months.

Her mother opened her mouth to speak but the owl soaring through the window clearly broke her chain of thought, and Lillian grabbed the letter before her mother could get her hands on it. Feeling a pang of apprehension, she flicked it open and chucked the other stuff aside, focusing on her results.

Astrology: A
Arithmancy: A
Charms: E
Care of magical creatures: E
Defense against the dark arts: A
Potions: A
Herbology: E
History of magic: P
Transfiguration: A

"See mother, they aren't so bad." Lillian said as she passed it to her, and although she gave her daughter a small smile, she couldn't quite hide the disappointment in her eyes. She knew why; they'd managed to convince Snape to let Tonks in with an 'E' to pursue becoming an auror, but he'd never accept an 'A' and with good reason - NEWTS were a lot harder than OWLS.

"You could retake potions, transfiguration and defense, you know. A little more work and you could definitely be up there; McGonagall says you're talented you just don't apply yourself-"

"I want to work with animals. Abroad." Lillian said decisively, reading the other pieces of paper. One was a list saying what classes she was now eligible to take, Charms, Care of magical creatures and Herbology, all of which she was happy to do, along with a list of careers that met those criteria. Sprout certainly had a bias; at least six of them were some kind of botanist, but she was glad to see that a Newt in care of magical creatures and charms would allow her to go into magical veterinary care.

"Well I'll slip Sprout a note to talk to you about it, you don't want to limit your options too much." Her mother sighed as she turned away from her daughter's grade sheet to find she'd already left, probably to hide in the loft and pine after her friends.

One week later

Andromeda, Ted, Nymphadora and Lillian all appeared in Diagon alley, although the atmosphere was far tenser than usual. Faces of death eaters leered down at them from wanted posters and Lillian looked at the one for Bellatrix closely, seeing how similar or not she looked to her mother, although she quickly glanced away when she felt the others looking at her. They'd arrived early in the morning to avoid most of the crowds but with the letters all arriving later than usual it was already busy with teens and their families getting ready for the school year. Hurrying them through from one shop to the other, even Ted seemed a little nervous and kept glancing sideways at Lillian, as if they expected someone to leap out at her at any moment. Sighing through her nose, she was almost relieved when they spotted Hagrid and they decided it was safe to remain still for more than a few seconds at a time.

"Hey professor." Lillian said casually, his presence reminding her that she had actually achieved something of note, as her mother had been muttering ' we'll it's not like she'll need that' under her breath for the last forty minutes. The rest greeted him by name and he asked if they'd made it out alright then.

"Oh yes, not too bad. Just trying to keep it short really." Her mother replied, sounding slightly short of breath as her eyes swept the street, her hand ever close to her wand.

"They'll be alright." Hagrid whispered, although being a half giant it wasn't the most subtle thing in the world. "Let 'em go and look at the new brooms or something."
Andromeda looked horrified by this proposal but when Ted glanced at her and then at their two daughters she flurriedly gave them permission to leave but only if they stayed on the street and agreed to meet at the robe store in exactly fifteen minutes.

"Minerva told me about your note." He said, not in an accusatory tone but it wasn't approving all the same. "She said you're going too hard on the girl and to drop the order stuff. It's good enough to keep her out of their grasp."

As Andromedas expression changed from worried to cold anger, he raised his hand up and said he was just passing on the message.

"Well pass on this." She hissed "I spent seventeen years watching my sister's get swept up in this rhetoric and I will not see it happen again."

Hagrid held her with a piercing stare as she grabbed her husband's arm and tried to leave.

"Andromeda" He said, his voice dropping so low they had to get closer to hear him, "I went to school with Dolohov and you-know-who. I was groundskeeper when you were at school. And now I've taught Draco. She's one of my favourite students to work with. Don't spoil that."

A muscle in the side of her jaw twitched aggressively as she stormed off with her husband, furiously looking around for her two daughters, who were currently busy having some of the only fun they'd had all summer.


Having finally escaped their mothers grasp for five minutes, Lillian breathed a sigh of relief and set about looking for her friends, chatting to her sister along the way. Her Hufflepuff ones were almost certainly going to be in the new joke shop, but as it was Ellis she had missed the most, she headed straight for the stationary store, knowing that was the most likely place for him to be. Admittedly, the chances were fairly slim; it was only half ten, they could've already come or be planning to do it later in the week, or he might not even be returning. But as she spotted that oh-so-familiar dark head of hair on top of a concentrating face reflected in the shop window, she grinned and hurried down, her sister keeping a respectable few metre distance as she watched them.

