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A Little Town In The Middle Of The Woods [Closed Role-play]

By LeeTheNarrator

* How long Have I been here? *

Y/C looks up over their office stall, to the white clock on the other side of the mucky dull white room. The sound of clacking computers had made Y/C doze off. The time Reads: ‘8:06’ and Y/C sits back down with a large sigh. They stair down at their computer, its screen white with numbing light.

Y/C Often felt numb, and longed to not be trapped in the repetitive cycle of life. Y/C groaned rubbing their eyes and leaning back in their swivel chair. Their was a muted buzz from their phone, a call. Y/C picks it up and its from an unrecognized number, like normal he swiped it away as he went back to typing at his desk…


Y/C didn’t initially choose to stay at work as late as they did but they had no choice. Of course, they were under paid for the amount of work they did, but it didn’t mater….Y/C walked out to their old handmedown car, probably centuries old. Unlocking it and opening it, throwing their bag in the back. They would feel the buzz of Their phone buzzing.

They took their phone out of their pocket, and sighed seeing the same number from earlier calling them again. Again they dismissed it…

Getting in the car and shutting the door Y/C starts the car with a bit of struggle. The car roars to life as Y/C pulls out of the parking lot, putting their phone in their cup holder. It was a long drive back to their home, and their car was breaking down. They were frustrated, and pulled the car to a stop. The car wheezed as it broke down, smoke billowing from its motor. They would huff angrily as their phone rang. That SAME caller, again. They would pick it up and get it out of the car looking down to the phone before in a fit of rage answered it. “HELLO?! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!”

Dead silence.

The caller hung up as Y/C looks up, hearing loud honking as their vision went white And then black……

Who knows how long it had been When Y/C woke up. YY/C sat up in a panicked as they patted the self’s down for injury as the looked around to see no one was their but him. They we’re badly scrapped up and had a few cuts along with a huge head ache. They would stand up and a sharp pain from their left leg would send Y/C falling back down. Their Left leg was completely crushed, and the terrible head ache was making it hard for them to see.

Y/C sighs as they lay on their back, Thinking ‘Why bother?’ As they drift back into unconsciousness.

*Day ???*

Y/C would blink open their eyes, not in the place they had last scene. They were in a bed, in a room, in a house… Sunlight shown from the open window as the silky white curtains flew in the soft breeze. The sound of food sizzling could be heard dimly coming from somewhere in the house along with the sound of humming.

Their head and visible injury’s were all bandaged up and their left leg had been amputated. Their was a wheel chair nearby clearly for Y/Cs use. With little struggle Y/C manages to get on the wheel chair. Now for the trouble ing task of wheeling them selves around.

As Y/C attempts their first go, their would be the slightest knock on the door. “Hello? Are you Finally up yet?” A soft kind voice would say from outside the door……… [you can start from here]


My Characters:

*Spoiler: Daniel Hunther -24- (M-S)
*Spoiler: Toby Drake -22- (M-Bi)
*Spoiler: Karla Storks -20- (F-S)
*Spoiler: Rachel Kober -23- (F-L)
[x ] Mary-Ann Swith -19- (F-A)
*Spoiler: Sebastian Johnston -26- (M-G)
*Spoiler: Dexter Wess -24- (M-P)

Relationship Chart:

( * ) Means Open For Relationship
[x ]Means Taken Or Not looking
(E) Enemies With Y/C
(F) Friends With Y/C
(BFF) Best friends for ever With Y/C
(D) Dating Y/C
Blacked out Characters are Characters you haven’t met yet!


Age: (19-25)
Looks: [you can use a Pic-Crew Photo to make a look]
[y/cs Backstory Is Normal. Just to stop any angst]
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone]Gather.town [Everyone]


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Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   362d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Amber looked up she was feeling slightly better her head hurt though. “Huh? Uhm yea I’m up… “ she said trying to figure out how in the world to use the wheel chair

She looked around at the room thinking *what even happened before?…* she sighed her memory from the night before but it was a bit foggy she remembered leaving her work and her car not starting then the bright whites and it when blank from there. She soon remembered the calls she had been getting na wondered who it was
LeeTheNarrator     360d ago
The Narrator

The person outside would chuckle. [b “Good! I made breakfast, Mind if I come in?”] The female voice would ask kindly.

The bed (Amber? Isn’t your oc Zel?) Y/C slept on was small, and had multiple covers to curl up under. The room was painted light blue, and a raggedy Anne doll sat on a brown dresser. Their was a large mirror hung on the wall behind the dresser. On the dresser there was also little glass angels, and on the floor was a white fur rug.
Ninjagirl666Zel   360d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Oops)) Zel sighed “yea you can come in” she said wondering who the person was. She wheeled herself over to the mirror to see what had happened to herself. She brushed her hair out of her face tired.

She had small scratches along her body. Her leg was in a cast and her head was bandaged a bit. She sighed *must have gotten into an accident* she thought but still wondering who was the person who found her and brought her to, where ever she was.
LeeTheNarrator     358d ago
The Narrator

The girl would enter quietly and with a small smile. Mary Ann, she is a pail skinned red head with teal eyes and brown freckles splattered across her face. Mary Ann would smile as she would put the plate of food on a small writing desk. It was simple scrambled eggs and bacon and eggs.

