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A new student

By Uraraka_Ochako

Replies: 140 / 33 days ago

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Mc is shy girl at a new school at star academy while been at the school for a wile ends up meeting Mc for the first time and doesn't like her. As Mc's day went on she made some friends and wants to be friends with Yc will you start to like her?
Asuka's file
Birthday:June 14

dislikes:bullies,fights,big crowds
*She looked around*
*Isaac was hanging out with Asuka because why not* -w-
*She was hanging out with Isic*
*She smiled back*
*Isaac smiled at her then blushes* "Thanks..."
*Hugs back*
"...Can i have a hug back though?"
*She blushed*
*She blushed*
"Not really gonna lie but this is actually comfortable..."
*She blushed*
*Isaac hugged Asuka again* -//~//-
Ur welcome ^^
Ur welcome ^^