"Ellis!" She yelled happily as she crashed into him, the hill giving her more momentum than she anticipated but they both managed to stay on their feet. Hoping he wasn't carrying one of his usual coffee's, she winced slightly as they pulled apart, a few onlookers giggling as she turned a deep red. "How's your summer been?"
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Ellis was studying one of his particular interests the dark arts when he should have been looking into what his owls were gonna be.He was sure he aced them all especially history of magic being one of the few who can sit through mr bins lectures.His parents were extra distant and he was getting more worn down from studying then he ever has been before.Though he lived in a wizarding neighborhood this added to his worries.The way he lives haunts him because he thought he might be turning into a malfoy which was one of the people he despised most. Not saying he liked the potters either but he despised the malfoys.He did resemble them to.His eyes were about the same colour and the only distinctable feature is his hairs and his features.As draco malfoy's features were more built then his and his features were more old and wiser.His personality was way different to as malfoy were more show offs and proud jerks then he was, as he acted more chill in his eyes and didn't flaunt his knowledge.Then he heard something hit his window with a thud and saw a brown barn owl with a letter.He took the piece of parchment and opened it up as it was his owls written in neat cursive.

charms: O
care of magical creatures:A
defense against the dark arts:O

He read it over again with a stern face and threw it on his desk a bit annoyed about the A in care of magical creature but then his mind fell on someone he cared for all to much and hoped was managing or doing alright.That person was his best friend lilian. He enjoyed her company and like basically everything about her from her brown hair and her beautiful brown eyes as it was safe to say he liked her or at least liked to be around her. Then he saw his parents getting home as he sighed and headed downstairs with his Owls and waited in the living room. His house was quite big though from the outside didn't look like much.From the outside you could see his room and his parents room. The exterorior is a light blue colour and looks very old. The inside had a lot of rooms for different things though he spent most of the time in his father's study or his own room.He went to the kitchen tables as his parents came in and sat opposite of him as it looked like he was in for questioning at the police station.The first one to say something was his father.

"so you know what we want to see" it was more of a station than a question
"here" he used more force to push it into his parents hands then he meant to and sat there staring at his parents.They looked over his owls three times looking up at ellis in between them.
"there all good but if i can ask why is care for magical creatures lower than the others?" his mothers raised their eyebrows waiting for an answer.
"well probably from went we went over something and i must of done something wrong" he said through gritted teeth wondering why it's never enough for his parents.
"well you will be studying more then but soon it will be time to get all your stuff for hogwarts" his father stated sternly and after that he studied more all summer.


It was almost time for hogwarts and it was a week before hogwarts and his parents weren't with him so he had total freedom. He was walking around diagon alley and went to multiple places and got cauldron cakes and was snacking on it and looked into certain stores. He always hated all the gryffindors ogling at all the new broomsticks because that's all they ever really cared about.He personally didn't like quidditch as he thought it was pointless and only started petty arguments.Ellis the Heard someone running down towards him and turned barely staying on his feet as she crashed into him and he hugged back.ellis smiled and looked at lillian "for my standards its been alright and just, what about yours?" he asked thoughtfully and finished his cauldron cake. He looked back at the owls with his books he in his bag some for hogwarts and others for fun though the ones for fun though they were really big and heavy.
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

Lillian smiled as she let go of Ellis, taking in his appearance and noticeable lack of parents. And the heavy thump his backpack had made when they'd collided.

"What a surprise you're taking every subject ever devised to man. Or is this just some light reading?" She nudged, slightly sad in knowing they wouldn't be in a lot of the same classes this year; hardly any in fact if he dropped herbology and care of magical creatures, which were widely considered rather pointless subjects for those not wanting specific careers in those fields. Her bag was surprisingly heavy too but not for the same reasons; while her mother had been fretting over there being too many people in the bookstore and whether to buy more study guides and homework planners (Lillian's had suspiciously combusted a week after getting it) her and Tonks had slipped off to buy 'one hundred and one jinx's for enemies' and 'revenge is a dish best served hexed'. Asking him what his results were and what he planned to take further, she grinned when she realised she'd outdone him in care of magical creatures.

"My mother was pretty disappointed in my results. I mean I passed everything aside from history of magic, but she wants me to retake potions, transfiguration and defense against the dark arts. Which is not happening."

She quickly looked back at her sister who shook her head and put up seven fingers before resuming her observation of the street. Half their time already. Nymphadora was smiling lightly at the two of them, seemingly happy to see her sister actually enjoying herself instead of being shut indoors. Currently the two of them didn't look much alike; she had her signature bubblegum pink hair that'd appeared as soon as she was out of her mother's sight and was shorter than Lillian although just as lithe.

"Sorry about not being able to write to you." She said more seriously, the smile dropping from her face. "My mother is really paranoid, in fact the only reason I've managed to get away is because Hagrid wanted a word." Her voice dropped as she looked around, moving slightly closer to him. "I'm meant to be going back to get my robes fitted in a minute, but do you want to come? Tonks and I are going to try and convince her to let us stay out for a bit, with her now being a trained auror and all."

Her voice was hopeful and she smiled again at the idea of them hanging out for the day, especially at getting all their new equipment. She also knew her mother trusted her sister's judgement more than hers so if she didn't think he was a terrorist in training, maybe their mother would stop freaking out so much. One could only hope, but then there was the issue of Ellis not being amazing with meeting new people. Unfortunately for him, he did kind of have a death eater… look. The pale skin tone, being a Slytherin, the sharp features that were usually the result of some pretty strict breeding and he was pretty evasive when it came to anything personal, especially his parents. She knew Tonks was practically planning to interrogate him about everything from his favourite band to his grandparents wedding photos and despite warning her off she'd insisted it was the only way to even remotely convince their mother to let them stay.

