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~ School of Olympus ~

By ALonelyOtaku

Note: This was inspired so I can't take full credit but said person would like to remain anonymous. Thank you, Anonymous Person!

Welcome to the School of Olympus, You've just been forcefully sent here by your human parent! You awake in a large dorm room, which to your surprise is in a large complex with over 400 floors. You go out into the main living room, a large space full of people, all claiming to be your Godly parents' child. You knew that being their child you would have many siblings, but the number of people your age here almost surprised you.

You go out and explore, finding yourself in a giant building with big golden words: School of Olympus. You go inside, finding groups of people going in and out of classes, talking with friends, or signing up for the yearly clubs. You see a poster for the; New Spawn. You take a poster and it says in bold letters; "Welcome to the School Of Olympus! You have been hand-selected by your God Parent to come to attend and have an amazing life here! We teach a variety of subjects for all the different demigods! Most classes vary from Fashion and Heartbreak to Crafting and Archery, though we teach other classes like Creating good Sleep Habits and How to be the Ultimate Trader! This is a place where you can be you, and don't worry about being late to class, because we have no schedule! Classes are run 247 to fit all schedules and no mortal subjects are taught! (Athene's Children excluded, Mortal Classes will be taught 2:AM through 6:AM in the West Wing!)

Y/C decides to abandon the poster and go to where a large group of kids was hanging out, the center of the group was a large billboard covered in pages with different club names ranging from Archery Practice, Creating Electricity, and finally... Familiar Summoning! You take a small strip of paper with details on it. It reads: Come to Room 1038 at 1:40 PM, Tuesday, August 16th. You will learn to summon a Familiar and tame it! NOTE: Familiars not to be summoned inside of school.

Y/C decided to show up the next morning and met a small group of students... A boy was half-asleep at the front of the class but jerked awake when you came in. He smiled warmly and says kindly, "Hello, I'm Christopher Grey, Son of Hypnos. I am leading the Familiar Summoning club, are you interested?" You nod and Christoper smiles. You sit down beside the other students and he briefly explains what you would be learning. "Well, I think that's- Oh, wait! We will be meeting near Demeter's garden outside, about 150 feet away. Alright?" They all nod and leave.

Will you fit in with this group of kids or will you be forgotten by them?
Find out in the School of Olympus!

OOC / School Chatroom

This is a high school like roleplay, OC's must be at least 16
You must have 1 Godly parent and some of their attributes.
Please PM me if you would like to join, up to 5 people allowed. Please ask if a certain Greek God has been taken before asking to be them (By be them I mean their child of course.) Also, I would like to try and keep at least 1 person per god.
This may become a somewhat romantic roleplay, so you have been warned
All children of the Gods must have at least one curse and one blessing. All blessings must be accompanied by a curse but curses don't have to be accompanied by a blessing. You must also have at least one negative personality trait. If interested, I will send Christophers Bio.
God Children:
Son of Zeus: Closed (Anime_freak)
Daughter of Poseidon: Closed (hillory17)
Son of Hades: Closed (HomeOnJupiter)
Son of Hypnos: Closed (Me)
Son / Daughter of Aries: Open
Son / Daughter of Apollo: Open
Son / Daughter or Artemis: Closed (Ravanya)
Son / Daughter of Athena: Open
Son / Daughter of Demeter: Closed (ChaosCartoon)
Daughter of Dionysus: Closed
Son / Daughter of Hermes: Open
Son / Daughter of Hephaestus: Open
Daughter of Hestia: Closed (SolarNova360)
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ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

It was a cold, damp morning and Christopher was deep asleep in his room...it smelled of firewood and cinnamon, and it would most likely knock any mortal out within seconds...Christopher slowly opened his eyes, his body compressed under layers of blankets...His hands twitched and then pushed the blankets off of his body, yawning and sitting up. He rubbed his eyes and looked around his room, adjusting to the dimmed light in his room before slowly getting to his feet and going to his closet...He blindly grabs a sweater and sweatpants, sliding them on. He looked back at his bed longingly as he opened his door and stepped into the hall...He was greeted by the smell of coffee and honey, which made him realize how hungry he was. He walked to the dorm's elevator and went down to the first level. He went to the kitchens and was greeted by Oliver, his close friend...Oliver smiled and waved, handing him a freshly brewed coffee and waving him off...Christopher took it without a word and sipped at it, going out into the cold outdoors...The air was thick with water vapor as he took another sip of his drink, walking slowly to the school with his head lowered. He went into the building and went towards the Incense Burning and Sleep Habits classes...I could see my poster up on the NOTICE board and it made me smile...I sip my coffee again, it burned my throat as I swallowed... I go into one of the classes, it smelled thickly of Lavander and it made me want to close my eyes, but the teacher wouldn't stop talking about the benefits of insense...I lower my head onto the desk and whisper to myself, "A small nap won't hurt..." I yawn and close my eyes, my coffee resting near the edge of the table as I fall asleep rather quickly...
SolarNova360     352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

