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Kirishima x OC (1x1 Closed)

By PotatoPirate
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PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

*bzzt bzzt*

The young woman’s eyes slowly fluttered open as she yawned before picking up her phone. “They’re meeting before school today? Jeez guys… give us better notice than this…” She yawned once more before swinging her legs off the bed. “I guess I better hurry up then…” She stretched before quickly getting her school uniform out and changing. After about a half hour the purple haired woman made her way down to the front door trying to be quiet so she didn’t wake up her brother. After the front door latched behind her she smiled and was about to head to school when she heard a window open behind her followed by her brother’s voice.

“Ayame… where are you going? You’re acting awfully suspicious…”

Ayame froze and frowned. “My club-mates told me we’re meeting before school today. I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“You know I don’t like you walking alone… especially when the sun isn’t completely out.”

“Hitoshi… the sun is almost up. I’ll be fine! I really have to go. I’m going to be late!”

“At least let me know when you get halfway there and when you get there.”

Ayame sighed. “Fine… bye big bro. I’ll see you at school!” She waved before she started jogging to school to make up for lost time chatting with her brother.

Eijiro was laying in bed, half-awake. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He looked around his dimly lit room that had scattered Shark Plushies lining the floor. He slid off of his bed and went to his closet, opening it and picking out his school uniform. He then set out an outfit for after school. He smiled, feeling proud of himself and then going to a mirror and spiking his hair. He decided to finally go out of his dorm and go wait for Bakugo near the dorm's exit doors. Once he had met up with his friend they walked beside each other towards the school, talking about random things... Before walking in, Midoriya ran past us and into the building while knocking Bakugo over in the process. In a blur, Bakugo exploded himself after Midoriya while yelling, "Get back here you damn nerd!". I smile and walk after them, not caring much to chase after them as Midoriya screams, Bakugo's explosions getting fainter as I walk past a few classrooms. I glance into one of them and see a few kids surrounding a desk, speaking in low voices. I decide to not tangle myself with them and to head to class, or maybe see if Midoriya was alive or if Bakugo wasn't in detention yet.
PotatoPirate     1y ago

Ayame had rushed to school and made her way to the cooking club room. By the time she made it there most of the other club members were already baking. “Sorry I’m late!”

“About time Ayame. I don’t understand why you don’t just live at the dorms.”

“Well my house isn’t too far from school.” She scratched the back of her head laughing nervously.

“Ayame enough chit chatting. You’re already behind on time.”

“Ah! Sorry club leader!” She quickly rushed over to where her apron was hung up and tied.

After about a half hour she had her meal baking in the oven while everyone else was finishing up theirs. She took this time to text her brother and make sure he made it to school. After waiting a few minutes she decided to call him instead.

“Hello…?” Hitoshi answered in a groggy voice.

“Toshi are you still at home?”

“… Shit!” The phone beeped as the call ended and Ayame laughed. “What a dummy.”


After Ayame finished baking she hung up her apron again then texted her brother asking where he was.

His response was rather fast. [i 1-A]

She sat and thought for a moment. “He probably didn’t have time to eat anything…” She put all of the muffins she made into a container and headed to Classroom 1-A.


When the room was in sight she peeked in and looked around the room.

“Hi! I don’t recognize you!” Mina grinned.

“Oh! Hello, my name is Ayame Shinso. I was just looking for my brother. I figured he didn’t eat this morning since he was running late he said he had stopped here.”

Eijiro had just walked in and was heading to his seat. He glanced back and saw a young lady speaking to Mina. I smile and sit down, then quickly realize Bakugo and Midoriya were still gone. I chuckle softly and then watch Mina speak to the girl who went by Ayame Shinso...I wonder if she- Yeah! I look around for Shinso but I don't see him, which made me confused... I find myself mumbling to myself as Midoriya does, "I wonder if Ayame is related to Shinso, and if so why hasn't he told us about having a sister?" I quickly go silent, shaking my head and muttering, "I need to take a break from hanging out with Mido-" Midoriya runs into the classroom, sweat running down his forehead as he yells, "Stop it, Kacchan! You're going to hurt someone!" Midoriya quickly runs behind me as Bakugo runs towards me yelling, "Die, Damn Nerd!" He goes to explode me so I activate my quirk, deflecting his explosion. "Hey, Bakubro! It's too early in the morning to be killing Midoriya!" He grumbles and then continues to yell at Midoriya, ignoring me completely as Midoriya goes back to yelling and whining. Finally, he moves away from me and goes to his seat, Bakugo doing the same. I look back at the girl again, wondering why she was here... Midoriya seemed to be thinking the same thing because he was looking at her and taking notes...
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame saw the explosion in the class and her eyes widened. "Goodness me... Quite lively here." She chuckled softly before hearing someone walk over. "Hmm?" The boy standing before her smiled dashingly.

"Wow, I've never seen you before. You're pretty cute. Ayame right? I'm Denki Kaminari, I'd love to take you out sometime."

Mina sighed softly and was about to speak when she saw someone behind Ayame.

Ayame felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to look behind her then felt a bead of sweat roll down her cheek. "Toshi it was only--"

"Kaminari. Are you hungry?"