"Come on lovebirds." Tonks called, easily closing the several meter gap as Lillian jumped, going slightly pink as she glared at Tonks, telling her to shut up. Flipping a rude gesture at her younger sister, her demeanor changed to be more serious as she took in the boy in front of her. He did seem to be a genuine teen, so that was one thing at least and the lack of adoring wealth in his muggle outfit certainly explained why she described him as being pretty different from their cousin. But outfits can easily be changed; after all, no one would think Lillian was wealthy by her mere outfit alone, but they certainly had enough to be comfortable.

"well i dropped herbology but sadly i decided to drop history of magic since i know its pretty much useless and i know basically everything from the battles of ogres to basically all the ghosts who used to be in the castle..." he looked down but looked back up "so i still have hagrid's class" and the reason he gave wasn't the real reason. The real reason was actually his parents wanting him to keep care of magical creatures and since he wanted to be an auror though they wanted him to play quidditch for a famous team like the "amazing old harry potter" did. But he dropped herbology because it wasn't necessary for him to take or have to go through like last year when he thought he would go deaf growing the mandrakes or almost getting put to sleep by whatever stupid plant they wanted him to grow.Ellis all of a suddenly wanted to look around and saw many others mostly buying books and getting new wands and looking at all the animals.There were the baby rats who were light pink and had there little eyes closed to the more mature ones some who were a nice shade of gray to the white ones who are more old and the colorful ones. There were the owls and he did enjoy owls as one of his favorite animal third to the mataray second to the snake. He looked bak around at lillian and gave her a smile "its alright,i probably wouldn't have been able to reply to it anyway with the mass amounts of studying on the care of magical creatures subject and the studying on defense against the dark arts and the other way around though you would know more than anyone that i would never use them as its against the law". He looked at tonks on the last half even though he knew tonks knew he would never but you could never be to sure in this day and age plus the fact he could be taken as a death eater in training quite easily "and i would love to come with you and i would also love to answer questions on anything you would like to bring up as it helps me and both you two,though i will try to be as truthful as i can on most of your questions..." He had no promises he would be one hundred percent truthful. "and i hope you can understand why i won't want to answer some of the questions though none of the reasons illegal nymphadora" ellis didn't like using people's first names but it was a serious matter and he thought it was appropriate to use tonks first name in this instance. He walked along with them and sighed when tonks used the inappropriate gesture and lightly blushed as he didn't care much that she called them that and looked down and almost bumped into the boy in front of him and looked at them and his eyes seemed to narrow some more and decided to try and ignore the person he so loathed and hated but the boy addressed him by first and last name so he froze stood right where he was to wait for lillian trying to ignore the boy since it was easier to tune people out then have to confront them or talk to them in general since he kinda had social anxiety.He hated having to meet new people though meeting lillian's mother was the exception though that wasn't the general real reason to why he could talk to lillian's mother because it did seem to him almost everything when it came to having to do with lillian was the exception, from the times he had to lie to get her out of trouble to the amounts of homework he would happily give her the answer to or help her with he just couldn't see to turn down her offers to do stuff for her rather it be his love for her or her pretty much being his only friend.
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

"Unfortunately, laws can change. They're not always a good basis for moral character." Tonks replied, frowning at him slightly with pursed lips. Lillian had mentioned the teens' social awkwardness, especially with new people, although so far she was more inclined to tell her to stay away from him. He'd seemed fine a few minutes ago; a little distant perhaps, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Aurors did generally make people nervous, especially at these times, so she tried to give him more of a chance.

"We're not here to interrogate you. Although mother might." Tonks joked as Lillian hummed in agreement, but that wasn't entirely true. He was tripping over his words, offering to be helpful but also trying to force the idea that he was innocent. Walking up the street together, it was slightly irksome to go against the general movement of the crowd (as most sensible people started at the top and worked their way down) and had to apologize to several people, Tonks nearly sending an older lady and her pot plant sprawling up the street when she suddenly emerged a shop they were walking past.

They made their way back near the top while Tonks changed her hair colour again, this time alternating between shocking purple and electric blue and looking at her reflection in the shop windows, all the while asking feedback from the two of them. Lillian preferred purple with black tips, while Tonks argued blue with white gave her an 'ice queen' appeal.

"I'll be like that muggle princess, oh what's she called, the blonde one with the ice powers?" She said as she waved her hand dramatically, both of them laughing.

"Oh like any of you would ever be royalty." Drawled an unfortunately familiar voice and both Lillian and Tonks turned to face Draco, who had barged past Ellis and recognised them.

"Sod off Draco. Shouldn't you be hiding behind mummy's skirt before you end up like your dad?" Lillian bit back, her arms crossed. Typical; her first trip out since the summer started and she runs into her wannabe death eater cousin. She glared slightly at Ellis for making her stand up for him but she was well used to that by now.

