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Guardian Demon ((DasIstZalie))

By Kitiki_Anemara

Replies: 55 / 25 days ago

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> PAST <<

Age 9- Belil is laying in bed, eyes closed as if sleeping while a shadowy-creature slips into her room from the open third-story window and slips under her bed. She opens her eyes and speaks in a small, sad voice [b [+purple "I'm not afriad of you, monster."]]

The creature stops, mid-assent of the intent to terrorize her like they had terrorized hundreds of children before and vanished them. In confusion, they silently return under the bed shortly followed by heavy footsteps which could be heard banging throughout the house towards the room. A defening noise which couldve sent a chill up this creatures spine if it had one.

[+slateblue [i This child was different from the others which it had terrorised.]]

She sits up and slides the blanket off of her to reveal a variety of scars and fresh cuts, bruises, and burns. As well as a mark which almost glowed mysteriously hidden by her bangs.

[+slateblue [i The difference was beyond the scars of abuse. Beyond the strange magical energy.]]

She slid off her bed, going to the floor as she stares into the creatures eyes. She was visibly afraid of something else as they sat face-to-face.

Belil goes to crawl under the bed, telling the creature sharply [b [+purple "Move. Over!"]] Before pushing her way under the bed.

She crawled under quickly just as the man she called her father entered the room. But she was not fast enough for him to miss where she had gone. [b [+crimson "Well, well. Wanna play hide n seek?"]] His voice cracked like that of a drunken man on drugs. Though he was a recovering alcoholic that was five years clean since the death of her mother, he had turned to the abuse of his so-called daughter. Kneeling down, he reached under the bed and nearly grabs Belil, but instead, the creature beside her puts their own hand forward as her father grabs it tightly. [b [+crimson "Come to daddy!"]] He grinned darkly, a maddening look in his eyes as he pulled them out from under the bed. One look at the hand he had grabbed and a sense of dread set in as he looked up and was face-to-face with this creature. The deathlike grip he'd had on both their hand and the wet, lether and spiked belt slackened.

A dark, terrifying smile came across the creatures face, almost splitting it in half creepily as they stared down at Belil's father. [+blue [b "Yes... I would like to play...]] They told him eerily

The last thing Belil had seen of her father's face was that terrified expression before The creature had covered her view. That same week, her father had been declared missing and was never seen nor heard from again. And since that day, more paranormal activity has surrounded Belil and this creature she had met (Y/C) became her "Guardian" and "Protector". Both were in search of answers as to why Belil was so special that since the 'disappearance' of her father she has been hunted by various people and creatures from both worlds of which she acts as the bridge.


M/C has been bounced around the foster care system. Moving schools yet again and as she enters her second year of high school Y/C continues to vanish anyone who is mean to, harms, or upsets M/C. Y/C has also since gained a human form in order to keep watch over her while Y/C and M/C search to find what is special about M/C and why. Only M/C has been able to see Y/C in their true, monsterous form wether or not Y/C wanted to be seen. On top of this, M/C has odd abilities and heightened senses that allow her to not only view, but also interact with the other side. Another world, so to speak, that lives within the human world. The world in which Y/C resides alongside various "mythical" creatures.

Question is, how will their search for answers and a normal life affect their relationship as they had grown to be rather close over the years?

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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint [+tan "Belil!"]] Schutz cried, then threw their arms out to stop Belil from hitting the floor. They caught Belil and lifted them up, holding them with one arm in the bend of her legs and the other arm under her arms.

[finger+paint [+tan "Nicht gut, nicht gut, sehr nicht gut... This is bad..."]] Schutz murmured as they set Belil down on a bed and began working out what to do with the unfortunate girl on the floor, who looked to be dying.
DatOneBorl / 12d ago
After another few moments, her eyes suddenly faded to normal and the gemstone of her necklace turned gray. She gasped as if she'd just come up for air, and she let go of the girls destroyed hand. Belil's hand and wrist was covered in the girl's blood as tears suddenly streamed down her face and she looked away from Shutz. [b "I- I- I-... I'm sorry... I- I'd sworn she'd never come out- a-and-."] She cried, having refered to the angery spirit that manifested within her using her anger. Before she could continue speaking, however, her eyes rolled back and she passed out yet again.
Schutz looked up at Belil, and at the blood dripping onto the floor.

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint [+tan "Belil, let go!"]] Schutz yelled yet again. This time they stood up, gritting their teeth as they removed their paws from their head.

[finger+paint [+tan "If you won't... let go..."]] Schutz said, gritting their teeth harder. [finger+paint [+tan "Then I'll make you!"]]

Schutz then grabbed Belil's and the girl's wrist and attempted to free the girl's wrist. They felt how strong Belil's grip was. They gritted their teeth harder.
((thank you- >.<))

Belil still couldnt seem to snap out of it as her gaze finally shifted from the girl on the ground to look at Schutz. She barely could recognize them as a part of her began to fight the emotion that had taken over her soul and was controlling her. One of her eyes turned back to normal and filled with tears though she had no control as the other remained blood red and her grip actually tightened on the girl's wrist until blood began to drip. Her hand was covered in it as the thick, red liquid slid down the girl's arm onto the floor.
(Yeh, I gotchu
((Im so sorry i really dont wanna sound like a bitch but i really dont wanna abandon this roleplay either.. Can you try doing more than one-liners please? Theyre lowkey starting to kill it for me no offense- and sorry again, its just starting to bother me a bit... Again- sorry))
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint [+tan "BELIL!"]] Schutz screamed again.
Belil didn't react, remaining as she was as the angry emotions only grew as she looked down at the girl. She couldn't seem to snap out of it and had no control as the fairies and imps around the area caused futrher mischif and destroyed things
Schutz's paws came up and tightly clutched their head, and they fell to the floor. [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint [+tan "BELIL!"]] Schutz screamed. [finger+paint [+tan "Let go!"
DatOneBorl / 14d ago
A small group of students came in. One turned to Belil and recognized her, then started laughing and mocking her in front of her friends, coming over swiftly with a pair of scissors. [+crimson "was this your mommys cloak? Youre a mistake which is probably why she k*lled herself anyway-"] the girl laughed cruelly and cut Belils cloak apart. Belil felt to weak to move away and was still half conscious until the scissors came to her necklace and attempted to cut it. The jewel turned blood red and so did Belil's eyes as her hand shot up and grabbed the girl's wrist in a death grip. Hearing the scissors clatter to the floor and bones break as she stared into the girls eyes.

Too horrified to speak and paralyzed with fear, all the girl could do was look back at her as her friends ran off screaming. Belil didnt let go and the girl passed out as her energy would go as far as to affect the other creatures that couldnt be seen by human eyes which began making objects go flying and cabinates fall over. How Shutz would react was a mystery since they were somehow able to control themselves better around Belil for reasons unknown, although they were never immune to the effects. The door slammed shut as well and would not open despite the administration and authorities attempting to bust it open. All while Belil kept her death grip on the girl's wrist. The girl who now lay on the floor unconscious.
Schutz shrugged and leaned back against the wall, and the back of the chair squeaked a bit.
She remained silent, curling up slowly and weakly as she whimpered slightly, unable to sleep again
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Finger+Paint][finger+paint "Hm?"] Schutz tilted their head at the jewel in curiosity.
She was silent and her necklace's jewel turned blue