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the bosses daughter (for VronicaBellFlare)

By hillory17

Replies: 159 / 34 days ago

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m/c is the mafia bosses daughter y/c meets her at a pub and doesnt think anything of her they become friends but then she tells y/c her secret and now y/c is trapped being her friend unless they want to get hurt or worse what will happen when they have to join the mafia on m/c's orders unless y/c wants to never see there family again
devie is still asleep
"Hey jinx, stay quiet."
"But why?"
"Tell you later, once we leave the area.."
Vronica / -w / 13d ago
devie falls asleep tired from staying up all night
"I'm coming.."
She chuckled a bit before opening the door.
Vronica / -w / 13d ago
devie is just being silent sitting near the door tired but not going to go to sleep
The person sighed..
"If your in there.."
She coughed.
"Gonna regret this.. [i oh vronica darling.. be a dear and come out here.."]
At that moment, vronica begun laughing.
"You bitch! I knew you were in there! Open this damn door!''
-w / 13d ago
devie keeps staying quiet
The person knocked on the door.
-w / 13d ago
devie stay quiet not wanting to say anything
"Hello? V, c'mon.. this isn't funny.."
-w / 13d ago
devie was still awake and heard the footsteps
The sun shone through the windows as bird's begun to chirp.
Vronica was still asleep, when a few footsteps could heard not to far away from the door..
"Hello..? V, you home?" The anonymous person said..
-w / 13d ago
"ok night" devie stays up most of the night
¨Well, there [i is] a first for everything..¨
I´m going to bed, see you tomorrow, bud.
Vronica / -w / 13d ago
"no one has ever talked to me like that"