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Damaged or Broken? {CLOSED TO Animal_lord69}

By Kitiki_Anemara

Replies: 6 / 19 days ago

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[font "Goudy Stout" [b [i RULES]]]] [list
NO goddmoding (no insta kill, no insta healing, coming back from the dead spontaneously, {do not try to be like another Salem or like Deadpool because no one will be fucking immortal! Don't even try to be another Ozpin without asking me first!!} etc.) {this will be discussed more thourouly in PMs}
NO cybering or saying/doing anything possibly [i too] offensive (there will possibly be some offensive things said unintentionally while exploring dark themes)
NO killing off characters unless both parties agree
NO controlling other people's characters- power for it or not [b you have to ask them!!] (I also ask that you please inform me as well!!)
NO forced ships, incest, etc.
NO text talk (brb, thx, ttyl, omg, etc.)
make sure to use correct RPing format/writing
!!prefer that you DO NOT to use asterisks!!
Photo of character is required to join (or ask for help I have no problem helping you find an image!)
Digital or Illustrated images is preferred
Swearing is allowed just do not overdo it
Follow ES rules
Semi-lit to lit please ((300 chara. limit)) {{2000 MAX}}
please keep in touch and do not ghost and i will try to do the same- i will not ask about posting unless its been at least 30 days- im not that picky and i ask that EVERYONE have PATIENCE.]
[b If anyone doesnt respond then assume:]
+Busy with school/studying
+Busy with work
+Helping someone with something
+Doing chores
+Just busy in general
+Taking time offline (or an on/off day with few- if any- replies)
[font "Goudy Stout" [b [i OTHER]]] [list
semi-literate to literate writers needed (not epically literate, but good enough)
multiple characters is allowed with permission of course
if it's been 30+ days then you will be PM'd-
if there is no response from you in 45 days then you will be removed from the roleplay-
if no one responds for 60 days I will assume the RP has died, possibly delete it, and start over-
Exeptions may be made if I am PMed/informed in some way about any leaves of absence]


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

(You made a spelling error in paragraph 2, sentence 1. And it's fine if my paragraphs are bad, I need more improvement, so there is no need to apologize! *le huggo da frend)

Without a second thought, Manami had given them a friendly smile and stood up. "Sure! Where are we going?" She had grabbed her notebook and joined the government people. "Would you mind waiting a little bit though? I have a friend in the Emergency Room, and I wouldn't want to abandon them..." She had looked at the room behind them, a concerned expression spreading across her face.
((sorry- o.o I mean... it's kinda described in the description but sorry >.< also- you're not doing bad ^w^ sorry my reply is a bit late- I wasnt fully online yet- but i am now-.... imma... stop saying sorry now lol-))

Kurayami remained unconscious throughout.

The doctors took a shocked step back as they oberved the unidentified hybrid girl. Reluctantly they would admit her into the hospital and begin to care for her, though they had called in a vet to deal with the injuries of her wings, tails and ears. Nothing could be done for her horns. In the meantime, Manami was seperated from her and kept in the waiting room while nearly two hours later many government vehicles would begin to pull up to the hospital with officers, soldiers and other officials coming in to inspect the girl. The entire building was on lockdown and her room was completely off-limits as they payed off the hospital workers to keep their silence and confronted Manami. [+crimson "Ma'am would you please come with us?"] A federal officer asked her, motioning to two others who stood guard at the elevator as they had locked down and made an entire floor off-limits.

((sorry it's kinda bad- o.o))
(Holy shit...I am not ready for this...BUT I SHALL CONTINUE!! P.s. I'm not good for describing things...so pls don't comment on it)

"Oh no...um, I have to get her to a hospital!" Manami hastily grabbed the dying(?) girl and zipped through the forest, entering civilization within 12 minutes. Cars were speeding by without a care in the world, nearly knocking Manami off balance and falling over. After she saw a chance to cross, she had taken it and proceeded to the hospital in hopes of helping the lost demon child.

Upon entering, Manami had spotted a doctor and ran up to him, "Excuse me! This girl needs medical attention stat!!" She gave the bleeding mix of animal-like human to him, urging the doctor to help her.
((No pressure o.o if you want i can lower the character limit to 150- im just trying to avoid one-liners sorry. I also hope you got my apology pms >.< i feel really bad about that-))

She was silent and motionless. Barely breathing as a gust of wind pushed back her hood and revealed her ears and horns, cut up, blackened and coated in blood as she lay there barely conscious. Weakly, she managed to open her eyes, peering up at the young woman near her through the tiny slits of her eyelids before a small, concerned frown came across her face and she finally passed out completely. Not a single movement or sound as she lay there and vultures circled overhead indicating she'd only been here recently since they had not yet gathered to feast on the presumably dead body. Which she appeared to be- other than the light breaths escaping from her lips to indicate any sign of life.
(If I'm supposed to be typing long paragraphs, I will be doing my best)

"Hello? Little girl, are you ok?" Manami had stepped closer to the hybrid, reaching out to her shoulder. As she laid her hand against the girl's arm, the sensation of her skin was ice cold, as if she was frozen for 70 years, this made Manami retract her hand back towards herself, questioning what had happened to the girl.