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tinymushyJames   1y ago

James quietly watched his parents as they wandered around, quietly floating behind them before Quackity whirled on him. "Oi! What do you want? You've been following us forever!" He demanded as James startled, covering his mouth before looking between them. He swallowed heavily before covering his mouth a bit, floating in front of them. "Daddies...don't you remember me...?" He asked out in his soft, doubled-up voice as Quackity raised an eyebrow. "I don't remember having you. Given, I don't remember most of my one-night stands, but I know you're not my kid." He raised an eyebrow at him as James' eyes widened a bit, and he looked at Revivebur in panic. "I...but...d...dads..."
lildiamondWilbur Soot   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Revivebur's typical self-confident smile dropped from his face as he turned around in sync with Quackity, visibly ticked at the fact they were followed, and by a kid ghost who claimed to be *their* son, nonetheless. It was a humorous idea, he'd give the kid that much credit. "Look, guy, I've only got *one* son, and he's long grown by now *and* a fox. I'm pretty sure I'd remember something as important as having another kid, so you must be mistaken." He stated in mild annoyance, tucking his hands into his trench coat as he rolled his eyes at the thought of forgetting something so important.
tinymushyJames   1y ago

" gotta remember me, dads..." James' eyes began to fill with blue as he sniffled softly, covering his mouth as he whimpered. "Please tell me this is a gotta remember..." He whined out as he sniffled, leaking blue from his eyes. It struck a chord of deja vu, but it was still hard to recognize him. Quackity rolled his eyes and pulled Wilbur's arm a bit, humming. "It's probably just a prank, come on. We've got better things to do than humor this kid." He hummed before walking off, James watching them with a soft sniffle. "Daddies..." He whined out before sinking to the ground, covering his face as blue just leaks from everywhere it can, his barely developed wings flittering softly.
lildiamondWilbur Soot   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Wilbur stood silently and motionless for a few moments before he let out a small sigh and quickly followed after Quackity upon being prompted to do so, catching up to him. It *was* probably a prank, he reasoned with himself, though he felt uneasy leaving the kid behind due to his random gut feeling of deja vu.
Shroud had been hiding in the bushes, silently watching the interaction from a safe distance away. His father had warned him about Revivebur and Quackity a few times, and to keep his distance from them anytime he went out, but the ghost following after them perked his interest. The spider carefully walked up after the two had walked away, eyeing him curiously until that curiosity turned to concern hearing soft sniffles. "Hey, are you okay?" Shroud asked in a slightly scratchy, raspy voice, though that was just his usual tone.
tinymushyJames   1y ago

James was just sobbing quietly, blue leaking from his eyes and mouth before he looked up at Shroud, getting startled by him. "W-who are you?! What do you want? Don't hurt me!" He held his arms up as it to protect himself, letting out a soft sob as his emotions kept overwhelming him. His heart hurt because his parents just didn't remember him. He wanted his parents...
He quietly covered his face as he sobbed loudly, his whole aura just tinting blue. "I just want my daddies...!" He cried out as his little wings opened, fanning the blue aura around and letting others feel his deep sorrow at being rejected by his fathers.
lildiamondShroud   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Shroud flinched slightly, backing up a few steps upon the unsuspected and unprompted self-defence he was shown. He held all of his hands up in surrender almost instantly, to show he meant no harm. "I'm Shroud, and I won't hurt you, I promise! Not all mobs are hostile," He said, slowly frowning at the feeling of sorrow that washed over him.
"I'm- I'm sorry..." Shroud muttered sadly, letting his hands drop back down to his sides, "I don't know what that must be like, but do you need some place to go home to?... I'm sure my father wouldn't mind..."
tinymushyJames   1y ago

He sniffled as he looked up at him, wiping the blue from his eyes and mouth before whining softly. "Mmm...I don't wanna be rude..." He sniffled and hugged himself as his little wings flittered before folding up, playing with his hands quietly. He was nervous about making anyone upset with him, since one of his fathers was basically the epitome of anger sometimes.
James seemed to refuse to make eye contact with him as he played with his fingers quietly, remembering a game him and Ghostbur used to play. "One, two, unto you. Three, four, pompadour. Five, six, view the Styxx. Seven, eight, find the great. Nine, ten, do it again." He hummed the words to himself, blue starting to leak from him again slowly.


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