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Falling for a Kemono {MxF FxF}

By Animal_lord69

Replies: 56 / 32 days ago

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~Story time!~

It was late at night, and Y/C was taking a quiet stroll through the park. Upon his/her walk, he/she found a beautiful wolf humanoid, reading a book on a bench. Y/C, being attracted to M/C, decided to sit down next to her and tried to strike up a friendly conversation. M/C wasn't all that interested in you, so she acknowledged you, and went back to her book. After a while passed, we both went back home to sleep, only to meet again at a coffee shop the next day. Y/C greeted M/C once again, this time actually speaking towards you more. "You're really not gonna give up on this, are you?" M/C shrugged in defeat. "Well, it's not like I have anything better to do."


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"Ok, good. I'm allergic to that stuff"
Let me see we got cookies and they aren't chocolate
"That was great, what else you got?"
*She smiled and got herself some*
Adorable crunching came from the bowl
Sure *She put some into a bowl*
"May I pls have sum?"
Nope the aren't at all
"Those aren't poisonous, are they?"
*She grabbed some chips*
I zipped by you, going all Puppy eyes at you for food
Ok come on *She went to the kitchen*
"FOOD? YES FOOD PLEASE I WANT FOODFOODFOODFOODFOOD" I jumped up and down with excitement.
Yeah how about we eat something