"Oh yeah man I--" His eyes went wide as Shinso's quirk activated.

Ayame sighed softly. "Toshi... you really don't need to do this every time someone speaks to me..."

"Go back to your desk." Hitoshi spoke as Kaminari walked back to his desk and sat down. He looked down at his younger sister and sighed. "Are you okay?"

Ayame puffed out her cheeks. "No I'm not. You do this everytime... I'm not a little kid Toshi... Anyways, I brought you breakfast since I figured you didn't eat." She looked around the class and scratched the back of her head. "Actually if any of you want some you can help yourself. I just made them this morning. I can't bring them to my class since another club member usually brings hers in."

I watch as Denki goes over to his seat obediently. I notice Midoriya write this down quickly. I stand up and walk over, taking one of her muffins. I hesitate then take a small bite. My face lit up and I say, "This is amazing! Wow!" I take another bite, basically shoving the whole thing into my mouth. A few other people come to try the muffins and all express how much they liked it. I notice Mintea coming over so I grab a muffin and shove it into his hands before he could say something perverted. He grumbles lowly and eats the muffin. I then smile and look at the girl, feeling Shinso's stare penetrating my soul slowly...I felt a chill go down my spine, so I go back to my seat and promptly sit down. I slide my phone out of my pocket and begin to read lengthy texts from Bakugo. I sigh and turn the phone off, resting my elbow on my desk and leaning my face into my hand... I close my eyes and try to space out.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame always got a little nervous when it came to people trying the food she made but when the red haired boy took a bite and complimented her cooking her eyes lit up. "T-Thank you so much!"

Hitoshi watched Kirishima but gave a small smirk when he went to go back to his desk to sit down. That was when the first bell rang. "Crap, guess we better get going." He grabbed a few of the muffins before grabbing Ayame's wrist. "Come on you."

"Ah right! It was nice meeting you!" She called out before Hitoshi started dragging her back to the General studies department. "They seem nice."

"Yeah... there are some good students in that class. But still they're the hero class. You know your quirk makes it too dangerous for you to be a hero."

Ayame felt her heart sink and she looked down. She pulled her wrist out of his grasp. "You don't have to keep reminding me... I can walk myself." She pushed past her brother towards her classroom trying to push the thought from her mind. Truth is she always dreamt of being a hero. But her quirk leaves her completely vulnerable when it comes to fighting. So she knew it'd be near impossible for her to ever be noticed enough to become a hero.

I was watching as the girl was dragged out, it made something flare up inside me for some reason... "It's not manly to drag a girl by the wrist like that..." I mumble, looking away from the door. I notice Denki jerk back to reality in front of me, and he starts grumbling to himself. I take a deep breath and sigh, looking back at the door again. Mr. Aizawa was at least 4 minutes late to class and when he came in he apologized and started our lesson. I was spacing out through the lesson and didn't hear Mr. Aizawa call my name. "Kirishima? Kirishima...Kirishi-" He yells and I respond quickly, "Y-Yes Sir? Sorry, Sir!" I quickly look up, my eyes slightly wide as he says, "What do you do when a villain goes for a long-ranged attack?" I hesitate then answer, "Go for defense or try to deflect the attack?" He nods and grumbles, continuing. I let out a small breath and lower my head, resting my face in my hands. [i Why cant I focus today...? What is going on...?]
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame tried her best to pay attention in class but she just couldn't focus. She knew her brother was just trying to look out for her but at the same time he wanted to be a hero too with a quirk that doesn't give him crazy strength or fighting abilities. So why can't he understand where she's coming from. [i I should still apologize... I know he means well... especially since mom and dad aren't around he feels responsible for my safety...] She scratched the back of her head then felt something smack her in the forehead. "Gah!"

"Shinso! Enough spacing out! Come answer the question on the board!"

"Yes Miss Takahashi."


Once class ended Ayame stretched and a girl stood before her with a worried expression. "Ayame are you sure you're alright? You've been totally out of it throughout all of class..."

Ayame smiled and nodded. "Yeah... just got in a little argument with my brother before class... I'm fine. How about we go get some lunch?"

Hinori nodded. "If you say so."

As the two walked to the lunchroom Ayame noticed a few familiar faces from that morning. "Oh, I think that's they guy who exploded on the red haired student who tried my cooking."

"Exploded?" Hinori looked and instantly started to wiggle. "Oh my gosh, that's Katsuki Bakugo! He's so attractive and he may have a temper but he's so driven! I've had a crush on him since the sports festival."

Ayame chuckled nervously. "You sure are into intimidating types Hinori..."

I was staring down at an untouched bowl of Beef Ramen...Bakugo was beside me and he curses at me while telling me to eat. I smile weakly and eat a piece of beef... It tasted amazing but it didn't make me feel any better... I sigh and inch the bowl away, I then lean my head back and close my eyes. "Hey, Bakubro?" I open my eyes and look at him but he wasn't paying attention to me... I sigh again and get up, looking in your direction. I notice the purple-haired girl from earlier and I give a small wave. I then begin my walk out of Lunch Rush, not caring to hang around for too much longer. I go to my next class, sitting in my seat and laying my head on the desk. I close my eyes and whisper to myself, "Why...? Why can't I focus? What is going on with me?" I look up and groan, seeing the board. I mumble something to myself and say to myself, "Moping around isn't manly, I am going to focus and do well in this class so I can be a hero..!" I say with more enthusiasm than I felt.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame noticed the red haired boy from earlier and saw him wave at her. She gasped softly and smiled before waving back.