"Yeah we actually have stuff to be doing." Tonks followed up, sounding annoyed as she tried to round up the two teens.

"Oh wow, needing two Hufflepuff girls to save your butt? Pathetic." He sneered at Ellis and Lillian moved on him, standing nose to nose with her cousin who stared back with cold dislike. Onlookers were starting to notice so Tonks put her hand on sisters shoulder and tried to turn her into the shop where their mother was almost certainly waiting, but she shoved her off.

"What's wrong Lillian? Order boys just not cutting it for you nowadays? We all saw that look. He's a-"

"He's what Draco? What, you think being a terrorist makes you part of the big boys club? I'm surprised they let slime like you in."

Tonks finally managed to interject and forcefully make Lillian leave, Draco laughing as he went off down the street. Whispering to just ignore him, they finally entered the shop to find their mother by the window, her face almost white with rage.

"Get in here." She hissed at them, Ted wisely hiding behind a newspaper. Berating Lillian for being late to her appointment, it gave her a ready made excuse to avoid her mother until she could blow off some steam on her sister. Gesturing for Ellis to follow her (Andromeda was too angry to notice the slight boy was part of their group) she breathed a sigh of relief as they disappeared behind the curtain.

"Charming woman, I'm sure you'll agree." She commented, standing on a stool as magic tapes measured her. "Usually she's not too bad, but recently…"

She tailed off with a bitten lip. A lady from the store came in and set to work, asking the usual questions; when were you last fitted, what are you in for, all rather tedious really. But having a moment to think gave her an idea.

"You know Ellis" She said casually, although her eyes had the dark sparkle to them that always meant trouble "It's only a few days till Hogwarts, we could sneak out of here and have some fun."

Ellis was biting back the urge to hex draco right there but decided it might not help his case or be smart in a street of people and an auror as he so hated draco the urge was growing stronger.But it was basically what draco wants, but instead he muttered something under his breath to blow off steam and kept walking "i hope that brat and excuse for a death eater breaks his wand hand".Ellis was thinking more about what he wa gonna have to say to lillian's mother since he already had probably ruined any chance of a good impression on tonks.

Ellis saw Lillian's mother and decided to stay quiet till he was addressed by either her or lillian and then waited for the usual store lady to come and as questions for robes and such.Ellis looked over at Lillian "yes?" he replied and saw the sparkle in them and heaved a heavy sigh "you know that would only get you in trouble" as he was pretty sure he was stating the obvious."but i guess you probably could use some time away from your mother" he said quietly so only lillian could hear it as they finished fitting his robes. He shoved them in his bag and one of his books fell out so he shoved it into his robe quickly and got up "now we just need a good excuse to get you away from your mother" he said and looked around "do you have anything left to get?"

Ellis took out the new hogwarts book he got for defense against the dark arts and started to read and slipped outside the store waiting for lillian since he pretty much was banking on her to have a good excuse for her to be able to leave her mother behind.When she finally came out he put his book back in his bag "what do you wanna do?".
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

Sighing with a slight frown, a look of mild distaste flashed across her face at his question. She knew he was right; if she literally slipped out the back and disappeared into the muggle world for a few days her mother would probably have a stroke but two months inside had made her more reckless than usual. The look on her face must've registered as he quietly mentioned getting away for a few hours, which she supposed would be better then just heading straight home to be yelled at.

"Head outside. Quarter of an hour, back of your coffee shop. If my mother asks, say I wanted to look at some new styles." She instructed, a loose plan already formulating but she couldn't tell him lest she find out. He couldn't be forced to say what he didn't know, although she already felt bad about shoving him out there alone. Hopefully her mother wouldn't round on a stranger in public, although she would almost certainly want an order search party created to hunt her down. And would follow Ellis, but they'd cross that bridge when they came to it. All the more reason to escape into the muggle world; also the chances of running into a death eater were much slimmer, basically nonexistent. Thanking the shopkeeper as she presented her robes, she pretended to be busy trying to pack them in and look for something, the next customer being bustled in.

"Move along please, we have a lot of people to get through." She said to Lillian, who smiled apologetically, gesturing to the bag. The customer in question couldn't have been older than twelve; a shy young thing that wouldn't be likely to snitch. Waiting for the lady to turn back around to consult her records, Lillian figured it was the closest she was going to get and made a break for the exit. The tinkling of the bell charm and slamming of the door was the first thing that alerted the shop assistant, who yelled "wait" but thankfully made no move to go after Lillian, who was busy running half way up the back street. It was times like this she wished she had her sisters abilities, but she supposed her current talents would have to do.

