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  • Based loosely off the Amazon Prime series,
  • Carnival Row, as only a few elements were taken from the film. (You don't have to see the film to rp, it just might be helpful for information on Darkasher)
  • This roleplay will contain dark themes such as violence, homicide, mass murder, ect.
  • The Roleplay takes place in the Victorian era and has a
  • dark fantasy theme.

The city of Abnus hosts an organization unknown to most residents, the Congregation. This organization is in control of the management of fantastical beasts and monsters. Very few members have survived after the emergence of the Darkasher, an undead beast created solely to aid it's master in dark acts. Most Darkashers are used for mass murder, and helping those in charge get away with it. The remaining Congregation members are tasked with finding and destroying these criminal Darkasher controllers. But the most difficult part of the job is finding who controls the beasts. Congregation hunters have to be quick, deductive, and secretive if they want to find the beast's masters. They also have to work behind the backs of the police and law enforcement, using them for information but doing the work themselves. Congregation members have become outlaws themselves and will get arrested and tried for treason if caught. The penalty for treason is always death. So, with minimal help and a new understanding of monsters, the Hunters work on stopping those in charge of the murders, and in charge of the beasts.

  • No NSFW (gore and blood is okay, just don't go overboard)
  • No Overpowered characters, insta-kill, or infinite dodge
  • Pain exists! Your character can't take a shot to the shoulder and be fine. Act accordingly to the injury.
  • Fear factor! Your character(s) can't be completely fearless, but don't make then cowards either. They can hesitate when they encounter their fears, but they'd have to face them, freeze, or run. (flight, fight, or freeze instinct).
  • (For Darkashers) When your character is controlling the Darkasher, they look through the eyes of it and get preoccupied with the beast's movements. Which make them vulnerable, they can tear their attention away but controlling the beast takes a large amount of energy. Also, the beast cannot instant-heal itself, if a limb is sliced off, they lose that limb until they can get it replaced or sewn back on.
  • Darkasher have no blood or free will, but their masters are alive.
  • Your character doesn't have to be human, just humanoid (centaur, faun, etc.)
  • Magic exists but is seen as evil (also, there are limits, DM me about Magic specifications if needed)
  • Your character may have an element or ability, just don't use it all the time or make it OP (DM me about specifications).

Roles open:
  • Congregation members (1/5)
  • Law Enforcement (0/Infinite)
  • Darkasher (1/3)
  • Civilians (infinite)

Congregation, Civilian, and Law Enforcement Form:
Character Name, Gender, and Link to character:
Character Role:
Pet(s): (if any)
Character Icon Image or description: (Would prefer if images weren't anime)

Darkasher Form:
Name, Gender, and Link to master's appearance:
Darkasher type: (must be a mix of animals/mythical beasts, nothing crazy such as a hydra/gryphon/unicorn)
Darkasher Traits: (such as if they're strong, fast, or have others skills, no abilities or Magic that is tangible)
Master's Species/Abilities:
Why they created and bonded with the Darkasher: (Must be for something highly illegal or deadly to others)
Character Icon Image or description: (Would prefer if images weren't anime)
Darkasher Image or description:

PM me with the filled-out form. If you're confused on anything, please send me a Message addressing the topic and I will gladly assist you!

Username: Ravennflightt
Character Name, Gender, and Link to character: Spade, male,
Character Role: Congregation member (hunter)
Species/Abilities: bat-like harpy
Pet(s): Muffin the darkasher
Character Icon Image or description: He has two sets of arms which he uses mainly for climbing and quickly reloading his weapons. He's tall, slim, and muscular with a harpy-like face but batlike features. His tail is long and forked at the end, and he stands on talon-like feet. His left eye is a bright, yellowish orange and his right is a simple spade-like arrowhead marking. He is covered in a thin layer of dark rust-colored fur and usually wears a variation of grey and green-grey clothing for camouflage in the forests and city tunnels.
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