Next to him sat a girl with large purple wings and long brown hair with a pair of wolf ears sticking out. She sat tall and look at the teacher, holding a tired smile. Her hair noticeably was fading white over the days, which would happen to growing ani-gods [animal gods]. A lot of people knew her has Nova, but her real name was Star. She would continuously glance at Christopher, wondering if her was conscious or not. Star lightly tapped his shoulder. "Chris? You awake?" She whispered at a volume only he 'should' be able to hear.
HomeOnJupiterPsychí: Son of Hades   352d ago
Not Mentally Prepared... Period.💅

A young man walked into the classroom, clearly not wanting to be there and sat down on the other side of the room, being the anti-social outcast that he has always been. He put his head down on the desk and listened to music as the class continued
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

Christopher didn't respond to the girl's whispers, beginning to snore quietly...The insense was making him sleep deeper than normal, and his dreams began to form...He normally dreamed of the future or would speak to his dad like this...but this time it was just a black space with whisps of color slowly moving around...
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

Star continued to tap Christopher on the shoulder. "Chris!" She whispered. "For the Moons sake!" Star growled
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

Christopher jerked awake, yelping, "H-Huh?! O-Oh..." His voice lowered to a whisper and he rubbed his eyes, grabbing for his coffee...He missed. It fell to the floor and spilled along the thick, wooly carpets. His eyes went wide as he slid out of his seat, going to his knees and beginning to panic. He picked up the cup and set it on the desk, starring at the big stain on the floor.
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"Hey, calm down." Star whispered. "Take this." She handed him a thick cloth. "This is great, its very absorbent." She smiled and itched her ear
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

Christopher took it and gave a small smile, scrubbing the coffee stain with force. He looked up and noticed a new kid in the room. He finished scrubbing the coffee then threw the cloth away. He left the cup on his desk and went over to the boy, a smile on his face as he held out his hand, "Hiya New Kid! I'm Christopher Grey, Son of Hypnos! What about you, Who're you?" I had a smile on my face but a sense of tiredness in my eyes...I had the faintest scent of cinnamon and fire coming from me, possibly from my room.
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"Oh, that's Hades's kid, me and him are friends...I think. We both have cremated fire, I think that's why we bonded." Star said from afar. "Don't make him mad-" She added before starting to write in a black leather notebook. Star looked around herself as she wrote down. 'School has gone fine so far. Every ones still getting used to it. I miss my Dad, though.' She wrote. She looked outside, fallowing a blue bird with her eyes. Star drew a small sketch of it in the corner of her page. She started to write again. 'Christopher is as friendly as ever.' She jotted down, masking a small grin. She softly chuckled. 'Yup, very friendly.'
ChaosCartoonErebos Astecc   352d ago

Meanwhile, Erebos, had his eyes close and was sitting underneath a large tree. He was quietly listening to everything around him. His long red poncho just swayed in the wind as he listened to the leaves move, the wheat sways gently, and the chirping of birds nearby.
Unlike most people, He didn't go to school. He finds himself here all the time and its what he calls his resting spot. somewhere he enjoys to be, somewhere away from all the noise of people and mouths full of lies.
foodieishereTamimi Rochi   352d ago

A girl small in height enters the class with a book in her hand she walks to the back of the class very quietly so she would not draw attention and sat at an empty desk and began to read she is very nervous so she put in her headphones and listens to music to ease her nerves and continues to read
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

For an unknown reason, Star's head was jerked towards the window. She sniffed the air. Star shook her head. "That's weird." She said to herself, before focusing back on her notebook. She hummed a song as she sat there enjoying her free-time. "I wonder what we'll be doing next after this class..." She asked anyone who heard her. Star was happy that she had similar classes with the demi-gods she knew, with (Insert Hades's kids name here) and Christopher, that made her really happy.
HomeOnJupiterPsychí: Son of Hades   352d ago
Not Mentally Prepared... Period.💅

He got up suddenly and left the room. He had forgotten his things and didn't bother to pick them up. He seemed irritated and very peeved about something as he left, his eyes were fixed on something as he walked out.
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

I notice the new boy leaving without his things. I hesitate then grab them, following after you. I call out, "H-Hey, New kid! You forgot your things!" I seemed worried that you left them and ignored me...I was too tired to care much, but I wanted to be nice... "Hey! Listen to me!"
hillory17mallory: daughter of posiden   352d ago
plus ultra......haha nah bishes im a member of the LOV

(hey ummmm what have i missed? and i may need help getting my charicter into the rp) .
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

(Nothing much really, Just jump in literally wherever you want. Also, I am gonna fix something real quick so I may go offline for a moment. )
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"Maybe don't yell at, Psychí, unless you wanna get burned." Star warned, not looking at Christopher. "Oh ,and if her dose get mad, just come to me." She said as he left the room without acknowledging her. Star sighed and went to look out the window. She continued to glance at the door, to see if they were back yet. "Why do my friends have to act like children. Sixteen and I'm already a mom." She sighed and walked out the door to look for them.
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

