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ok friday { a friday night Funkin rp }

By bfrules1666

Replies: 5 / 14 days ago

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you went on a date with your hot gf and tried to kiss her but her dumb ass dad ruins it will you rap battle for her love of funk it up and lose
bf opened
gf me
dad opened
spooky kids opened
pico opened
mom opened
senpai opened
tankman opened
Whitty opened
sky opened
carol opened
Miku opened
bob opened
Ron opened
ruby opened
cj opened
QT opened
sarvent opened
ruv opened
slever opened
rasazy opened
Matt opened
shaggy opened
tricky opened
nonsense opened
zardy opened
can i be tricky
melanieyes / 12d ago
aye can u be pico?
PartFooLio_01 / 13d ago
can i be tricky lol
melanieyes / 13d ago
you fucking take that back
sky / bfrules1666 / 14d ago
shut up you mother buys you mega blocks instead of legos
gf / bfrules1666 / 14d ago