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3021 ~Cops investigations and life~(2)

By Connor_Hickman

This has implications of strong
subjects such as death many
difrent kinds segregation and some
other things.

also pm me if you want to roleplay
1 some one liners are fine but try
to put more and be somewhat good no
" hi " gose to door" PLEASE.

2 don't say you want to Roleplay then
don't please.

3dont just make androds OC please

4 one person THIS IS 1x1

5 don't make me add more rules lol

A bit about technology
There are self driving cars bus that
Everyone trust. There are computors
that is able to block and only show
what you rank can see by your face or hand. It can also great you as you open it and tell you what you need to do for today.
It has a holographic screan so no metal
or plastic beside the hand spot and
key bord and mouse.there are androids.
They are humanoid and they only way to
tell them apart really is there light on their
temple. No flying cars but if you want to
add things just ask I'll most likely say yes
to it.

In this advanced world of technology
there's still crime. If anything now it's
worse because if the technology. Plus
there are some androids also counting
crimes no one knows why or how.
So they needed more cops so they took
you to go there. Your new here and see
how homicides and theft are very high
among other things like allways. It's your
and who ever the lead officer says your
parent is job to solve the cases.
( i really don't know but there you go)

This is the same as my so androids in
a way because of the setting.
But this is only from the cops detective
part if it..

PM or have a Character profile of
your oc r ics you can have more than
one in this RP.
Character profile must have
Name, age, gender, sexuality, looks,
job in the department( cop detective ect),
Species( you can be a android or human),
and other
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone]Gather.town [Everyone]


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Connor_HickmanGavin Gray   340d ago

( I don't know how to start things so here)
Gavin was sitting in his chair as he fiddled around with the sleeve if the brown leather jacket. His black boots was on his desk which to everyone around was nothing new. He looked at a mirror near by he has his light five O' Clock shadow and rubbed it. It was the first quite day he had in at lest a month. He heard that there was supposed to be someone new. Whenever he thought about it he would shake his head and grunt like he smelled somthing bad. But for once he just laughed realizing they would not be used to his humour.

Well if you could call it was humor, it's crude humor and odd everyone that meets him knows that. He looked around everyone was typing he looked at his computor. Despite looking like he has done nothing he actually did.Well that is when he wants to anyways. Nothing else was there.he rollied his eyes. Anyone that sees him knows that he hardly gets any sleep no one knows why but him.He closed his eyes think he could get some shut eye. But as he closed his eyes he could hear people walking and those Dam androids. He could feel his blood start to boil. He hates how calm and cheery everyone sounded. He's normally like this but not this bad anyways.

His eyes flew open with a grunt. He put his legs down and slightly dusked of his desk. Despite his looks and attitude his desk was neat. His paperwork was normally done but at what cost? His sleep, not that he did much if that anyways.

He shook his head as he started walking to the break room. No one was there so he went to grab a hot cup of coffee. He grabed the empty cup with his left hand and the steaming pot with his right and poured him a cup and started out the window at the bypassing cars.


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