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Beyond the Grave (M4A, 1x1)

By ALonelyOtaku

Y/C was obsessed with the paranormal and the undead. Y/C was head of the Occult Club and lived near a graveyard, so most people just assumed they were 'crazy' or 'weird. Y/C enjoyed making small 'rituals' or creating potions, though they never seemed to truly work. Y/C always played it safe with these rituals, but when they finally decide to get risky with it, something goes terribly wrong.

Damian Lunar is a sixteen-year-old boy, or well, ghost. Damian had died in the school but the death was classified as unknown and his personal information went missing from all files in town. Most kids in school would joke about him when weird things happened, but nobody could truly pin it on him. When a ritual goes wrong he takes his chance to reveal himself to Y/C, hoping that they could free him from his eternal prison on earth. Will he finally be set free, or will he be trapped forever in the halls of Yutharian School of Creativity.

~ Notes ~
PM me if you want to join.
This is a school plot, your character's age can range from 16 - 19.
This plot may have romance in it, so you should be ready for that! (Keep it kid-friendly!)
This roleplay can have some dark patches involving, Mentions of Abuse, Suicide, Self Harm. If you don't like this sort of thing, please leave.
I would suggest you be 15+ for this reason, though exceptions can be made.
Please write a paragraph or more (4-5+ sentences)
PM me if you want to drop the RP or take a break!
Have Fun!
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