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lildiamondRanboo   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Ranboo let out a quiet sigh as he softly mulled over the soil in front of him, ensuring everything in the farm was going reasonably, well-watered, and healthy. He was the main caretaker of the place, sometimes getting help from Michael or Tubbo every now and then, especially when it came time to water twice a day. Speaking of Micael, Ranboo had dropped him off at Philza's earlier that day so Philza could spend some time with his grandson.
Ranboo had no idea where Tubbo was, however, having immersed himself a bit too much into his work to pay much attention to his platonic husband. One couldn't blame him for wanting to finish his duties, though, especially since the farm was a major source of their food supply.
After planting a few more seeds into the soil beneath his feet, he tried wiping his dirt-covered hands clean as the enderman hybrid finally looked up from his task. Tubbo was nowhere to be found as far as Ranboo could see; maybe he went out to see Tommy, or he could still be inside the house, Ranboo figured. So, with another sigh escaping his lips, he walked in slow strides back to the house while he, as per usual, ignored most of his own thoughts and got himself something to drink. Hey, mans deserved a small break for having laboured most of the day already, and Ranboo thought orange juice sounded amazing at that moment.
tinymushy     1y ago

Tubbo gently trotted down the stairs, humming to himself as he walked into the farm. His eyes were softly covered with a layer of glaze, in a way, since he was heavily dissociated from the world. He just went over to the bees and opened the hive, picking up a handful and gently blowing on them. His breath, if he chose, could contain pheromones, and he gently allowed some to come out in order for him to communicate with the bees. His little wings buzzed happily as he let go of them gently, doing a little dance and watching as the bees flew off and went to get the pollen and honey he’d directed them to. He smiled softly before sighing and plopping down on the ground, leaning on the fence and gently putting a hand on his neck as he shuddered. He’d felt sore and rough every single day today, and he still didn’t know why.


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