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The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (1x1) / ((CLOSED))

By cayde6diedonce

Replies: 33 / 15 days ago

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"Fall Into Oblivion, Forget About The World We Live In"

Taking place in:
"The Elder Scrolls 4 'OBLIVION'."
Y/C Finds Her/His/There-Self in a prison, not just any- The Biggest city, Chatter comes from up the stairs as-
The Emperor walked in, with His guards-The Blades.
M/C Found 'Himself' In The mortal world, forgetting 'his' Job, 'his' duty, as a 'Cat' 'He' Found 'himself' helping a prisoner, who is tasked with finding the emperor's last son.

(more to be added)


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"Fine! He got up and jumped into the water, looking around, he spotted the Amulet and grabbe it, "Got it! you threw it into the water!" he called
she stares back "B-but the man in the fire- a-and-...THE AMULET! we need to go get it now! i cant leave without it!"
Starr / bbg_starr / 5d ago
keeper blinked "This one is anooyed with you, its me, the one who harbored you here" he said
"Wait I drop something, i have to get it back...And we need to help my...my friend!" She hesitates because she know he's her only hope "Please!" She begs
Starr / bbg_starr / 5d ago
Kapper picked her up, "He's Michael, the heir." he said walking to the boat, and getting in, "To the coty, Now!" keeper called
She yells "Hey that's my boat! Get off!" She runs toward the boat as fast she can. She stumbles over a root from a tree and she drops the Kings amulet while trying to get up "Holy-" She limps "Ow ow ow ow!" Broken leg
Starr / bbg_starr / 5d ago
"Get to the boat boh of you follow this one!" He said running to the water where the boat was, he was wounded, so was 'Michael' and so they ran faster from the hurt
She hides behind a tree and inhales deeply. I peek from behind the tree warrily. "E-excuse me" She slowly walks out from behind the tree.
Starr / bbg_starr / 6d ago
A scream came from close by, it was a man, bearly a boy, he was fighting a Dadra, the demon was about to kill the kid, when Keeper came down with a sword on its neck.
She blinks and a couple of tears run down her face as she turns around.She runs yelling for help "SOMEBODY HELP!"
Starr / bbg_starr / 7d ago
"FIND MICHAEL! AND MEET ME BACK HERE! FU-!" He yelled afraid as fire surrounded him, "GO NOW! FIND THE PRIEST HES INSIDE THE HOUSE!!"
"I-I CAN'T LEAVE YOU HERE, BESIDES I HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!" she yells frantically. Her eyes start to water "Where would I go!?"
Starr / bbg_starr / 8d ago
"GET READY TOFIGHT DADRA! ILL GET HIM THEN"he yelled,fog and fire covering him, "go! NOW!" He yelled louder
"What the hell is going on?!" She yells as she follows resisting the urge to pull his tail "Please explain!,I'm not ready to die yet"
bbg_starr / 9d ago