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Searching for Final Fantasy Crossovers (UPDATED WITH AU AND MULTIFANDOM ROLEPLAYS)

By Catlover33

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Recently, I’ve been in the mood to do a Final Fantasy crossover and I also have quite a few choices as well as a few requirements which will be listed below. Quite a few of these requirements must be met and the requirements that absolutely must be met will be highlighted in bold text. Crossovers that I especially want to do will be colored
. Some of the crossovers are with funnier franchises, some of them are meant to be darker than others and some… kind of just don’t make much sense so choose wisely. Also, I will only use some canon male characters from the Final Fantasy series so don’t expect for me to use a female character.

Please PM me with or write in the thread what crossover you wish to do.

『My Requirements』

You must be… okay with writing with a minor, MxM ships if romance is ever involved (Even if romance is involved, it will stay SFW), with roleplaying with someone who uses multiple characters, dark themes, semi-literate.

You should… be okay with plot twists, at least watch some of the anime listed in some of the crossovers or have some knowledge about the second series listed in the crossover pairings, probably have at least SOME experience with Final Fantasy series whether it be playing one game or just reading about one of the characters or even reading a Final Fantasy novel (yes, those exist)

『List of Crossovers』

【Anime/Manga Crossovers】
Final Fantasy x Inuyasha/Yashahime

Final Fantasy x The Case Study of Vanitas
Final Fantasy x Cautious Hero
Final Fantasy x Fairy Tail (Chaos imminent with this one! Beware)
(Other SFW anime series can be suggested)

【Video Game Crossovers】
Final Fantasy x Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy x Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy x Pokémon
Final Fantasy x Dragalia Lost
Final Fantasy x Grimms Notes
Final Fantasy x Fire Emblem

【Misc Crossovers】
Final Fantasy x SCP Foundation
Final Fantasy x The Owl House
Final Fantasy x Creepypasta

[footnotes ]

I decided to not list Inuyasha and Yashahime separately because one is a continuation of the other hence why they’re not listed separately. As for the rest of the crossovers, they’re grouped by what work of fiction the second series listed is.

Fortunately, for those of you who do not want a crossover, I have other options that include multifandom and AU roleplays so without further ado, here are some AUs and multifandom roleplays. All of the roleplay ideas listed here can be group roleplays if preferred.

Again, please PM me or write in the thread if you wish to do a Final Fantasy AU roleplay or a Multifandom Roleplay.

【AU Roleplays】
Angels vs Demons AU
Vampire AU
Apocalyptic AU (I would prefer zombie apocalypses, machine apocalypses, winter apocalypses and supernatural apocalypses.)
Alien AU
Futuristic AU (Can be Dystopian or not and can also be Cyberpunk as well)
Royal AU
(AUs can be mixed in with crossovers)

【Multifandom Roleplays】

Multifandom Angels vs Demons
Multifandom Lab Experiments
Multifandom School
Multifandom Aliens
Multifandom Aliens vs Vampires
Multifandom Vampires
Multifandom Apocalypse

NOTE: Do not ask for an ERP. They are against site rules for their s3xual themes which are not allowed on the site and they generally make some people uncomfortable. Similarly, I will not have any s*icide or mentions of r*pe in any of my roleplays.
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tanjiro-_-kamadozenitsu   58d ago
hello bitches (rengoku-_-kyojuro)

can demon slayer be one of the crossovers))


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