Hinori watched as the red headed boy walked away and she glanced at her friend with a smirk. "What was that?"

Ayame looked at her friend and tilted her head. "What was what?"

Hinori grinned. "What was [i that]? Your brother actually let you talk to a boy?"

"O-Oh, he was just the student who first tried the muffins I made today. He complimented them which was really nice of him. I think he's just a friendly guy."


Sero was the first to head back to class and noticed that Kirishima was already back looking a little gloomy. "Hey you feeling alright Kirishima?" He asked curiously.

I lift my head off my desk, seeing Sero walk in. I nod and smile, "Yeah, I am just kinda tired today Sero..." I lay my head back down, closing my eyes and breathing out silently. I lift my head up again, more kids spilling into the room... I put up a smile and sit upright...Denki was forcefully shoved into the room by a few of the girls, making me laugh aloud... Finally, the teacher walks in and we go quiet... Even though I was watching and listening I still couldn't focus and it made me start to feel a mix of emotions, mainly anger... [i Why?! What is wrong?! Why cant you just focus?!]
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

After classes ended for the day Ayame went to go back to the class to gather her container for the muffins since it technically had to go back into the cooking club room. She made her way back to Class 1-A.

Once she arrived she opened the door and peeked inside. She noticed a few of the students had already left.

"Ayame right?" Jiro smiled.

"Ah yes. Ayame Shinso. I was just coming back to collect the dish I left here. It technically needs to go back to the club room or I could get in trouble with the Club leader again..." She nervously scratched the back of her head.

Jiro nodded and went to grab it for her since it was just on one of the window sills. When she came back with it she frowned slightly. "I heard what your brother said to you in the hall... Anyone can be a hero. Don't let what he says deter you if it's your dream."

Ayame looked down for a moment nervously rubbing her arm. "Y-Yeah... thanks. But as much as I hate to admit it... He-He's probably right. My quirk puts me at a huge disadvantage if a fight were to break out. As it leaves my physical body unconscious."

Jiro raised her eyebrow. "What exactly is your quirk if you don't mind me asking?

"Ah... it's soul ejection. It's easier to demonstrate though."

"If you're comfortable with demonstrating then yeah. I'm curious."

Ayame put her hands together and was about to show Jiro her quirk when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked behind her and saw her brother with a serious expression. "Toshi... I was just going to show them my quirk..."

"And in doing so you would have ended up unconscious on the floor. Ayame why can't you ever think these things over... Come on... we're going home."

Ayame frowned and smiled sadly at Jiro. "Ah, maybe next time. Thank you for giving my dish back. I hope to see you around school sometime." She gave a small wave before walking out of the room with her brother at her heels.

Jiro raised her eyebrow. "Man... I didn't even know Shinso had a sister... he barely let's her breathe when she's near us..."

I was walking through the halls, and I was trying to space out and listen to music. My eyes were half-closed as I walked, my hands in my pockets. I was heading towards my dorm when I see the girl and Shinso go past. I felt like saying something but I held my tongue. I went to the dorms and listened as Denki was going on a wild story about the girl, Bakugo was threatening Midoriya's life again and Momo was making tea. I then notice Todoroki was gone, which made me smirk a bit... I then go to my dorm and close the door... I let out a small breath and collect my plushies and pile them onto my bed. I lay down and cover myself in them. After about an hour I get up and change into casual wear and go out into town, a small amount of cash in my pocket. I didn't know what to do so I planned to just walk around and maybe go to the mall...
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

When they got back to their home Ayame hadn't said much. Jiro's words were stuck in her head.

"Ayame you know I only do what I do because I worry about you."

"Yes, it doesn't make it hurt any less to have my own brother trying to crush the small flicker that's left in me of my dreams as a child."


"It doesn't matter... anyways I'm going to get groceries since we're almost out. And I'd prefer you not come with me. I need some time by myself."

Hitoshi looked away for a moment then sighed. "Fine... but if you aren't back before dark I'm going out to find you."

"Alright." She went to her room to quickly change into her favorite purple sweater and long skirt before heading back out the door muttering a quick goodbye to Hitoshi before she left.

She made her way to the mall and let out a long sigh as she walked there. "I just don't get it... He should be the person trying to support me the most... Am I really just a lost cause." She felt her chest tightening up but kept walking. When she reached the mall she decided to walk around for a little while first to try and calm herself down. When she passed a window that had a display of plushies. "They're so cute." She kept walking but then quickly turned back and went into the store. "Who knew sharks could be so cute!" She picked one up and squished it smiling happily.

