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behind the sakura tree

By youmaycallmekotoko

Replies: 163 / 23 days ago

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a small lonely girl being picked on in school sits behind the sakura tree she was a rare bunny but her parents were wolves when y/c notices them and sits with them little did you know this sakura tree would blossom a beautiful friend ship...or more
if your intrested and want to join but thread is already used jut pm and ill make a copy basically just a animal human hybrid romance drama
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint [b Quinn rolled over and opened her eyes a bit.
(Pass ty tho lol
(basically all you do is adopt 6-10 children and not know anything about them until you learn about them from being with them)
(i often dont know what im doing)
Sounds familiar
(its fine i got alot of people who have no clue what there doing)
(I'd make an absolutely awful parent lol
(oh ok because ive got a rp where you just kinda abopt some children)
(I'm in a Pokémon roleplay but I'm playing the Lunala role sooo that's gonna be a while lol
(I'm in several where I'm waiting for other ppl to reply lol
sakura yawns softly (wanna join another rp too idk lol)
Time skip
(time skip?)
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint [b Quinn didn't move again for a long while, just laying there, breathing evenly.
sakura watched her smiling