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lildiamondFogwalker   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

The Fogwalker, a dog-moose hybrid like cryptid creature that resides in the fog-dense west coast, just along the border of Canada and the United States, known specifically in the little town of Newport, Washington.
He wasn't aggressive by most means, and only sought to ensure that children were safe and out of harms' way; much unlike one of the more popular Creepypastas, known for eating children, Slenderman. The entity only had issues with non-believers or those who strived to disprove his existence, or even those who abused children. Never being able to have any himself due to the freakish reality of being the only one of his kind, he looked after the innocent children others had, be it human or animal.
Today was no different from any other day. Fogwalker had woken up before dawn and made his way out to Diamond Lake, straying more towards the southwest side since it was where he could safely watch children go off on their way to school without being seen through the dense fog that blanketed his figure. He watched as child after child of all ages left their homes and boarded the same school bus that always brought them to their destination just up the road, his eyes never stopping for a second until he was certain each one of them were, A, unharmed, B, happy and healthy, and C, ready for their days.
Once the yellow, boxy bus had pulled off and left, he walked down to the lake, dipping his head down to lap up some water after neatly laying down. He was too tall to take a drink standing up without feeling excessively uncomfortable with the amount of leaning he would have to do. He might be a cryptid, but that didn't mean he was all that flexible.
tinymushySheila   1y ago

Sheila looked around nervously as she ran from her house, crying loudly. Her hands were covered in blood from where she'd attempted to help her parents' wounds, and she covered her face as she collapsed next to the lake. She kept crying and crying from her sorrows, caring more about what was going on with her than going to school, curling into the ground as the fog surrounded her. She felt how it wet down her hair, but she rapidly found herself losing care for it as her glasses fell off.
lildiamondFogwalker   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Fogwalker's usually folded ears perked up on high alert when he heard the sound of somebody crying. Some *child* crying. He swiftly got off the rocky shores in which he was laid down to drink, and, thankfully due to his eyes being adjusted to see through fog no matter how dense it may be, he was able to quickly locate the source of who was crying.
Though, the thing was, he couldn't talk to *anybody* until he made an emotional connection with them; that was one of the more unfortunate circumstances about his specific form of telepathy.
Fogwalker walked over to the girl, taking slow and calm steps as to avoid scaring her, until she could visibly see him standing a few feet away. He let out a huff through his nose to try and gain her attention, which only swiftly turned into more fog. The entity then proceeded to lay down on the sandier shore, hoping that if he tapped into his more docile, dog-like actions, he would seem less frightening to the young girl.
tinymushySheila   1y ago

She heard him huff, looking up at him before flinching softly and hugging herself as she let out a soft whimper. "Oh..." She seemed slightly scared of him, but slowly moved closer to him as she reached out as if to pet him. Of course, she was scared of him still, but part of her was slightly happy to find someone who seemed to care, gently petting his snout as best she could. "H...hi..." She whispered quietly.
She then sniffled as she looked up at him. "Do you know how to save my parents? They're not breathing anymore..." She whimpered softly as she hugged herself, watching him nervously.
She gently glanced down after a moment, looking away. "I don't know who's gonna take care of me..." She whimpered softly as she drew her sweater around her tighter, the fog being cold.
lildiamondFogwalker   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Fogwalker seemed to raise an eyebrow upon hearing the reasoning she was alone and her hands were soaked with blood. A child without parents who *wasn't* in an adoption centre? That was the first he had heard of such a thing, so it took him a few moments to think.
He dipped his head down and rested it on the ground, still dedicated to the idea of appearing as friendly as possible. Fogwalker could only imagine how scared she must be at that moment, considering her parents had died; hell, he used to smile fondly as he watched them send her off to school. The news gave him enough of an emotional connection to speak a few sentences, at least.
"I don't know if I can help your parents; from the sound of things and the amount of blood on your hands, it seems like they're already dead... I'm sorry..." The cryptid spoke out, yet never opening his mouth to speak. He kept his eyes sadly looking up at her, "...Do you have any family that lives nearby? Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents?..."
tinymushySheila   1y ago

"Not nearby..." She mumbled nervously before hugging herself tightly as she sniffled softly, whining gently. "I don't know where they live, but they're a few hours by car, I think." She adjusted her glasses a bit, seeming a bit upset about the crack in them before laying down on the ground.
She was clearly upset, and tired, having clearly woken up not long ago. Her eyes closed after a moment, somehow feeling comfortable with him. Comfortable enough to fall asleep near him, at the very least, since she had heard of him protecting those in circumstances without their parents. She'd never heard of this situation happening before, but she still felt pretty safe with him.
lildiamondFogwalker   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Fogwalker fell into silence after letting out a slow sigh, slowly standing up only to lay back down and curl around the girl protectively to ensure that any wild wolves wouldn't as much as think of injuring her while she slept.
Well, this surely threw a wrench into his plans for the day, he mentally noted, though it wasn't like he had much to do anyway. It was the same thing everyday; wake up, find a meal, watch the children go to school, stroll through the forests around the schools, head back to the lake to watch them get home, watch over the houses, find something to be his dinner, go to sleep, then repeat. It was never much, and it certainly could be altered so that he could look after a child.
Oh, but how was he going to feed her? Humans didn't eat raw meat... Right, he could steal from the local stores, preferably the ones that didn't have cameras, like Owens which was right down the street. Even though it was in the heart of town, if it meant he could keep her fed at the end of the day, sneaking around would be worth it in his eyes.
Now, for the time being, though, he'd watch over her as she slept, keeping the dense fog around himself so that neither could be seen by other eyes as a safety tactic.
tinymushySheila   1y ago

Sheila seemed comfortable as she smiled happily, sighing out quietly and sleeping for a couple of hours. Her glasses fell off halfway through, but it should be fine. When she did wake up, she looked around with a groggy, half-awake look before looking at him and trying to figure out what she was looking at. It took her a moment to find her glasses, and picked them up to put them on. It was a bit startling for her for a second, but she remembered who he was and smiled quietly.
"You stuck around..." She whispered a bit before reaching up to pet at his snout, looking around quietly at the fog. It seemed even denser to her now, which confused her a bit, but she knew that she would probably be safe as long as she didn't lose track of him.
lildiamondFogwalker   1y ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Fogwalker slightly nodded a few times, his ears having perked up the second he noticed her stirring awake. He leaned in and gently licked her cheek with an oddly dry tongue, though that just meant she didn't have to wipe any saliva off of her, he supposed. It never did retain moisture very well.
"I did. I didn't want the wolves to attack you while you slept, especially not after losing your parents... You're still so very young, after all." He calmly stated, lowering his head down further to rest it beside her, allowing Sheila to pet essentially any part of him she so pleased. Who knows, maybe it could even be a comfort to her; he knew that tame animals often helped people in times of grief.
The cryptid looked up at her after a moment, "Are you hungry by any chance? It's just about lunchtime for the schools... I could steal something from one of stores, if you'd like."
tinymushySheila   1y ago

She swallowed after a moment, softly rubbing his head and smiling before nodding a bit. "...Mhm...I'm kinda hungry..." She mumbled as she rubbed his head gently, resting her head on his. "I think I can find some money or something, we don't need to steal..." She was kind of against stealing, but she knew that he might not be able to go into the place and pay.
"But I appreciate the thought..." She mumbled to him as she laid on him for a moment, smiling softly. She felt taken care of already, closing her eyes again before looking up at him. "It's really good that you found me..." She mumbled out as she lightly reached up to touch his antler curiously.


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