I was in the same part of the store the girl was...A small look of pride in my eyes as I watched her hug the shark. I had a basket full to the brim with shark plushies, a very manly shark onesie, and a red shark cup. I walked over and tapped your shoulder. I moved the basket up to my wrist and held out my other hand, "Hi, I'm Eijiro Kirishima...I saw you during class," I laugh nervously then say, "Suprise seeing you here..." I look at the Shark Plushie in your arms and I say quickly, "You like sharks too?" a smile formed on my face and I looked back up to your eyes.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

When Ayame felt a tap on her shoulder she looked behind her and smiled. "Oh! You're the boy from 1-A." When he introduced himself she smiled and placed her hand in his. "Nice to officially meet you. I'm Ayame Shinso." She chuckled before looking up at him again. "I do! They're super interesting. Also I swear shark plushies get cuter and cuter. I already have three shark plushies back at home but this one is definitely the cutest one I've ever seen." She blushed slightly realizing she probably sounded like a kid. When he had said he was surprised to see her here she smiled softly but it had a slight sadness to it. "Ah, yeah. Hitoshi is pretty over protective but I think even he realized he crossed a line today. So luckily he didn't try to talk me out of coming to the mall. We really needed groceries anyways."

I smile and then say, "Yeah...? What are you going to buy?" I transfer the basket to my other wrist and then somehow find myself at the counter, buying all the items in the basket without even paying attention. I get my change and give them the basket. I then follow you out into the open and I didn't even notice. I shake my head finally and notice myself holding a bag full of shark things, then I laugh aloud. I shake my head then say, "Well, I am pretty free for you wanna go anywhere? We can go pick up your groceries first if you want to though!" I say, my head tilting a little bit as I speak. My phone buzzed in my back pocket but I ignored it... [i I'm having fun, I'm actually focusing...I think whoever texted me will be fine waiting for a bit...I mean, it's probably not manly to not answer but it would be mean to ignore Ayame to check my phone...]
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame thought for a moment then sighed. "Honestly we need a lot... I've been trying to tell him that we need groceries but lately he's been in a bad mood... So him not talking me out of shopping today was a blessing." When Kirishima asked if she wanted to go anywhere her eyes lit up slightly and she smiled. "Honestly I could really use the company. if you don't mind I'd appreciate if we could get the groceries first since we're already here and all." She watched as he bought the shark items and smiled softly before bringing hers to the counter as well and paying for it. She held the shark close to her as she walked alongside Kirishima. [i He's so friendly. It's pretty easy to talk to him.] She thought to herself. As she walked with Kirishima towards the few grocery stores in the mall she couldn't help but feel drawn to his smile. [i Hehe... he's got shark like teeth.] "Ah did you have anywhere you wanted to go? Sorry I know grocery shopping isn't really the most fun thing to be doing..."

I smile and shake my head. "No...I kinda just came to browse the stores. Heh..." I then say, "Anyways, do you need me to get anything for you? What are you looking for?" I rubbed the back of my neck, then slowly moved my hands into my pockets. I watch as you hug your plushie and I couldn't help but smile again. I notice you looking at my teeth so I smile widely and make a playful growl-like noise. I then laugh aloud and look at you, "Sorry, I just noticed you looking at my teeth." I stretch a bit, my phone buzzing again. I pretend to ignore it as we continue to walk. I look like a hero was on patrol, looking at the shops and signing autographs...he was a newer hero, that's why he was in such a public place... [i Hmm...He could also be doing a work-study, or maybe he just made a costume and is walking around. I mean, hardly anybody has walked over to him and if he is just doing that...that's not manly.] I realize I was spacing out again and I lower my head, "S-Sorry for spacing out...did you say anything? I wasn't paying attention."
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame gasped slightly and jumped when he growled but then she couldn't help but laugh. "S-Sorry! I just noticed they look similar to a sharks. I didn't mean to stare. You've got a wonderful smile." After she realized what she said her face turned red and she quickly looked down. "Uhm, I-I mainly need just vegetables some noodles for pasta dishes... and seasonings. I'd rather not get meats right now if we're hanging out. I'd have to go home to make sure they don't spoil." She chuckled softly pushing her hair behind her ear. "And like I said... I could use the company right now." She mumbled softly. She noticed he spaced out looking over at what looked to be a hero. "Oh, do you know him?"

I shake my head and mumble, "I don't really know if he is a hero or not...Midoriya would have said something..." I then shake my head and smirk. I say kindly, "I can go get the noodles and seasonings? Just tell me what you need and I can go get it." I say, smirking. My phone started to buzz repeatedly and I became a bit agitated, but instead of showing it I say calmly, "Anyways, what were you saying about my smile?" I smirk, then notice your face getting red. "Hey, Your face is getting red, are you alright? Are you getting warm?" I seemed to be getting worried that you weren't alright, completely oblivious to the idea you might be embarrassed or flustered.
(Sorry this is so short.)
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

"Midoriya, oh he's the one with the green hair in your class right? Maybe ask him tomorrow if you're curious." She smiled softly but as soon as he brought up his smile again, Ayame's face turned an even brighter shade of red. "A-Ah! I just remembered can you go get me the seasonings! My brother is particular about noodles so I can go get those. I'll meet you back at the vegetables." She told him the few seasonings she needed then gave a small wave before trotting off to the pasta isle. [i Ayame get a grip! What on earth is going on...] As soon as she turned the isle she gently patted her cheeks. "Okay, pasta... then we can probably walk around the mall or something... or maybe go to the park... I don't want to go back home yet..." She grabbed the pasta that Hitoshi liked and a few other variations of noodles for soups before she made her way back to the vegetable section where she started picking out certain vegetables while waiting for Kirishima.