I quickly lose the boy before I could hand him his things. I sigh angrily and place the items in the lost in found. It teleports away rather quickly and I sigh... I then turn and merge into a group of people, most of them being children of Zeus. Before I could un-merge I was shoved violently into the wall. I bit back a yell and I could hear their laughter and feel their stares...I ran away before it could continue...I rush into a room and lock the door, I then take deep breaths and whisper, "Coffee and sleep...I-I need coffee and sleep..."
foodieishereTamimi Rochi   352d ago

she had been reading her book when she looked up and saw someone leave the class ¨I hope they are okay I wonder what happened to make them leave¨ she thinks about going to ask what's wrong but decides to stay out of it a few minutes later she pulls out a big bag of cotton candy-flavored grapes and eats them while finishing her book she had an incurable addiction to grapes due to her father and always had a bag with her she wondered if she should go speak to someone and try to make friends with someone in the class so she could have someone to talk to but decided to just keep reading.
SolarNova360Eva Stars   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"Chris?" Star said walking to the group of people. "Chris are you here?" She said raising her voice a bit. "Seems like I have to use my god voice..." She mumbled. She closed her eyes for a second and quickly opened them, each glowing a different color. One red and one white. "Everyone!" A huge echo bounced off the walls. "I'm looking for my friend. His name is Christoper Grey! Direct yourself or him to me as soon as you find him!!" The echo made everyone go silent and turn to Star.
foodieishereTamimi Rochi   352d ago

Tamimi hears a loud noise that sounds like a voice and gets up from her seat and walks out of the class to check out the commotion she had never heard a noise so loud it was still making her ears ring she sees a bunch of people staring at someone she tries to see who it was but couldn't get through the crowd of people she asked someone beside her what the noise was but they just ignored her ¨Rude¨ she thought as she went to go ask someone else what the noise was
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

I hear your voice from a room far away...I whisper repeatedly, "Dad, please take me to my room...Please Please Plea-" I felt something strong and heavy in front of me, making me feel intensely drowsy... It smelled amazing and I breathed in deeply, passing out a moment later...I opened my eyes in my bed, but I didn't get up...I closed my eyes again and buried myself under my blankets and began to snore, falling asleep within seconds...The scent of fire and cinnamon had transformed into a smell of Milk and Honey.
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"You shouldn't run off like that." Chris heard Star say. She rested a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it with her thumb, warming her hand with her power. "Could you come out from you blankets and look at me?" She asked, quietly. "Or would singing help better than talking?" Star added, knowing he was on the edge of an anxiety attack. "Y'know, I worry about you. More than I should, and when you ignore me like that, I get concerned." She said, raining her voice to a normal volume
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

I woke up slowly and mumbled something into my blankets, ignoring you. I then say in a much clearer tone, "No~ Go away...I'm going back to sleep..." I close my eyes again, re-burying myself under 2 large quilts and a thick winter blanket. The room's scent slowly changed from Milk and Honey to Coffee and Cinnamon...It sounds like I purred to this, then fell asleep again.
SolarNova360Eva Stars   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

"What did I expect?" Star asked herself, before walking away and out of his room. Star walked around the campus, trying to find her mom, Hestia. She knew she was around the outside classes, by Demeter's area, so she went there. "Hello, Miss Demeter, have you seen my Mother, Hestia this dawn? Im looking for her."
ChaosCartoonErebos Astecc   352d ago

He had heard somebody's voice but he continued to try and focus on other things. Usually, when its lunch time, He would blow his horn and thats when he would hear a few peoples voices. Then after school he would hear more peoples voices.
It was not around those times, he knew when it is time, he did his same routine every day.
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   352d ago

Christopher had been asleep for about 30 minutes when he began to dream about Hypnos... "Hey, Dad...Thank you f-" [i "Chris...I want you to listen to me...I know as my son you are constantly sleeping but take into consideration that you have friends who want to be with you when you're awake...It pains me to say, but you need to stay awake for once and actually speak with your friends...Also, I hear you started a club? How many did you get to join?"] I sigh and roll my eyes, "Sleeping is all I live for Dad...And nobody yet...Nobody really likes me that much, so I can see why...Anyways, I can smell coffee, so I might wake up now..." Hypnos smiles and waves, "Go eat some food for once, Chris...It will be good for you." I nod and wave, allowing myself to wake up. I go out of my room and into the school. I went into the large lunchroom, feeling intensely drowsy as I sit down. A message came into my head:[i Lunch will start soon...] I sigh and lay my head on the lunchroom table, there were hardly any people in here anyways...I close my eyes and take a small breath.
SolarNova360Star Night   352d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

Star walked away from Demeter when she told her the she hadn't seen her mom. She had walked up to the first person she saw. "Hello there, Im looking for my mother, Hestia. Have you seen her?" She asked the boy.
foodieishereTamimi Rochi   352d ago

After a few minutes of asking she went back to the room to get her things from the class that she had left behind, she saw a few kids who looked like the children of Aries and she changed direction right away she knew better than to mess with them or cross their path she took the long route to the class not wanting to speak to anyone when she got there she grabbed her stuff and went to lunch before everyone got all the grapes
HomeOnJupiterJupiter(Young)   351d ago
Not Mentally Prepared... Period.💅