Hiding in an offshoot alley out of sight of the back of the store, she dug her hoddy (well, one of Ellis's she'd 'borrowed') out for her bag and chucked it over her head. Tucking her hair down the back of it, she took her wand out and changed her jeans from blue to black, putting a few rips in them for good measure. Putting on some large sunglasses and lipstick, she looked around for anyone before checking herself out in a pocket mirror. Close up, people would recognise her but from afar? Not so much, she could just be one of hundreds of edgy teens that had been dragged outside the house. Stuffing one hand in her pocket, she converted her cross body bag into a hand held one, stepping out into the crowded street once more. Heading down the street, she glanced back up once, seeing her mother and Ted storming out of the shop. They'd have to make this quick; she knew how effective Tonks would be in a situation like this and wanted to shake her trail.

Walking briskly down the street, she wanted to get there on time but not draw attention. Sticking to the centre of the crowd, she only cut out at the very last minute, as if the café was an afterthought. Stepping through the door, she nodded politely to the barista and mused over the menu before ordering a double espresso vanilla milk, something she would absolutely despise but she wasn't planning to drink it. Just blend in, don't draw attention. She was fully expecting for Ellis to walk in surrounded by her family and she was right, her mother's piercing eyes sweeping over the busy room. She looked down at her coffee as she did so but she needn't have worried; the changed clothes and sunglasses on top of her head had thrown them off for the moment, especially as they weren't aware she owned such items. Sipping it in distaste, she watched the four of them sit down and order a drink each, still surveying the room. What to do now? She could just walk over and confess she'd wanted some space, but that seemed… pathetic. Maybe Draco's words had gotten to her after all, or maybe she was just sick of confinement.
incog_sniperellis brown   1y ago

Ellis sat outside the shop and waited a bit and started to walk towards his favorite coffee shop and heard people coming out of the shop he was just in.Obviously he believed it to have been some random kids but saw tonks and lillians mother and new they must think lillian left which did so she was in trouble.But to his surprise they walked up to him so he pretended to read as he looked up at them."yes?" and immediately lillian's mother berated him with questions."wheres my daughter? did you convince her to sneak out? have you taken her somewhere?" and so forth and tonks stopped her.He simply got up and answered "what are you talking about?" this didn't help his case at the looks of it but it was his best bet."don't play dumb with me boy where is lillian!?" She was practically fuming and he swore he saw literal steam coming out of her ears."i don't know what your talking about?" then he realized that it was almost time for him to go and meet lillian so he started to walk to the coffee shop but did have something planned.

Ellis did admit this wasn't the most ideal plan he's had or the smartest but he thought it might just work. Though he was getting tailed by tonks,lillian's mother and ted he didn't know but he acted perfectly normal and walked into the coffee shop and went and ordered his normal cappuccino and drank away reading his book as he sat down. Much like lillian's mother he scanned the room and saw someone wearing one of his hoodies and immediately new it was lillian."well if i'm being perfectly honest id think lillian probably went somewhere to go mess around or have fun,but that's just my opinion".He looked over and saw tonks was now staring at him an he had another idea and started to frantically looked at a different shop and hoped tonks would take the bait."what's over there?" tonks asked ellis and he took a big gulp "oh nothing" he replied quickly making a hit of nervousness show in his voice and tonks looked over to lillian's mother."ellis please tell us what you know,its all for lillian's safety" she said nicely and he pretended to act a bit more nervous "i think she said she was going to go to one of the shops" he said pretending to give in "please don't punish her though". As lillian's mom quickly swept out of the shop "thank you ellis" tonks replied and she and ted left to as he felt bad about lying to tonks.

Ellis got up and went over to lillian's table and sat down sipping his coffee "nice disguise" he said and looked at her and chuckled "though you look like an old lady with that lipstick and glasses" ellis pointed it out. He then moved on to the next topic "so two questions" ellis looked her over "first,is that my hoodie you have?" he said it with a hint of blush coming across his face."second,what do you want to do now?" he put away his book and looked out of the cafe checking to see if he could see any auror's or if lillian's family was anywhere in sight.
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

Watching in slight amazement as Ellis managed to talk her family out of the shop, she couldn’t help but grin as he slid into the chair next to her. Chuckling lightly, she was grateful to not have to drink any more coffee, although she figured they shouldn’t stay long at any rate. It was too risky to go back onto the main street but thankfully diagon alley had plenty of exits into central London, if only one knew how to find them without getting lost.

“Maybe.” She smirked coyly, toying with the arm of it that went slightly over her hands “You lent it to me last winter. I guess I forgot to give it back.”

In truth, she had been hiding it at the bottom of her trunk for several months, occasionally wearing it when she could be sure her mother wouldn’t see her. It’d become somewhat of a comfort and she hoped he wouldn’t want it back, although he seemed pleased to see her in it, if not a little embarrassed, which made sense. Their friendship always had balanced the edge of being platonic or romantic, neither one making any direct moves aside from Lillian being a shameless flirt. And getting slightly jealous whenever he was paired with another girl for a project. But that was something she tried to shove aside, except for that one harlot who suddenly had hair growing so fast she could’ve auditioned for the next big foot. But she had it coming. Obviously.

“Firstly, we get out of here” She explained, gathering her things together “And then we slip out into the muggle world and have some fun. Ever been to a cinema? Or a game store?”