I was pretty lost in the spice aisle...I found three spices with the same name so I grab the one in the middle along with the others. I smile and then shove it into a basket. I run over to the vegetable aisle and I see you. I wave and proceed to trip. Mid-Fall I hold the basket above my head so nothing would spill out. I activate my quirk and slam into the cracked. I stand up and look at the crack in the ground... "S-Sorry..." I mumble to myself, running past it and over to you. I hand you the basket with spices and I say in a quick whisper, "I suggest we hurry before somebody notices the crack in the floor..." I laugh softly.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

When Ayame caught glimpse of someone waving she turned just to see Kirishima falling. She had to cover her mouth to suppress a laugh before she rushed over to him. "Are you okay?" When she looked down after he whispered she noticed the crack in the floor and smiled with a nod. "Yeah, I've got everything I need. Let's check out then make our escape." She grinned before heading to the registers quickly.

Once they got out of the shop Ayame started laughing. "That's a really cool quirk. You'll be a wonderful hero one day." She smiled up at him before gently tapping her chin. "If you still have time we could keep window shopping here or go to the park. I don't mind where we go. I'm having a lot of fun."

I shake my head and say, "Nah... My quirk isn't that great...It's useful but not too flashy, it's not what pros are looking for." I hold my arm out, activating my quirk to show you what I meant. I then smile and allow my arm to go back to normal, then rest at my side. "We could head to the park and chat for a while...yeah!" I say, smirking and raising my arms up, my bag of plushies trembling slightly as I do this. I then allow my arms to rest at my sides again and I look down at you... "So... What course are you in? I haven't seen you in any of the hero courses..." I tilted my head a bit as I say this, a look of confusion on my face. We were walking mindlessly to the park and I didn't even seem to notice my phone going silent...When we get to the park it was about an hour before sunset and most people were gone...A few lifeless toys rolled across the grass and a few moths began to come out of hiding and test the open-air... "So...What is your quirk, Shinso?" I ask, calmly and quietly...The silence in the park was almost breathtaking, but the occasional car zooming past or the yelling couple up in an apartment would ruin it...
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

When Kirishima said that his quirk wasn’t that great Ayame’s eyes widened before she gently put her hand on his arm. “T-That’s not true… you made it into the hero course. You’re on your way to becoming a hero… I think thats amazing…” She moved her hand once he agreed that the park was a good idea and smiled with a nod. “Then lets go.”

As they walked to the park he asked questions to which she answered happily. Kirishima was extremely easy to talk to and honestly him being here had brightened her mood quite a bit. “Ah, I’m in general studies.” She gently scratched the back of her head. “My brother always reminds me that with my quirk I’d put myself at risk trying to be a hero.” She sat down on one of the empty swings setting her groceries beside her.

Once she was asked about her quirk she sighed softly. “My quirk is soul ejection… I can eject my soul from my body and in not having a physical body I can go through walls or even take residence in another persons body for a short period of time. But in doing so my physical body becomes unconscious and therefore vulnerable…”

I gasp softly and say quickly, "That's amazing! I-I don't see why you can't be a hero! You could get a strong outfit that covers your vital points and you could take control of a villain or-" I go quiet, realizing I was just going off with no clear reason. I sigh and shake my head, "Sorry..." I then look up at the sky, it was beginning to go blood red and darken..."It looks really nice right now..." A large, black bird shoots through the sky and it lands into a tree, cawing loudly then making a chirp-like noise. It began flapping its wings again before nestling itself on the branch and possibly falling asleep. I sat in silence then turned to you, looking into your eyes... "So... Do you want to walk back to the dorms together...? It is getting pretty dark and you shouldn't walk by yourself, you might get hurt..."
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

When Kirishima started going off seemingly excited about her quirk she felt her chest tighten slightly. [i Could… could I really be a hero?]

When he suddenly stopped talking then apologized she shook her head and smiled trying to hold back tears. “No… don’t apologize… Thank you. It really means a lot… However with my quirk I’d really need someone I trust to look after my body if I use my quirk since if anything happens to my body makes my quirk pretty useless when it comes to defending myself. And that’s where the issue lies I suppose… I’d be a burden to others.” When he mentioned it was getting dark she sighed softly. “Yeah, I guess I better head back home. My brother will come out searching if I’m not home before its dark…” When he offered to walk her back to the dorms she smiled softly. “I’d love that… however I don’t live at the dorms. My brother and I still live at home since it’s not too far from school.”

