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~Funaria~ Hidden Half Humans(IN NEED OF ROLEPLAYERS!!)

By SolarNova360

Replies: 31 / 20 days ago

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Funaria; A world where Elves and humans lived among one another, in peace and equality. There were six Elf tribes [Water, fire, storm, earth, celestial and lunar], all led by Queens and all possessing a different magic. All the tribes never sought War or conflict with one another as long as they kept to their promise. No matter what happens, never breed with a human. Of course elves bred outside their tribe, But the Magics never mixed, it was always one or the other. Though the tribes took their promise very seriously, the young prince of the lunar tribe, fell in love with a human and had a half human, lunar child. Breaking this promise would end the child, the human and the elves' lives. The human tribe would find the being who broke the promise and slay them and their child. The Lunar tribe did as well. They would kill the prince and hope that no one will betray them again, for a half human elf is too powerful.

Queens[no kings, sadly]
Queen Hurricane of the Storm tribe-open
Queen Flora of the Earth tribe-open
Queen Eclipse of the Lunar tribe-open
Queen Scorch of the Fire tribe-open
Queen Coral of the Water tribe-open
Queen Aurora of the Celestial tribe-open
Queen Kaylani of the human tribe-open
Royal children
Princess Angel of the Celestial tribe-open
Prince Venus of the Earth tribe-open
Princess Sunflower of the Earth tribe-open
Princess Eva of the lunar tribe-closed[me]
Princess Luna of the Lunar tribe-open. [Luna was created by Eva on accident]
Princess Katie of the human tribe-closed
Prince Torrent of the water tribe-open
Prince Blaze of the fire tribe-open
Normal Elves and humans
Mercury[Luna's boyfriend]-Fire-open
Dawn[Eva's girlfriend]-celestial-open
Dusk[Dawn's best friend]-lunar-open
GG Hex-Unicorn-open
Lilly-Fern Foxlyn-open
Crow-black wolf-closed
None and I mean NONE sexual behavior is ALLOWED!! Minor flirting and romance is alright.
Cursing is ALLOWED but don't over use it!
Your characters [Unless they're queens] can't be over 18 years old.
Oc's are VALID! I would love to see'em! :D
If there are three or more pages of ROLEPLAY then you may NOT join. UNLESS my thread says i need MORE characters!

crow eats the eggs in 20 seconds "yummy" her tail starts to wag and she starts chasing her tail .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"Good girl." Larnia pat Crow on the head
SolarNova360 / 12d ago
crow stands up and walks over . .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"Then come here." She said setting down a medium sized wooden bowl
crow looks up fully awake "no i want eggs" .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"I guess you don't want eggs.." Larnia added
"but im tired" crow yawns again .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"Don't go back to bed too soon." Eva said. "Looks like your foods almost ready!"
crow yawns and lays down .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"I knew you'd like that." Larnia gave the black wolf a smile
"yay eggs!" crow stands up . .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"We need to get through eggs, so you'll have eggs with your breakfast too, Crow dear." The old woman stated
"yeah what's for breakfast?" . . .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago
"I see...sleepy girl." Larnia chuckled and nodded her head
"morning and i dont know is luna is up yet" .
crow / hillory17 / 12d ago