She asked him excitedly, leaving the back of the shop and coming out onto a cobbled backstreet, all but empty except for them. One or two people hurried past but no one paid any particular attention, presumably assuming they were muggleborns heading back after a day out. She had been into muggle London a few times with Ted and had enjoyed it each time, even if she found the cars rather annoying. Looking up and down just in case, they snuck outwards until they could start to hear the sounds of traffic.

"You know, you've never actually said what your parents are. Presumably they're not muggleborns?" She guessed, mainly from the fact he was in Slytherin rather than anything he'd actually said. He didn't carry a pureblooded name so presumably he was a half blood, but she didn't like to probe about his family life too much.

Finally stepping out of the backstreets, they were soon walking along a busy street full of cars and people. Stores with sportswear, muggle fashions, books and several cafés adorned one side of the long street; an arcade, cinema, pool and bars stood opposite them. Although they weren't yet old enough to drink (but that seldom stopped Lillian who was always sneaking butterbeer out of the school kitchens) the bars would be open at this time of the day to most people, provided they could behave.

Dressing up like a muggle was a popular pastime for Hufflepuffs, who probably had the most muggleborn members of any house and thus found it amusing to see what wizards made of their world, although she doubted Ellis would enjoy dress up much. She wanted something a little more dynamic that the bookstore and since she figured he'd rather take another round with her mother than go into a sports centre, that left two main options.

"The arcade or the cinema?" She asked, gesturing to each in turn. "I'll let you pick as thanks for getting me out. Or we could get some lunch along the river if you want?"

She guessed the latter option would be his favourite and as she hadn't eaten since breakfast, she wouldn't mind a bite to eat. It was also in gratitude; she figured neither would appeal massively given how busy and loud they tended to be and frankly she was just glad to be out and about anywhere. The fresh air, the sun, the company… it was nearly enough to make her giddy with happiness. In fact she might've sang if not for the pang of guilt about her family. Still, what could really happen in the middle of muggle London? It wasn't like Voldemort was going to be hiding in Virgin MegaStore picking up the latest playstation.
incog_sniperellis brown   1y ago

Ellis sat there and blushed as it was plain to see he was a bit embarrassed at the fact and pulled his hoodie over his head and walked along next to her holding his coffee and smiled looking around at all the wizarding places before they got to the muggle area though he didn't think he needed to no much about it.Ellis thought about how much his house did not like muggles though he thought there was nothing wrong with them,but the same can be said with hufflepuffs and he did love and want to date one. Though he did despise some aspects of the muggle world being how noisy it was and how inefficient it was compared to how they do stuff.Ellis was generally quiet he got to the muggle street and he looked around smiling and hummed his way through.Then her questions came and he completely froze up not knowing what to say to her."its....its complicated" He said it rather quietly and looked down with his hands in his pockets.Ellis never really liked to talk about his parents much because the truth was he was a half blood though his father divorced his birth mother and married a pure blood. Ellis only knew his birth mother for a year and to him she was the sweetest person he ever knew.His father on the other hand had married a richer witch since we were broke at the time and the witch had a "better figure" though to him his mother was he epiphany of perfect.Though sadly every time his family was brought

Ellis walked besides lillian finishing his coffee and looking around at all the nice stores,apartments and a rather good looking coffee shop that He made plans to visit some time in the future. Ellis listened to the options given to him and started to think them over and decided "we could go to the cinema quick and then eat lunch down at the river". Ellis stood up and walked to the cinema or what he presumed was the cinema and ordered a cola and went and sat down in a seat next to her.

"so how long do you plan on wearing my hoodie for?" Ellis asked smiling and waiting for the movie to start "though i don't care if you want to keep it" he blushed a tiny bit but he really did enjoy seeing her find comfort in his hoodie.The movie started and he kept sipping from his cola every now and then. The movie was pretty good and he did like this aspect of the muggle world since it was rather fun to him and the movie was filled with action with the hints of romance.
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

"You sure? Films can be rather long." She asked, but given he was already crossing the road she figured he was serious. Hurrying after him to catch up, she asked if he'd watched many films before and told him about some of the cartoons she'd seen as a kid. Living with a muggleborn had certain perks; a TV was one of them although it was slightly annoying how none of it worked at Hogwarts. Still, even if they had TVs, it'd just cause an argument about what to put on half the time. It was bad enough with all the quidditch talk, if she had to put up with people following the football as well she might go mad and Ellis certainly would. It was odd, she quite enjoyed sports and would even watch the Olympics on occasion but she'd never gotten into quidditch, finding it overhyped and frankly a mess of a game.

Buying the drinks and getting a large order of popcorn to share, she walked into the dark room and sat down together, the adverts about to begin. It was reasonably busy but thankfully there were no kids there, the age restriction keeping them out.

"Oh I don't know. Probably until you get one I like more." She teased, snuggling further into it as she ate some snacks. The movie began and Lillian watched intensely, and although killer robots weren't usually top of her list it was surprisingly good. Romantic comedies just bored her, sports films were usually just a cash grab, westerns were too old fashioned so she tended to like more fantastical action films with wars, adventure, friendship and strife.