I smile and say, "Okay then...I'll see if I can do something about that..." I then hold my hand out to you and say kindly, "Where do you live, I can walk you there?" I begin to slowly realize that I still hadn't felt any buzzing from my phone and it made me a bit anxious... I shake it off and look at you, seeing your face go red as if you might cry, but then you smile... "Hey, Are you alright? Do you need a moment?" I had a concerned yet somewhat happy look on my face as I say in a quiet, comforting tone, "Your not a burden, Ayame Shinso...I may not be the right person to say that but I am correct...nobody is a burden and nobody should feel that way... It would be an honor to protect you in battle!" I say, smirking and putting on a confident look, a small attempt to make you laugh and smile.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame smiled and took his hand to help her stand up. She grabbed her groceries then looked back at Kirishima. “I’d like that… thank you Kirishima.” When he spoke about her not being a burden and that it would be an honor to protect her, thats when she felt it. She couldn’t hold back the tears streaming down her face. “I-I’m sorry. Gosh what’s wrong with me…” She tried to wipe her tears away but they kept coming. “Do… do you really think I could be a hero? All my life I’ve been told there’s no way I could because my quirk leaves me vulnerable…” She looked back up at Kirishima through tear filled eyes. “Kirishima… I want to be a hero too.”

She took a few minutes to calm herself down before shaking her head. “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to cry… it’s just that I’m not used to people encouraging me I guess.” She chuckled nervously.

I smile and pull you into a hug without thinking. I then say in a soft tone, "Anyone can be a hero...even you...!" I then move you back a little bit and wipe the tears from your face with a smile. I looked deeply into your eyes, a smile on my face as I then say, "Even if your brother won't allow it, I'll help you become a hero...I promise..." I give you a reassuring smile and hold my arms out, offering you another hug, though this time it was optional. A small shark plushie seemed to be looking out at you as I spoke, it had a smile imprinted on its face with wide eyes. I notice it and playfully shove it into the bag, chuckling lowly and continue to offer you the hug, the shark slowly inching back up from being shoved was more out of the bag than before and I playfully glare at it.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame smiled and hugged him back when he said she could be a hero again. When he pulled away and wiped her tears she couldn’t help but smile. But when he offered to help her her smile grew and and she jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck the basket swinging with her arm. “Really?! Thank you Kirishima! Thank you!” She hugged him tight but then realized how close they were and her face turned slightly red. “Ah! Sorry!” She looked up at the sky and realized it was almost dark. “We should probably get going. I’m sure my brother will still chew me out for being this late… but I’m really happy that I ran into you Kirishima.” She smiled sweetly at him. “My home is a few blocks away. Are you sure you don’t mind walking me? I understand if it’s a bit late. I sort of probably kept you out here longer than you were planning.”

I smile and shake my head. "I like being out late, and I really don't mind walking you to your home. I actually kind of look forward to it." I say, noticing you getting red again. "Don't apologize, you're alright!" I then turn a bit and say, "Well, If Shinso gets mad then you can just blame it on me. You can tell him 'bout the store...Maybe we ran into each other and lost track of time?" I was making a few good excuses...As we rounded a block near your house it was now dark outside and Shinso was walking out of the door, putting on a coat with an angry look on his face. I calmly wave and say, "Hi Shinso! I have your sister, she's fine! Don't worry~" I say, making myself *very* noticeable as I wave at him. I then look down at you and say in a whisper, "Hey, Now that he sees you and knows you aren't dead, I am gonna bolt to the dorms before I'm locked out...and before Shinso kills me." I smirk and wave at you. Before I run off I hand you your plushie and spices/etc and then smirk again. I wave once again and start running off, rounding the block and disappearing.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

When Kirishima waved at her brother she noticed the look on Hitoshi’s face. [i Oh no…] But when she heard what Kirishima whispered she couldn’t help but laugh with a bright smile on her face as she turned around and waved at him as he ran off before her brother could use his quirk on him. But when she turned back around she felt nervous since her brother looked pissed. “Hitoshi I—“

“In the house now.”

Ayame sighed before walking into the house with her brother behind her. She went to the kitchen and started putting things away when Hitoshi started drilling her.

“So you left because you wanted to sneak out with a boy.”

Ayame’s head shot up as she looked at Hitoshi in disbelief. “Are you serious? Toshi I’m putting away groceries. I ran into Kirishima at the mall. We were chatting and he was keeping me company!”

“You know how i feel about you talking to people in the hero class.”

“But you don’t give a rats ass how I feel!”

Hitoshi flinched seeing Ayame’s eyes filled with tears for the second time that night.

“Make yourself dinner. I’m going to bed.” She grabbed the shark plushie and held it to her chest before going up to her room and slamming the door. She changed into an oversized teeshirt and a pair of shorts before letting her hair down and laying on top of her bed holding the shark close to her. “I didn’t even get his phone number…” She murmured softly to herself.

