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Closed rp for RavennFlightt

By Ren_Hickman

Replies: 101 / 16 days ago

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This takes place in 3021. There are androids now they look like humans but all of the ones at lest the ones under regulations have a circle on there timple it's normal blue but when they are learning or fell like they might be in danger but turns red when in danger. There are people against the androids and some that dont mind. They are difrent kinds of jobs for androids and difrent androids look difrent. Some places don't like androids in there place.

It has now been three years since androids came about. People are now losing there job because of them and some just don't like it. Many people don't call the android she they or he but just it. They are not nice at all and ate now tring to get rid of them because some are becoming a disobey. But what will you do? If your human then what will you do to the androids ? If your an android will you obey or disobey?
" oh I think you'll all be great " she said as rose yawned tired. She slowly got up. " let's leave her alone "
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 3d ago
"Taz is a good person plagued by hardship, I'm surprised that he's so open to people still. As for I, my programming was aimed towards helping people, I don't mind it." Rival shrugged. "Some people are cruel."
Rival / RavennFlightt / 5d ago
She smiled it was a uneasy smile. " yeah you and taz seem nice from what inkniw so far"
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 7d ago
"Well Sebastian's nice, but I guess I have to get to know you two better." Rival shrugged.
RavennFlightt / 7d ago
( okay. Gn)
" I can tell that to. What do you think about as her amd sebastion?" She asked then when she saw the bed she slowly put. Rose down to take her shoes off.
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 7d ago
(I have to retire for the night, Gn!)
"Uhhhhhh- about three years I think. He's a kind employer and he's generous. I can tell he honestly wants to help other people, and androids." Rival answered, opening the door to a large room with a king-sized bed.
Rival / RavennFlightt / 7d ago
" yes I think I will do that " she notes with a smile. " so how long have you been. Working for Taz?" She question slightly tilting her head.
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 7d ago
"Yes, ma'am! We have plenty here. Also if you want, I might be able to convince Taz to let you stay. I feel like he'd love that." Rival smiled, leading them down the hall.
Taz downed one dosage of pain meds to dull the stabbing pain to a dull ache.
Rival / RavennFlightt / 7d ago
lpossible.liz could tell he was in pain and looked away in pain herself. She nodded and followed. Him. Rose slightly moved in her arms. " are you sure we can have a big bed?" She asked.
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 7d ago
"Farewell." Rival said as they left.

Taz smiled, "It's no problem, Rival can show you to a room." His leg gave out short bursts of pain and he ignored them.
"Right, let's get you one of the bigger rooms, so you can have a large bed." Rival stood up, beckoning the girls to follow.
Rival / RavennFlightt / 7d ago
( okay)
" your welcome sir." He nodded. " well we better go then" Asher said. " goodnight Rival Liz and Tax" he mooted after he scaled the unknown andriod they walked out.

Liz waited Rose was asleep on her shoulder " Thank you so much Tax you to Rival" she looked at rose with a small smile " is there a place I can put Rose?" She asked then looked at her feet felling bad about liying to cops. But they did have taken her if
F she didn't. She was just glad Taz let her and rose stay tonight.
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 7d ago
(You're good)
Taz nodded, sitting down in an empty seat and leaning the cane beside him on the chair's arm.
Rival pet Ace's head softly. "I won't, thank you Sebastion."
Rival / RavennFlightt / 7d ago
( rose I mean find out later in rp. But luz yes(not meaning to be rude sorry if it sounds that way)))

" tempting but no thank you I'm still on the clock for thirty minutes." He said as he looked at his watch. Sebastion put Ace Down. Their was no yap just the thud od his tail. " please don't let him move for a few weeks I fixed him" he said as he saw a red wall glich in front of him then the word software instability increasing. He just shook his head it was all gone. His arm was behind his back as he was behind Asher.

Liz looked at rose which was crying again. She picked her up and held her rocking her as she slowly fell quite.
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 7d ago
Rival nodded, Taz entered and the android followed.
"You may sit if you'd like." Taz offered, "Does anyone want a drink?" He was mainly talking to Asher about the drink.

(Are both Rose and Liz androids?)
Rival / RavennFlightt / 7d ago
" I know your not."He still looked down. " well thank you." Asher and sebastion said Liz nodded tring to go whit a story. But she waited for the others to go in there she followed.
Liz / Connor_Hickman / 8d ago