Two hours later they emerged from the cinema, excitedly talking about the film. It felt great to be outside again and listed a whole load of restaurants they could try; Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American, French, Mexican, Greek and Indian. Hogwarts food was amazing but not very varied and after six years could even start to get a little dull. She wasn't massively keen on Asian food but she would give it another go if Ellis was interested, although Indian could be fun if they still wanted to branch out a little. She had no idea what he liked to eat outside of school and thus gave him plenty of choice, even if she had her personal favourites.
incog_sniper     1y ago

Ellis smiled through the movie as it was a rather good movie considering it was about killer robots.At first ellis didn't really take the bait in liking the movie.It was a nice change to not being able to do really anything besides study all your summer and he was with Lillian so that added an extra thumbs up to the movie.He used to watch a bit of tv but it was more movies ellis enjoyed watching compared to tv as the commercials usually got repetitive.Ellis favorite thing used to be watching tv with his birth mother and thought about asking for next summer if He could possibly stay with her as it would improve his mood.Ellis eventually started to take some popcorn every now and then as the movie got more intense as it went on and he got really into the movie.Eventually he was laying back and looked at her and chuckled rather quietly as she was literally on the edge of the seat and it looked like she was gonna fall off.When the movie ended his drink was gone and most of the popcorn was to so before they went to order food he had to go to the bathroom.When Ellis came out they went out and she asked him what he wanted to eat he waited to think and nodded to himself."if it's ok and if you want we could order Japanese takeout" though he was only suggesting it Ellis did love to order takeout specifically ramen and dumplings since it was the most manageable when he was studying. Ellis only texted on his phone so banked on Her to order it sense He was almost completely clueless when it came to almost everything muggle.Ellis followed her down to the spot where they were gonna pick up the food talking the whole way there.Once they got to where they had to pick up the food he had to let her pay since ellis doesn't carry around muggle money with him though he did have some."i'll repay you when i get a chance" Ellis smiled and followed lillian down to the spot by the river.The spot was absolutely beautiful as the river was rushing down into a lake and the animals were making their usual noises happily foraging."this is an amazing spot" he smiled and looked at lillian happily eating away at his ramen and his dumplings with chopsticks.
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

"Uh okay." She agreed, a little put out by his choice but going along with it all the same. She had planned for them to sit down and eat a proper meal as she had the money to do so, but she supposed it wouldn't hurt to go somewhere cheaper. Considering she hadn't thought about her accomodation for the night it might not be a great idea to blow all of her money; staying with Ellis wouldn't likely be a possibility given how he rarely even spoke of his parents and all her other friends would obviously contact her family. She had no idea whether you could rent a room at sixteen in a hotel, or whether you could just walk in and ask for one. She suspected not and she certainly wasn't going to sleep rough in the streets of London. For a brief moment she had a flare of panic but swiftly buried it; if she got really lost she would just have to take the night bus home and hope they wouldn't kick her out for her latest stunt.

Walking into the small eatery, she had no idea what to actually order at a Japanese takeout, having never tried one. Seeing Ellis order some ramen and dumplings, she looked for something that wasn't raw or vegetarian and settled on prawn tempura and crackers, picking it up in a large bag. She liked fish but not when it was raw and didn't really like noodles so was rather limited in choices, but she figured she could always pick up a sandwich or something later.

Sitting on the riverbank, she smiled as she watched the swans and ducks go past, occasionally dipping beneath the water. Telling him not to worry about the money, she watched in amazement as Ellis ate with chopsticks, asking him how he knew how to do that. She quickly gave up with cutlery and just ate the prawns by hand, dipping them in a sweet sauce beforehand. They were almost like fishy popcorn; not exactly a meal but filling enough all the same. Looking at her watch, she realised it was far past midday and she'd now been missing for over three hours. Biting her lip, she couldn't quite look at Ellis as she asked him the question.

"What should I do?"
incog_sniper     1y ago

Ellis was was growing a bit tired as after drinking all those coffees the effects must be wearing off."well here" he took her hand gently and put her chopsticks in them."now you want to put your fingers like this" ellis put her fingers how they were supposed to go and started to think."then with your bottom finger wedged under the bottom chopstick and keep it still".Ellis used her top finger to pinch down around one of her prawn and let go of her hand smiling nicely "now just carry it to your mouth and
let it drop in" Ellis looked back out to the river.