Mary Ann would walk behind her and roll her over to the desk. [b “Eat up! Then we can talk.”] She would say kindly as she sat down on the bed. Their was a fork already on the plate.
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   357d ago
Artist + cosplayer

Zel looked at her a bit startled by the movement “o-ok, next time warn me before you do that” she mumbled and looked at the food and started to eat she felt a little nervous and confused will everything that was going on. She looked at the other girl and sighed “uhm just asking…. Are you the person who was calling me all the time?” She asked as she continued to eat the food wondering what the girls answer would be.
LeeTheNarrator     355d ago
The Narrator

(Hello I would just like to tell you that I won't be on Alot anymore due to a number of factors. I will try my best to find space in my day to reply, but my options are limited! Thank you for your understanding)(Aka, My school Ipad blocked Roleplaycloud.)

The girl would chuckle. [b "Sorry-Sorry-"] She would smile a polite smile not meaning to startle anyone. but the question Zel asked confused Mary Ann. She looked puzzled, as her face shifted to a confused look. [b "I Never called you-"] She would say then smile again, her face softening quickly. [b Besides, I don't think I know your name, much less your phone number!"] She would say with a chuckle as she raised her hand to cover her mouth.
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   355d ago
Artist + cosplayer

oh yea that's completely fine i understand)) "oh well uhm.... nevermind... my name is Zel" she said softly thinking "also how did you find me or where?" she still wondered who the caller was but she decided not to bother with asking to many questions at that moment she just wanted to figure out where she was and what happened to her the night
LeeTheNarrator     355d ago
The Narrator

[b "I'm Mary Ann, Nice to meet you Zel!"] She would say kindly, as she took a breath. [b "Well- I found you aside the road. You were hit by a car and wounded pretty badly. I don't think I saw your car, nor who did it, but Im fairly glad I found you before any animals did!"] She would say before remebering something. [b "Speeking of- How are you feeling? Do you need any medicene? New Bandages?"] She would ask kindly, but a little worried.
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   355d ago
Artist + cosplayer

"I'm just a bit sore... but i think i'll be ok for now" she said kindly "but thats for worrying i guess" she looked around "but uhm where am i? I don't recognize anything here" she asked she didn't recognize anything outside anymore. Zel normally knew her surroundings well and being in places where she didn't made her feel unsafe or worried but she didn't show it (got to go))
LeeTheNarrator     354d ago
The Narrator

[b "Alright."] The girl would say with a polite nod, not wanting to force her into getting help. [b "Well, You are in the Swith Family Guestroom."] She would say with a nod before glancing over to Zels plate. [b "Do you want seconds?I can get you more, Their is plently left"] She would offer with a small and kind smile. Her eyes glittered as She spoke, and her smile only showed true scincerity. [b "My parents arn't home at the moment, they are out running the local shop. They won;t be back until a while."] She would say softly.
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   354d ago
Artist + cosplayer

"ok... well uhm how far am i from where you found me?" she asked she seemed pretty kind but still a little closed off about other things "well what time is it?" she asked looking outside once more. she thought about if she would get into troubble for being late for work or even if she could work with the way she was right
LeeTheNarrator     354d ago
The Narrator

(i Shortened the limit to 200)

[b "Well It took me 45-60 miuets to bring you here from where i found you. That was driving of course-"] She would say, as she took out her phone to check the time for her. [b "uhm, well its 12:45 pm"] She would say then lookin out the sunny window
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   354d ago
Artist + cosplayer

ok thanks))

She nodded "ok... and how long was I unconscious?" she asked as well "sorry if i'm acting weird i'm just not really used to this" she mumbled rubbing her arm "I mean i'm not used to well talking to people a lot and my life is also quite boring"
LeeTheNarrator     354d ago
The Narrator

Marry ann smiled softly. [b "No No darling- Its fine-"] She would say restin her hand reasuringly on Zels shoulder. [b "your doin just fine-"] She says as she would sit back drawn her hands away from her as she shook her head. [b "I don't know-"] She says not knowing how long the girl had been ut in the cold
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   354d ago
Artist + cosplayer

She nodded "well i just hope it wasn't to long... i think i can remember the day I got hit but i'm not sure... most of my memory is a bit fuzzy" she listed the date she remembered seeing on her computer the night she got hit
LeeTheNarrator     353d ago
The Narrator

[b "don't strain yourself-"] She would remind her before she then looked confused. Then worried as she frowned. [b "a-are you sure thats the right date? Because- If thats true..That means You where on the side of that road for year-"]
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   353d ago
Artist + cosplayer

"a year?!" she seemed a bit panicked "....i-i'm sure thats what the date was.... what is today's date?" she asked quickly hopeing that mary was lying or joking. she didn't know how to feel she was scared
LeeTheNarrator     352d ago
The Narrator

Mary ann gave the date. It was a year and a day after the accident. [b "T-this is confusing me!"] She would say biting her lower lip. and looking woried and concerned. [b "H-how is this possible? How are you alive?!"]
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   352d ago
Artist + cosplayer

"i don't know!... do you think we could look up is theres anything from back then like on the compuder or something? there must have been some sort of news aobout it right?" she asked frightened and worried
LeeTheNarrator     340d ago
The Narrator

[b “Well Maybe a missing person report- but I don’t know. I can do some research myself if you’d like. FOr now, You would just rest-“] She would say as she she took Her plate and bring it out of the room and downstairs
Ninjagirl666Amber Yami   340d ago
Artist + cosplayer

She sighed and nodded “ok… but please do tell me if you find anything…” she said and made her way back to the bed and got onto the bed laying on her back and closing her eyes just thinking about what happened


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