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Trying something a little different than usual.

(This rp can fit 1-3 people!)

It came to mind while I was listening to Unlike Pluto- Sin Circus while sketching. Instead of the song's intentional meaning, I kind of came up with my own interpretation of the song. Soooo we now have this-

Y/C is looking for a job and discovers a small (but growing) travelling circus. He/She decide to join it, since the hourly rate is more than minimum wage. Everyone who joined the show either is running from something or looking for easy money. Nobody knows the ringmaster, they just know what their acts are and what they should do. Rebel (M/C) took a liking to Y/C and decided to help them out with their act(s). But as colorful and fun it is when it's daytime, it's different when the sun sinks below the horizon and the stars glimmer in the sky. The circus becomes filled with uncertainty, paranoia even.

(Option 1)
One night, someone finds a body. Nobody (except the killer) knows who did it, so they launch an investigation. After a couple nights without incident, another performer is killed. The remaining people have to group up in pairs in case the killer goes for someone else... (more of a horror/mystery for this prompt)

(Option 2)
A man suddenly shows up claiming to be the Ringmaster, but he isn't trustworthy and people start noticing that all he does is lie. He offers the performers a better life, with a higher paygrade. An easy life where everyone can live like Kings/Queens. Do you go with him or stay? (This one has room to change the plot, if you go with the man a whole new plot will open up, but if y/c stays, then we can revert back to Option 1, who knows, the mysterious man could be the killer)

DM me if you have another idea for the direction of the roleplay

  • This is a 14+ roleplay which will likely have fear aspects and some blood/gore.
  • Yes, we can make the Circus creepy, or even uncanny. And mythical characters are allowed.
  • No Powerplaying, characters with extremely op abilities, or godmodding.
  • One-liners won't be acceptable, please have your responses over 400 characters! (Will lower once the rp starts gaining speed so responses can be shorter and there'll be more space for each person to react to an action)
  • This RP has PTK and PTA rules, you have to ask before killing or attacking another person's character
  • If this becomes a group rp, make sure to take turns! I'll make the starting post then the order of people replying will depend on whoever DM'd me with their character information (first to last).
  • Yes pets are allowed!
  • Abnormal mutations/growths are allowed!
  • Blood/Gore is allowed, just no Inappropriate content (light romance is fine just don't progress to anything 18+)
  • Romantic relationships are allowed, just no NSFW
  • If I decline your character and ask you to change something (for sake of this rp only) please do! Or just choose another character.
  • This circus can get chaotic during acts and injury to your character(s) may occur!

Why they joined:
Pets: (if any)
Usual clothing:
Clothing for act:
Extra Information:

Message me with the filled out form to join! (I won't be accepting requests if you don't DM me your character info)

Characters: (Not required to read unless you've joined)

Username: Ravennflightt
Name: Rebel
Name meaning: "The act of rebelling"
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, caring, though she's shy she won't give up a chance to protect someone she trusts. She's quite the fighter.
Act: A kind of 'lion tamer' except she trains a bovine-like drake (who I might add, is adorable and really nonthreatening, but is good at acting).
Why they joined: Rebel is a runaway from the orphanage after a Bubonic Plague outbreak while she was training to be a nurse. (And now she's a plague doctor)
Pets: Cirque the bovine drake, she is slightly shorter than a cow and has a pair of curling ram horns and a horn ring on one, she has six stocky limbs and a long tail with a skin flap that acts like a cape (the cape reaches from her back to the tip of her tail)
Usual clothing: Rebel usually wears a simple misty blue hoodie and dark grey pants, as well as a pair of black leather boots. She almost always wears a mask of some sort, unless she's eating or drinking. She doesn't like people seeing her face.
Clothing for act: Of course, to play the part as a 'mystical bovine tamer' she wears full-fledged plague doctor garments, except instead of black, she wears a muted grey with a fog-colored turquoise cloak. (because she's happy and wants to show it)
Appearance: Rebel is a slim, skinny girl with pale white skin. Her face is covered in various scars, the brunt of them is a large burn scar going from one side of her head to her collarbone. This is why she refuses to show her face often. She has extremely bright, aqua blue eyes with a darker ring of grey-blue around the edges of her iris (radial heterochromia). She also has two small raven wings sprouting from her back, and a covering of feathers that stretches down the length of her spine and shoulders. But her wings are extremely small and useless for flight. She shows them off when she does her act.

Username: ALonelyOtaku
Name: Jamie Blackwell
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Jamie is cold-hearted, emotionally closed off and when he does talk to people he can come off as rude and hateful. During his acts, he plays the role of someone rather happy, bouncy, and all-around optimistic. Jamie is heavily introverted and after each show, he prefers to be by himself and left alone for at least an hour. Jamie also gets very defensive about his life outside of the circus and before the circus.
Act: Knife Throwing
Why they joined: Rather Not Say
Pets: (if any) None
Usual Clothing: White Tee, Black Leather Jacket, Ripped Black Jeans, Spiked Black Leather Boots, Black Open Finger Gloves
Clothing for act: A Pink Tee, Black Shorts, Black Sneakers, Pink and Black Fingerless gloves, Black Beanie.
Appearance: Jamie has dyed Pastel Pink hair with a white fade, a singular black streak on the right side. He has 2 pricing on both ears near the top and gauges about an inch big. He has blue eyes but normally has pink contacts in.