He looked over at Star, clearly either tired, or irritated. He put his hands in his pockets and turned to face her. He wasn't very good with people, but his father had sent him to this school for that exact reason, his father had said he was not going to be a shut-in all his life and he needed people skills if he was going to work with his father. "I think.... I think I saw her over by the gates earlier..."
RavanyaAtalune   348d ago

[font "Times New Roman" Her breath was heavy and panting, and sweat rolled down her back despite the chilly air of the autumn season and coming winter. Despite keeping a steady rhythm she had managed to bring herself to the point that her lungs felt as though they were burning. It didn't happen often, which meant she was always pushing herself. Every step pounded into the concrete beneath her shoes as she ran around the campus as her routine brought her to do everyday. She had another night of restlessness and barely any sleep, so she was up at just half past first light. Since she couldn't sleep any more, she started her exercises.

By the time she finished her laps, the sun had fully risen and she could hear the bustle of school life as students were waking and beginning their classes for the day. Atalune had classes as well, but she preferred to go later in the day since classes here didn't seem to have any specific order. The classes at the end of the day were filled more with those that would tend to mind their own business. The chipper early birds were far too talkative and annoying for her taste. She slowly came to a stop and let her head fall back as she rolled her neck and shoulders. As she caught her breath in controlled and even breaths, she stretched out her overworked muscles. A single glance would show her that the same guy from other days was at the old tree once again. She wasn't sure what he was doing here, she hadn't seen him inside the school, but then she didn't care enough to ask. Choosing once again to ignore it, she headed back into the dorms and towards her room.

Most students were paired on a floor where they shared space with other students that shared the same "God/dess" parent. Atalune was on a floor where the other students were not half human. This was only because her Mother, Artemis, had no other children like the other Gods. She wasn't even supposed to have Atalune, but she was a woman of her word, and made a bet with her human father. If she could beat the Huntsman in hunting a rare animal, he would stop his pursuit to her heart. If he won, she would lay with him only once, going against her vows of virginity. Little had she known that the Huntsman not only could hunt that rare animal, but he had domesticated one and made it his pet. True to her word, she had lain with the Huntsman, and that was all it took to bring Atalune into the world.

Though she took much after her mother, she was raised by her father to be a Huntress, and she was good at it. She could hear things most others couldn't. She could smell the shift of the winds. Her eyes would see the slightest difference in colors in the world that no human or animal eye could see. No camouflage worked on her eyes, not even the best ones made my Nature herself. And like her mother, she was a natural born archer. Top of the Archery club in the school, though she was beginning to become bored with the school. She felt no challenge to her skills and she didn't like it. She had only be brought to the school when it was discovered that human schools wouldn't cut it in her studies.

Once back in her dorm room, she downed two full bottles of water before she showered and dressed for the day in simple jeans and tunic blouse. Her long deep brown hair was braided in a single thick plait down her back and she wore no makeup. Tucking her jeans into her knee high boots and a poncho sweater, she gathered her bag with her school things and headed to the cafeteria, locking her door behind herself. By this time it was near lunch and though she hated the crowds, she needed to eat as she'd went running without breakfast again.

Passing through the halls, the [i many] children of Zeus were milling about in the halls, as well as the children of Aries. She rolled her eyes, and when one tried to be a jerk and knock her into the wall, she merely stopped in her tracks and let him slam himself into the wall. He groaned in pain and his buddies all laughed at him. Her Emerald eyes gleamed in a Golden warning and he sneered at her before running off. At that moment, someone's booming voice filled the hallway and she cried out at the sharp pain it caused her and her extensively sensitive hearing.

[b "For buck's sake! Does everyone need to make such noise? Not even wildlife is this chaotic!"] She snarled, now with a pounding headache as she stomped her way through the crowds to the cafeteria, cursing them the entire way. She made it to the cafeteria as they were just starting to set out food, and so grabbing a tray and taking her pick of the fresh food, she sat off in a corner to herself as she always did. She wanted a last minute look at her homework for her first class of the day, Mystical Beasts and Habitats, so she pulled her laptop out to go over her essay while she would eat. Something caught her eye off in another table as some people started to mill into the room.

It was Christopher, son of Hypnos. He sat at a table, closed his eyes, and went still. She didn't know a day that went by that he wasn't curled up sleeping somewhere. Even in the Archery range while waiting for a spot to open for practices, he was napping in a corner. He was overly friendly, when he was awake, and he kind of reminded Atalune like a puppy. Bursts of energetic personality, and a lot of naps. She turned her attention back to her laptop and her essay as she ate and let the room fade away from her focus.
ChaosCartoonAugust   348d ago

He looked around the field and stood up. he was missing something...
He walked around the wheat field, sometimes grazing his hand over the wheat to make a strange yet beautiful sound. he stomped walking after his foot touched something, it felt cold and like stone.
he looked down to see it was his scythe. his mother gave it to him as a gift when he was 10, he was grateful for such a beautiful tool he wielded. he picked the scythe up and went back to his spot to hopefully not expect any unwanted guests here.
He isn't sure why he needed this weapon, maybe an old family heirloom? who knows but he was never told.
XxNova_LogicxXStar Night   347d ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

Star was pleased at the fact that the random boy she had asked might have known where her Mother was. “Thank you! Your help is appreciated.” She said before walking off. Star checked by the front gates. Wasn’t there. She checked by the side gates leading to Demeter’s forest and Posiden’s waters. Wasn’t there.

