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Dogs and Cats (MxM, 1x1)

By ALonelyOtaku
In a world of Nekos, Humans, and Okamimimi, It became common for Humans to see other humanoid creatures with ears and tails, with the same aggression or personalities of their pets. Neko's had a hatred for all Okamimimi and all Okamimimi had a hatred for Neko's, though both species enjoyed Humans. But, what happens when a Neko (M/C) falls for an Okamimimi (Y/C)?

Humans had always loved their pets, naming them and caring for them... Though, some humans loved their pets 'too much' and wanted to become their pets... After years of the human experiment, they had finally created a human with animal features...but the experiment went wrong. The experiment had escaped and killed all the creators, escaping into the real world... Soon, Humanoids became rare sighting, and would be described as 'Violent Fursuiters'. Though, soon the humans realized that it wasn't fursuiters and actual human beings. After years of this, the violent crimes went down and the humanoids made peace with humans, living alongside them and becoming preferred in different workforces, recruited by the military and sent to prestigious schools.

19-year-old Kai Hinita had been lazing in the park, a book on his chest. His ears flicked as he yawns, sitting up from a park bench and he looked around, noticing the humans had left... His tail swayed as he eyed a butterfly, his cat-like instincts taking over, causing him to pounce. The moment he was mid-air he realized there was a stupid Okamimimi in front of him, in his way... Before he could move he crashed into the mutt, landing on the ground. He hissed and says, "Hey! Why'd you get in the way, Dog?!"

This Roleplay is 16+ for Dark Themes as in; Mentions in Suicide, Mentions in Drug Use, Mentions of Abuse. Don't PM me if you don't like that sort of thing
If you cant respond in 5+ days, send me a PM, please!
If you get bored, tell me and don't just leave.
Don't join then leave.
Have fun!
Your Character must be 18+
Your Character must be some form of Canine, Foxes are not allowed.
Your Character must have:
3+ Strengths
2+ Weaknesses
2+ Animal Perks
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destinyg6103     1y ago

Hello there, I was wondering if I could join this rp ?
ALonelyOtakuKai Hinata   1y ago

Sure! Type your part whenever your ready!


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