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RavennFlighttRebel   1y ago

The circus tent was pitched in the middle of a large open valley field surrounded by hills. Even though it seemed secluded, the town was just on the other side of the hills. The tent was large, with the traditional red and white stripes along the outside. Smaller tents and trailers were scattered around, but left a clear path to the massive circus tent. There were even cages off to the side with lions and tigers.

Rebel gaped at everything around her, but of course her mask hid the expression. But you could see her exitement clearly in her body language, how she bounded along full of energy. A cow-sized creature followed her, it was odd and seemed like something that shouldn't exist- and abomination. But the bovine-like beast was oddly cute, acting just like an oversized dog... well, an oversized cow-dog with two pairs of forelegs, an extra pair of eyes, and ram horns.

Jamie was near the back, hidden behind the tents' back exit. His head was lowered and he seemed to be asleep, then he suddenly looked up, scanning the area slowly. He spotted Rebel and sighed, disliking her bouncy energy...He mumbles, "Can't you save that energy for the show? There isn't an audience behind the tent, y'know..." He then lowered his head and yanked his beanie over his eyes. He wasn't feeling too great about this show yet he didn't know why. [i I just want to sit in my tent and read...maybe take a nap? I don't know yet, I just want this day to end already...]
RavennFlighttRebel   1y ago

Rebel scoffed, pacing over to Jamie. [i what's his problem?] She thought, wishing he could've just mind his own business. "Don't be such a jerk, I'm not [i preforming] for anyone right now." She laced her hands behind her back. "What's with the pink?" She asked, looking down at him.

Cirque, the beast, bounded away, chasing a bird into the field. Her large pupil-less eyes following the sparrow's jerky movements with ease.

I roll my eyes, "Not my choice...Found it in my room with a note from our 'Leader'..." I scoff and murmur something under my breath, then move my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around the front and leaning my head on my knees. I look blankly at you with a sense of boredom...I wanted to go to my room... "So...Is you beast going to do anything cool this time or is he just gon' growl and run around," I smirk as I say this, hoping you'd leave me alone if I insulted your act...It wasn't the nicest route and you would probably insult me right back, but I didn't really care.
RavennFlighttRebel   1y ago

Rebel laughed, "Well Cirque can breathe fire. She'd be able to fly if she wasn't born without wings." She shrugged, noticing he seemed kind of distant and abrasive, she hoped he wasn't narcissistic, because that would suck.

As Cirque chased the bird, little puffs of smoke came from her mouth in excitement. Rebel chuckled, "She can burn that sparrow to a crisp if she wanted."
Rebel kept her wings tucked inside the sweater she wore, earlier she'd bound them to her back with leather straps to keep them from moving. The straps hurt and her wings were getting pins and needles, but she didn't plan to show them until it was showtime later that night.

I roll my eyes, "Well, That sounds real safe...Being in a large, flammable tent with a fire-breathing dog." I laugh at that then go quiet again, pulling my beanie down again. [i My contacts are starting to hurt, this outfit sucks...This lady is loud and her dog is weird...Why am I here? Who is this 'Leader' we follow around...Why am I here?]
I sigh and sit more upright, beginning to hear the faint laugher of children on the other side of the tent...I grumble, "Great...Kids already." Music was playing faintly above me, the thick scent of food filling the air as more kids laugh and scream, running around. I catch sight of a little boy running back here, seeing our tents and then me...I glare at him and he runs away, screaming. I smirk and lean my head back. I take my beanie off finally and lay it on a makeshift table, standing upright and looking at you. "Where are the knives at? I want to get some practice in before we start the shows..."
RavennFlighttRebel   1y ago

Rebel smiled under her mask, happy to hear children so happy at the sight of the tent. "I like kids." She looked around, looking for a supply shack or tent. "I have no idea where the supplies are, I've just arrived. You could ask one of the senior members, or we could just snoop around every tent." She watched the little boy run, tossing a glare at Jamie, but it wasn't noticeable because of her mask's eye coverage.

I grumble, "Yeah, I'll go do that." I clearly brush off the idea of 'We' or 'Us' I walk past you and go to the closet tent, forcing it open. A woman was inside and she yelled at me, throwing a shoe at my face. Since I practiced with knives I needed to have a fast reaction time, I dodge it quickly and it flies past me. I close the tent and go to the next one as if nothing had happened. On my third tent, I find an array of knives and other supplies. I take a belt that was covered in knives. I grab an extra as I then walk out, a smirk on my face as I calmly toss it into the air and catch it, not showing any signs of fear as I do so.
RavennFlighttRebel   1y ago

Rebel waited until Jamie was done getting his supplies then slipped into the supply tent, she rifled through some of the items, not sure what to pick. Her wings started going numb and she sighed, bringing her arms up and stretching her back. She went back to going through the supplies, picking out a medium-length whip and a bottle of alcohol. She could use the bottle to make a fireball, or something. She shrugged, trying to give her wings some movement.

I was in the tent, throwing my knives at a wall, imagining it was the infamous Wheel of Death. I tear it out of the wall then go to said wheel, spinning it at a high speed then throwing my knives, giving myself a few seconds between each throw. I stop the wheel and see I had only stabbed what would have been the girl, once. Directly in the heart. I smirked and tore it out, then muttering, "Hah...Can't be doing that..." I take out the other knives and place them on my belt, shoving the wheel away. I proceed to begin practicing juggling my knives, I then notice a young girl peeking into the main tent. I hiss lowly and she yelps, running away. I laugh and go backstage, continuing to practice the whole time. As I finish up I grab one of my knives and slit open the front of my right palm. I don't even wince as it began to bleed. I throw the knife at a wall and I go out of the tent, looking for the medical bay.


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