Star suspected that Hestia was at the back gates, leading to the underworld, waiting for Hades. She circled the whole school first, just to be sure, and headed to the back. There she was, as Star thought.

She walked up to Hestia. “Mom?” Star said to Hestia’s back. She turned around. “Oh, Star dearest. How are you? How has your day been so far?” She asked in her normal Motherly tone. “It has been just fine. I found Christopher and Psychi too.” Hestia smiled. “That’s wonderful!” Star looked around before looking back at her again. “I take it that Psychi hasn't spoken to you yet?” Star sighed. “Yeah...bet he’d rather do it in person, y’know?” Hestia sighed as well. “I can’t tell if that boy’s shy or just doesn’t want others to know that you two are friends…” “Both.” They both said in unity. The two laughed.

“Why are you here in the first place?” Star asked, knowing that she was waiting for her Uncle Hades. “I’m waiting for Hades.” Just as Star thought. “He promised that he would help with the children who have fire abilities with me, this year...but he hasn’t shown...I might just drag him out of his cave myself.” Star chuckled. “It would be a lot easier if I were to get him myself, Ma.”

Hestia chuckled as well. “I wouldn’t let you do that...it’s unfair that you're so cute~” Star blushed. “Ma!” After a couple seconds of silence the two burst out in laughter. “Fine, fine. You may go get him.” Star smiled and walked down the hot concrete steps. “Maybe I should-” She said, slipping of her sandals and handing them to her Mother. “Okay! Now I’m off.”

Star walked down the stairs and made her way to Hades’s cave. She had walked up to Cerberus. That three headed dog really liked Star, so it let her through. “Uncle! Ma says you promised assistance!” Star called walking down the hall leading to his cave.

“Firecracker you know I’d never lie to Hestia.” Hades said to Star, looking at her as she walked in. She gave him a look that screamed ‘really?’ without saying it. “Okay! Okay! I may have lied once....or twice...or three times- W-whatever! I’ll be there in a minute…” Star giggled and hugged the tall, demonic being. “Okay! Bye!”

Star walked out of the cave and toward the exit to the underworld. She walked up the stairs. "Hades said that he'd be up in a minuet, Ma." Hestia sighed. "He best be." Star chuckled. "He will, Ma." "Whatever you say."
foodieishereTamimi Rochi   346d ago

Tamimi arrived at the lunchroom just in time before the last person took all the grapes she immodestly took the whole container people were looking at her strange but she did not care all she cared about was eating she arrived at the table where she would usually sit and began eating usually people would come over to her and ask if she would really eat all that but she just looked at them proudly and said ¨This is her normal amount¨ which they would usually gasp in shock but today nobody came and spoke to her at all she felt lonely once again.

After she ate she would usually go to the library so she could get some new books but today she didn't want to read she instead went to the forest trail when she didn't want to read she would take nature walks which she did rarely but today it was a nature run she decided to run for at least 5 hours before going to a tree nearby and resting she was out of breath and sweaty but she still had fun as the tiredness washed over her she fell asleep under that tree dreaming about grapes.
RavanyaAtalune   343d ago

[font "Rimes New Roman" After deciding that there was no way of improving her papers anymore, and her lunch was eaten, she glanced around the lunchroom. This place felt a little chaotic. Classes weren't exactly at set times, and so there were always students around somewhere. In and out of classes like they could care less. She often wondered how any of them would even know if they had passed a class, or if or when they would reach the end of their courses. She had once wanted to take the class about sleeping habits and incense, but her sense of smell was very heightened thanks to her Mother's hunting abilities. And so she didn't attend that class anymore. She refused to be lulled to sleep and taken off her senses in such a way.

She checked the time on her laptop and then gathered her things and tossed her trash away. She pushed her braid over her shoulder and pulled up her bag to make her way through the throng of never ending groups of students. Some had courage to try and hit on her, but then realizing she was a child of Artemis, they would back off. She made it to her Mythological Beasts class with time to spare before it started for the hour and so she sat near the back with a decent view of the entire lecture area. She set up her webcam to record as well as pulled up her homework and a fresh section for notes as she waited for the teacher to start the lecture.