I ran to the dorms without stopping. Mr. Aizawa was locking the doors as I run over to him, breathing heavily and dripping sweat. "M-Mr. Aizawa! Sir! I am sorry I'm late, c-can you unlock the doors?" I pant, wiping the sweat out of my eyes as he sighs and opens the door. "I won't ask why your late K-" he notices the sharks and glares at me. I give him a weak smile and he demands I go inside. I smirk and chuckle going to my dorm...Bakugo was lazing on the couch, yelling at Denki. I ignore them all and go to my dorm room, adding my sharks to my thousands of others. I change into my Shark Onesie and turn on some music, dancing playfully and singing along with the lyrics. After about an hour I turn off the music and collapse onto my bed... I smile and set an alarm for the early morning so I could go shower and get ready...As I roll onto my side I begin to think about the day I had basically wasted with Ayame, but I didn't care... I smile and close my eyes, pulling a shark blanket over my body as I slowly drift to sleep.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame woke up the following morning and rubbed her eyes. She saw the time and gasped before throwing off her sheets and quickly getting dressed. She didn’t have time to put on her contacts so she had to wear her glasses. As she ran to school she didn’t bother checks to see if her brother was awake seeing as she was already running late and she was still irritated with him. As she ran she quickly tried to braid her long hair in a loose braid. By the time she got to school she sighed softly before stopping to catch her breath. “Hopefully the club didn’t meet this morning.” Once she caught her breath she pulled out her phone only to see a text from her brother.

[i Sorry about yesterday.]

She sighed softly before putting her phone back in her pocket. “I should see if I can maybe talk to one of the teachers who’s already a pro and get some advice from them…”

I was deep asleep, my alarm had gone off almost 2 hours ago and I was still deeply asleep. Finally, I slowly awoke...I rubbed my eyes and rolled off of my bed, looking around. I look at my phone...[i 10:52...Wait- 10:52?!] I stand up, quickly grabbing my school uniform, running to the showers. I take a quick, cold shower and run back out, getting dressed. I ran to the school, forgetting to gel my hair. I burst into class, Mr. Aizawa mid-lecture as I pant out an apology and sit down. I slide my phone out of my pocket and check the time...I slide it back into my pocket and look up at the teacher as Denki whispers to me, "You are kinda late, Kirishima~" I ignore him and try to spike my hair but it didn't do anything. I sigh and lower my head, my hair beginning to cover my eyes...I also noticed it was beginning to fade back to black too... [i Ugh...I better go dye it later...]
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

After class finished and it was around lunchtime Ayame was curious if it would be rude to ask Kirishima if he wanted to go get lunch. Her face turned slightly red at the thought then shrugged slightly. “He probably wants to eat with his friends anyways.”

Hinori walked over to her friend and lightly chopped the top of her head with her hand. “You’ve been in a daze again this morning. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Ayame rubbed her head before nodding. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry was just lost in thought. Let’s go before the lunch room gets super busy.”

When they got down to the lunch room she didn’t realize she was scanning all the students to try and see if Kirishima was there.

Hinori looked at her and smirked. “Alright. I know youre looking for someone. Who is it?”

Ayame blinked and looked at her friend. “I wasn’t looking for anyone.” She lied.

“A certain red haired boy perhaps.”

Ayame’s cheeks flushed pink. “W-Wah, no! I wasn’t.”

Hinori laughed. “You are so bad at lying. You get flustered too quick.”

Bakugo was eating a spicy ramen bowl when Kirishima ran into the room, a book and pencil in his hands. He runs over and Bakugo slides a bowl of Pork and Beef in front of him. Kirishima thanks him and begins to scarf it down with his left hand, writing notes in the other. He was mid-bite when he hesitated and choked on a piece of beef. He swallowed it down and coughed, then laughed. Bakugo ignored him and was talking to Sero... Kirishima sighed and slowed down, finishing his bowl rather quickly. He finishes his notes as well before sighing and he looks up, noticing Ayame near the opposite side of the Lunch Room. He smiles and waves, then lowers his head and continues writing notes...he clearly wasn't happy about doing notes either... He had to finish them by the end of lunch or Mr. Aizawa would fail him for the day.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame then saw Kirishima and smiled brightly waving back. She noticed his hair wasn’t spiked and smiled to herself. “He must have been running late today too.” She chuckled to herself then noticed her friend smirking at her. “W-What?”

“I saw that. I want all the details. Withhold nothing.”

Ayame turned away embarrassed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” While Ayame was looking away she didn’t notice the wet floor sign and proceeded to slip and fall causing her soup to spill over her. “Ack—“ She winced from the pain of the hot soup on her skin.

“Ayame are you okay?!” Hinori knelt beside her but tried to stay a bit quiet as she noticed her friend was already embarrassed enough considering her face was bright red.

Within moments Kirishima was on his feet and going to her side. Before he could think he slide his coat off and handed it to her. He adjusted his shirt and tie and he says, "I'll go get some napkins, but you can take off your jacket and change into mine." I say, a small smile on my face. I then get up and go to the front of the lunchroom, grabbing a fistful of napkins. I then job back over to where you were and I hand them to you. I take your soup-covered jacket and fold it, holding it in my left hand as I hold my right hand out to you to help you up. I was smiling and I looked as if this was something I did all the time. I glance back and see Bakugo, looking at me questionably and then down at my notes...He probably found a mistake because he started scribbling something onto the page.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame felt someone put something over her and she looked up and saw Kirishima. “T-Thank you Kirishima.” She did as he said and changed out of her jacket and into his. Her face still bright red from embarrassment.

Her friend was staring in awe at how fast Kirishima responded to Ayame falling. “You can’t tell me thats [i nothing]!” She whispered while he went to go get napkins.

