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Looking for RP Partners

By PotatoPirate

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I'm looking for RP Partners to do 1x1 romance rps with. I tend to write at least 500-1000 characters per post and would like if the person I'm rping with could do the same. I don't mind playing a character from a game or anime but if you'd like to use your OC I'd also like to use mine (either in a second rp or we both use our ocs in one rp) Essentially we'd both be playing two characters.

Two animes I'm super into are One Piece and MHA(BNHA) but I haven't completely caught up watching either of them. I'm always down for doing a Kirishima x OC rp if someone wants to play as Kirishima :p

Pairings for MHA:
Todoroki x Yaoyorozu
Kaminari x Jiro
Bakugo x Ochako

OC Pairings for MHA:
Kirishima x OC
Kaminari x OC
Bakugo x OC
Todoroki x OC

(open to other suggestions)

One Piece Pairings:
Zoro x Nami
Zoro x Robin
Franky x Robin
Sanji x Nami
Luffy x Nami
Luffy x Robin

OC One Piece Pairings:
Zoro x OC
Sanji x OC
Franky x OC
Luffy x OC
Ace x OC
Nojiko x OC

(I'm always open to suggestions)

I'm super into Genshin Impact as well

Genshin Impact Pairings
Jean x Diluc
Lumine x Tartaglia
Lumine x Xiao
Ganyu x Xiao
Ganyu x Zhongli

(open to other suggestions)

Also Super into FFXIV so I wouldn't mind trying to rp that either.

Or even just fresh ideas! I just want to get into writing again :)
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XxLightAngelxX     1y ago

could i join?
PotatoPirate     1y ago

Which one are you interested in :)
XxLightAngelxX     1y ago

i am not quite sure *laughs slightly*
kingshadow12shadow   1y ago

hello im here to find a partner


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