Thankfully this class had a sense of order, it was an hour long with fifteen minutes between each hour to allow class changes. She always went here first right after lunch. Her other classes were a pain. She thought of speaking to her mother about it, but to do so she would have to go into the mountains and find her. Artemis was always off in the mountains and more than likely on a hunt. She didn't like the busier life where people annoyed her, and Ata thought to agree with her. Now that she was set up, she would pull out a sketchbook and continue working on the sketch she started from the last class of a Hippocampus.
ALonelyOtakuChristopher Grey   343d ago

Christopher was roaming the school campus once again, feeling lethargic and annoyed. He had drunk a full cup of coffee near an hour ago but it wasn't doing him any good. He stretched his arms and dragged his feet slowly down the long halls...A large mix of scents filled his nose and it made him sick...[i Blood. Sweat. Dirt. Sweet Buns. Coffee.] He shook his head, his stomach aching. He passed through the lunchroom but didn't want to stop to eat... "If I try to eat anything I'll throw up...Gods, It smells so terrible in here. Don't the demigods ever shower?" He closed his eyes for a moment and let out a long breath, then re-opened his eyes and continued to drag himself to the other side of the room.

He made it into a more deserted hallway...Clearly, one dedicated to Hermes. He looked at the large NOTICE board and saw most clubs had their signatures filled out yet he had not a single one...The tiredness, nausea, and anger slowly boiled inside of him and he grabbed the paper and a burst of energy and rage, tearing it in half and crumbling it up, throwing it to the wall beside him. It slowly drifted to the floor and laid on the ground... He stormed outside, the blast of cold air draining all anger and energy he had...He went out to Demeter's garden, his eyes half-closed as he collapsed onto a bench. He lazily looked up at a group of kids happily weeding a garden and planting different plants...He then muttered under his breath, "It's winter...stuff will die out here, idiots..." He leaned his head back, letting out a breath as he closed his eyes... [i Dirt... Dead Leaves... Nature... Ugh, It's gross.]

He stayed like this for a while, not wanting to move or get up yet...The cold air was comforting against his skin and even though he hated the outdoors, feeling the wind against his skin reminded him of home...His chest clenched up as he even dared to think back to his life before coming to the school. Before he was granted all these blessings and freedoms... He opened his eyes and stared up at the gloomy clouds... "Mom loved the sky...She loved the rain..." He felts his eyes beginning to sting so he closed his eyes again and took slow, deep breaths through his nose...
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No one could tell because of Star's name... But she wasn't the daughter of Celene, because she didn't have any children. Everyone thought because of her first and last name she was the child of the pristine moon goddess, but they would be wrong. Star’s parents wanted her name to be related to something burning and a flame. They can't figure anything out until her father, Max, realized that stars are burning and set ablaze. But that was before the Betrayal...

It happened so quickly. One moment Hestia was with Max And the second he was with another woman. Neither Hestia or Star new who it was they just knew that it wasn't family or a friend.
Star was just focused on finding Psychí. She hadn't seen him in awhile, only after he rushed out of the first class they had together.

She had looked around for a bit after she had retrieved Hades. "For heats sake, were is he?" She asked herself. "Wonder where Christopher is too." She added. Star was starting to get frustrated. SHe went to the library and say Psychí sitting on one of the chairs, reading a book on fire. "Hey Psy...never thought of you was the reading type." (HomeOnJupiter, its your turn! Maybe we should to put the persons name if their next at the end of out post)
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(Hello! Sorry, I was occupied with other things and didn't have much time to myself!) Psychi looked up at Star. "You just haven't been around me a lot... I wouldn't want to be around me either if I knew I was a monster..."
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Tamimi woke up she was still tired but she had to get up she had classes to attend as she got up she realized that she had dirt all over her pants she groaned in annoyance as she walked to the dorms to change she saw the notice board most of the clubs on the board were full she wanted to join one but didn't see one she particularly liked as she was walking past the notice board she saw a piece of crumpled up paper on the floor she hated liter with a passion and picked it up to throw it away but she wondered what the paper was curiosity got the better of her and she uncrumpled it the pieces of the page floating to the floor she picked up the pieces and tried to put them together like a puzzle and revealed that it was a sign-up sheet for a club she didn't want the page to go unnoticed and took the pieces of the page with her so she could copy the shredded one and make another to put it on the board.
When she got to her dorm she took a shower and changed clothes and got to work it took her an hour to decipher the shredded paper and make a new one but when she was done it looked good as new she put on some slip-on shoes and walked to the notice board putting the paper up on the notice board with a small thumb tack she was proud of herself for possibly helping someone she walked away but not before signing her name on the new sheet of paper she walked home and went to her dorm sliding out of her shoes and hopping on her bed and watching her favorite tv show on her computer.
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[font "Times New Roman" Atalune finished up her noted for her class and then with a simple email from her laptop she turned in not only her class assignment, but also the homework that wasn't due until tomorrow. She packed up her things silently and made her way from the classroom. She was headed to her next class when her phone pinged, the tone was the sound of an arrow shooting. She pulled out her phone and brought up the message. Her next class - History of Olympus - was cancelled dur to the teacher coming down ill after lunch. She was left with two hours to kill until deciding if she would go to her third class or simply turn in her homework, get the next assignment and turn to her room for the night. She sighed and began heading through the halls before stopping when seeing a fresh new paper on the bulletin with a single name on it. She read through the its description - summoning familiars - and tilted her head. Her mother had been on her about her hunting skills. Perhaps if she was able to have a hunting companion, her mother might back off a bit. She shot her mother a text about the idea - not like she expected a response. After a moment or two more, she walked away, her signature the second to the list.

