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villain x hero an MHA rp (1x1)

By goth980

Replies: 156 / 15 days ago

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I need someone to rp with


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"you to join us" one says from within the shadows
goth980 / 6h ago
Amber struggled still "what do you want from me!"
A couple more villains come out of the darkness and help tie her up to a chair
She looked around started to get scared
"Be quiet" the villain says then takes her downstairs
Amber flappe her wings and it only took her a seconded for her eyes to adjust
"you will find out soon enough" they said dragging her into a dark place
Ok)) Amber struggled “what do you want
"stop doing that before i do it for you" the villain said (if it gets like to dark lemme know)
She flapped her wings loudly
Villain: "no, now shut up!"
goth980 / 3d ago
Amber struggled “let go!!” She was trying to get out of the net
The villain grabbed her and started carrying her away
One of the nets caught her wings and sent her falling to the ground