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-Neko-Stray   1y ago

[i [center Nora Nekomura has had rough start to life. At a young age he and his sister were orphaned. Their loving parents were slaughtered mercilessly. At the time Nora was only eight years old there wasn't much he could do other than morn the loss of his parents. What was even more heartbreaking they never caught the killer who slaughter their parents. Somewhere out there still lurked a monster.

Nora's sister who was only 16 at the time did her best to take care of Nora. She and her brother still lived in that little house on the outskirts of town. His sister Naomi went to school and to a full time job.

Naomi would do her best to take care of Nora. Nora was the only family she had left. She was happy to have some kind neighbors what would watch Nora while she was at work. When Naomi got home she would cook dinner and help Nora with his home work. These things were normal. Their tragic life was now simple and quiet. When Nora turn 18 he decided it was time to repay his sister.

He got a job, It was an over night job, but it paid well. Well enough anyway. Tonight Nora would surprise his sister with her favorite kind of fish and flowers. 10 years ago today was the day he and his sister lost their parents. He knew it was hard on sister, he was grateful for her. Without her, who knows where he might have ended up.

Nora was happy when he got home. He smiled softly as he dug in his pocket and pulled out the brass key. He unlocked the door, step inside. [#6070c3 "Sis I am home"] he said in low voice. His pale blue eyes danced around the room. Nora came in put his grocery bags down on the counter along with the flowers he had purchased. Normally his sister was up by now, she would be siting at the table drinking her coffee. She wasn't there the scent of coffee was faint.

[#6070c3 "Sis"] Nora said a little bit louder. He then walked towards her bedroom. His sister normally didn't sleep in unless she wasn't feeling well. [#6070c3 "Ayame are you alright? Do you not feel well?"] he said as step into her bedroom. The scent of blood tickled his nose. Nora pale blue eyes widen when he seen his sister.

She was covered in blood. Bite marks could be seen on her arms, neck and her even legs. Nora scream, as he hit his fists into the wall. He called the police his pale blue eyes still filled with tears. The officers that arrived apologized to him as they took his sister body way. Nora was told to stay else where for a while.

Days turn into week and weeks turn into months. Nothing not a single clue. His sister death was just as mysterious as his parents. The officer that worked the case said it was probably another vampire attack. Their attacks had become for frequent lately. It wasn't just humans they were after. Any species was a target.

Nora was finally able to got back home. His sister's room was empty. Everything just seemed dull and colorless. Nora was all lone. His only family member he had left was gone. Nora sighed softly as he walked around the house. The flowers he had bought where now dried and lifeless. The stench of rotting fish and food filled the house.

Nora groan as he enter the kitchen. Everything in the fridge need thrown out, considering it was about 6 months old. Nora sighed softly as he scrubbed the kitchen. He then moved to the rest of the house. Cleaning and straightening things here and there. After a few hours of cleaning. Nora finally decided it was time to sleep. He walked pasted his sister room which was pretty much empty now. He sighed softly as he closed the wooden door softly.

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Nora was going to hunt down this killer and personally tear him apart. Nora fell asleep holding a small picture in a frame close to his chest. It was a picture of him and his family.
Kyleren285Remus (Human)   1y ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

(Dunno how to start well, so I’ll try my best)
[I Remus was a 19 year old vampire, he had a rough start when he was young, being a vampire and all, his most recent attack had just happened, quite close to where Nora stayed, but Remus had his eye on Nora, as he hadn’t attacked him specifically yet, he was in his beast form, which took the form of a bipedal wolf like creature, going through the woods. Remus quite enjoyed running through the woods, mainly when he was chasing after his prey, he had quite good vision in the pitch black.]

[i Most of the time, he tried to stay silent and sneaky, but being a bright red didn’t help that, he had been quite aggressive recently, having frequently attacked his prey, a lot more than what he used to do, as he had begun to think of it as a sport to himself. He was getting lonely though, trying to find himself a partner, but it was tough for him, being quite different from most. He didn’t enjoy being lonely, as he had been lonely most of his life, but he was used to it, he soon stopped outside of Nora’s house as he passed by, thinking about what to do.]
-Neko-Stray   1y ago

[center [i Nora was still sleeping peacefully inside. He still clutched the picture close to him. His tail flickered softly as he slept he was dreaming. His dream soon turn into a nightmare. The policed and even therapist advised him to sell the house. It was hard leaving the loving home he known for years. Now all that waited him was nightmares, and fear.

Nora woke from his slumber abruptly. His pale blue eyes danced around his room. He slowly sat up in bed. The window was cracked open letting in some fresh air. He sighed softly as he walked towards the window. He peered outside faintly making out the shape of animal. It wasn't uncommon to see animals being this close to the woods. Nora sighed softly he closed and locked the window. Nora went back to bed hoping to fall asleep.

