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[Please Join!] The Pokemon School! [A Sun and Moon Anime Canon RP!!!]


Replies: 175 / 14 days ago

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Welcome to the wonderful and magical world of Pokemon! Pokemon live in many places, in the air, the forest and even underwater! Journey the wonderful islands of the Alola Region: Ula'Ula Island, Melemele Island, Akala Island and Poni Island! Enroll in the Pokemon school! Become a member of the Ultra Guardians! And make friends along the way! Every day is a new adventure!

Ash: Open
Rotom-Dex: Open
Mallow: Open
Lani: Open
Lillie: Taken by yours truly~
Sophocles: Open
Kiawe: Open
Jessie: Open
James: Taken by yours truly~
Meowth: Open, dats right!
Male Team Skull Grunt A: Open
Female Team Skull Grunt A: Open
Male Team Skull Grunt B: Open
Female Team Skull Grunt B: Open
Guzma: Open
Prof. Kukui: Open
Samson Oak: Open
Gladion: Open
Lusamine: Open
Prof. Burnet: Open
Tupp: Open
Rapp: Open
Zipp: Open
Harper and Sarah: Open and Open
Mimo: Open
Hobbes: Open
Professor Wicke: Open
Faba: Open
Nanu: Open
Hala: Open
Olivia: Open
Hapu: Open
Tapu Bulu: Open
Tapu KoKo: Open
Tapu LeLe: Open
Tapu Fini: Open
Team Rocket Bewear: Open
Pikachu (optional): Taken by kingshadow
Popplio (optional): Open
Turtonator (optional): Open
Togedemaru (optional): Open
Steenee (optional): Open
Ash's pokemon: Open
Mimikyu, Wobbufet, Alolan Forme Meowth and Mareanie: Mareanie taken by Hillory
Lunala: Stolen by Borl, heheh!
Necrozma: Open
Solgaleo: Open
UB-01 Symbiont or Nihilego: Open
UB-02 Absorption or Buzzwole: Open
UB-02 Beauty or Pheromosa: Open
UB-03 Lightning or Xurxitree: Open
UB-04 Blaster or Celesteela: Open
UB-04 Blade or Kartana: Open
UB-05 Glutton or Guzzlord: Open
Poipole: Taken by yours truly~
Stakataka: Open
Blacephelon: Open
Your Pokemon, trainer or Ultra Beast OC: IT'S ALWAYS OPEN!!!, Tidus

You can have as many characters as you want, but leave characters for others!
PM me with this skelly filled out. Heres an Example!
Name: Lillie
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Type (if Pokemon or Ultra Beast): N/A
Canon Age (if human): 11
RP Age (for shipping purposes): 16
Partner Pokemon (if Trainer): Snowy the Ninetales
Other Significant Pokemon: Clefairy, Comfey, Ribombee and Cutiefly
Semi lit, lit, or non-lit: Semi Lit

Canon Age:
RP Age (for shipping, so please 16+):
Partner Pokemon:
Other Significant Pokemon:
Semi Lit, Lit, or Non Lit:


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His ears picked up faint flapping from a distance, but didn't think much of it
Zaps / Kyleren285 / 7d ago
Rembulan flew back at the Earth, entering the atmosphere and gliding just above the ground. She began to lose speed and she eventually raised her wings up and slowed to a stop, flapping above the ground about 20 miles from the school.
Rembulan / DatOneBorl / 8d ago
pikachu (kisses eevee)
Eevee *also smiles*
evie / hillory17 / 8d ago
Eevee. .
evie / hillory17 / 8d ago
pikachu goes and hugs eevee
Eevee eevee
evie / hillory17 / 8d ago
pikaa pikaa
Eevee! Eevee!
evie / hillory17 / 8d ago
pika? pika pika?
*looks at Pikachu confused* Eevee!
evie / hillory17 / 8d ago
*walks over to Pikachu*
evie / hillory17 / 8d ago