Making her way across the campus to the archery fields in the back, she sat her bag down and set her sweater with it. Taking up a bow and a a quiver, she hit the button to bring up the targets and notched her bow. This was more so a relaxing keep up to her practice. She was one of the best shots, and why wouldn't she be? Her mother was THE Huntress and her father was a Huntsman. She was expected to be nothing less. She shot off three arrows before her phone pinged with an email, this one sounded like leaves rustling. She pulled it up without looking from the three perfect bullseyes. It was the awaited homework for her last class, only for the week. The teacher was being called away for personal matters, and the due dates were beside the assignments, due to be emailed by midnight those dates. She replaced her phone back into her pocket and continued to shoot the targets in silence.
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Christopher had calmed himself down after the few moments he spent muttering to himself about his life before school. He sat upright, watching the students happily continue their work. He still didn't understand it and couldn't see how someone could find pleasure in doing actual labor, on purpose! He stood up and began to think to himself, [i If anybody cared to sign up, I could begin club meetings in a few days... Nobody cares about familiars anymore, but that doesn't matter. I know how to summon them and if they don't care, then neither do I!] I give a small smile, trying to make myself feel good as I walk back inside, planning to grab a Vanilla Latte before heading to the library for his daily dose of literature.

He walked inside and his eyes floated over to the posting board, noticing a new paper right in the center of the board. He saw in bold letters, Familiar Summoning! and his heart thudded in his chest. At first, he assumed someone stole his idea and he was overcome with rage, then he realized someone had reposted his paper and everything melted away and he felt purely happy. He smiled and he felt like crying, but he wiped the tears away and covered his mouth to hide his smile. He then shook his head and went to the Lunch Room, picking up a vanilla latte, extra foam on top. He sipped at it and smiled, closing his eyes as he walked slowly to the library, heading to the Romance-Fiction section, grabbing the first book he saw, and collapsed to a couch, placing his latte on a cupholder on an end table. He opened the book and began to read, being drawn in as his eyes threatened to close. He began to feel very lethargic and he gave into his sleepiness, the book resting on his lap as the scent of coffee floated through the library.
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(I just realized that everyone has white hair except Atalune-) Star frowned at Psychí. “You’re not a monster! You and your Dad are very kind! Even if people think you're not! I’m glad to be your friend, and you’re cousin!” She smiled and sat down next to him. “You shouldn’t think that way…” She sighed. “We have fire training soon...wanna come?” She asked, putting a hand on Pychí’s shoulder. “Or do you wanna stay? Cause, I'm not tryin to get yelled at…” She chuckled.

“I had to go get your Dad today.” Star laughed. “He couldn’t say no. It was so funny.” She said, looking at the blonde. “I bet he’s still down is his depression cave-” Star chuckled a bit, her ear twitching. She didn’t like it when Psychí would call himself a ‘monster’. It made her wanna cry. “Let’s go.” She stood up and looked at Psychí. ‘

“Not gonna wait...come on!” She smiled. “Before your Dad comes.” She chuckled and took his arm, dragging him out of the library. “You shouldn’t mope all of the time…” Star had said. “You know it only makes people like me worry. So chin up!”
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He got his arm out of her arm. "I can walk by myself..." He mumbled as he walked with his hands in his pockets. He pulled his hair down from the ponytail he usually kept it in. "Y'know... I like being your friend... Sometimes..." He looked at the ground when he said this as he thought it was kind of embarrassing.
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Tamimi was getting bored just sitting in her room so she decided to go out for a while she put on some shoes and walked out of her room but not before looking at herself in the mirror she had by her door her hair was a pure untamed mess she quickly grabbed a rubber band and put it in a ponytail she felt good with her hair now so she left her room she decided to stop by the lunchroom to see if the lunch ladies had restocked the grapes which most likely wasn't the case because they were still mad at her for eating their whole supply of grapes but hey they shouldn't have left them out in the open.
When she got to the lunchroom she saw that they had restocked the grapes which made her happy but when she was about to take the container there was a sign saying “Tamimi you are grounded from taking anymore grapes if you take any grapes you will be punished” she knew right away that the lunch ladies told her dad that she had been taking all the grapes and this made her annoyed she walked away from the lunch room she was headed to her dad to complain to him as she got to his office she didn't bother knocking and burst in his office her dad was eating the very thing he told her not to at his desk which made her even more annoyed “DAD WHY DID YOU GROUND ME FROM MY ONE TRUE LOVE” she shouted and this could easily be heard all throughout the hall that his office was in “Tamimi there is a difference between liking something and being obsessed with it” he would say glaring at her for yelling “Also watch your tone when speaking to me” Dionysus would say as he got up from his desk and started to walk towards her “BUT DAD DON'T YOU SEE YOUR BEING A HYPOCRITE” she would say pointing towards the closet where he hid his bottles of wine and grapes “what did you just call me…” he would say his anger was reaching an all time high “n-nothing “ she would say noticing his twitching eye “That's what i thought” he would say smiling as he patted her head “now you'll get to eat the “love of your life” when i say you aren't so obsessed with them now leave” he would point to the door and tamimi would leave she was more pissed than she had ever been in her life as she punched a nearby wall which left a hole in the wall and her fist bruised but she didn't care all she cared about was letting off some steam so she went to a nearby room which had some punching bags in there she put on some nearby boxing gloves and just started to punch the bags not caring about her surroundings or anyone near her.
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[font "Times new Roman" Shot after shot, bullseye after bullseye as was expected of her. She shot still targets, moving targets, "racing animal" targets that ran tracks in random set patterns. Each one met its intended mark. It was as if she were absolutely impossible to miss. It didn't take long for her to become bored of the archery field, especially since many stopped competing with her. She packed up and cleaned up and then headed inside campus once more, thinking that maybe some cardio in the gym would help to stave off her boredom. She hated when classes were canceled, and so it seemed that practice and exercise were all she could do, at least until her new books came in that she ordered. She went to her room and changed, grabbing her gym bag and headed to the gym, hearing some kind of argument as she passed one hallway.