Now when she asked him the question at first he was a tiny bit confused on what she meant but soon understood it fully and glanced at her with a piercing look that his parents gave him when ellis didn't get top marks."well though i think it is rather pointless to run away since i do care about you and your health" Ellis stated it rather sympathetically.He didn't like to see her sad and looked down "but i might have a place for you to stay..." ellis looked up and her and moved on to his ramen laying down and looking up at her."it's a place that was left to me..." he asked her to give him his hoodie quick then wrote his address in the sleeve writing his name next to it then he put the address of the place putting home next to it. "there there should be some muggle money at the house" ellis looked down a bit sad "this means you probably can't go to hogwarts anymore" ellis was a bit sad and didn't really want her to leave him. Ellis eventually finished his food and stood up sadly but smiled as he teared up.
SorganLillian Tonks   1y ago

"Ellis, are you sure about this?" She asked in amazement, having so many questions. How did he have access to a house? And what did he mean he was left a house? Was one of his parents… oh. No wonder he didn't talk about it much. Feeling embarrassed about asking, she shook her head.

"Ellis, I can't impede on you like this. I'll just have to hold up in a b&b for a few days. But what do you mean I can't go back to Hogwarts?"

She'd never considered the idea that she wouldn't be allowed back at school; after all, you couldn't be expelled for running away from home for a few days. Then again, he was more well versed in school rules than her and maybe it had some clause that stopped kids being a nightmare over the summer. Maybe he was referring to her parents pulling her out, although she doubted they would do that considering it put her as far away from any death eaters as you could basically get. Well except for the blatant ones that were allowed to walk around, like her delightful cousin and professor totally-not-suspicious Snape.

She'd obviously have to refrain from using magic while she was out in the muggle world; breaches of national security and underage magic were enough to get you investigated by the ministry of magic, let alone the school. Admittedly she was expecting one serious howler when she returned but she couldn't go back to the house to be imprisoned again. Even if they kicked her out she would be seventeen this year; she would just have to get a summer job to raise some funds and ask to stay with one of her friends while she got stuff sorted out. But disappointing Tonks wore on her a little, she was used to disappointing their parents, not joining the order and not reaching the required grades to become an auror and the hundreds of other things that she was criticized for over the years. Lillian and her sister had always been close; damaging that didn't sit easy, but she had changed recently, with the war now coming more out into the open. She was more like her parents; reserved, worried, tense, less like her old self that used to have so much fun. Sure, she'd been in a good mood today and it felt like old times, but seeing her walk into the coffee store with that increasingly common serious and somewhat exasperated expression had driven something unpleasant into her heart and now it felt to be festering there. The people she had been so close to not two years ago felt more like adversaries than family, but maybe she'd feel differently once she got some space for a while. Hell, come Christmas she might even be missing being at home.

"Hey, it'll be alright." She smiled, wiping his tears away. "Worst case scenario I get shut in for every holiday from now and till the end of time. Want to help me look for a place to stay? That way at least you'll know I'll be safe."

She was also planning to write them a letter as soon as possible to let them know she was okay; she wanted a break, not to cause them needless harm. It was too risky to stay in the wizarding world but the muggle world was so big she could blend in easily, and besides with the trace on her any magic would soon be picked up by the ministry.
incog_sniperellis brown   1y ago

Ellis looked at her waiting to receive an answer and nodded "yeah you can use it as i don't see myself using it in the future...brings back to many memories i don't want to remember..." he was talking about his binary moms old house after she got the money from his dad to buy a better one after the divorce.Ellis remembered that old house like he was still living and breathing in it.Ellis remembered the wooden walls that were now a tiny bit scratched and slashed up and the smooth marble floor that was now a bit broken from nobody keeping it clean or from some of the heavy wooden roof boards that supported to attic fell.It is abandoned and broken now but he remembered when it was sweet and homely.

"your not impeding me as i don't need the home or really want to go back to it, and what i mean by you not going back to hogwarts is that the aurors after hogwarts is over will probably take you back into your mother's care..." he thought it was pretty obvious that they would since they would also be looking and searching for her when she left or ran away anyway. Ellis sighed and checked the time on his phone nodding and looked back at her and stood up looking down at her smiling "sorry to go soft on you" He extended his hand and looked around "though we should head back as i expect they are worried and probably will be looking for me or probably think i'm definitely a death eater now" Ellis had pondered the fact he probably looked shady because he ran off with her without her saying something.

Ellis started to walk back "id suggest to make a dash for it after you get home or after hogwarts,its your safest bet to be able to get away quickly" he looked forward and got to the entrance of the wizarding world."chances are there waiting there so i probably shouldn't go any farther until you can give me the ok of coming in,just in case there are a bunch of aurors pointing wands at the door so i don't get attacked".Ellis only was this careful when sneaking out of the house,going into the forbidden library,and out of the dorms to mess around with lillian plus get snacks. When she entered ellis waited for the ok and came in walking with her back towards the coffee shop but stopped at a candy store first deciding he wouldn't see her before hogwarts so might as well get her something.

Ellis got a bag of lillian's favorite candy and gave it to her and then smiled sighing "there i've repaid you for the food you bought me and if got one last thing for you" he smiled and dug into his bag and took out a one of his favorite hoodies and gave it to lillian."here its one of my favorite and that one must be getting old,plus this one you won't have to hide since you can say you bought it". Ellis smiled and sighed giving a tiny wave "you should get back or they might think i've killed you" he chuckled a tiny bit and pat her head walking away quietly "see you at hogwarts"


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