He laid there in bed for what felt like hours. He sighed softly as he got up. He walked into the bathroom and turn on the shower. He cracked the bathroom window open to let out the steam. He then stepped into the shower, and closed the curtain. It felt nice having the hot water hit his skin. Nora stay in the shower for probably about thirty minutes. He loved showers when it was cold out. He smiled softly as he got out he dried himself off then got dressed. He put on a comfy sweater, and some black pants. He then left the bathroom. It was time to get to work. He was going to find his sister killer even if it was the last thing he did.

[#6070c3 "Where to even start..."] he mumble to himself. He sighed softly as he walked into the kitchen. He sighed softly as he open the fridge. He sighed once he remember it was empty. He looked at his watch seeing that it was now 5am. He could run to the store maybe get a few things for the house. He sighed softly as he walked past his sister room. He put his hand to the door sniffled a little before walking away.

Nora headed to the front door and headed outside. The crisp morning air made him smile. He wanted to walk to the store since it wasn't very far but with what he planned to buy he need to to take his car. Nora unlocked the door it his dark blue sedan. He back out of the driveway then headed to the store. Once he got to the store, he gather things quickly. He then headed home, once he got home he put all the grocery away. He sighed softly he accidentally picked up more coffee.

He started at the bag and sighed as he put it away in the cabinet. He looked out the kitchen window and sighed softly. He could of sworn he still saw an animal in the distance. It was odd that it was still in the same spot.
Kyleren285Remus (Other)   1y ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

[i Remus approached the house now, curious because it was somebody he could feed on, but also because it was Nora, He approached Nora’s bedroom window, which was still cracked open and lifted it slowly, still in his beast form, just enough that he could slip through, he looked to the left and then the right, before slipping through the window and now inside Nora’s home, by the time he had landed inside, he was in his regular form, stretching a little as he looked around the bedroom, sighing as he swiftly made his way to the doorway, peering through the doorway with his bright red eyes.
-Neko-Stray   1y ago

[center [i Nora sighed softly as he decided what to make for breakfast. He finally decided to make eggs, toast and bacon. Nora still hadn't notice the intruder. His tail flicker as he cooked on the hot stove. Once he was done he put everything neatly on a plate. Of course the dishes were his sister's. They pink plates with flower printing around the edges. He sighed softly as he looked at he plate.

[#6070c3 "I'm sorry..."] he mumble a tear trickled down his cheek. He sighed softly as he dig a fork out of the drawer. Of corse not paying attention he found knife the hard. Nora growl at he pulled his hand out of the draw. Blood drip down his finger. He sighed as he washed his hands cleaning up the cut quickly before any more blood drip on the floor. [#6070c3 "Damn it" ] he thought to himself. He just wanted to eat some breakfast before starting this damn hunt.

It was then a strange scent tickle his nose. The smell was coming from his bedroom. He growled as he step towards his room.
Kyleren285Remus (Other)   1y ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

[i Remus noticed Nora moving towards the room he was currently in, taking a step back from the doorway and fixing his clothes, He gave a cheeky smile as he remained in said room. Oh how Remus thought it was too easy to capture his prey, His wolf like ears and tail were a bit annoying, a curse of being able to change into a beast at will. He stretched his arms a bit and waited still, he had a red trench coat on as he looked at it, it was a bit dirty. Remus then looked back up at the doorway and waited for Nora to try and step through.]
-Neko-Stray   1y ago

[center [i Nora walked towards the door slowly before quickly slamming it open. He hissed at the intrude that stood on his bedroom. [#6070c3 "Who the hell invited you into my room"] he said as he cracked his knuckle his claws lengthened. Nora stood there and snarled waiting for the man to make the first move. He was going to rip that bastards head off he could. His tail flickered in agitation. His ears flatten again his head at he looked at the man who stood before him in his room.

How dare that man just enter his house! His pale blue eyes were filled with anger and hate. Was this really the bastard who murder his sister? Or was this just one of the vampire little pawns.
Kyleren285Remus (Other)   1y ago
🇺🇦 With Ukraine, I stand. 🇺🇦 The Master Shipper!!!~ OwO

[i Remus let out what sounded like a hiss, opening his mouth a bit and showing off his fangs, "I was here once before, happened to want another taste..." He almost sounded like he was teasing as he did this, getting to a point of annoyance as he took a step forward towards Nora, his own tail behind him flicked a little, in excitement at this point. For some reason, he couldn't let himself attack, it was an odd feeling for him, but he still stood, waiting for either him or Nora to make the move. He was in thought while also sitting in the present in his mind.]


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