Heading into the gym, she tossed down her bag and pulled out her water bottle, filling it at the fountain and taking a drink before beginning her stretches. She went through each stance with practiced grace, that was until something started to thump on the other side of the room. Tamimi could be seen in a pair of gloves, whacking away at one of the sandbags. She watched a couple minutes before stopping her stretches and moving towards her and blocking a punch that was swung wildly. [b "I'm all for taking out anger and frustrations in the gym.... by all means.... but if you keep letting your anger control the punches, instead of using the punches to release the anger, you're going to cause damage to yourself.... and by the way your right hand is swinging, its already bruised...... not telling you that you cannot be mad.... for....whatever reason it is you are mad. But at least be smart of your actions. Do not let your anger blind you."] She then set Tamimi up into a more proper stance, and showed her how to lean with her punches to make an effective blow and to release the anger within to help her through whatever was causing her such an issue. When Atalune was sure she got it, she left her to it and made her way back to her things and pulled out a jump rope and began into the exercises.
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Christopher was deep asleep in the library, his dreams starting to shift from coffee and books to a faint image of the future, he was in an empty class in a room full of blurry faces... He was starting to make them out when he jerked awake, something wet all over his chest. He looked down, panting heavily as his coffee had spilled all over him and his book. He groaned and threw the book away, not planning on fixing his problems like a responsible almost adult. He got up and trudged slowly to his dorm again, coffee dripping from his shirt and onto the floor. He made it to his room and he took a quick shower, changing into a thick grey hoodie, grey sweatpants, black sneakers, and a black beanie. His room was thick with the smell of coffee and cream, making him feel somewhat sleepy. He shook his head, going back into the school and abandoning his room.

He was up for a rather long time today, so he decided to go back to the lunchroom. He walked in and ordered a large cinnamon roll, two pumpkin caramel lattes, and a chocolate swirl cookie. He took each thing two at a time, sitting off by himself at a table. He sipped one of his coffees and took a bite out of his cookie, pulling his phone out of his pocket and scrolling through the school's chatroom. It was normally full of random posts from the children of Zeus, always boasting about something. He scoffed quietly and put his phone away, sipping his coffee again.
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[pic https://preview.redd.it/ggifqmw6gx961.jpg?auto=webp&s=37cf204cc54878feb16526269c45255de7e7cbc6]
[font "New Times Roman" (I kinda want us all to meet, like, our characters)
Star went to fire practice with Psychi and left after a while. She wanted to go to the gym because she wanted to meet Hercules, and she also wanted to go run on the track. Star walked in the doors and saw Atalune and Tamimi. [b "Oh, hey Atalune! I haven't seen you in a while!"] She walked up the the huntresses daughter.
[b "Do you remember that painting you asked for a bit ago? I finished it!"] Before the Demi-gods joined SoO (School of Olympus), Star and Atalune knew each other, back in eighth grade. Atalune asked for a painting of a bison.[pic https://images.fineartamerica.com/images/artworkimages/mediumlarge/2/american-bison-doug-kreuger.jpg]
[b "It's just in my dorm if you want it. Y'know, after your done doing what your doing!"] She smiled at her, before looking at Tamimi. [b "Uh- Whose she? And why is she beating the crap out of sand bags?"] Star turned to Tamimi, her tail wagging. [b "She looks pissed off. Is she? Why?"] she asked. [b "Never mind that! I came here to meet Hercules. But it dosent seem like he's in here. That's a shame."] She looked around the room, examining the various posters and bulletin boards, paying more attention to the one nearest to them.[b "Oh. Seems like Zeus is holding the Autumn Dance early. Anyone thinking on going? I might!"] Star looked at Atalune and the girl she didn't know.
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Lemme guess! 19......?

[pic https://c.tenor.com/MGImuSPuUvgAAAAM/happy-birthday.gif]
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(brithday? Did I hear someone's having a birthday?)
ALonelyOtaku     302d ago

(No~ Totally not.)


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