When he came back he had taken her jacket and held out his hand. She smiled and took it allowing herself to be helped up. “Thank you Kirishima.” She thanked him again still embarrassed feeling like everyone was staring at her but in reality it was only some students from Class 1-A and a couple of other random students.


“Kirishima ran pretty fast. Isn’t that the girl who brought in muffins yesterday?” Sero asked watching the two.
ALonelyOtaku     1y ago

Bakugo grumbled and says, "Stupid Dumb Hair...He's trying to show off." He eats another bite of Ramen and continues to scribble at the bottom of Kirishima's page. Sero slurps up some of his own Ramen before saying, "Yeah, Maybe...Or maybe he just wants more muffins!" Bakugo grumbles something in response... Mina was whispering gossip to the other girls, pointing at Kirishima. [i I heard he is dating her. No, Really? I thought he was dating Bakugo.]
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

Ayame smiled up at Kirishima. “I’ll bring you back your jacket after class is done. Thank you for letting me borrow it.” She wanted to ask him for his number but with Hinori already staring holes through the two of them she decided now probably wasn’t the best time. “You look different with your hair down. My guess is you were running late this morning too…” She took off her glasses and tried to clean them with her skirt since she noticed they had soup on them. [i Thank goodness Hitoshi doesn’t have the same lunch time as me…]

I smile and say, "Oh, Alright then!" after you comment on my hair I laugh and nod, "Yeah, I kinda slept in...heh..." I then turn to see Bakugo, his glare on me was intense...I could also see the girls whispering and pointing at us...I then say, "Hey, Shinso? I need to go, um...I'll see you later..." I jog over to my table, grabbing my things and running off. I bring Mr. Aizawa my notes and apologize. He grumbles under his breath and allows me to go to my next class. I sit down as the bell rings. I sigh and see the teacher look at me. "Kirishima? Where is your j-" I cut him off, "Sorry sir, I gave it to a general studies student who had soup on it." The teacher nods and writes that down.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

“Oh yeah! Sorry! Thanks again.” Ayame watched as he jogged away and smiled softly only to feel her friends eyes darting holes through her body. “Hinori if you keep staring so hard you’re going to pierce right through me.”

“You need to spill everything.” Hinori grinned before grabbing Ayame’s wrist and dragging her to an empty table.


Lunch was otherwise uneventful and once she finished eating what Hinori shared with her she made her way back to the class room. She couldn’t help but notice the jacket had a familiar smell that reminded her of when he hugged her the day before. She couldn’t help but smile. On her way back to class she ran into her brother.

He was about to apologize in person until he saw her jacket. “Where’s your jacket? Who’s jacket is that?”

“I slipped and fell at lunch and spilt soup all over myself. Another student was kind enough to let me borrow their jacket. I’ll talk to you at home Hitoshi… I’m going to be late for class.” She brushed past him and headed to her class and sat down. She caught herself thinking about Kirishima a few times and had to refocus so she wouldn’t get an eraser thrown at her head again.

(Small Time Skip: School Day Ends Officaly)
I was walking around my dorm when I remembered that I had given my jacket to Shinso during lunch. I pull out my phone and send a few texts out to Bakugo and the group to try to just PM each other and not speak on the group chat for a while. They all agree pretty quickly. I smile and slide my shoes on, running out the door. I get somewhat lost trying to find Ayame's house again but it was rather easy once I made it onto her street. I hesitate then walk up to the door. I stand there for a while and stare at it, hoping she would come to the door before I knocked but I knew she wouldnt. I then take a small breath and knock on the door.

After a few minutes, I knock again and hear a rustling noise behind it. I expect the worst and my arms harden in case I needed to use sudden defense as the door knob slowly opens. I stare directly at it, and then where the body of a person would be when the door opened, my arms slightly raised but not enough to be noticable.
PotatoPirateAyame Shinso   1y ago

There was a knock at the door and Hitoshi raised his eyebrow. “Did she forget her key?” He walked over to the door but when he opened it he narrowed his eyes. “You… what do you want?” He asked slightly irritated.


Ayame had waited at the school gate for awhile. “Did he forget? I guess I should have checked his classroom instead of wait by the gate…” She checked her phone for the time and pouted slightly. “I guess I’ll have to give it to him in the morning. Since I’m not sure what dorm he’s in.” She wasn’t sure why but she felt a little bummed out that she didn’t get to talk to Kirishima after school.

She started walking home with Kirishima’s jacket in her arms. [i Still wish I could have gotten his phone number… oh well, time and a place I suppose.] She thought to herself. “Crap I totally forgot to talk to a teacher today for advice with my quirk…” She mumbled as she crossed the road over to the street her home was on.

I was hesitating and becoming nervous... "Hey...Shinso..." I rub my hand against my neck, my quirk deactivated. My heart was racing as I say softly, "Is Ayame home...? I, uh... kinda gave her my jacket today and need it back..." I say, looking up at Shinso. I swallow hard as he glared down at me. All my better instincts told me to give up and go to my dorm, to just send a submission for a new jacket and be done with it, but I was determined to stay and get my jacket... [i It wouldn't be manly to just leave out of cowardness! You're a man, you can stand up to this guy.]

(Sorry for the short part, I just cant think of anything more to add...)


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